Left Footer Lucas Perez the Perfect Partner for Giroud and Alexis

We know that we should not take the gossip re Arsenal signings too seriously, but if both the Guardian and the BBC report that we are interested in a player then I guess we are getting close.


Lucas Pérez, centre, in action for Deportivo la Coruña against Eibar in La Liga last week

So who is this Lucas Perez playing for the beautifully named Deportivo la Coruna?

From the video below you can see he is not the tallest but neither is he small at 1.81m. The almost 28 year old seems very left footed which would suit us fine as he could play on the wing, supporting either Giroud or Alexis in attack. And Ozil seems to work best with fellow left-footed players.


He played 35 League games last season, with a total of 3141 minutes on the pitch. Lucas scored 17 league goals and produced an impressive eight assists. His pass success percentage is 79% and he produces two key passes per game on average. Those are the sort of stats that would suit Arsenal very well. I know that many a Gooner is dreaming of a super CF who scores 25+ PL goals a season, but I reckon Wenger has long ago decided he does not want to be too reliant on a single CF anymore. And it is about time that we follow suit…

Spreading the goals makes us less predictable and dependable on the form and fitness of one super player, and I am confident that between Alexis, Giroud, Theo, Danny and possibly now Lucas Perez we can score 50-60 PL goals per season. The rest will come from our midfielders and defenders, and our wider squad players in attack.

Lucas Perez had an average of 126 minutes between goals and assists in the league last season, and this is better than for example Alexis who needed 144 minutes between goals and assists in the previous PL season, and a lot better than any of our other options on the wing or in the CF position. I have a feeling that Wenger could play all of Perez – Giroud – Alexis, with the Spaniard and Chilean on either wing and interchanging regularly, in some of our games. Alternatively, he could rest any of these three and give the likes of Ox, Iwobi, Gnabry, Theo and Akpom a chance to shine.

Wenger is also likely to continue with Alexis in the middle during a number of games, and then play Lucas Perez and one of Ox, Theo or Iwobi on the wings. I don’t know about you but that gets me quite excited too.

By all means, Lucas Perez could also play as our CF as he reportedly is good at hold up play, which could mean he could be a good direct replacement for Giroud in certain games. However, I cannot tell from the footage I have seen whether the holding CF role would fit our apparent transfer target.

I have a feeling that this signing will go ahead, as it totally makes sense from Arsene’s perspective. Of course it could also be a typical Arsenal decoy for another signing in attack the club is hoping to make.

Let’s wait and see. 🙂

By TotalArsenal

51 thoughts on “Left Footer Lucas Perez the Perfect Partner for Giroud and Alexis

  • Group A: PSG, Arsenal, Basel

    Group B: Benfica, Napoli, Dynamo Kiev

    Group C: Barcelona, Manchester City, Borussia Monchengladbach

    Group D: Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, PSV Eindhoven

    Group E: CSKA Moscow, Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham Hotspur

    Group F: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Sporting Lisbon

    Group G:Leicester City, Porto, Club Brugge

    Group H: Juventus, Sevilla, Lyon

  • Ludogorets it is. Don’t know anything about this Bulgarian team let’s hope we will play them away soon so that fixture is out of the way.

  • Group A: PSG, Arsenal, Basel, Ludogorets
    Group B: Benfica, Napoli, D Kiev, Besiktas
    Group C: Barcelona, Man City, B Moenchengladbach, Celtic
    Group D: B Munich, Atletico, PSV, Rostov
    Group E: CSKA, Leverkusen, Tottenham, Monaco
    Group F: R Madrid, B Dortmund, Sporting, L Warsaw
    Group G: Leicester, Porto, Brugge, FC Copenhagen
    Group H: Juventus, Sevilla, Lyon, D Zagreb

  • TA, I like our group what with the Elneny and Xhaka connection at Basel… Plus, it’s a chance for both us and PSG to prove (once and for all) which is the best French team… 😀

    Nice article on the new striker… You should remember, that Galicia is hardly “in” Spain… Up there it’s not even La Corun(y)a but A Corun(y)a… Moreover, he shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to the English weather, although the extreme darkness of your winter could put him off…

    He’s not Nolito but Depor is the bigger club (Compared to Celta Vigo) and sure (as shite…) the haters will hate on him for not being ‘Nando Torres or David Villa or Jese or… Once you start hating those who wear the shirt it gets easier to hate the next guy–witness the crap we had to endure about ‘nicking a living’ Ozil…

