Who needs Ozil?! Bellerin Excels, Campbell Superb, Rambo Finally Scores

The joy of watching just the highlights is that everything looks so slick and sleek. Three peaches of goals playing football the Arsenal way!

We had conceded a bad goal caused by Koz receiving the ball in a tight space and then making the wrong decision. Sunderland’s Lens benefited from this and then slotted the ball hard past Cech.

In hindsight, conceding that goal was a good thing as it provided focus and the shedding of nerves. Within no time we were level again. Iwobi received the ball and turned to find Theo on the left; he put the ball diagonally backwards to Campbell who read the bounce well and cushioned it with his left foot into the right corner: a very composed yet unstoppable finish. Ozil looked at the assist and finish and said ‘Jawohl, dass war spitze’

After the presence of Cech and the woodwork had saved from what looked a certain goal by Watmore, who had out powered Gabriel, we won the game by two very fine goals, both assisted by Hector Vector. Ramsey had come on for the impressive Iwobi after 67 minutes and it only took him five minutes to find the net. Bellerin combined with Campbell who launched the Spaniard,ย in an Ozilesque way,ย very close to the edge of the pitch; Rambo made the run and The Bells found him with an easy pass, kept low to the ground. Mesut approved it all with a simple ‘Wunderbar!’!

The third one was equally as beautiful. The Ox launched Hector Vector nonchalantly with the outside of his right foot, and the Spaniard killed the ball superbly after running into the Sunderland half. Ollie pointed where he wanted the ball and Bellerin played a measured diagonal ball that the defenders could not reach yet Ollie only had to tap in: absolutely flawless! saidย Mesut in his best English.

Arsenal saw out the game with more energetic and attacking football and all was well in Goonerdom, even with the King of Assist not being involved at all. Who needs Ozil, hey?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The boys did us proud and we just got a bit closer to winning the FA Cup three times in a row. Happy Dayz. ๐Ÿ™‚

By TotalArsenal.

14 thoughts on “Who needs Ozil?! Bellerin Excels, Campbell Superb, Rambo Finally Scores

  • TA,

    Watching the highlights gets rid of tbe clutter we see in our matches, but factually we are terrorised by Watmore and Lens for the most of the game, due to the lack of b2b player.

    Due respect to Ox, who looked better in that area, but the number of chances he created from deep lying midfield pales in comparison to Rambo.

    Everyone grew with the game. We were tired and cranky, until the mistake by Bosscielny let Lens in and scored an away goal.

    We started to get better and got an equaliser from Campbell, via an assist from Theo, who did better than our previous match.

    With Rambo in for Iwobi, who is good for a player of his height, we were better in positioning and running.

    Jeff came on late in the game and is definitely one for the future. His vision reminds me of a younger Ox, and his runs are very precise.

    Good game in the end and good but nervy performance from the lads.

    Don’t get me started on the ref.


  • TA, your post is a celebration, and rightly so.

    I don’t speak a word of German, but l interpreted “Jawohl, dass war spitze” as “My God, that was special” and “Wundebahr!” as “Wonderball”. Just don’t bother to get me better informed. I am fine as I am, celebrating.

    Campbell is playing with greater and greater authority. Ox should have more games at the center for that is where he can grow to reach that fabulous promise of his potential. Iwobi is so pretty, am sure his mother also named him twice (Jay-Jay). See Jeff, he runs with the ball, his eyes scanning the field (do you know what that means?). As for Bellerin, he is pure wunderbahr!

  • PE, that’s why I mentioned that Ox is more of a b2b player in my earlier comments, and TA replied (or was it 17ht?) that position is already taken by Rambo and Ozil.

    Good points about Campbell, Alex and Jeff.
    MoTM is definitely Campbell, but Bells is equally good with 2 late runs to assist goals number 2 and 3.

    After Rambo and El Capitan came on, Rambo’s stint on the left wing made everything look so much better on the eye.


  • Hi Pony Eye of the Tiger ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to hear you say Ox played better in the box to box position yesterday. I loved his shot against the post and, from what I saw, he was enjoying himself.

    I misspelled Wunderbar earlier in the post (Wunderbahr) but it means wonderful. It is a term that is sometimes used in the UK too – a bit of German that slipped in I think.

