Plan B Worked, A Midfield to win the title, El-Super-Neni, Iwobi ahead of Ox: 8 Friendly Observations

Arsenal 3 – 2 Man City:

A Friendly that provided hope for winning the title this season.

Eight Positives:

  1. We have a plan-B in attack, or will it even become plan-A this season? Alexis up-front with Rambo in the hole worked really well. We were sloppy with taking our chances in the first half but we created some excellent opportunities and that is all I am asking for in a friendly: the rest will come. In fact, it came in the second half any way but the first half was also promising even though we did not manage to score then. Alexis, supported by Rambo, Ox and Iwobi put good pressure on the MC defence and this derailed them considerably, leading to a number of good chances. Alexis played for the team and crowned his performance with a fine assist whilst also hitting the woodwork with a fine free-kick. If teams come to dominate us in our own half, playing Rambo in the hole and Alexis up top could work a treat time and again.
  2. We won the battle in midfield and were able to keep them from dominating us in our own half. In fact, we often dominated them in their half, especially in the second half. It was weird to see Xhaka play so high up the pitch, as I expected him to sit deeper. But with Le Coq also playing, it made sense for Xhaka to play in the b2b role. I am not sure whether combining Coq and Xhaka is the way forward, but early days of course. Citeh made a large number of fouls and put their foot in once or twice, but our boys offered good physicality back and we were not outmuscled: this provides hope for the coming season as a forceful and skilful midfield is key to success. And our midfield is better than ever now (well almost 🙂 ).
  3. Theo had a good second half after not playing in the first half. A good assist for our first goal and a brilliant pre-assist and goal for the all important second goal will have done him a world of good. It is just one game but don’t be surprise if he scores the winner this Sunday.
  4. Elneny formed a better balance with le Coq than Xhaka did, and his presence, interventions and near-perfect passing made all the difference for us. For a long time in the second half we were in total control and our Egyptian master of efficiency was the key driver in midfield for this. We have to play him as much as possible going forward: he is that important.
  5. Iwobi shows again that he is ahead of the Ox. The younger Alex took his half chance with focus and maturity, whereas AOC took his half chance and one big chance with naivety. The problem is the Ox has played 100 or so PL games and should know better. We needed composure to level the game and Iwobi took his goal with real concentration. It reminded me a bit of Henry, as in you know what Iwobi was going to do but he still managed to beat the keeper. That is class.
  6. I love Campbell’s work rate and team play and reckon he has made huge progress since a year ago. This is a player who could easily play himself into the first team ahead of Ox, Theo and even Iwobi. Iwobi and Joel’s performances are putting Wenger under pressure in terms of buying another (mid)winger. Let’s see what will happen.
  7. Our CB pairing did not look good yesterday, and then poor Gabriel gets horribly injured as well. We conceded two bad goals and I reckon Gabriel was just overcompensating for the lack of organisation and control in our defence. His injury did not come as a big surprise to me. Wenger will need to be decisive now: either get a PL capable CB asap or move either Debuchy, Monreal, le Coq or Chambers next to Koz (who needs to return asap of course). We need a consistent and steady partnership around which we can build the defence.
  8. He scores when he is on: Akpom has impressed us all with his positioning and timing and has scored three times in a row now. I love his physical presence and economic use of his energy: he is not lazy neither does he run at 100 miles per hour all the time, but he serves the team well with his runs, link up play and positioning; and Chuba brings home the bacon time and again. I would love us to keep Akpom in the squad this season and give him a good chance to shine.

I like our energy, maturity, midfield dominance and creativity in attack, and if we can quickly sort our CB issues, we have a very good chance to win the title this year. Adding another quality attacker may help as well. 😉

By TotalArsenal.

32 thoughts on “Plan B Worked, A Midfield to win the title, El-Super-Neni, Iwobi ahead of Ox: 8 Friendly Observations

  • Good comment about Ox. His finishing definitely needs more work to be able to get a starting position.

    This coming Sunday’s match I would like Akpom to be starting from the bench, and coming on to score the winner.

    TA, I think you missed out on Holding. He is not bought for second-string side, but in the first team.

    We should start with Elneny and Xhaka in midfield, as Xhaka and Coq is too similar, Rambo on the right, Iwobi on the left, Santi in the AM, Alexis up top. Chambers and Holding helped by Bells and Nacho is just enough for me this Sunday, but we really need one more defender in the long run to cover.


