Not Jack but the Ox should hit the Road

30 hours to go till the deadline of transfer deadline day and it looks like Arsenal have done very good business this summer. We did not spend a silly £90m on Pogba but got Holding, Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez instead which will turn out to be far better business for us on the field, which matters most to us of course. Okay the new German defender still needs to be confirmed but this should be a formality.

If you look at the last twelve months or so, Arsenal have added quality players in all four lines: GK Cech, Defenders Holding and Mustafi, Midfielders Elneny and Xhaka and attacker Perez.  We kept all our quality players until now and let’s hope we will survive the next 30 hours as well, and then we have a very, very strong squad (see also the previous post).

It is now time to allow a few players to go on loan or to be sold, as we need to make space for some very promising youngsters and create plenty of playing time for the new arrivals.

It appears that Arsenal are willing to loan out Jack Wilshere but I hope we will keep him. Jack needs to play of course, but he also needs to look after himself and at Arsenal he can get playing time without too much demand on him (as in having to play every game). I also want him to work hard and compete with the likes of Xhaka, Ozil and Cazorla to get into the team. He has the talent to make it. On the other hand, if he lands at a club with a good manager who will use him wisely he could also prosper.

It looks like Chambers will go out on loan and I reckon that is a wise decision. Any youngster who gets bought by Arsenal should go out and learn to stand on their own feet via a loan spell. I wished we had done the same with the likes of Theo and Ox. Chambers is a good player but he has not made enough impression for Wenger to believe he is ready to be a regular starter at Arsenal. So go out there Calum and work your socks off. And from what I saw of Middlesbrough, they try to play good football which should suit him.

The rumour that Gnabry could be sold to Bayern is not very good news. I don’t know the exact contract situation of Gnabry and the club might not have much choice in the matter, but I hope the German is not leaving because he does not feel he will get a proper opportunity to shine at Arsenal.

And that brings me to the Ox. It feels like he has been forever at Arsenal, yet he is still young and keeps threatening to break through. Alex has his moments and we are all in awe of his speed and close ball control, but when it comes to delivering the goods in terms of goals and assists it is just not happening for him. Once again this season, he has periods in which he plays well and is part of the team, but sooner or later  he will drop off and become invisible. He was easily our weakest player against Watford on Saturday and this has been the case too many times.

I have said for years here on Bergkampesque that the Ox should go on a season long loan and establish himself outside Arsenal, where he simply has been pampered and protected too much. He will then come back with confidence and will have learned to turn his talents into hard, bankable outcomes.

I now feel it may be too late and would not be surprised if he gets sold in the next 30 hours. With Perez, Alexis, Theo and Ramsey – the Welshman is not a natural winger but he offers extra defensive cover and a very decent goal threat when played out wide – we have four quality players to operate on the wings: and if they are all fit and in form, they should normally play. But as it stands, we also have youngsters like Iwobi, Gnabry and Willock knocking very hard on the door. I feel the Ox has had his chance and we need to create space in the team, so it is out on loan or cashing in time. Time to hit the road, not so much for Jack but definitely for the Ox.

By TotalArsenal

54 thoughts on “Not Jack but the Ox should hit the Road

  • I totally agree with you that it is The Ox that ought to go out on loan; he is making no progress for Arsenal and needs some toughening up in either a lower PL team or a good Championship team. If after that he is not turning such promise (I hate that term, it is a Wengerword for not achieving) into a real threat, then he is never going to make it in the top flight
    However I feel that Arsenal is still the best scenario for Wilshere to finally make his breakthrough season.
    How Gnabry can be the star of the Olympics with 6 goals and not feature in Wenger’s plans I do not understand

  • I would like both Ox and Wilshere to go out on loan so they come back tougher and with game time. Both will likely get games at Arsenal but a good run of games for their development is needed. Yes the Ox often frustrates but he is a huge talent. I would not want to see him sold and I think Wenger is putting him in the Theo category of adding an end product with consistency by the end of this season.

  • Fine work TA.

