Arsenal at the Euros: Who Will You Be Watching?

No sunglasses for these two as they will be suiting up for hosts France this evening in the opening match.  Who else from our club will be representing their countries at the tournament?

Spain (holders): Hector Bellerin

Germany: Mesut Ozil

England: Jack Wilshere

Wales: Aaron Ramsey

Czech Republic: Petr Cech, Tomas Rosicky

Switzerland: Granit Xhaka

Poland: Wojchiek Szczesny

It’s not really a long list and a couple of those players will very likely be gone from the club next season.  There’s also another tournament happening here on my side of the pond, the 100th anniversary (el Centenario) of the Copa America which also features some Arsenal talent, notably Alexis Sanchez with Chile, David Ospina (Colombia) and Joel Campbell (Costa Rica).  I’ve watched a bit of that one.  Has anybody else?

Of course, beyond watching the dozen or so of our boys in action in these tournaments there is always scouting for would-be Arsenal players.  It is transfer time, after all.  Personally, I need a break from the surprise news about our interest in Jamie Vardy, but I might be in the minority.  Now that he’s put us on hold (or used us to get other clubs, including the one with whom he won the league, Leicester City, to stump up and better our contract offer), he’s another one to watch.  Certainly Arsenal get linked with just about any (and most all) high profile players who appear to be on the move from their current club.  Is there anybody you’re watching this June who you’d love to see in the red and white of Arsenal?  Are there others you rate and worry they’ll land with an English rival?  Bergkampesque doesn’t follow each and every potential transfer scenario but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t torture, er, do so, yourself.

So, have at it.  Tell us your thoughts about Arsenal players, guys who could be Arsenal players or anything else you want to discuss.  I’m not overly partisan when it comes to the international game, but there are teams and countries I pull for over others, although, truth be told, it’s often because Arsenal boys are playing with them.  In the Copa America I’m pulling for the home team (Mexico 🙂 ) while maybe hoping Colombia have a strong tournament with lots of Ospina saves.  (Argentina look the obvious favorite.)  Given the quantity of stick Olivier Giroud receives from both Arsenal and France fans (plus my love of Laurent Koscielny) I wouldn’t mind the hosts winning which might also serve as a balm for football and peace among nations after the tragic events from earlier this year when France’s friendly against Germany was interrupted by terrorist explosions.

New look Spain, I think, will benefit from Hector Bellerin’s aggressive wing-back play but will sorely rue their decision to leave Santi Cazorla (the obvious “next Xavi”) off their team.  I’m also hoping Ozil has a strong tournament for the world champions.  Sorry, but I can’t get too deeply behind the England squad–unless Roy Hodgson gets Jack Wilshere in there to pull the strings.  The England-Wales match, featuring the blonde bombshell (Aaron Ramsey) should be an interesting group game.  Likewise, the battle between the Xhaka brothers (Switzerland-Albania) tomorrow could also be a good one, even if it’s just to make sure we bought the right one!

How about you?  Do the patriotic heartstrings get pulled for a particular national team or do you watch more as a neutral?

We’re on a bit of a holiday here at Bergkampesque–at least when it comes to writing new posts.  Still, the goal here is about participation, discussion and good-spirited debate.  Being that it’s not the regular season with all the usual (and, perhaps, all too entrenched) Arsenal arguments, the summer tournaments are perhaps the perfect platform for easing back into the blogging.   So, let’s be having your predictions, observations, thoughts; your hopes and dreams, disappointments and disgusts, heroes and villains, etc., etc…

like Rosie (my Arsenal watching friend from the Compton Arms would say, white wine in hand…) would say…

Go on then…

by 17highburyterrace



22 thoughts on “Arsenal at the Euros: Who Will You Be Watching?

  • Hey TA, the comment box is not appearing again… Last time I was able to fix this but I’m having trouble this time and only writing this from the “edit comment” area…


  • OK, I found the toggle box, and I’m back to my (Elneniest…) old self… Comment box should be available now…

    Apologies for my lack of ‘puter savvy…

  • I have no strong allegiance with any team, but it would be great if England would win it. If Jack gets fitter and fitter it could become interesting. Without him they are lost. Am looking fwd to seeing Xhaka play and Ozil of course. Hector has made enormous progress and cannot wait to see him either.

    France are playing well but just a bit too tense; they should be owning the central midfield but their three mid beasts are not gelling enough. The combination of Griezman’s pace an Ollie’s power looks promising but they are also not gelling enough. Second half should be better.

  • Thanks for an interesting post 17tino…

    Obviously I’m pulling for my country, despite all the Spurs players involved.
    As far as this evenings game, Griezmann is quality, but Kante looks very very accomplished.
    I think if there is any truth in his buy-out clause being £20m then Arsenal could do a lot worst investing in Kante.

  • Thanks TA & AK… Really just wanted to get a new post up…Hopefully more will comment even if they couldn’t for the first couple of hours…

    This Shaquiri look-a-like, Torje was on loan at Granada when I was there…and was quite impressive…

    France have so much depth esp. at DM… Very good to see Giroud get the tournament’s first goal but the service is a bit low percentage, IMO. We could use some of the width they’re showing but they could use some of our tighter play near the D… Evra seems an obvious weak link… Clichy couldn’t convince Deschamps, I guess…

    Kante and Xhaka at Arsenal would spell some serious (bench) splinters for Le Coq.