  • Every story about preseason games should always be prefaced by; in the preseason friendly… There were long periods of time where this looked like just what it was, a nice inter-squad training session.
    It is hard to say “we have a Plan B in attack” when there was no attempt to impose a Plan A.

    The midfield battle if you can call it that, against Fabian Delph is not something to brag about. The City midfield triangle will be Fernandinho, Gundogan, and Toure. and that won’t be quite so easy. Elneny looks good, Xhaka looks like he needs time to settle, and Coquelin looks like he always does; great in defense and awful moving forward.

    Theo is a good player. His major issue, like Jack Wilshire’s, has been injuries not quality. Theo was playing really well to start the season. He was scoring, he was putting presure on defenses, and he was a threat. Then he got hurt, the way Theo does. In his absence, Giroud lit up the scoreboard and Alex Iwobi emerged. So when Theo came back he was battling an in-form Giroud and then, to make it tougher, Welbeck came back and he had an immediate hero-turn against Leicester. So Theo didn’t get another real chance to play until this preseason. When fit and playing consistently, Theo is a terrific player. He just struggles to play 38 games in a season.

    The Ox looked dangerous. True, he missed his one guilt-edged chance but he didn’t miss by much and he created it on his own. That’s something that not many Arsenal players do, create their own chances. Everyone always loves the flavor of the month and this month it’s Iwobi. In 13 league appearances he scores 2 goals. In 21 total appearances he scored 2 goals. If Theo had those numbers he’d be booed off the pitch. Iwobi is having his honeymoon, but the same pundits singing his praises will be panning him for the same level of performance in a few months time. Young players rarely progress in a straight, upward line. They improve in fits and starts and peaks and valleys. Iwobi may be a great player in time but right now, he’s not as good as the Ox.

    Campbell is a good player. He’s tough, he’s tenacious, and he works hard. The problem is, he’s not as physically or technically gifted as his competitors. He’ll never be a consistent first-team starter for Arsenal because Le Prof, for all his loyalty, prefers players with physical and technical gifts. Wilshire he perseveres with because when he’s fit Wilshire is one of the most gifted midfielders in football. Abou Diaby he stuck with because when he could play, the guy was a Yaya Toure with steel in his spine. But Lucas Podolski, who had a thunderous left foot and a knack for scoring didn’t get much chance because he lacked those obvious technical gifts. Benik Afobe, who accomplished a lot more than Akpom in the chances he got, doesn’t have Akpom’s physical presence or technical qualities. Isaac Hayden just got shipped out to Newcastle because the boss sees Krystian Bielik as having all of Hayden’s abilities, plus skill with the ball and none of the rashness that has continued to plague Hayden. So if Campbell is willing to be the next Tomas Rosicky and quietly make a nice living on the bench, he might have an Arsenal career. Otherwise, he’s more likely to find himself playing in Spain than England.

    Center backs thrive on consistency. You rarely see them substituted barring injury because communication and trust are critical to the success of the team. Terry and Cahill were the steel that won a lot of games for Chelsea. When Chelsea tried something else, the results were not good. not because Cahill got old or Zouma lacks quality, but because partnerships take time. Koscielny and Mertesacker developed a sound partnership. Who knows? Chambers and Bielik or Chambers and Holding or Holding and Bielik might be the core of Arsenal’s defense in a few years. Gabriel showed flashes of being a very good defender. Unfortunately, he looks out for some times. Arsenal have a number of options; move Monreal inside and use Gibbs, who is very good, at left back. Leave the starting fullbacks alone and use Debuchy at center back with Koscielny. Give Chambers a shot at the starting roll next to Koscielny, Roll the dice on Holding, who was both really good and really bad in turns during preseason, or go all Hector Bellerin and put Bielik in there and see if he’s a star. Buying a center back is another option. Mustafi has been mentioned along with Johnny Evans (please God no!) and a host of others like Manolas and Koulibaly. Manolas looks a little too much like Mertesacker. Koulibaly looks the real thing. Mustafi has that ‘tweener’ look. Not really a center back, not really a full back, not really a defensive midfielder. You might call him Calum Chambers with a harder to pronounce first name.

    Akpom, Chuba Akpom, he scores for fun. This year’s Marcus Rashford? With Arsena;’s current stock of midfielders, Giroud, Walcott, and Akpom up front is a nice triumvirate. Lacazette would be good, but not for £50 million. Alvaro Morata is a younger, slicker Giroud, but not for £50 million. If Arsenal can land Lacazette, fine. If not, Walcott is as good or better than anyone else out there.

