Happy Summer Holiday from Bergkampesque

Bergkampesque is on holiday till 1 August. If and when a big player is signed and (hopefully not) sold, we will publish a post. Occasionally, we may issue a post related to Gunners at the Euros.

Enjoy the summer and please join us again when the real footie starts in August.

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25 thoughts on “Happy Summer Holiday from Bergkampesque

  • Happy holidays lads, you deserve it! Thanks for all your hard work TA, HT et al. .. Looks like you’ll be posting at least a few times on signings between now and then and very soon on Xhaka it seems!.. πŸ˜€

  • Guys,

    You deserve a long holiday.. i was going to say wake me up when August ends and signings are rumours until announced on Arsenal.com

  • I wish TA would love to but too busy starting up a new outdoor fitness thing, it’s going to take a lot of my time and money this year & the next to make it a reality. After that I will give myself a holiday! How about you, finding a nice hot beach somewhere? πŸ™‚

  • Is the leaked Granit Xhaka pictures true?
    Seeing the new Jersey from the leaked Jersey it seems like it, but the club has kept its tradition by only announcing when it is done..

    So, your thoughts guys?

  • Cheers 84.

    FMJ, good luck with your business plans – sounds great and keep us posted. πŸ˜„

    Off to France, Switzerland and Germany in a few months.

  • Those pics look genuine 84, hopefully the first of 3 or 4 additions to the squad…

    Enjoy the summer Total and come back refreshed and ready to go again…
    You too 17tino… 😊

  • Thanks TA enjoy the holidays sounds awesome! 1st August back for my birthday πŸ™‚

  • Hi fellas… Anybody watching the FA Cup?… A million injuries and a lot of ManU attack (corners & Belgian Afros…) but now Palace have taken the lead through Puncheon… Mourinho licking his lips like the Grinch who wants to steal Christmas… Mata levels it…

    Good luck, FMJ with your fitness biz… Here where I live (Lake Tahoe, California) there are a million of them… So, you should come for a visit to get a great workout (and see what sorts of things make the money and which don’t)… Plus you can watch your football early and still get out…

    I was actually writing a comment on the other thread but got distracted this morning with family stuff… Ah well…

    Please have a great summer everybody!!…

    Here’s a link to a better (West Coast US) writer about our new guy… http://www.7amkickoff.com/2016/from-a-to-x-xhaka-the-natural-replacement-for-arteta/

  • Cup final finally getting interesting… I forgot to ask, FMJ, (or maybe I’m just forgetting…) but where are you based?…

  • United, a goal down then a man down, win the FA Cup through a Lingard wonder volley…Van Gaal gets to keep his job?…

    OK then…

  • Hi HT, I’m in East London near the Olympic Stadium. πŸ™‚ ..just seen your comments after watching the final. A good game in the end.. United had that little bit extra. Van Gaal has stabilised them and their on the right road back with some great emerging talent. Bit disappointed we are now back to joint FA Cup record holders, but well done to them.. :-/

  • And now hands over to Mourinho according to BBC reports in the last 20mins or so..

  • Shocking behaviour by United .. Increases my appreciation for the setup we have, once again.

  • HT thanks for the invite I have one friend I know from California actually and yeh I can imagine there are loads and loads of those outdoor workouts there!.. I hope my research & efforts will bring a unique spin on fitness and health from a Total Health perspective.. Inspired by the red & white in no small part hehe.

  • Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks to all at BK – it’s still the best place for football discussion on the web by far. I love how there are so many differing opinions on the club here, but how all views are respected and there’s no abuse or trolling. Looking forward to a few months of transfer gossip, tour news and a break from the weekly highs and lows of the league.

    Next season is shaping up to be a very interesting one. My prediction: a two-horse race between the Arsenal and Spurs, and we all know how that there’s only one way that that can end, don’t we?

    Cheers, all the best, and stay healthy everyone!