  • Yes, JK/TA, when Rambo came on, we looked more potent. His desire and ability to get into good places in the box should be exploited maximally. Ozil is a #10 who assists. Rambo can be visualized as a #10 who scores goals. Is there a formation that can accommodate the two? 4:1:4:1? Or is the 4:2:3:1 with Rambo as B-to-B adequate in maximizing those late runs? But that leaves a hole in front of our back four. Maybe that’s why Bel has been conservative in his offensive play when Rambo plays B-to-B. But then Bel is wunderbar as a wing back. Difficult choices I must say and I fear I must be heading back to square one.

  • Guys,

    Even when Elneny comes in, we will still play 4-2-3-1.. double pivot is still the safest formation.

    That is why Ozil and Rambo are best at their positions, to cater for counter attacking positions.

    Back to the review i must say that somehow Chambers lack speed in the DM area. Weird that he is supposed to be a wing back but somehow it almost cost us. Arteta is also weak at speedy counters so we are a little short at the DM area there..


  • Hey TA… Up a little early but at least there’s some football on…Chavs playing an awfully strong team against mighty Scunthorpe… and they already have a lead…

    It’s truly a shame that you guys don’t get as much football to watch over there, you know, seeing as it’s your game and all… Nonetheless, TA, you’ve captured the essence of everything a highlight based match report should include. The goals were good, the defending was a bit shaky but our quality–even with fairly extensive rotation–shone through at the end. Sunderland maybe should’ve scored another one but we should have as well–or at least gotten a chance from the spot against their young keeper… 3-1 is a lot of goals but 4-2 might have better reflected what an open and end to end affair it was…

    To me, AW is doing some very clever work. Iwobi as the Ozil replacement makes life A LOT easier on the Ox (who ‘only” then has to be a credible fill-in for Rambo and/or Santi in that B to B role). Getting Gabby AND Chambers into the spine of the team is a tricky one as well…IMO we suffered in terms of positioning which may have been at the heart of the conceded goal–Gibbs didn’t have a midfielder or horizontally placed CB to pass it towards so he did the other teams’ work and put Kos under pressure with a pass towards our goal. LK should’ve poked it towards the touchline but that (also) would’ve been good for Lens as he bore down on him…As it was, however, it was a gift…

    Their goal did up the urgency level but I was impressed that there was no real panic. Ox, in Santi-esque fashion, kept trying shots from distance–and kept having them blocked or missing the target, including that one in the 2nd half which hit the post… Iwobi, meanwhile, kept moving the ball smartly and looking SOOO much better than he did the last time he started–in the COC debacle in Sheffield. If he gets just a tiny bit quicker to the ball he could be a real player, I think, and he’s still only a teenager (so why not?)… His pre-assist for the first goal was very good. Theo’s assist was better and JC’s run and finish were WAY better than anything I would have expected having watched him up there in that same match in Sheffield.

    Still, it took subbing Iwobi and Chambers to get the goals which put the specter (spectre?) of a replay out of question. Before they came, we almost went behind even though we had dominated possession (and territory) and looked much better after the break, with Campbell looking really threatening while taking up a very central position. Still, Sunderland looked better when M’vila came on. His FK found Fletcher’s head but only for a looper, while moments before his pass out wide allowed Yedlin to dance through Theo and Giroud (where were Gibbs and Kos?…) and put it where Fletcher (and maybe Watmore from the rebound…) definitely should have scored. They didn’t, the subs were made and we got the goals, which as TA notes, were very, very nice…

    So, success on several fronts: confidence building outings for guys beyond the usual first 11 (Iwobi, Ox, Gibbs, Gabriel, Campbell, Chambers) and full rests for the Germans, Ozil and Mert, and the Corsican, Flamini. Modest but successful run outs (i.e., a partial rest…) for Ramsey and Arteta and the debut of the kid, Reine-Adelaide were also good. Ospina hurt again (as he was for Sheffield Wednesday…) is not such a good thing…

    Now we go back to the core group for these very important (and difficult) league matches at Pool and Stoke. It’s a shame we couldn’t also use this match to begin integrating Alexis and Elneny into the larger group but it should have worked to raise overall confidence for the remainder of the week and for greater optimism in the deeper parts of the squad for competing well (again) in this Cup and in the new year more generally…