    If Arsenal are tempted to splash the cash on a forward player; Julian Draxler is the player that should make Gunner hearts throb. He shows all the signs of growing into a really unique player with size and strength of an Oxlade-Chamberlain, pace like Theo, dribbling skills like Alexis, and the close control of an Eden Hazard. His recent come and get me plea was a little off-putting but he must be looking at all the money being tossed around on players with half his quality and think; I deserve some of that!

  • chuba akpom should be given the mandate to lead the team in the absence of Giroud instead of giving the mantle to Theo

  • 1. Yeah, but the City defense sucked. Don’t think it was an accurate test of that Plan B. Playing Alexis there causes a lack of bodies in the box to cross to. He’s always looking to get involved in play rather than finish off the move.

    2. We have a great midfield. If Wilshere can also stay fit, I think we’re well set to dominate the midfield in virtually every game. Maybe even the annual Barcelona matchup (though they have the better strikers)

    3.Theo was very good indeed. Hopefully a sign of things to come rather than a false dawn, but I’m still sceptical.

    4. I like Elneny. What a brilliant signing.

    5. Hmm..Unsure about this. Goalscoring can come and go in phases. From what I recall of last season, though Iwobi added some extra movement and creativity, he displayed some very poor decision making when on the break. Picking the wrong pass, or the wrong time to play it. He’s a real talent but he’s still got it all to do. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by how good he’s looked. He looks about a foot wider somehow, and he seems like he wants to claim that place for himself, but while staying humble and focused on the team. He’ll still have his ups and down, but I’m now thinking it could be more constant graph going up. (Oh and the bit about defenders knowing but being unable to stop it, like Henry. I last thought this when Alexis scored a similar far post goal against Dortmund I think it was)

    6. I’d keep Campbell in the squad. At least for this season. He’s exactly the sort of odd jobs man that every team needs over the course of a season. He can play a variety of roles, all to a decent level. Never gives up, never complains. Just gets on with the job. A solid player. He may not become first choice unless something dramatic happens, but he should stay and contribute.

    7. Are we assuming Kos will play against Liverpool? He COULD. But he should only if there’s minimal to no risk of injury. We will buy a CB too. If Gabriel is out for very long, we might need to keep Debuchy around in case Chambers, Holding or Bielik don’t work out well.

    8. I hope Akpom stays and scores a lot of goals for us. He’s got a good understanding with Iwobi too, so maybe both can prosper together.

  • Liverpool are further ahead in their preparations than we are. They’ve played more matches and had less of a disruption in their players coming back. This will be a tough game, and I fear that our home fans will have an effect on proceedings. Yes I know, professional footballers shouldn’t get affected by the crowd, but humans do. Our fans seem to turn on the team when things don’t go their way, even when there’s no lack of effort. If Liverpool score first, I worry that the fans will get on the teams back, making a difficult job tougher.

    Hopefully I am wrong and this sentiment is more an online creation rather than an real feeling among the stadium supporters. Like the protest last season, which was quite hilarious.

    But transfers seem to calm people down. And we do need at least two. Hopefully we can get at least one over the line before the Liverpool game. For the atmosphere as much as anything else.

  • HA! HA! …. Just in case you thought I had taken some illegal substance, and I am now writing under a pseudonym … think again. Paul35mm is someone else.

    My god you are attracting some intelligent writers on here TA.

    Well done Paul, great stuff. Needless to say I agree with so much of what you have said, I need not add anything else right now. Which suits me fine, as I have a busy hour ahead of me …
    bin men are coming shortly. Back later, after a re-read.
    Sorry TA, I got blown away with the above comment. Yours is a very interesting post, but like you have said, the team is in a work in progress. Trouble is they only have 5 days to gel?
    Nevertheless, between now and Sunday I am sure you will have another go with the team selection. Personally, I would go all in with the DM/B2B players, and just have speed up front?

  • Just had my re-read, and I still cannot find anything extra to say that Paual35mm has not said.
    Except he put it together in three words to my 10 …. errr, that is was I meant by ME being on illegal substance, not you. Which makes me think you are used to the didcipline of restraining yourself to 500 words, whereas I would go to 1200 and be happy with it 😀

    Quiet at the back!

    Please come back with more.

