Campbell and Giroud MOTM – Arsenal Player Ratings

Liverpool 3 – 3 Arsenal

Played like a ferocious and open FA Cup game, this fabulous PL game needs some in depth analysis which will follow tomorrow. For now the player ratings.

Cech: 7.5 Good presence and calming influence in the Anfield cauldron and he made some fine saves. A shame his hand was not stronger for the third Pool goal we conceded.

Koz: 8 Fought like a lion and, like the BFG, was often exposed by malfunctioning DMs. His desire, positioning and defensive decision making and interventions were brilliant.

BFG: 8 Same as Koz

Bellerin: 7.5 Great going forward and instrumental in our third goal with a fearless, determined run through the middle and good delivery to Campbell. Shame he didn’t prevent Pool’s third with a stronger block on Allen, but this young Gunner was very impressive once again.

Nacho: 8 Another very mature and professional performance. His passion and drive and continuous interventions on our left flank were great.

Flamini: 6 Cleaned up well in the box a few times but, with Rambo, the main culprit for not protecting our defence around the ‘D’ and allowing the Pool midfield to push us all the way back for large parts of the game. His passion was great though.

Ramsey: 7 Worked his socks off and a good goal – both his run and finish. Really helped our attack and Ozil but often failed to protect our CB and ‘D’ area and allowed the Pool midfield to push us back too much. The balance in the double DM pivot needs sorting.

Ozil: 7.5 Was often tightly marked and not as influential as usual. He made good runs and was good at releasing pressure on our defence by holding on to the ball and winning free kicks and throw ins. Some excellent attacking play as well.

Theo: 6.5 Lots of endeavour and good running off the ball. Unlucky not to have an assist with a great cross to Giroud. Despite willingness to help out in defence not very effective and he made me really long for the return of Alexis.

Campbell: 8.5 Some fabulous defence splitting balls and an assist and near-assist for two of the three goals. His vision, first touch and passing were very impressive today, and his defensive support was good too, especially as the game progressed. MOTM.

Giroud: 8.5 Omnipresent and never stopped fighting. Two fine goals, and especially his second one was of a high order. Also had the pre assist for the first goal, helped out in defence and midfield. Shared MOTM with JC.

By TotalArsenal.




17 thoughts on “Campbell and Giroud MOTM – Arsenal Player Ratings

  • Good ratings TA,

    While I feel that the double pivot did not work, and maybe Chambers can offer better protection compared to Flams, who likes to venture up front, leaving holes at the back, which even our own commentary team lamented that the covering was so holey (that was my words, but it sounded not far off).

    Though I will throw Elneny to the deep end by starting him straight in the squad, I would rather Wenger throw caution to the wind by putting him on as subs for a couple of games until he is comfortable with the way we play, though again, we are not that far from what he has been used to.


  • That’s my point TA.

    Stoke had played rugby for many seasons, and now they became Stokalona.. In the youtube video Basel played brilliant one-touch footy, and I am quite impressed by his scoring abilities.

    Actually we feel that it is not the best way to start your EPL career, to throw you into the deepest of the deep seas, but to some extent, we buy him because of our holes in midfield. Yesterday was hard to watch as we gave the Fools loads of space.

    Stoke is another team that you would not want to leave too many holes open, as they have 2 midfielders that will run ragged if you give them loads of space.

    He has great sense of positioning, and if paperwork issues gets sorted out, I will want him to be involved in some extent.


  • We really need Alexis back, miss his goals so much..
    Campbell has been a revelation and when Alexis returns, must retain his place in the starting XI…
    It’s a three-way choice between Walcott, AOC and Joel.
    To me, it’s a no brainer…

    Good post…

  • Cheers TA. Agreed with the ratings and your reflections on the way each played.

    We were overrun in midfield with Liverpool dominating overall. Perhaps due to their extra man in midfield, the false 9 firminio, combined with the excellent Can. So I Particularly agree with the Alexis mention.. I was longing for his running and work rate during the match. Walcott just didn’t seem to offer Monreal much assistance on the left. Then he went missing in large parts of the second half before being subbed.

    Like Walcott something similar happened to Ramsey as he went missing.. and the Flamvo partnership for the most part just didn’t look like it worked. Flamini didn’t have the legs and Ramsey was not tracking back enough. The sooner Elneny comes in the more the workload can be shared. I hear Elneny like Alexis runs forever so he will help a lot in this respect. Good call 84 on Chambers he would have been useful in that midfield centre as the game wore on.

    The running of Alexis and Elneny will be very welcome here and I hope will also help us not to allow ourselves to become pegged back in the manner we were. This happened both early on when we conceded the first two goals and in the last half hour of the second half. This was reinforced by too many defensive substitutions that didn’t give us that attacking outlet and threat.

  • Yes Allezkev. Alexis back in asap alongside Giroud and Campbell.

    Walcott ideally plays in the centre if/when we need him as a different option to Giroud.

  • A point at Anfield is always welcomed particularly against a rampaging Liv team. My worry is longer term, and that is our inability to deal with high pressing teams; Klopp’s Dortmund, Pochettino’s and post Pochettino’s Southampton, Pochettino’s Spurs and now Klopp’s Liv.