    For me, that’s the true “highlight…” ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hey PE… While I think we will continue to set up in a 4-2-3-1 formation I also think things are a lot more flexible in our approach and all kinds of players can work themselves fore and aft in a very fluid manner…

    Everything I’ve seen from Wenger suggests that he wants his midfielders to get forward and back depending on situations on the pitch. Yes, Coquelin established himself by being more conservative and organizing things at the back (same as Flamini, in truth…) and both aging Spaniards–Arteta and Cazorla–also adapted their games into deeper lying ones. They became essential parts of (different) Arsenal teams by positioning themselves for easy passing options and getting the ball forward quickly with their strong range of passes…

    Ramsey and Ozil are better runners, so, IMO, if they just keep an eye out for one another they can shift and fill for one another. It gets a bit more complicated when we play with two inverted wingers (i.e. right footers Alexis or Theo on the left and left footer Campbell on the right), as those players will also tend to drift central with all the width provided by the FBs… As long as everybody is working hard–off the ball–to fill vacated spaces and stretch the opponent, it should work a charm…

    So, Chavs “rebuilding” looks somewhat on track with a 2-nil over Scunthorpe. Now, in an exact preview of their Weds league match, Spurs host Leicester… Inneresting… If you add in the League Cup stuff, there are quite a few teams playing each other over and over… (Man City host Everton on Weds as they will in the 2nd leg of the league cup in the following midweek, i.e. 3 out of 5 matches are against one another…)

  • Geez, strong discussion here… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I guess everybody agrees with everything I’ve written ๐Ÿ˜€ Or maybe they just don’t read it…

    2nd and 4th place have to play another match against one another to settle their cup tie… Seems good for the team at the top…

    Ahhh, that must be it… Quiet = Good….

    Thank dennis we’ve got a chance for it all to turn to shite in midweek…

  • HT, fluidity sounds like the answer. As you put it………” ….if they just keep an eye for one another they can shift and fill for one another”. I just wonder if it easier said than done.

    Walcott is excellent in identifying big spaces that require speed to reap the opportunity in it, eg running off the shoulders of the back four. Ramsey’s late runs, more often than not are into tiny spaces that also offer huge opportunities. It’s almost as if he creates those opportunities. They materialize for him, and defenders can’t do much about them. In these days of mass and narrow defending, they offer greater chances for goals.

    It’s a special talent (refer; Lampard) that should not be stifled by positioning Rambo wide right, or by checking his runs for the sake of defensive shape. #10 for him is unthinkable for us because of Mr Ozil. B-to-B with a high defensive line is the only thing I can think of. The high line squeezes the spaces vacated. Employing a high line would require a fleet footed DM (Elneny?) and our Per on the bench.

  • I think we agree, PE… except the part about the BFG on the bench…

    Seems to me that Elneny is to be cover/competition for Coquelin (and maybe Cazorla) as much as anything and any playing time he is given will be at the expense of Flamini and Arteta in the very near term… I’m not so big on formations and I doubt they are more than a starting proposition for Wenger. Whether you call it a 4-2-3-1 or whatever, I think it matters a whole lot less than what actually happens once the ball is in play, where the desire is self-expression and a fully stretched pitch–when we’ve got the ball, at least… Ramsey as a more attacking MF (a 2nd #10…) seems good in most situations… That’s the whole point of 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. Attacking football, even if it’s riskier, should get us more points over time… When we want to hold a scoreline, a little more caution–from all players–seems in order…

    Yes, the BFG looks bad running back towards our goal but I thought we missed him a lot from an organizational perspective on the two Fletcher chances near the hour mark. Gabriel–if he’d been the same size as PM4– would’ve cut out the one he put onto the cross-bar. Gabby jumps well from a running start but doesn’t get so high when flat-footed, in my opinion…

    There are trade-offs with ALL players…For example, many Gooners wanted Ozil dropped because of his lack of physicality and directness–and many love the Ox for those very same reasons… The ‘look’ and ‘style’ of our play is part of the entertainment value, after all, so those complaints are as legit as any others, though most see the result as the most important bottom line element…

    We got the result AND were able to rest and rotate…

    Just like FL08 would have liked… Maybe?… Hopefully he returns and gives his thoughts…

  • Nice dialogue there PE and 17HT ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoyed reading it.

    New Post New Post. 17HT, you will love the title…. especially the last part hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜›

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