  • I learned something new here. Ox and Walcott are more “technically gifted than Campbell.. WOW

  • 84,

    Holding is a great prospect but his inexperience will sooner or later cost us. At a club like Arsenal he needs to be developed gradually into a first team starter. Having said that, I would not mind seeing him combined with Koz for the first few games, even though somebody like Debuchy or Monreal would be my preference. We need calm heads.

  • Paul

    That is a fine comment, not because of its length but its content. 🙂

    Fair point about it being it bit premature to call it a plan B, but disagreed re the nature of the friendly. I said before this would be about the battle of midfield, and if you break a Guardiola team in midfield the spoils will be yours. We did that. Yes they could have had a stronger line up in midfield but they did not put up their youth players either, did they? And we did not start with Elneny or Ozil either… Altogether I thought this was the perfect pre-season work out and the strength of our midfield is very promising. BTW, I don’t want Le Coq going forward but sit back and protect, and if we do not want to play like that we will play Xhaka and Elneny in the heart of our midfield.

    Nice to read such strong support for Theo. I don’t think he is a terrific player but a limited player with a few unique qualities. He can be useful to the team in the wider squad but I cannot see him become a first team starter. He relies too much on being launched into space which comes at a premium these days. Having said that, he played very well in this friendly and he could make the difference in some of our August fixtures.

    Which chances did the Ox create on his own? He was given a peach of a through ball by Xhaka and then messed it up and he received the ball straight from the goalie in space and decided to hit if first time. That is where he is naïve. You are right though that Iwobi is flavour of the month and he is playing without the pressure of the Ox to finally come good. However, I reckon Iwobi is a very mature and talented player and the way he took his chance deserves credit. Iwobi’s stats, including his assists, are very good my friend, and do even compare with Theo’s quite well. So lets not go there.

    I could not disagree more with you re Campbell. I think we are watching two different players. 🙂

    Agreed with you re Draxler but I wonder whether he prefers to stay in Germany. Reus, if fully fit now, would be a great addition too.

  • Shard,

    I was at the Ems when Alexis scored that goal against Dortmund… Yes very Henryesque 🙂

    I really liked the way Alexis played as a CF for us. He mixed the Giroud holding and combining tasks with his thrust and fast running. He should have had another assist but Ramsey missed and his freekick was awesome too. Our philosophy is that all our attackers need to score regularly rather than relying too much on a super CF, and so I liked the way Alexis played in our ‘Plan B’ system.

  • Agreed re Campbell, who is very ‘balvast’ as the Dutch say.. meaning tight on the ball, has good vision of the field and where his fellow players are and is such a team player. He is also the sort of player who will score one or more very important goals this season, and produce some superb assists in the process as well. I reckon he will get better and better especially if he can win the confidence in him by Wenger… who appears to warming to him.

  • TA, I will take that as a compliment any day of the week, compared to some I get, ha ha.
    And I am totally oblivious to any hint of sarcasm you may have intended …

  • ….. That is what I said, I never saw any, honest.

    Moving on. A bit of good news, Gabriel is reporting the injury is not a big problem.
    Not at liberty to say what the injury is, or how long he may be out for, but at least he is feeling better about it.
    Gossip jumping to conclusions, with £30m and £16m bids going in, for Mustafi and Evans, to be completed before Friday?
    On the back of that, AW has ruled out Kos for the ‘Pool game. Quite rightly, imo.

    I cannot believe for one minute the Giroud swap for Icardi. Simply not AW. If for no other reason it would not make the press so quickly?

    Just a thought. If Germany do not get through to the next round on Thursday, Gnabry could be back for the Leicester game? He could be great be a great addition up front on his current form?
    Which reminds me, one thing I did take issue with in your post TA, was the idea that Ramsey might take the Ozil role???? Surely you only mean in movement by having a free role? Ozil’s creativity can only seriously filled at this moment in time by Cazorla.

  • TA

    Perhaps if Alexis and Ramsey play up front together it can work since Ramsey is happy to run beyond the striker. With Ozil, I think this won’t work. Though I suppose as a plan B minus, this could work by playing Ozil wide, or resting him. It can also work with Jack instead of Ramsey.

  • Nice summary, TA. I like Elneny a lot and Xhaka will take time to settle. Our central midfield is now crowded and that is a good thing. We’ll play at least 46 games this season and the burden will have to be split between all our midfield options.