    I think that whatever happens with Gnabry will be to our benefit. If he is good enough we will offer him a highly paid long contract if he isn’t we get a couple of mill from Germany. One has to question why he couldn’t make it out of WBA reserves if he is the next Messi.

    Ox? Has to play through his poor form. The man is quality and has everything to secure a starting place in the team but … as often happens, the problem is inside his head. If Ox could learn to relax (chanting, herbal cigarettes etc) he will be an AFC great, if not – he is Swansea bound.

  • TA, am with you all the way.

    Jack fit and in full flight is an incredible talent. Without all the injury setbacks, he would have been truly the ‘new Maradona’. That my dream hasn’t died. It might be him pushing for a move, otherwise otherwise I would have argued that managing him back to prodigious form at Arsenal would have been best for him and the club.

    On the other hand the Ox has not grown. His game remains too one dimensional. Get the ball and just run with it even if there is a brick wall in front of you. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith in his team mates. He never runs off the ball. I find it difficult to believe that such an obviously talented player could stagnate that muck under the tutelage of Wenger.

    It’s no-brainier for me. Not Jack but the Ox ……..

  • Clockendjim, Gnabry is worth holding on to and together with Iwobi should get chances on the wing this season. I am not sure what Arsene’s position is on him.

  • FMJ, We have been saying he is a huge talent for many years now but I reckon that only if he goes to a ‘lesser’ team on loan will he be able to turn his talent into hard outcomes. There is too much quality at Arsenal and he wants to impress too much. Sometimes a fish has to find a smaller tank to shine. 🙂

  • Cheers Raddy 🙂

    I just hope we don’t end up in a Pogba situation in a few years time. I am not sure how good he is but there is potential to become a big player. I guess Arsenal will only sell him with a good sell on clause in the contract, so yes we would get some good money back for him. Still, it would be better to see him fulfil his potential at THOF.

  • Hi PE 🙂

    I also don’t understand how the Ox has not broken through under Wenger’s year on year supervision. Arsene just doesn’t give up easily on players but surely the Ox’s time is up at Arsenal now..

  • In Ox’s defence he had a good pre-season over more than one game and specifically in the Watford game he did well in the first half. He worked hard in the first half, had good movement in the buildup to Alexis winning the penalty and got the pre-assist for Ozil’s goal with good strong play to lay the ball off to Alexis.. His level dropped in the second half notably including one bit of comical control that went out for a goal kick and also trying a chip shot when a pass was the better option (but so did Theo and Alexis..). Overall though he did well considering the whole team have only been ready to produce in the first half of our opening games.

  • Cheers FMJ, I wonder how many touches the Ox had in the first half. You see I hardly noticed him and thought the game/ his fellow attackers past him by.

    Great news re Mustafi and Chambers’ loan to Middlesbrough confirmed too.

  • 2015-2016 PL stats:
    Sanchez average passes: 48, Pass success rate 80%, key passes 2.1
    Oxlader average passes: 20, Pass success rate 83%, key passes 0.9
    Iwooobi average passes: 28, Pass success rate 86%, key passes 0.9

    Alexis is the bench mark for the ‘wingers’ and Iwobi is at least on a par with the Ox. On average Iwobi is 40% more involved in the game in terms of passes made and yet is pass success rate is 3% better. Both have to increase their key passes average per game considerably.

  • I’m not sure how to find stats for each half on whoscored, but they have him down as having 43 touches over the whole game, compared to Theo’s 47. Theo played the full game, Ox was subbed on 69 minutes. So whereas Theo was rated more highly notably because of his direct assist for the second goal, Ox didn’t get any attention for his pre-assist for the third. Remember also his second half sub appearance against Liverpool in which it was his driving run into the box and goal that started our attempted comeback.. I reckon these are promising signs. But yeh I get that it could be just promising signs again.. We’ll just have to wait and see if he can truly deliver. I would wait to judge at the half way stage. Maybe a January loan if he doesn’t build on what he is doing.

