Super Jack v Rambo: The Battle of the Nr.10s

It has been a while since, as a Dutchman, I have been as excited about a non-Oranje involved international game as today’s battle between the Welsh and the English. The scene is set for an awesome game: the Welsh dragon is cooking with barrels of gas after slaying the Slovaks convincingly, and the English played very well but got sucker-punched by a Russian assault late on to drop two valuable points. The latter hurts and the players will want to make amends; but the Welsh players will be thriving on a combination of confidence and desire to get one over  their neighbours, whilst, with three points in the bag already, they have not much to lose in terms of keeping sight of progression to the next stage.

This will be a very hard game for England to win, but if they do their confidence will soar and their Euros campaign will get a super-dope injection. If the Welsh win they will progress to the next round AND will have extremely valuable bragging rights. Let the battle commence (at 2pm today).

I am hoping we will see starts for both Jack and Aaron, long term Gunners with a heart’s desire to mastermind games in the nr 10 position. Of course, we also have our current ‘nr 10’, our German master of the hole, Mesut Ozil in action later today, and I cannot wait to see him play again either.

Rambo is enjoying himself at Wales where he is playing in front of the solid Allen and can work with the versatile and naturally dominate central attacker Bale to create and take chances, and run at opposing attackers all day long. There is little doubt he will start and this will be a big game for him: Europe and the rest of the world will be watching at him, almost as much as at Bale, and Aaron will be loving it (and he is so easy to recognise now with his Boris Johnson coloured hair style).

Whether Jack will play remains to be seen. He should play if he is fit enough to do so. I thought Rooney played really, really well in the deeper, creative midfield role, but Jack can do this even better and the Mancunian is needed higher up the pitch. Dele Alli, Lallana, Sterling and to a large extent Kane all have potential but their youthful exuberance needs to be balanced out by at least one experienced and confident head, which has to be Rooney for me.

Jack next to Dier, or in the hole, with Vardy on the left,  and Rooney up-front or in the hole (with Jack then next to Dier) would make sense to me. Woj can then add two more attackers as he sees fit from the usual suspects, and that should give England a very good chance to dominate the game in the Welsh heart and come out victoriously. I would be tempted to play Milner on the right for a bit more midfield grit and control, as the battle will be won or lost in midfield where the Welsh are very strong. An English midfield of Dier, Milner and Jack, playing slightly in front of them and directing the game should be able to dominate midfield against Allen, Rambo and co.

Bale can do something special but, on his day, Rooney can do too and he needs to be where the action is; and the one to provide him with the best possible service is of course Super Jack. England need him to control the midfield and feed the attack and Hodgson has to make the sensible call.

Rambo v Super Jack today would be absolute bliss. Let’s hope Woj will make it so.

By TotalArsenal.

Just saw the line up and Jack appears not to start…. same attacks as against the Russians… 😦






33 thoughts on “Super Jack v Rambo: The Battle of the Nr.10s

  • Hi TA, Cheers for the new post… I went in and checked the “allow comments” box so that I could write this. Is there any way we could fix that more permanently so we don’t have to do it for each new post?…

    The England line-up is disappointing, but so it goes…Maybe Jack can come in late on and rescue a point…In other words, go Rambo, go Wales… 😀

  • Opening minutes: Commentator says, “Rooney is a deep lying playmaker, sort of an English Andrea Pirlo…” (That’s for JK… 😀 …) Also, two quick pieces of violent play from Spurs on the blonde gunner, Ramsey…

    Beyond that, I fear I might need a bit more coffee to enjoy this…

    Or maybe not… Sterling, from Lallana, contrives to kick over from 5 yards out… 😀

  • Bale FK might spell a bench seat for Hart…And Pep to spend some serious money to bring Neuer with him…

    Game at least now has the goal it needed (as badly as I needed a 2nd espresso)…

    Halftime…Gotta get Jack in, and quick…

  • Commentary here is Ian Darke and Steve McManaman… The latter has been ripping England a new one and lamenting the lack of quality overall…

  • Lallana and the whole English midfield is so static. There is definitely no fighting spirit in them at all.. Totally spu**’s playing style.

  • Ramsey is in a good mood.. Pity for him his team isn’t Arsenal style.. but Bale goal with a killer kick..
    TA.. You See.. Wilshere is just Rooney backup.. but we will see him soon..

  • On Rooney 17ht, the only thing he likes is long balls, most of which are just off target.
    Bad first half, will be better if Jacko plays.

  • Hi JK.. Yes.. Xhaka is something special.. Glad we got him..
    And how about Singapore..?? Something new there..?? This month I guarantee you there will be a lot of Indonesian will be in your country.. hahaha..