    However, to talk about the league title with Wenger on the bench is a bit hilarious. Those who haven’t forgotten how the title can be won have completed their respective squads or inherited a squad with experience in winning the title. Wenger acts like an intelligent but lazy student who waits until the very end to start studying. He passes the exam but only barely while his rivals who had done the homework on time battle for the big prize.

    Five days before the first league match we have two out of six central defenders crocked with long-term injuries and two out of six with zero Premier League experience. Of the remaining two, one is out due to prolonged rest and the other one has been used as a back-up right full-back last season.

    In the attack, we have one of our strikers out for, let’s say it out loud, the season, our main striker went 15 games AWOL last season, our second striker has spent a decade learning his first touch and how to wrap a foot around the ball but still struggle with both elements, our third striker is a kid who has shown issues with the discipline while at loan… We need a new striker or at least a winger who would allow Alexis to operate in the middle of our attack but our manager has one purpose in his life and that one is to prove his loyalty to Stan Kroenke while spilling BS for the blind believers.

    The only good thing that will come out of our 6th place next season is that Wenger’s contract will run out without further extensions.

  • I Admir(e) your view of seeing and predicting the worst. Takes top notch talent that. Or maybe it’s the easiest thing in the world.

    Come season’s end, if we’re higher than 6th, what will your reaction be? A mea culpa, or repeating the same mistakes next season? I think I’ve cracked it. Those that accuse Arsene of never ‘learning from his mistakes’ are just projecting. Because let’s…. retrace.

    Only buys kids. Arteta, Mertesacker changed that but the narrative took longer.
    Will never spend big. Ozil, Sanchez. But but…more!!!
    No TROPHIES.. Two FA Cups, and community shields (they now count). Check.
    Can’t defend set pieces. Massively improved. (I’ve forgotten the stats showing that but surely easy to even see)
    Can’t defend. The 3rd or 4th best defense in terms of goals conceded, while playing an attacking game, and giving away penalties to nonsense decisions.

    So, what is the recurring meme this time? Something else he’s never done, never will do, and I am a genius for predicting it…Hmmmm

    No tactics, no planning. shit players, yet somehow finish 4th, which is not a trophy, but dare we lose out. Only in it for Kroenke’s bidding, but Wenger’s a dictator and listens to no one. Doesn’t want Henry because doesn’t like being challenged and only employs lambs like Bould. What else? Oh yes… Injuries!! Wenger causes injuries. That unemployed genius Verheijen says so, so it must be true. Because I want to believe it.

    I’m sure there’s more I’ve missed out on. After all, I’m no ‘winner’. I don’t rant and shout and throw accusations when things don’t go my way.

    But…DAMN YOU VENGAAHH.. WHY DINt U by Bn Yaddar yu muppet!

  • Feel free to delete the last comment TA. t’s just that people looking to present the worst possible narrative not as fears or concerns, but as facts interspersed with accusations really bugs me sometimes. It’s a new season FFS. A time when even the likes of Hull City will be looking for some magic and a memorable season. If you can’t get excited about a new season of football, regardless of other concerns, you’re doing it wrong..

  • Hi Shard, yes Rambo behind Sanchez in some sort of 4-4-1-1 is an attractive proposition. And we could also play Iwobi or the Ox behind Sanchez and get some goals from both…

  • Great post T.
    You really have a great group of intelligent gooner commenters here. Good to see Shard.
    Paul should write some headline posts, Gerrys are always great.
    Just saw news that Everton got Ashley Williams. So, if Arsenes going for a cb, theres one very good available, strong, PL EXPERIENCED option gone.
    This transfer game of chicken every window is a little annoying to the fans, but I’ll forgive it if he gets the job done.

  • Welcome back Admir, even if it is with a rather bleak view on Arsenal right now.

    Obviously, two key injuries in the CB department is a setback for any team, but there is no need for despair as we have some good options to put together a decent defence. I am not too worried there. Re strikers, I reckon we have a lot of goals in us and they will come from a variety of players; and that is how it should be. If you cannot pay £250k+ weekly salaries, then you have to negotiate more cleverly and also depend on a player really wanting to come to the Arsenal. Let’s wait and see what will happen in the next three weeks. For optimum negotiation tactics you need time pressure, and so the nearer we get to deadline day/hour the better our chances to catch our big fish will become.

