Confirmed Line-Up: Alexis up top and Rambo behind, Ox/Iwobi on wings and Coq/Xhaka in DM pivot

Well this is what we wanted to see: a plan B in attack. If I am correct we will see Alexis up top with Rambo behind him and the lively Oxย and Iwobi on the wings.

football formation

Holding and Gabriel as CB pairing and Bel and Nacho as the FB, Cech in goal.

Really good to see us combine Coq with Xhaka in centre of midfield and let’s hope the attackers will help them out when they are being pressured by the City midfield.

Come you Rip Roaring Gunners!

By TotalArsenal.

51 thoughts on “Confirmed Line-Up: Alexis up top and Rambo behind, Ox/Iwobi on wings and Coq/Xhaka in DM pivot

  • That looks a really interesting starting XI there Total…

    Man City have a CL qualifier coming up so a bit of an experimental line up from them…

  • Good battle going on and we are feisty but fair. Alexis is stealing a few balls from the defenders which sooner or later will lead to a goal. Great cross to Rambo by Alexis on one such occasion but the Wleshman wastes a good opportunity

  • Another big chance but it falls to our meanest DM. Good early pressure forces the MC defence to repeated mistakes…. Lovely but we need to be more ruthless

  • Well Total, some of our movement and approach play is very very good, sadly our finishing isn’t…

    Alexis looks really sharp and motivated…

    And there ya go, a quality finish from a quality striker, Aguero….

  • Iwobi looks lost.
    Ox had 2 clear chances.
    Xhaka is too far upfield, leaving little room for Ramsey.
    Spacing in the last 1/3 is bunched.


  • Xhaka is doing the right thing, jw1.. he is our b2b today. Ramsey missed a very good chance but is doing okay. I would argue that Rambo is probably coming too deep at times which stops us from quick turnarounds..

  • Hey TA…Nice bit with the liveblog… This one isn’t on US telly and I’m too lazy to set up a 2nd screen for typing… Of course your comments have hit all the major issues…

    Between Rambo’s very iffy first touches and Coq and Xhaka hanging deep with Iwobi and Ox near the touchlines we essentially have no number 10 to help out Alexis…Playing on the counter is different and we’ve had our chances, however. If El Kun’s goal was a 10 out of 10 on the clinical scaleours more were more like 2 or 3s… That Cabellero fellow (in goal) has been like a 12th player for us, too, except for his nice block on Rambo’s good shot from the tough angle with his off foot.

    All told a little too much men vs boys for my taste, so getting the missing players back sooner than later seems very, very important…Buying a couple might help too…

  • Good run by Theo and decent cross to Iwobi. The latter had a lot to do but a fine placed shot to Hart’s left squeezes in past the inside of the post. Sweet

  • Brilliant by Theo, initial run, one-two with Alexis and a cool cool finish….
    Well done lads

  • From the brace location– I’d hazard some type of fracture to the tibia.


  • Well, I was gonna say that City’s defense (American spelling) was the difference (and that we have the better keeper)…and that Pep was going to have some serious issues back there but now ours looks the bigger problem… Both teams will have to make do with strong holding MFs and hoping to outscore the opponents…in the early part of the season, at least…

    What a shame…as Theo, Iwobi and Akpom did very nicely taking advantage of City’s mistakes…


  • Well that was a bit of a downer. Great display by the lads. You could make a decent argument we don’t need support up front or in midfield, but boy do we need a centre back. With Gabriel as our senior centre back I felt we are exposed and now it’s twice as bad. I somehow doubt Wenger will buy now, he should have done this weeks ago

    I guess Kos has to be put in the side toute suite. I would feel much more confident with Debuchy or Nacho alongside him. As much as I want Chambers to succeed, he is very error prone and it’s too soon for anyone else. Maybe the the X man?

    Really starting to like Elneny, he really is action man

  • Good comment, Retsub. I reckon we will get a CB now but he will need to be bedded in. I can see us rushing Koz back and maybe move Debuchy, Nacho or Le Coq next to him.

  • Bring in Holding.

    We have let in 2 goals from strikers ghosting in between defenders, which sums up the defensive fragility.

    Xhaka looks good, and it seems that we will start against Liv with a similar lineup.


  • Pleased to see Akpom score again, he certainly seems to have discovered his scoring boots.
    And Campbell looked lively again….

    I wonder if Jonny Evans is really an option for Arsene, at least the Irishman wouldn’t need any time to adapt to a new country/league ?

  • Anyone who is established as a defender will do Kev.

    It seems like Wenger has been looking at our preferred lineup, as he put Alexis up top. I would have preferred a more direct striker in Akpom, but Alexis brings the same holding of the ball and letting the midfielders do the running into the box as Ollie.

    It is a joy to watch him doing so well against a Citeh side in need of a massive defensive shakeup.

    We just need to be more direct and it will be a good season for us.

    Cannot expect more from this team.


  • When all said and done, this was a pre-season game, and neither side were 100%.
    If anything, we looked the closer, which is slightly worrying?