    Consider me pleased even if nothing is done and dusted just yet…and cheers for the statistical analysis…

  • You know the area better than most fellow Europeans on this blog, including me, espresso man. 🙂

    The extreme darkness of the UK winter is the perfect background for the best PL footie being played – it will light up his soul as well 🙂

    Yes a good group although we all know about the risk of underestimating any opposition in the CL. I reckon Wenger knows Basel really well – he grew up not that far from there in the Alsace, and he will know PSG very, very well too. Ludo will be a new experience…

  • Jumping the gun a bit I see TA 🙂

    I like what I see of him based on youtube and stats. He seems like he’ll fit in well. What’s interesting, and many have pointed it out, is that he’s like Jamie Vardy in how he plays (but I’d say with better technique, which is sort of obvious as he’s Spanish 🙂 )

    Another interesting comparison to Vardy is that in the Sid Lowe Guardian article about him from last season, he was mentioned as having hunger, almost desperation, but without the nastiness. Wenger has mentioned that hunger as a key attribute for strikers. He’s mentioned it for Suarez, Vardy and Alexis previously.

    Not only does this help our counterattacking game, he should also be of value in breaking down teams. I’m sure he’ll miss a few chances here and there. I just hope the fans don’t get on his back. But he’s well traveled and a late bloomer, so I reckon that like Giroud, he’ll just keep fighting.

    A cheaper, younger, more technical, less racisty, and (probably) less divey Jamie Vardy. What’s not to like? Oh, and he was also linked with Barcelona. Another piece of trivia is that both Everton and Arsenal were in for him, and both have acquired a Leicester scout in the last few months.

    If he turns out anything like we hope he could, I might be able to let go of the Ben Yedder non-signing 😛

  • Haha Shard, yes it is the battle between the ex-Leicester scouts… CL is the big draw there I reckon. But yes wary of jumping the gun a bit. I just have a hunch that this one is for real.

    love the bit about hunger and I reckon all Arsene’s recent signings have this will to win and fight, some are more introvert and some more extrovert in their expressions, but they are all winners. That is another reason why I feel that once we get the balance right in the team, we will have the right attitude within the team to win something again.

  • Arseblog, a nice friendly site, reports agreement is done. Just wait for the announcement tomorrow?

    Also, it seems the pleading of Mustafi wanting to leave, has softened the asking price down a tad, and that deal will be done tomorrow too?
    Perhaps we could do the same for Debuchy?

    Neither will be available for Watford, unless registered by midday tomorrow. Although they will have the Interlull, to do a bit of moving?

    Akin to the Mustafi thing going through, Chambers, not Bielik will be the one going out on loan.

    However, I have to say at the things that go on in the transfer deals leaves a nasty taste with me. I don’t know about other clubs, but Arsenal seem to make a habit of it, I that is dangling one player a possible move just to secure the other one they really wanted. It is just seems a callous way that human cargo can simply be used that sickens me.
    This Mustafi deal had a young fellow hold up his agreed transfer from Monaco because we ‘inquired’ about him. But get what we want and he is tossed aside, no matter what damage that may do to his career if he missed his move? Ben Yedder saw it for what it was, and took the first serious offer. I seem to recall we did the same thing to Kokorin last winter too, although we got nought out of that one.
    Sorry AW, you don’t get a ‘Sainthood’ from me for being an active party to that trick, just to keep the price down for you?

    However, rough calculations on the money left in the transfer budget, says to me there must be £51.5m left …. now where have I heard that figure before …? 😀

  • The media backed collective hard-one for a 200 million Paul Pogba has made football absolutely bonkers. Sid Lowe Guardian article on SuperLucus is quality. Its about football.

  • So, if we get both Perez and Mustafi, does that mean we’ve got those two mystic players that we’re always short of Total..? 🙂

  • Great article T.
    When i heard lucas from deportivo late last night new york time, i was super excited. My gallego ( means spaniard from Galicia )amigo is a deportivo la coruna fan. He told me about Lucas 2 years ago, and i watched his team play a bit… i remembered being really impressed with his quality, and that he was the only threat i saw on his average team.
    This past year, his first full one as a striker, he accounted for 27 of the teams 45 goals for the season. Goals and assists.
    So i love the transfer, and hope it becomes official.

  • Allezkev, you have to be sure that they can play with the team before you can say they fit into our team.

    Take Di Maria for example. He is a top quality player, but when he goes to manu** he gets frozen out.