    Wow… Great winner from Payet to the top corner with his off foot…

    Gotta run, thanks again…

  • Will only catch the highlights as the timing is seriously off for me.

    3am kickoff for the france match is definitely a no go. Not to mention that i have yet to find a team that forces me to stay uo late at night to watch international games.

    For me, Payet is the player on sizzling form, which i would want him on my team, but West Ham will not sell him at any price.

    So, on a Saturday morning, off to catch some match highlights before making more comments.


  • Hi all..
    Payet is good.. but Mkhitaryan is better.. hehehe..
    So Vardy news is fading away now.. but adding Mkhitaryan will be just great..

    Many years I believe that Wenger will only bring maximal two key person.. and another two or three youngsters.. And I still Believe that.. hahaha.. So I hope that second man will be either Mkhitaryan, Reus, Isco or Goetze..

    Kante will never be our.. after Xhaka sign.. We had already Wilshere, Coquelin, Cazorla, Elneny.. and some good youngsters to promote in DM position.. Adding Kante will be a very strange desicion..

    Xhaka played great yesterday and was the MOTM.. Very great news for Arsenal. On the other hand, Wilshere only play 20+ minutes and not so good.. so don’t expect too much of him.. England won’t win the Euro, it’s either Germany (I hate too say that.. hehehe), Belgium or France.. And Giroud will shine.. to let us confuse about CF position.. hehehe..
    Spain won’t either, no Santi no Glory.. hihihi..

  • Good, spirited comment, HeheheheHenry 😄

    Jack had a very good twenty minutes but needs to start the game and Hodgson needs to play better players up front. Thought that Rooney had a great game and I did not understand why he was taken off and not Lalalana, DeliDeli or half moon faced Kane.

  • Hi T and 17, great read as always, and nice comment from henrychan. Forget kante, never happening now after our Xhaka. I still think Vardy is already a gunner. Ill be disgusted if Mktarian goes to the portuguese canalla. Dortmund will push him towards the highest bidder and united are pigs whp paid much more than anybody thinks for a guy like Martial.
    If theres truth to the fact that mktarian has strong manager preferences, he should really refuse going to the bus parker, but Pep could be tempting on the blue side.
    Watching Granit, besides ive heard great things for about 2 years.. i noted obviously yesterday a couple great through ball chances created.He likes to fight for headers, same for hard tackles, good and physical for the prem. Really loves those long hollywood passes though. All this makes him fun to watch.

  • So sorry to hear about the coward’s shooting of so many Americans in Orlando. My thoughts and prayers are with my American Gooners friends.

  • Indeed, TA…Hard to worry too much about the football when that sort of stuff is happening…

    I’ve got nothing to disagree with from what J (in) NYC has to say and I do think there will be plenty of weighing up by the most sought after transfer targets when it comes to who will be the coach and how long that coach might be around. Arsenal, of course, have a fan-base with just about zero tolerance for any sort of early season wobble, and, if that can be avoided, Wenger might get a final contract extension. Still, at his age (relative to Pep, Jose and Conte or the next tier, Klopp, Koeman and Poch…) players have to think the manager they sign for might not be there for the length of their contract, meaning it’s probably even more about the bottom line… Arsenal at least have shown that if you contribute, your salary can be negotiated upwards–in other words, we’re (very slightly) more substance than flash, even if that’s what the loudest “supporters” are still baying for…

  • Hi 17

    I have seen some good matches already, so no complaints about the footie from me. It looks like the England supporters are being targeted and the French do not have the situation under control. Fans were not properly segregated last night and it could have been a lot worse.

  • Sorry guys, but please no politics on the blog. If you both agree I will email your email addresses to both of you for private email exchange. Just let me know 😀

  • Guys,

    Gutted to hear abt the shooting incident. So many times that happen and nothing is being done due to the strong vocals of the gun community.

    Back to the England match.

    Akinfeev is a keeper with a strong positional sense. He is very good at direct balls. England are just being Spu** as they have one of them in each position. How they conceded reminded me of how they lost 2nd place so theatrically.

    If u put Kane and not Vardy upfront you are not going to make much as Kane relies on his whole team to give him the ball. Lallana is just there to disturb his tempo and that was exactly why they had so many shots straight at the keeper.

    My take is not to make wholesale changes, just put Jacko in there beside Dyer and Vardy in place of Lallana.


  • Did I imagine it or did Germany play without a striker ?

    Total, the Polish goalscorer, does he not play in the Eredivisie?
    I thought he looked quite good…

    Sad news from the US of A…
    Stay safe 17tino…

  • Allezkev.. Milik is Ajax striker.. but maybe Liverpool now..
    He is named as the next Lewandoski..

  • Caught the German highlights.. the cross from Ozil for Schweini’s goal is so perfect. I wonder what shall we do without his crosses and passes.

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