The Gooners have abdicated their responsibility to the team: Cruel is the word!

Arsenal's English midfielder Jack Wilshe

We are in a collective state of dashed hopes, fans and players alike. It is a dangerous place to be in at this juncture where time is most unforgiving of any error. We have to find a way to pick ourselves up immediately, to stave off the dreaded Thursday-Night-Football now beckoning. Heaven forbid that it happens. To pull oneself out of its quagmire is no mean task. Even the bulging pockets of Manchester United are desperately struggling to do that, what less poor Liverpool. Watch and see the monstrous amount of money that Chelsea will be begging to splash this summer to attract “world class” players to help reinstate them at the top, with nothing guaranteed. Guaranteed, however, is that Neymer would not join them, as he loves the world stage of Champions league football. With all their money, Chelsea would be shopping for the left overs. I tell you my fear.

Arsenal is a very patient club. I once told a friend of mine that one area I know for certain that Wenger is far more endowed than me is in his patience. 10 years have passed yet Walcott has not learnt the simple drop of the shoulder, and Wenger is still sticking with him. Inexhaustible must be his patience, and that is exactly why I dread a drop to the Europa League. If we do drop, our football administrators would draw up a 10 year sustainable model for getting us back into the Champions League. That would kill me and as you can guess I don’t want to die yet.

We ain’t dropping, Gunners.

How do we begin to save ourselves from the 10 year exile. Simply by getting up and taking the first step so the other steps could follow. All of us are so full of complaints on the lack of leadership on the field. That’s pure pontificating, when you consider that outside the field where we belong there is no leadership. Go to the stands, and tell me how many people are shouting themselves hoarse urging the boys on. Isn’t that what leadership is all about? Probably it is only recognized when it comes out of the throat of Per Mertersacker. No, 60 thousand throats are way, way more effective in galvanizing the team. The fans have abdicated their responsibility to the team and we need to remind ourselves that our duty is to lift up the boys when they are down, so that up, they in turn would get us lifted.

Our voices should inspire their play, which then returns to us, gladdening our hearts in that beautiful world of healthy symbiotic relationship. The left hand washing the right hand, and the right the left. But instead we travel the selfish route. We want to take never to give, parasite-like. We want them to lift us, and when they are unable to do so and instead are begging for our support, we turn against them. What treachery! Not only from the stands, but also from the fans in cafes, in tube stations, in the voices of ex Arsenal this, ex Arsenal that, that find their way to the tabloids.

Who is the Tony Adams in Bergkampesque et al. I will tell you. It should be you and I. We all are the 12th man on the field. It is our arm that ought to wear the captain’s armband and our voices the leadership that every team craves for. One game at a time. Thursday night is our next match. It is a home match against West Brom. Signs are that there would be many empty seats at the Emirates. Those seats belong to the faint-hearted, the fair weather fans and the boo boys hopefully. We are neither going to miss them Thursday night nor forever more. West Brom lie in wait. If we would have succeeded in putting the captain’s band round the arm of the 12th man, they would be shocked at who would turn up. Have you noticed a common trait in the top, top class strikers? When they miss a sitter they let it go immediately. They temperamentally understand that the past can only be a drag. They also know that they would bury the next opportunity. So Ibrahimovic remains Ibrahimovic the goal merchant, Aguero remains Aguero, and Romario remains Romario. They live in the NOW and in the hope of tomorrow.

We have missed a sitter, the Premiership crown (though not yet mathematically). We have to let it go, so that we like Ronaldo(C7) and Ronaldo the Phenomenon, can bury the very next chance that comes our way. By the way, that stuff making the airwaves that we lost our opportunity this season of winning the premiership is pure illogicality. Who decreed that it was our opportunity. First of all, Leicester is headed at current pace to a no mean 82pts finished. We all hate this, but did you see the outstanding Spurs whip Chelsea at Stamford Bridge? It takes courage to give to those two teams what is theirs, and give it to them we must. Secondly, isn’t this so called “our opportunity” also not Man U’s opportunity to win it after having invested a zillion pound for that prize over the past few seasons? Same for the oil billionaires Man C. And how could Liverpool have also missed such an opportunity? They only needed to stay ahead of Leicester and Tottenham. Most miserable of all, the reigning champions Chelsea threw away their opportunity to retain the crown.

What balderdash all these airways stuffs about our opportunity. Every new season is every team’s opportunity even if its odds are 5000:1. I know some would come up with the argument that the opportunity is ours because we haven’t won it for so long. In line with that argument Liverpool have a greater claim to the opportunity. So also Newcastle and Aston Villa. But there again, the round leather game says its emotions is in the NOW and in the promise of tomorrow. Whether it is 13 seasons ago or one season ago, the past, though not stinking, is already dead and long, long gone. Ask a Chelsea fan, the current champion, how it feels to be languishing in the nadir region. I mean languishing. One game at a time.