    I am not saying that Perez might not work, I am saying that if he makes an exciting debut for us then he can be the missing piece of our jigsaw.

    The Mustafi saga has gone so far until I do not want to say anything anymore until the deal is done.

  • Johnnie, if he has your endorsement…. I am getting even more excited. Sounds like Iwobi, Ox and Theo have real competition now. 😀

  • The key thing in your comment above Jnyc is the last bit.
    Indeed, his goal tally has steadily increased in the fashion of a late mature, but crucially last season was his best, when played centrally.
    The fact that he can play out wider on the left might mean he is insurance if there is a late move for Alexis? That is, with terms we would accept, of course.
    The Mustafa deal, if successful this time, will also mean we will have cover at RB, with Holding being able to cover both positions. However, I do not think people are taking Koscielny’s back problem with the seriousness it deserves. When I read up on it last season, after he seized up on the pitch, it is a rare condition that is not curable, only manageable. So if you think he will play 40 or 50 games this season, think again!

    On a lighter note, my astrological over the last few days have had this starting line:
    Sometimes facts do not match up with ideas
    Now I know where I have been going wrong …

    They changed today. Be warned, I am at the top of me game!
    (Please insert JB’s laughter of doom)
    Byte for now,

  • Yes 84, Falcao, Di Maria, Van Judas and Shrek on a £1m pound a week together and how many goals did they score? Players have to fit in which is the hardest thing to achieve.

  • Gerry

    About this transfer trick. How do you know this? Who was this kid holding up his transfer from Monaco and where was he going? As far as I know, Sidibe JOINED Monaco rather than us because he felt he wouldn’t get enough playing time with us. And this is the thing. Based on various reports (that I choose to trust I guess, but it fits with what we know of Arsene and what his ex players have said) Wenger is always honest with players about how they fit in and how much playing time they’ll get etc.

    Of the top of my head, at least Vertonghen, Gustavo (though he had another reason also) and Mirallas said they turned us down because they didn’t feel they’ll get to be first choice.

    There are other clubs who will look to sign the player and then worry about him fitting in both the squad and as a person later. Wenger is among those that says that a manager’s job is also to give players a chance, and to see them do well in their career and life. I don’t see why you would choose to ignore the (larger body of) evidence for this and criticise him for destruction of a players’ opportunity to transfer based on very little.

    Sure, I agree that Wenger is not a saint. But I’m also willing to bet that most saints were, in fact, not saints 😛 (Blasphemy!)

  • TA

    You also need three miracles. Wenger’s already performed two. The unbeaten season, and the consistency of top 4 during the austerity years. One more to go 🙂

  • Every transfer is a bit of a gamble 84, but considering your point on Di Maria, I wonder how different things might have been if Angel had in fact come to Arsenal..?

    I do believe we were in for him very strongly…

    Total, it is forever thus….

    Personally mate, I think those two signings ‘will’ make a difference, as long as we can steer clear of injuries…
    Interesting CL draw..!

  • Interesting to see that Wenger has confirmed the transfers, and he also confirmed that it will not be done in time by today.

    Something is wrong this time. He does not confirm anything until it is signed, sealed and delivered on arsenal.com, but this time he actually confirmed before the official news.

    Also, 83% of the responders on the arsenal.com said that they want ozil to be starting on the AM position against Watford. I myself is one of them.


  • Kev

    I reckon we can take a few injuries with a squad like this… of course the one thing to avoid is multiple injuries in a certain position, like CB, but as with everything in life we need to hope for luck to be kind to us. 🙂

    Cech – Ospina – Martinez
    Bellerin – Jenkinson – Debuchy
    Mustafi – Mertersacker – Holding
    Koscielny – Gabriel – Chambers
    Monreal – Gibbs
    Xhaka – Coquelin
    Cazorla – Elneny – Wilshere
    Walcott – Ox – Gnabry
    Sanchez – Iwobi – JRA
    Özil – Ramsey
    Giroud – Perez – Welbeck – Akpom

    However, I am convinced that if we lose a few games in a row the fans will be asking for two new players to make us a top team..

  • Good one Shard, I reckon winning the FA Cup six times is the third miracle.

    “The FA Cup is something special. You cannot imagine how big it is abroad. In England you cannot be a big club and say we don’t care about the FA Cup. It’s the biggest cup competition in the world. I’ve won the FA Cup six times” A.W.