    Ball circulation for large chunks of the game against such teams is obviously a way to go. To tire them out becomes our strategic goal, after which (2nd half) we revert to our normal game.

    Last night we tried to respond to their intensity by also rushing around and so we got equally tired. They were able to draw from the reserve of their 12th man, and so dominated us the whole of the 2nd half.

    To be able to play possession football against an intense pressing team, we need good ball circulators particularly in our MF. As per last night there wasn’t really much we could do about the personnel fielded as most of our better ball circulators are still unavailable viz Santi, Rosicky, Jack, Welbeck, and Arteta who is still not fully match fit.

    Discounting the late equalizer against us, we should be happy with the point last night from Anfield.

  • PE,

    The issue was that after 3 goals we sort of try to shut up shop. That killed our chance of 3 points, which this season we have done so well mentally to come back and get full points.

    Other than that the defense was totally at sea. Not sure why but internally they need to sort that out.

    First was Bosscielny venturing too far forward, and now its the double pivot too far forward when they are supposed to defend.

    I am quite happy with the point, and we could have gone from anfield without any points. One worry is against Barca, and we might be able to stop them if we get the holes blocked.


  • JK,

    Did we really try to shut up shop? Or did Liv squeeze us up in our box? The safest way to shut up shop is by keeping possession in the midfield for possession’s sake. That is how Bayern and Barca do it. Retreating intentionally and camping in your 18 is valid only when you recognize that counters offer your best attacking options. We were leading at 3-2, so there was no need gambling with camping in our 18 just for the sake of counters.

    Imo, our defense was that bad because our MF did not contribute adequately to the defending. Ramsey was on awol, Theo was inadequate, Ozil hardly partakes, so our defense kept falling apart.

    With Sanchez back, and our new hope Elneny signed, we expect an improvement there. Our biggest dilemma remains Ramsey … so full of assets, so full of liabilities.

  • Total, that’s a great picture of Elneny…
    A fresh pair of legs in that vital dept in front of BFG/Koz…

    FM, I don’t wanna dig out any of our players, but Walcott and Ox really need to contribute more re: goal scoring.

    Giroud has done all he can and Ramsey has found his shooting boots again, but where is the alternative goal threat?
    That’s why I’m so happy to see Alexis fit again.
    Hopefully Welbeck will return in around 3 weeks or so…

  • I just lost a long comment (continued ‘puter probs…) so I’m angry…

    PE you are actually watching the match and have things just about right…Ball circulation is exactly what we’re missing… We can blame–and laud–individuals and rate them accordingly but I think we’re doing pretty well with what we’ve got…

    I’ve now watched the match twice. (I got my wife to watch it and she found it compelling enough to see the whole thing…) I should probably wait for TA’s next post but I think I can see where he’s going with the ratings…Between them and PE’s ideas about being able to kill the game with possession I think we’re getting to the heart of the problem…

    Basically. we’re playing a LOT of Route 1 football with Giroud as our lone target. The CBs, esp. Mertesacker are also lofting balls over the pressing Pool front men which puts plenty of pressure on guys trying to bring them down and hold possession for a bit. We’re also attempting to carry the ball out of our half and play on the counter–a lot.

    Possession based play which might take the crowd out of the match begins with keeping the ball on the turf and having some players who offer easy outlet passes. Ramsey, though he seemed always in good defensive positions, tends to stream forward to get in attacking positions once the ball is ours. Ozil also leaves space but moves with great intelligence for 2nd balls. Who fills that space and offers himself? Nobody…

    At his best, a few years back, Arteta used to do just that. Santi and Le Coq did it as a team from January to November. Wilshere was learning the skill, too… Obviously, Flamini should be the guy but he’s often recovering from his substantial defensive duties or just not looking an appealing target with his crab-like movements. As such, guys like Theo and Campbell (and the Ox, later on) plus the FBs try to push the ball forward on their own… Sub-optimal, IMO…

    We should probably salute Giroud for his goals and for being a well beaten beast of a target man. It also seems tough on Ramsey when he got the goal and also took the corner that Giroud converted. Campbell is a fighter too (and not so bad at influencing the ref…) and, even if they weren’t perfect and probably should have been cleared, made the passes for the two goals scored from open play. Theo has been working very hard, too, I think, but we’d prefer to see him further forward scoring or assisting… Ozil, IMO, is a class above everybody and did some amazing stuff–with very little help–trying to ease the pressure. Taking him off made sense but I wonder if it also hurt given that Ox and Gibbs lost a few balls late on and Arteta seemed just a hair late in the tackle…

    My point is that the spirit in the team is strong and we should salute it and probably be grateful to come away with a point, even if the way it happened is disappointing in the extreme. It does put some pressure to take all three points at Stoke but at least we should be well steeled for the atmosphere and what will be required…Having Alexis and Elneny available (if they are…) could be a boost, too…

    Final thought: an up and down tempo probably favors us given our quality at both ends, though I wonder in the more intense away stadiums. Calming things through possession might help keep my hair from falling out and/or turning greyer, however…

  • Good posts guys. I like how Giroud is proving his critics wrong, what a goal. I think the substitutions we made cost us three points. In general it was a good game from my point of view. Giroud, Campbell and Moneral were exceptional. Monreal deserves more credit. He is our most consistent player. Looking forward to see what our new signing Elneny has to offer.

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