Our NOW starts with joy that our rival Man C lost 2 pts last night to relegation strugglers. And in that NOW also our hope that tomorrow night West Brom be received by a nasty Emirate host. COYG.

By Pony Eye.

21 thoughts on “The Gooners have abdicated their responsibility to the team: Cruel is the word!

  • That is the spirit, PE, and you are damned right. We have become slaves of our expectations and cannot enjoy the here and now any more it seems. On top of that, we reckon that we do not need to carry the team through bad times but that the team needs to carry us through our misery.

    More later but thanks for stepping up with a fine, well written and passionate post. 🙂

  • Cruel is the world……………either adapt or die. With patient and stubborn Wenger at the helm I see nothing but mediocrity and small technical midfielders on the horizon for Arsenal.

    Good read though !

  • I cant imagine a less supportive home crowd than at the Emirates. It’s embarrassing!!
    However when the board treat the place like a cash cow & tourist attraction, rather than a football club that values it’s loyal supporters it’s not hard to see why.

  • All quiet on the Bergkampesque front. Are we still sprawled on the canvas? Get up gunners and fight!!!

  • Lorp,

    OGAAT. Why don’t we just “look around” as Tolstov advice @ TA. The distant horizon would be for later. There is a job at hand.

  • ukesox,

    You got a point there, but I don’t get the link between the cash cow and vocal support for the chaps on the field.

  • I will always be an Arsenal fan however, Wenger needs to find a way to make this team force their opponents to show that they can play. We are about the only top team in the whole of Europe today that do not put really good pressure on the ball. We let mediocre teams around with the ball without forcing them to show that they can handle the pressure from us. That is why crosses will keep flying in. We must Defend from the top. Even when the forward is beaten, he should chase and chase that is what every team winning today does. We only do it against big teams, perhaps in the mistaken belief that the small teams don’t have the quality to do us harm. It is also LAZINESS.

  • Im sorry I dont understand… Tolstov ?. For me the job at hand has been sabotaged by In my opinion with some shocking substitutions, clear neglect of needed players in the Transfer Market and clear favoritism over some players (whom are bang average). Its really very difficult to see a positive future with Wenger in charge.

  • We look at our rear view mirror and gasp! Manu** is there.

    So, while the top are dropping points, the rest are slowly catching up.

    So, get the preview and hope we have a strong midfield for the rest of the season?


  • lorp,

    Sorry if I’ve been obscure. I put it as the NOW, a job at hand. Tolstoy famous Russian writer urged modern man to ” stop a moment, seize your work, look around” a TA quote, and njk went more directly to the point with his comment “we look at our rear mirror and gasp! Manu** is there”. No time for moaning, time for us to get up and fight.

    Our state is the state of the team. If we moan, they moan. If we show strength, they will be strong

    Yes, there are many grey areas, issues that must be ironed out when the dust of battle has settled. To make an issue of it now, is to cut our nose so as to spite our face. Using TA’s words we have to know how to carry the team during bad times. That’s the job of the 12th man and that’s showing leadership. Lorp, you are no inconsequential gooner, you are the gooner. Who says you can’t be out Tony Adams off the field.

  • Top stuff PE.

    In my last comment on the previous post I pointed out that the difference between ‘Pool fans to their current manager (and only Klopp, not previous ones), along with their team support when it looked like all was lost (again, specifically against Dortmund), and the banner in the crowd that seem to me, to sum up the difference to a large body of Arsenal fans – Support and Believe.

    Meaning, following the PE line of this post – Support now. Believe in the future.

    And yes PE, you were the only one to answer my question about ‘sweets, and a sweet shop’.
    There is no divine right to winning titles or trophies, no matter what the history of the the club involved. It is about NOW. Is is about how teams overcome the obstacles placed in the way, and get on with it. A quote that HT may well use from the US election pre-battle, ‘It is not about getting knocked down, It is about how you pick yourself up again’ (H.Clinton).

    That is Arsenal position right now, and it is both the team’s and fan’s challenge How to pick yourself up, and let the past go?

    Your are right in your response above. Now is not the time to share your petty grievances against the manager. We may have some too, but unless you are in possession of all the facts and pressures, then now is the worst time air them.
    Talking of pressures, how about this: Does AW bring in Wilshere in favour of Ozil at 60mins, and risk losing the former in the TW? One for HT add his view in the preview. Either way, it will be a judgement call, and one we don’t carry the burden of regret if it does not work out.

    Football is not like going to the movies. You can can come out of Screen 1 and happily declare ‘that was Rubbish!’, in your opinion, but you are not asking the director to be fired from his next film project?
    In football, if you have an emotional commitment to a team, then you too should invest YOUR responsibility to help it do well. If you don’t understand that commitment applies both ways, then you are the loser.
    For those who truly support, when success finally comes, it is that much sweeter …
    Ask any Leicester fans?

