Great Monreal News | No More Signings? | Debuchy: What Went Wrong?

A few ‘hot topics’ for us to blog over.


Nacho (29) to finish his career at THOF?

Great news that Nacho Monreal – surely the coolest name in football – has signed a new contract. He has been Mr Consistent this season with some outstanding performances both at the back and up-front, where he has established a fine partnership with Alexis. I think Gibbs is a good FB/Wing-Back too, but Nacho is just too good to be dropped at the moment. The Spaniard has a great attitude and fights for the shirt in each and every game. It does beg the question what will happen with Kieran now. Surely, he needs to play more regularly at this stage of his career? Or is he happy to sit on the bench game in game out and wait for his chance?

Was Ozil really injured?


Or did he get another rest from Arsene? I hope and reckon it is the latter. Wenger needs Mesut and cannot give him a prolonged break, even though he deserves and possibly needs it. But he can play him sparingly to make sure he has less of a risk to get injured, and resting him against the Orcs was probably a wise thing to do. The thought that Wenger can start with both Ozil and Sanchez against the Chavs really excites me: it should give us a new, and much needed, lease of life!

Will we buy anybody else this transfer window?


Hard to tell. Paradoxically, the chance of this happening will increase the closer we get to the final hours of the January window, as the pressure of the deadline often sees parties starting to shift from their until then unmovable positions. We could do with another Alexis type ‘mid-winger’, but only if they are of a very high quality. And who is happily selling these at mid-season?

What has gone wrong with Debuchy – Jenkinson to return?


Bellerin – our very own Hector Vector – really should have had a couple of breaks in the last few weeks, and Debuchy was available, yet Arsene hardly played his fellow countryman. He must have really annoyed Wenger for him to be bypassed like this. I expect him to leave this January and we either get Corporal Jenkinson back or buy a new one.

What do you say fine fellow Gooners?

By TotalArsenal.




22 thoughts on “Great Monreal News | No More Signings? | Debuchy: What Went Wrong?

  • Excellent news, Monreal signing until 2019…
    He is a naturally fit guy, hardly ever misses a game.
    To me there’s no reason why he couldn’t play into his mid to late 30’s…

  • Sensible move by Wenger, in ‘resting’ Mesut…
    No doubt I only, that at a push both Alexis and Mesut could have played at Stoke.
    But I’d rather see them ripping the Chavs apart this weekend.
    And maybe Arsene saw it that way as well?

  • Can’t see Jenks returning until the summer.
    Chambers could fill in at right back in an emergency, as could Flamini.
    With Bellerin being only 20, not many players would want to understudy him as they could be waiting forever for a chance.
    Would Jenkinson be content with that scenario?
    Not sure…
    Maybe a youngster from the Academy will come through as back up?

  • As far as transfer windows go Total, this one is like a wet night in Lauradorp.
    Nothing’s happening…
    Like you, I reckon Arsene, and maybe quite a few other clubs, are gonna leave it until ‘last knockings’ to try and get a bargain or a player at a realistic price…
    Don’t ask me who that could be in relation to Arsenal?
    Maybe a couple of youngsters?

  • For Le Prof to rest Ozil against the rugby team is something that we would not do.. unless Ozil is really injured.

    He would not risk dropping points if he plays a team without the conductor.

    Monreal’s form is due to his understanding with the team. The other way around works the same too.

    So, ending his career with us is a possibility, but you will never know if Barca or any other teams would try to pry him away.

    And no, i would not see us buying anyone else.

    Jenks will not come back for a while. We have enough players to stand in for that position even if we sell Debuchy.


  • Monreal. Quintessential professional. Attitude #1. Discipline on and off the field #1. Team player #1. Modesty #1. I call him the unobtrusive leader of the team.

    He’s my best. Is there a chant for him?

  • Gibbs has a laid back nature. He will never debuchy out. We are lucky to have him and you can bet that Wenger regards him very highly.