    Feel free to doom on as I realise it makes people happy, and who am I to deny fellow human beings this, but I feel very excited about our new season coming up. 🙂

  • Love the passionate comment, Shardski 🙂

    Admir knows his football and has made some very fine contributions here. But he also gives his opinion and is rather critical of Wenger. He often makes me think of that fabulous Churchill quote:

    ‘It is a fine thing to be honest, but it also important to be right’ 😉

    He is often right though, that is the problem hahaha 🙂

  • Johnnie, what did you make of Guardiola’s outfit on Sunday?

    Thanks for the compliment, always nice to hear. Let’s hope we will get a decent CB and yes Williams would have been good.

  • Shard

    The biggest irony of Wengerism is that its followers see thing black and white. The one uses his/her own mind doesn’t need self-proclaimed fitness experts to notice that year after year Arsenal go out of the title race mostly because of the injuries. But, you are right. I must have dreamt that Arsenal have had players such as Diaby, Rosicky, Wilshere, Vermaelen, Welbeck…out for the whole season in the last six years, never mind multiple bizarre injury crisis (4 full-backs out in 2011-12, all ball-playing CMs out last season, all pacey players out in the second half of 2013-14). I guess it’s not Wenger’s fault either.

    When smart people said that Arsene should have signed a midfielder last summer, it was laughed off by Wengerism-believers as a silly idea. “Why would we sign someone expensive to warm the bench for Coquelin/battle with him for the spot?” They don’t say a thing these days after Wenger made Xhaka one of the most expensive players in our history. As every other religion, they prefer selective approach to the truth.

    As their Leader as the matter of fact. He makes a bid for a 29-year-old striker and then few weeks later claims he looks for a resale value when buying new players. He is so full of it that his own believers would have turned their heads away from him if they hadn’t had a memory of a goldfish. The worst part is, when Ozil leaves next summer for being imprisoned in the same team with Giroud and Walcott for four years, they will blame everyone but Wenger for Ozil’s departure.

    Finally, I did say 6th place before even if I personally believe we will finish 4th, behind Chavs/Pool, Man United and Man City. I guess we are due a single meltdown from at least one of our biggest rivals for Champions League places and I don’t see Spuds as one either. This is a year after an international tournament (two actually) which means we will be out of the title race by November. That’s what usually happens after a EURO or a WC.

  • Admir

    Firstly, I don’t believe in isms. I think they are foolish. I respect Wenger as our manager, for all he’s achieved, and for all he’s trying to achieve, and how he goes about it. Perhaps you don’t see what that is because Arsenal’s message is usually distorted in the media, or perhaps you have a fundamental disagreement with that plan. Which is fine. But as I said, my problem wasn’t criticism or even worry about the team. It was your presenting of insults and accusations as facts.

    As for injuries. Yup. A big issue. But if you think it isn’t a multi faceted issue rather than just Wenger-centric then I’m afraid you are more obsessed by a Wengerism than any supporter is.

    See, this is the thing. Smart people vs Wengerism-believers. And I’m the one who supposedly thinks in black and white? When it’s not winning the title equals failure mob who apparently can see shades of gray and different grades of success or failure? Riiight.

    For the record, I believe Wenger should have signed either a midfielder to be Arteta’s eventual successor, or a striker to be first choice/challenge Giroud, if not both. I could see the merits of relying on Arteta (and Flamini as third choice – It wasn’t just Coquelin. Another falsehood presented as fact by you), and also the merits of Walcott as striker, but I would have wanted only one of those gambles to be taken. That Wenger took both probably cost us the title (though it must be said he was correct that it would get us ahead of all our traditional rivals) He got it wrong. I have no problem saying that. Poor acolyte I am. But just because he got it wrong, doesn’t mean you are right about how terrible he is and that I would join the rabble rousing if only I had some brains.

    Wenger EXPLAINED what factors determine the price of a player. At no point did he say that’s what he ALWAYS looks for. You INFER that he said so, and that he contradicted himself, only because YOU have selective hearing. He also said PRICE IS NO PROBLEM if all those factors are met. Something the transfer obsessed should be happy to hear, but aren’t.

    Do you know why this is? Let’s say Wenger is God for us religious nuts as you repeatedly say disparagingly. You are the Atheist that validates the presence of such a God by constantly seeking to deny him. Like most militant atheists, you don’t even realise that it is you who elevate him to that status by seeing proof of him not existing around every corner. No one is as obsessed by Wenger as those that seek to make every single thing about him. And as you’ll find, we got along very merrily without talking about Wenger, but rather talking about Arsenal, till before you got here.

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