  • Make that 7 FA Cups (as part of a double or treble 🙂 ) to become the lone record holder and I’ll agree. Miracles don’t come easy 🙂

  • Lucus, Mustafi both seem to me quite humble guys (in best possible sense). They have both had to battle to reach this stage of there careers and will surly relish the chance to turn out for a club such as Arsenal.

  • Just for you Shard, I have trawled back through endless tedium on NewsNow, but I have found one link, although not the one I read at the time. Please note, this link is safe to read, and will have no WOB comments, well not in the article itself. Only a masochist would start reading other site’s comments, surely?:

    The Fantasy League numbers remain a stubbornly low six? You are welcome to enter a team any time, but the scoring starts this week – Gameweek 3. Which means tonight!
    Also on the ‘Player tonight will be the ‘live’ coverage of our Under 23’s match, 7.00 ko, 6.45pm start. I doubt if Gnabry will appear this soon, but there will be all the usual suspects, minus those making the first team squad. Plus a sprinkling of the 18 age group, like Josh Willock perhaps?

    Talking of the Fantasy stuff, I did a Wenger and stuck with my same squad that did not fire last week. I cannot claim any saintly pretensions though, I just thought I would keep two transfer options open should anybody exciting appear after the TW? 😀

    p.s. I glad that it was Joel Campbell’s decision to go to Portugal. I think it was a good choice.

  • Half of all the FA cups won in the history of the club, Shard, quite a miracle to me… You is hard to please! 🙂

    But I like the idea that Wenger is not finished with the process towards becoming an immortal Saint.. 🙂

  • That looks a good squad Total, with a good balance between experience and youth…

    Not sure how the 25 breaks down and if there’s room for one more signing, let alone the mystical two…

    But you are right, it’s alm about results mate…

  • Thanks Gerry. I found him on my own too.

    I still don;t agree that article is evidence enough to suggest what you are saying is true. The assumptions are that the article isn’t made up (always an issue), and then that we were only using him as a negotiating tool rather than looking at him as an alternative if Mustafi didn;t work out. And also, that this is somehow damaging to the player’s chance at a move, and hence career. All pretty big assumption I think. So, naah. I don’t buy that Wenger uses players simply as cargo.

    Not when there’s plenty evidence to suggest he treats players with a very human approach. Far more than he needs to. (and I hope this aspect is something we retain as part of our club culture even long after Wenger’s gone)

  • T A pretty much agree with your team. But then l looked a little closer. Not a criticism, just an observation. If we take away Giroud and Alexis goals, I would be surprised if the rest of the side have mustered more than about 25 goals between them. Maybe give Theo one more crack at it

  • Good point, Retsubster. I have Theo coming on later on as Wenger needs something on the bench. Starting them all three straightaway to get the job done would also work for me.

  • Hi all..
    Nice to know that our TW isn’t over yet.. hehehehe..

    TA for our team.. I think we must put Xhaka and Elneny together.. We must win a lot of goals.. to reduce goal defisit.. Xhaka will stay deeper.. Coq won’t give us more creativity in attack.. Ozil need a backup for sure..

    I think Wenger will choose Walcott over Ox.. The rest will be the same..
    And winning is a must..

  • Wenger seemed to suggest that Giroud is a bit short of fitness. I got the impression that he won’t start. It was a maybe for Ozil, and I reckon he will start.

    Akpom and Jeff probably won’t be in the squad since they played yesterday for the U23s. So who does that leave?

    I agree with your team except, I think Walcott will start on the right, Ox on the left, and Alexis will continue up front. But they’ll keep interchanging. A bit difficult on how we change things on the wings if required. Probably play Wilshere there.

    Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Elneny, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud

  • I don’t think you will be far wrong with that tea sheet TA.
    I think I can complete the bench for you, having watched who played in the Under 23 game last night:
    Ospina; Gibbs; Chambers/Zelalem; Cazorla; Elneny; Iwobi; Walcott

    I have not seen a squad list, so just based on who played, and who trained.

    As Retsub and Henrychan suggest, Walcott and Elneny are the most likely differences. An outside chance that Gibbs could start, and thus keeping Monreal on standby if Kos is at at all risky?
    I also think if Chambers is kept out for loan consideration, then Zelalem get the final berth.