  • Hi TA, Interesting post summarizing the news in the long week ahead of the big home fixture vs the defending league champions…the nicest thing we can say about the Chavs this season…

    Consider me very pleased about Nacho extending his contract. Amazing how he’s gone from a bit of a punching bag and merely cover for Gibbs to best LB in the league… Also, it’s quite something how Arsene-L has gone from only 1 year deals for guys over 30 to making an effort to really lock them down. I believe that this is due to market factors–the silly money clubs bid up the price of the hottest young prospects in a ridiculous manner–and the fact that our squad is pretty damn strong so that some mature professionals who just put their head down and compete are exactly what we need (as much as anything)…

    The exact opposite of Debuchy, of course, but I feel for the taxi driver with his bad luck with injuries, esp. that shove from the Stoke Ibrahimovic wannabe (Arnautovic) who broke his collarbone… Going to Aston Villa… If he and M Garde can keep the Villans up, that would be some story…

    Ozil rested? Perhaps. I think there’s some desire to give him limited outings here in January but we look so much worse without him. Ramsey and the Ox are strong runners but there’s little sense of keeping the attack well spaced w/o our main guy… So now he’ll play vs Chavs then likely get left out of the squad vs Burnley in the cup… That would also be around the close of the window and you never know, some value for money but always with the longer term in mind makes sense. Corporal Jenks back? His West Ham loan seems to have soured and I personally prefer Chambers (or even Gibbs as an “inverted” wingback) over there. We need improvement in quality not just emergency cover…

    This leads to today’s “news” and the perfect subject for your next mid-week post: Theo and 10 years with the club, Lots of potential, far less in the way of real production and then there are all the injuries and the drama around the contract extensions…. The early season was strong (keeping Ollie out of the line-up…) until that stupid CoC match up in Sheffield… but glimpses seems all you get with Mr. Walcott…That said, I still believe a re-watch of last week’s match would show he wasn’t quite as poor as you think esp.given that he was probably in his 3rd choice for a starting position. Give him that pen (and let him convert it…) and he’s the guy who got us the full points… Interesting too that he seems to have lost his spot taking right footed corners and FKs….It does seem less than ideal to have a game based on “potential” and runs off the ball and that mental resiliency (teflon…) but there you go…

    Happy Hump Day…

  • Cheers 17HT 🙂

    Sorry but he really was that poor. let’s just agree to disagree.

    You are probably right re Jenkinson not returning (yet). Not sure whether I prefer Chambers or Gibbs though.

  • TA… What, are you busy?… 😀 I think I wrote you an e-mail about trying to plan out the publication schedule a bit more… More smileys…

    I didn’t have any plans for anything, but, If you want, I can write the 10 years of Theo bit…Right now… But then I’ve got stuff to do, likely until the preview… which would likely be Saturday during the other matches….

    Thumbs up or thumbs down?…

  • Nacho has been very good this season, that is very true. I hope he continues this form and retires with us. Incidently, I asked this question on another blog – how many testimonials did we have lately? Was Bergkamp the last one?

    Of course Ozil’s injury was a pretendie 🙂 Nobody in the right mind would sent their most precious asset to war? Stoke players were just licking their bloody lips hoping to kick Mezut’s legs for fun. Well played by Wenger.

  • TA, don’t leave me hanging… 😀

    Eddie, testimonials this August for Arteta and Rosicky, perhaps?… (Flamini will be playing back in Italy or France…) I believe the ONLY testimonial in the new stadium has been for Dennis, almost 10 years ago…

    TA, it’s in the hopper, 1000 words… Publish it if you like… though you may not enjoy how I just won’t let certain arguments go…

    More smileys, eh…

  • 17H – that’s what I thought, the only testimonial being played for DB. Football has changed, not many footballers retire at the club they committed their career to. Or should I say – they don’t commit to any one club? Economical migrants or traitors? Traitors if they leave Arsenal for ManU, otherwise I can understand

  • Yes Eddie, DB was the last one and what a fine day it was!

    Agreed re Ozil – such a fine footballer should not be on display in the vile dump!

  • ha ha ha 🙂 the vile dump being….Stoke on Trent?

    BTW I have noticed an unusual number of strange characters walking the streets of N14. I have only realised that it is Leicester v Totts tonight. Some characters must be going to the WHL to watch on a big screen (doubt they have one in colour at home)

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