  • Cheers, FMJ… Thanks also to Kev & Davy… IMO, it was a very difficult season…and often hard to stay upbeat…

    As for today… LvG wins the FA Cup but the MooMan takes over at ManUnited. To me that takes the ugliness of Pellegrini as a dead man walking to a whole ‘nother level… (as folks around here say…) That said, I don’t think anybody should underestimate the win-at-all-costs to pump-up-my-ego (who cares about the longer term…) things happening with the marquee men-er-gers up that way. As such, I’d expect major turnover at both Manc Clubs and (to a slightly lesser extent) both Liverpool clubs. Chelsea too, of course…

    Then there’s the top 3… Leicester and Spurs are still good teams (who won’t want or need to do too much buying or selling…) but should expect difficulties coping with CL football in the Autumn and a summer full of speculation about their players. Arsenal too, of course, except that much of the fan base hates the manager and many of the players in whom he’s put his faith… Do we sell all those who have under-performed? We probably cannot as that might be everybody (except a handful)…

    All told it makes me want that vacation TA is talking about…but we also might be back next week with that first signing… If anybody has any first hand watching reports, I’m all ears–and the stats (see the link I put up, above)…look nice. On top of all that he’s got the very cool name…

  • What price loyalty huh. Hopefully Mourinho and United will get what they deserve, each other?

    Have a good summer guys and thanks for all your efforts in keeping the blog going. I hope there is no truth in the rumour that T A and 17ht are in negotiations to run a Chelsea fan blog

  • Happy holidays. Will surely miss the discussions/comments on the evolution of Arsenal 2016/17 team. I now have to do, watching from the sidelines. I hope come Aug 1, we would be celebrating a new prolific striker, another (apart from Sanchez) goal scoring MFder and a granite CMF.

  • PE,

    I am not that sure about Granite Midfielder, unless you are playing with words -_-“””.. (as granite is hard but brittle, and I hope he is not brittle)

    Given his number of total pass percentage, his long passes does not really count…
    Reason being, we do not play long balls, and if we play any, it is minimal..

    And his red cards are shocking, for one who is both Le Coq-like and Elneny-like.. but it all gets reset to 0 when you are in a new club.. Maybe Le Prof will tone him down like Elneny?

    Also, a goal scoring midfielder is not totally on my list, maybe if it is it is down at the bottom. We need a Per type of CB, and a faster one.. also a proper shooting-at-sight-of-spaces striker.


  • Retsub1,

    Manu** getting rid of Van Gaal is just what they deserved.. He spends like nobody’s business to try to build his squad of choice, which I feel that the moo-man will surely follow him when he takes over, and they will be a laughing stock if they do not win anything next season.

    When the moo-man took over at Chelski he inherited a good squad.. just tweaking the tactics to make his team better. Over here in manu** the squad is partially broken; no real leaders on the pitch (except for Blind, Roon and Carrick), so he needs another revamp of the squad (or not, if he manages to get into their head that they can get some silverware next season).

    I feel that the whole situation at manu** is not managed properly after the retirement of Fergie. Even though he is “promoted” to a director, but he does not have much say compared to when he was their manager. That is a costly error on their part.

    Van Gaal and (what-is-the-scot’s-name) are not like Fergie. Ok, Van Gaal is an authoritian like him, but when it comes to controlling a squad he is nowhere like him. If Fergie can be his consultant, it might not be what it is today.

    To add on, I feel that the media is making a meal out of this one.. Clearly someone in manu** does not like Van Gaal, and tries to sneak a “rumour” to shake him. That is the lowest one can get, and it just takes everything off the FA cup win, one that equals our FA cup wins.

    To conclude, I agree with Retsub1 that we will see something out of this, maybe not too shocking, but if anything goes wrong this season then that is the end for the moo-man. That is a calculated risk, which maybe it will be a greener pasture for manu** if he comes in and manages to change the whole situation from top to bottom, or maybe that he comes in and the board demands things that he cannot achieve, without any support.

    So, it’s anyone’s guess.


  • njk,

    Yes playing with words …. no capital and granite is ” rock solid ” never brittle.
    I will take Mahrez any day over a new CD.

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