    God knows who they could drag in to fill the bench if Kos misses altogether though, as the U23’s were a bit of a shambles last night. The worst of it was, the would be first team hopefuls were among the main culprits. I can excuse Akpom because he had little service to work with in the first half, and did wriggle around to get enough room for their only goal. Pretty nifty really, as he had 3 defenders and the keeper to beat from only 6 yards out, but he seem to get an acute reverse angled shot away when the odds looked a against him. Great work from Willock to find him too.
    Jeff R-A looked brilliant at times as he weaved his way past numerous opposition players. Sadly, it rarely came to anything because he would either overdo it, or not have options before being crowded out.
    The errors started from the back though. Macey made an error coming for a high ball for ‘Pool’s third goal. Bielik was laughingly poor compared to his pre-match video. He had an absolute mare!
    All the lessons you thought he would have learned from his pre-season games were a distant memory, as time and again simple passes out went straight to a ‘Pool player. Not to mention the ‘hospital’ passes to players well marked. However, I do have a theory about this, and it applies to others with first team experience, and it is this; the ‘expectation’ of less experienced players to be able cope, anticipate, and generally deal with dodgy passes like season professionals, was proven wrong on all levels.
    The other CB, de Graca did well at times, and amazingly, given earlier reports, was the best of the two.
    Maitland-Niles did an okay job in yet another position, that of right back, but like the above, some of his passing was very poor. Pileas on the other side had a tough time, but like the rest of the defence, to their credit, did keep trying right to the end.
    The midfield consisted of Bennacer, Sheaf, with Dragomir in the advanced role. All tried their best, but Liverpool had the organisation to cope with a slow build up out of defence. Bennacer got into the game after the first half an hour, and looked very promising at some future time. Sheaf looked frustrated at times but kept plugging away. The slow build up did not help Dragomir’s cause, but got into good positions late on when we were chasing the game.
    Needless to say, with all that I have said above, it was not a game played to Akpom’s strengths. With Jeff bringing the ball from very deep in our half, and (C.) Willock doing his best against some very good defenders, the end result of 1-3 was a fair reflection. They can, and will do better.

    But regards to the first team involvement, only Akpom’s goal got anywhere near what is required at that level. Interesting that Zelalem avoided having his name attached to this game, and why I think he may get some bench time?

  • No Gerry. Just my view. Wilshere played against Leicester. I missed any reports of him picking up a subsequent injury.

    I hope he’s available because I think he can be very useful in picking apart a massed defense. Watford will likely play a system with 3 CBs. I think players like Ozil, Wilshere and Cazorla will be the key to unlocking them. But I started with Coquelin because we have to be secure on the counter with Ighalo and Deeney both making life tough for our CBs, and I still remember what a goal Guediora scored in the FA Cup match last season. So we need to shut them down.

  • In fact, I just recalled that Wenger said it would be a similar squad to last time around. So I think Wilshere is available.

    On the reserve game. It was a very poor performance from our boys. They looked less like a team, and perhaps that was the effect of playing players who train with the first team and have been out on loan last season.

    Agree with your assessment of Akpom and that he wasn’t much involved. I thought Willock showed some great skill at times. As did Jeff, who playing in midfield looks very similar to Diaby at times, but still needs to learn his role there. He faded in the second half. Likewise Bennacer (didn’t he used to be an AM? He was playing like a DM) Bielik was terrible, but I thought Ga Graca was worse. He started off well, covering the runs of the striker and making some great eye catching tackles. But his reading of the game completely went later. Bielik was making mistakes, but his positioning seemed alright to me for the most part (except when he decided he was a midfielder again and ran upfield) Maitland-Niles played at RB, but I thought he was essentially anonymous. None of them looked ready for the first team, except perhaps Akpom (and Willock who had a good performance). But it was just one game, so this isn’t a definite judgment on them.

  • Agreed Shard on that last point, which is why I said they will get better.

    The trouble with Willock is that he still looks like a schoolboy, and defenders tend to treat him as such. But yes, he does have very quick feet to prove them wrong time and again.
    As you say, they looked like an assembly of footballers picked at random, rather than a team that had trained together? The younger group have it tough for the same reason, by losing players to the next grade up. But they literally have to make do with school kids. Talented ones nevertheless.
    I thought Josh Dasilva has all the makings of the next Ya Ya Toure when he came on? It was like someone gave Jeff a makeover that included parts from a bulldozer 😀 😀

    I think they will be better when they get their regulars back, and can then ‘accommodate’ the drop outs from the first team.

  • I think Willock had a good game. Had a real battle with there right back. (who will play this year)(Willock) went outside almost every time but then cut in and proved decisive. A winger confident attacking both ways is always valuable. Steak and chips.

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