  • Interesting stats there TA. He does need to up his stats but he has a good base to build on. They are not awful stats. Another thing for us to consider is the changing tactics that Ox has to adjust to and learn. Alexis was often coming out wide to pull the central defenders apart. A tactic that led to the third goal. I haven’t analysed where the Ox was moving every time Alexis did this but for the third goal he was positioned deeper on the left. Maybe this was the reason that led to less shots (1) or key passes (0) than usual or is expected of him as a winger-forward. The other thing to note is that Iwobi is very intelligent and his runs & use of the ball is fantastic for his age. I think he is a different player/option to the Ox that can come in handy for certain games.

  • Great stats and comments, FMJ. I am surprised the Ox had 43 touches and that is definitely not bad. Good point as well re the Liverpool goal… maybe we should give him a bit longer after all…

  • Walcott is still valuable to Wenger because his runs off the shoulders of defenders is one of the best in the market. If only Ox, who is more talented than Walcott in most other areas, could acquire that skill we would have gotten a gem in our hands.

  • What I did notice of the Ox was that he positioned himself too far away from the box/ danger area when Theo was about to put a ball in for Alexis. The Ox should have been anticipating better where the ball would be and be at the end of it.

  • He certainly would be a gem if he could do that PE. I think he could be a gem without it though because as you know already he is a different player to Theo. Originally a central midfielder, now on the wing. In the Watford game and many others the two have a very different set of instructions and that’s ok, sometimes that is needed and effective.

    For this game I compared the Ox’s stats to Theo just because on paper they were playing opposite wings. In reality Theo played much more of an attacking role and the heatmaps show he was briefed to get involved almost all over the pitch. For the Ox the heatmap shows him predominantly occupying the left side of the pitch and this makes sense as his brief was different to the Ox I guess as a left side decoy or support man to Alexis. The number of touches were roughly the same but Theos more advanced role naturally saw him more involved with the finishing touches – the shots and key passes. I reckon Ox played his part well, the tactics were not straightforward, particularly for a guy who started out centrally, yet the left side was where we got a lot of success in this game.

  • If only Ox had Chuba’s knack of being in the right place at the right time TA! Those pre-season goals Akpom was getting were all about that anticipation. Hopefully Ox can learn this art from his team mates..

  • Interesting as well that one of Lucas Perez’s strengths on ScoutNation is ‘anticipation’ 😀

  • Looking at the key performance indicators of each player in Arsenal’s first team squad (from over their profession career and contrasting their KPIs against Europe’s best highlights some interesting factors. In particular it provides an invaluable insight as to which 11 players make up Arsenal’s most effective team in a 4231 formation and how each player ranks against their internal competition.

    As far as Arsenal’s wing options are concerned, Ox isn’t that far down the list, if you discount Sanchez, given he is Arsenal’s most suitable centre forward option, and Ozil, who is Arsenal’s best central attacking midfield option:
    1. Sanchez (competent off the ball runner / competent dribbler / competent goal scorer)
    2. Perez (competent off the ball runner / weak dribbler / competent goal scorer)
    3. Ozil (competent off the ball runner / competent dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    4. Walcott (strong off the ball runner / weak dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    4. Ramsey (competent off the ball runner / weak dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    5. Ox (weak off the ball runner / competent dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    5. Cazorla (weak off the ball runner / competent dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    5. Wilshere (weak off the ball runner / competent dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    5. Welbeck (weak off the ball runner / competent dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    5. Iwobi (weak off the ball runner / competent dribbler / weak goal scorer)
    6. Gnabry (weak off the ball runner / weak dribbler / weak goal scorer)

    That said with Perez, Walcott and Ramsey all arguably ahead of Ox in the wing pecking order, particularly in terms of the critical off the ball movement KPI and Wenger notorious for not rotating his squad, it wouldn’t be a huge shock to see the Ox depart on loan.