  • Vardy in the right place at the right time…and the linesmen get it right… (More or less an Ashley Williams OG…) back to level…

    Indeed, TA, McManaman is not too smart and his play by play guy, Darke, has more chins than iQ points… On the other hand, I think they might be passing a flask back and forth so they can get themselves going…

    So, no Jack at all…Rashford = 3rd sub…

  • Game of his life? I guess I missed a few minutes (making coffees and lunches for my people…) but I have no idea what you’re talking about JK… My thought has been: “If only that blonde guy could learn how to run he’d be a decent footballer…”

    Diff’rent strokes, I guess… Or maybe you could point me to specific spots in the match…

  • Sturridge…2-1… Nice goal with his off foot, too… Tough on Wales…

  • Ooh…Bale just an Ollie wide with the header…

    Full points to England…

  • 17ht.. Vardy is such smart finisher.. He know exactly where to be..
    And his passed to Rasford just great.. that’s where the Sturridge goal came.. cmiiw..

  • Hi Henry, I agree that Vardy is pretty fast–both in thought and deed–but, upon reflection, England weren’t the most deserving winners today…. Ashley Williams has to be given an assist for the equalizer and Wayne Hennessey will have to feel bad about getting beaten at his near post. Of course, not as bad as Hart for letting in the Bale FK… So, for me, all three goals, though well taken, had elements of defender-error in them too. The glory, again just for me, is that I’m watching as a neutral so the result doesn’t bother me one way or the other… 😀 Hopefully both teams go through with further chances for our boys…

  • Yeah.. Being Neutral is the most peaceful mind.. hahaha..
    I don’t have any team to support.. I’m a half Dutchman.. Hehehe..
    Maybe I just a little bit on arsenal’s players side.. hahaha..
    Although I don’t like Germany.. but Oziel is Germany.. hehehe
    And Goetze played as a CF.. that’s very interesting for me.. because I think Muller is better in that position..
    I like to watch Milik.. and hope he will shine again.. 4-4-1-1.. How long did we used to play with this formation..

  • Hi Henry…This (Germany-Poland) was definitely the match I was looking forward to today… Germany are missing Phillip Lahm but still look the best team in the tournament, I think, even without a target man up front. Poland, however, have a strong spine and look dangerous whenever they’re on the ball… My background is 3/4 German and 1/4 Polish, but I still have no preference…

    The “real” sports excitement, however, is the basketball tonight…And I’ll probably peek in on USA vs Ecuador in the Copa America quarterfinals which is being played at the same time. Colombia (Ospina) plays Peru tomorrow and then Argentina-Venezuela and Chile-Mexico go on Saturday…

    Poland are coming into the game well… A draw probably suits both teams just fine so not too much urgency thus far…

  • Whoa…Big miss by Milik from 2 yds just after the re-start…

  • Ozil down hard at the death but OK… Fabs saves from the FK and it finishes nil-nil with (by far) the best chance being Poland’s… For me the German wingbacks & DM (going forward, at least…) weren’t quite good enough… Howedes first touch on 87th min, for example… I never tire of watching Ozil do his thing, however… The result shouldn’t hurt either team and both may try to go for lots of goals in the third round…

  • Ozils attempt yesterday was a beauty. .very well taken, showed alot of skill to direct the shot with pace. Required a good save from the keeper.
    17, i enjoy Ian Darke, though he’s wasted most of the time doing mls for espn, which i find unwatchable. .. mcmanaman is a clown, and sometimes Darke has to come down to his level just to converse.

  • Felt something weird when we r suddenly interested in Sturridge when he did a Welbeck by scoring the winner against Wales.

    You can find this news in the official Gunners site.

  • Oooossssspina!!!

    Good saves from Ospina for Columbia, through to semis.

    Pity that he did not had much game time for the Gunners, but he is a solid keeper and Cech has his hands full against a good keeper for competition next season.


  • Wow.. Chile 7-0 Mexico.. What a score..
    Now Are we going to run for Eduardo Vargas..?? hehehe..
    Sanchez 1 goal two assists.. Equal to Messi.. Keep going man.. Beat that’s Bercelona guys.. hahaha

  • Watching France v Switzerland, Xhaka, what do you guys think? Is he the new Arteta?

  • Rocky 07, Xhaka should be much better considering the price we paid, and the long possible career he can have for us. Arteta did an admirable job for us, was a bargain buy, changed his position and style late in his career, and was a strong leader, but not world class player.

    For what Arsene paid, we should hope that Xhaka has strong potential to be a worldie in the future, very high upside potential. Being a huge optimist, I’d say more like a Xabi Alonso type..already with an “X” in common.

  • Jnyc, Having seen blogs from espnfc, Xhaka is a Vieira type of player who commands players and gets them in their position. Although Ozil and Alexis does that to our attackers, we have yet to see one that really commands the whole team. BFG is the closest, but no one in DM is able to do that except Le Coq.

    We might see more cohesion that we see when Santi and Le Coq plays together with Xhaka next season. And that is as exciting as it can be.

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