    But ours is not to worry about their problems. The Gabriel injury is a major concern though. If we needed one CB beforehand, then do we now need two?
    His scan later today will tell us what the injury is, and an estimate as to how long he will be missing. Not much less than Per I would think?
    Regards his/Per’s replacement, I would say we should seal the Mustafi deal if we can. We know the price, and we know he is available, and we know we are in contact with his club.
    That is three things that we don’t have to worry about if starting a fresh search. If only a crystal ball was around a month ago, Isaac Hayden could have got all the game time he needed right here. Fate can be very cruel!

    Injury too, to our striker target. From the game last night it appears we have lots of support strikers, and an emerging poacher in Chuba Akpom. But I was not convinced that Alexis is the right answer in Giroud’s absence. I shall be interested in any report on Gnabry though, as he too is matching Akpom in the scoring dept. I saw him more as a central striker than a winger, so he may be the long term solution? Not to mention the ex-Coventry player who might be prised away from Bournemouth?

    But as far as the game went, I thought a couple were disappointing if we are looking at the opener against Liverpool, in less than a week’s time.
    I would need to view the the match again, but I thought Monreal struggled against Sterling? But it may have been that Iwobi was not the player to support him. But the times the cross field ball was played to a totally unmarked Sterling was worrying?
    It was also not Bellerin’s finest either, in the defensive role. He should improve, as with all those later returnees. He did show what I meant about the understanding with Ox going forward though.
    Pointless now to throw in Gabby now, but he looked at least two or three games from his peak. I also think what was missing in our CB pairings is that organising that Mertersacker brings? On the face of it, The more settled pairing Holding and Chambers might be the short term answer. I know some are quick to pounce on Chamber’s mistakes, but I think he has the all the attributes to make a very good CB. He is tall, heads the ball well, he has very quick feet in tight spaces, and he reads danger quickly. He is just not the fully fledged model at the moment.
    Bielik on the other hand has all those qualities, plus a calm temperament, and a really good eye for a pass. He just lacks the experience. Give him chances from the bench at first, and he will come through it with flying colours.

    I am hoping Ox’s early withdrawal was just to keep him fresh for next week, although the lack of a cohesive front line meant there was very little end product from his efforts.
    The other side of that was being able to bring on Walcott in his now ‘favoured’ position. I think I have been one of the few who has been praising his efforts to improve during this pre-season. The previous game I thought his instinctive shot for his goal was a very good sign, and so it proved.
    I have also argued for an upgrade, because consistency has not been his strong point. On his day though, he is very good. Perhaps we should dock him ยฃ40,000 per week which he got under false pretenses ๐Ÿ˜€

    It is funny how our half time changes seem to work so well. I hope AW will bear this in mind for the future?

    I am running out of time here, so I leave it there. Remember it was a friendly!

  • Gabriel’s injury. I mean, this could only happen to Arsenal. I don’t think we’ll be looking at two defenders though, unless Gabriel is out for the whole season. We might keep Debuchy now though, since he can cover at CB, as can Monreal. Chambers will need to play at some point, and he’s essentially been Per’s understudy. Holding was brought in as a member of the first team, and Bielik can play in cup games. Kos and one CB buy should be ok.

    I’m not too worried about Liverpool. The first few games of the season are almost always an adjustment period for all clubs. We should be ok. I almost never worry about single games anyway because any of our lesser regarded, or young players can step up for a game or two. And any established player can play poorly. So I’m not panicking about the Liverpool and Leicester games.

    Just hope we do get in the CB and Striker before the window shuts. And perhaps also a RB.

    Walcott had a good game!!! Not getting carried away, but even more than his goal, I was happy to see him run at and past players. ManCity’s defense wasn’t great though. Shame they only got Steau (with respect) in the CL qualifiers. A tougher opponent and it might’ve been interesting. Walcott needs to show this consistently. Always been his problem. Not convinced by him yet but hopefully he can prove me wrong.

    Akpom just has a knack for being in the right spot. Deserves a first team chance, and maybe even against Liverpool. I just have a feeling he’d get us the winning goal. Liverpool are on a high after beating Barcelona, but as long as we can keep out of trouble at the back and not give the ball away in dangerous spots (Santi, oddly enough, has been guilty of this during pre season), I think we’ll have enough to beat them.

  • Hi all..
    What a great game and great result..
    We can win more than 3 goals.. hehehe..
    I loved to see Pep’s lost.. hahaha..

    Walcott played a better game because he was send back to his favourite role.. A goal and an Assist are cool.. And Sanchez looked okay as CF.. hehehe.. Will Wenger keep him at CF untill Giroud return..??
    But I think Cazorla is the key man.. As soon as he came in.. the wind start to change.. hehehe.. I hope Wenger saw that as a real sign for Cazorla to get his first team again..

    So are we ready for Liverpool.. they won a 4-1 games against Barca.. Were they a better team now..?? How many players that Kloop bring this season..??
    So funny to saw Messi as blonde as Ramsey.. hehehehe..
    Can wait for the PL to start.. hehehe..

  • Fine comments today fellow BKers ๐Ÿ™‚

    I did a 350 miles round trip through Scotland today so no time to write anything till this evening.

    New Post New Post ๐Ÿ™‚

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