  • Patrick,

    You are so right that there is plenty of room for improvement. But your line ” We are about the only team in the whole of Europe today who do not put pressure on the ball”” suggests to me that you must be a very self critical fellow, possibly too nice a fellow. Somebody without the facts would believe, from your line, that we must be trailing far behind Manu, Manc, Chls and Liv, all big teams. Patrick, the issue of the NOW is, we get up and fight. I mean you and I and the teams!

  • Gerry,

    To you, my many thanks, for your previous comment provider the inspiration for this post. Liverpool’s ” You will never walk alone” always almost make me emotional. How I dream of the day the Emirate will be a single voice for the boys through thick and thin. Without a single voice, real greatness would remain so elusive.

  • Gerry again,

    Great your emphasis on the Liv banner “SUPPORT AND BELIEVE” , which is really same as the good old “take care of today and tomorrow will take good care of itslf”. Our today is this Thursday night at the Emirate. My bit is not to dwell on Sanchez or Iwobi but to dwell on my contribution for the day.

  • Ha ha PE … We have completed the circle, as it was your post on ‘humility’ hat brought me back to BK 😀 😀

  • Thanks PE .. you bring the heart and soul back front and centre. We have missed it and that has translated into results .. with it we can weather all storms and continue to grow – as one, together.

  • PE, Sorry for a very late response here to your post. Actually, it’s very early in my morning but I’m finding that my efforts towards Arsenal–as maybe you’re suggesting–are a bit hit and miss at the moment. For me that means every other day… Sorry…

    I think we see the same thing happening. At Arsenal the connection between the club and its support has been broken, or, at the very least, it is changing in a very significant manner. The call to arms, is a natural–and I believe–a correct response. But, like I said to Gerry when he quoted the Anfield banner, it’s simply not gonna happen at our club. The new poster (ukesocks–welcome and welcome to all new comment writers) put it as succinctly as I ever could:

    “I cant imagine a less supportive home crowd than at the Emirates. It’s embarrassing!!
    However when the board treat the place like a cash cow & tourist attraction, rather than a football club that values it’s loyal supporters it’s not hard to see why.”

    As I said a couple of days ago, the game is changing. It’s becoming driven by global television markets making the emotions in the stadium almost a sideshow. Wenger’s Arsenal has been ahead of this change. Insisting on the building of the stadium, bringing in a major shareholder (owner) who wouldn’t saddle the team with debt but also wouldn’t dig into his own pockets in pursuit of his own vanity was a long term strategy very much at odds with the extreme ups and downs of the results of the game. Supporters see the game differently than intelligent CEOs. on 1 August, the best we could hope for was 2nd place behind Chelsea, on 1 September the best we could do was 2nd behind undefeated (and unbeatable) Man City…Nobody saw Leicester and Spurs being where they are now… Many Gooners believe Wenger, if he truly loved his club, would step down. That’s also a short term view. His support comes in the form of a long-term vision for its long-term success–very much at odds with the extremes of reaction to results from match to match.

    Which all could be an argument that good support is indeed very important or that good support means nothing at all… Like you, PE, I believe it IS very important which is why I defend my club from the scattershot views of the haters that you see on NewsNow and the backpage headlines. We need to spend more or we need to pick better players from obscurity; Anything new will be better than this! All at once and right now!! According to our own after-the-match-rant-man we need to have Vardy up front and Simeone as our manager while simultaneously buying a world class striker (Vardy surely wouldn’t have been…until he scored all those goals…) and spending 30 million on cover for Coquelin. You’ve raised my expectations and now are not meeting them, Arsene. I hate you and here are a few reasons why… I paid my money (or at least dared to care) but I didn’t get my prize… I hear a baby crying so maybe there’s a nappy to be changed… That’s the real subtext…

    I believe AW is trying to move our team beyond the need for this sort of ‘support’ on the belief that technically superior players, playing technically better attacking football can win more games than we lose and be forced into playing for a draw even less. The three points for a win formula should bear that out yet his nearly two decades at the helm will always be remembered for his season of not losing (!!!)… In other words, it’s not so easy–as all the free spending clubs, who will hopefully be looking up at us (in the table) after tonight’s match vs WBA will attest.. They have blase support too and have failed to make their home stadiums into fortresses…Just like at Arsenal…

    All of this is to say, PE, that I agree. If you choose to support a team, support it. Accept it for what it is, match over match, try to see the positives and do what you can, whether it’s in the stadium or on the internet. Live the ups and downs so that if success comes it’s earned and all the sweeter. If you can’t do that, you’re just a fan…and maybe you need something that blows a bit harder to generate the wind you wish to feel upon your cheek…

    OK, time to check what I wrote (for a match preview) a couple of days ago…Cheers again for the fine post…

  • Sorry PE…but I gotta issue the match preview… Also, TA, I thought you were gonna write something in there, but maybe I was confused…


    New Post

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