    It’s a similar situation for Wilshere who is arguable below Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey and Cazorla in terms of effectiveness in central defensive midfield:
    1. Coquelin (strong tackler / strong interceptor / weak key passer)
    2. Xhaka (competent tackler / competent interceptor / weak key passer)
    3. Ramsey (competent tackler / weak interceptor / competent key passer)
    4. Cazorla (weak tackler / weak interceptor / strong key passer)
    5. Wilshere (weak tackler / weak interceptor / competent key passer)
    6. Elneny (weak tackler / weak interceptor / weak key passer)

    As for loaning Chambers, that appears to be a poor decision from Arsenal.

    Analysing and contrasting Arsenal’s central defensive options highlights that Chambers should effectively be first drop:
    1. Koscielny (competent tackler / strong interceptor / strong aerially)
    1. Mustafi (competent tackler / strong interceptor / strong aerially)
    2. Chambers (competent tackler / competent interceptor / strong aerially)
    3. Holding (weak tackler / strong interceptor / strong aerially)
    4. Gabriel (competent tackler / strong interceptor / weak aerially)
    5. Mertesacker (weak tackler / competent interceptor / strong aerially)

    So while I somewhat understand a decision by Arsenal for the Ox and Wilshere to depart temporarily to get regular game time, the Chambers decision somewhat perplexes me.

  • Cheers Waldo, I am not sure about these classifications as a good way of comparing players. The Elneny scores alone make me scratch my head…

  • I agree that Ox should be loaned out, but for Jacko to continue his career, he should be loaned out too. Perez certainly did not help on Jack’s comeback to be honest, but it is good to see a different combination of attacking formation to suit us against different opponents.

    Something to share here, courteousy of ESPN, on the new players.


  • I know I’m in the minority, probably just unrealistic, but i have this feeling, that Ox isn’t like many other players who have to slog through a maturing process, or slow learning.
    I imagine that he will just click one day. Maybe score a couple goals in a match, or have a few matches in a row with special moments.
    I think it’ll be a confidence thing, and once he starts, he will be hard to stop. I want to see him get in the box more, dribbling to draw penalties, or trying to get shots off more, because he does have a lethal shot when he lets loose.
    But i do notice that he needs to learn how to conserve his bursts of energy and use them wisely, that may be why we see a drop off in influence after more minutes.
    Loan? I will trust Arsene on this, whichever he chooses. As many of you often point out, we don’t know what Arsene is seeing in training over the course of many weeks. Also, with Lucas coming, i think Alex and Theo should be hungry to get more appearances, whether starts or later subs. Theo has already stepped up. I thought he was very dangerous last week, and has been tackling and hustling noticeably more. He will love trying to catch those long Xhaka balls with his good first touch, though i worry about his second touch.
    People over use the terms power and pace, but Ox has loads of both and much more. If he puts it together somewhat, in my opinion, he can be the most dangerous English player.

    And btw, this Gnabry situation annoys the hell out of me.

  • TA.. I won’t surprise if Ox leave.. just as Wilshere.. If Wenger can did it with Wilshere and why not Ox..?? Wenger try to keep him and give him some different role in midfield.. but Winger is the most suitable role for him..
    Too bad.. We got a lot of Wingers already.. Name how many name come first before Wenger pick Ox..
    If everybody are fit.. Walcott, Sanchez, Iwobi and even Ramsey will always come first.. hehehe..
    4 years are enough to test his ability.. but I won’t surprised also if Wenger keep him.. like he did with almost all of his players..

    And Gnabry’s shine is another bad news for Ox.. Wenger must choose.. I don’t think Wenger will let Gnabry left.. Wenger won’t do what Fergi did with Pogba.. Dilemmas isn’t it..?? Hehehe..

    Interestingly about our Captain’s job.. I think captain is something that happened in an opposite way in Arsenal.. Everybody who got this job will disappear next season.. hehehe.. LOL..
    And I think Mertesacker will also have the same way..

  • I think this post exposes all we know about football … and the observing fans, TA?

    Every one sees what they want to see, subconsciously drawn to the players who they want see to do well?

    The classic example in the last game? Whereas it was my, and a few others, view of how Ox well played, yet to you, TA, he was invisible … despite the 43 touches?

    The subjective view of the rights and wrongs of these loans deals can be quite astonishing.

    Wilshere – Played 137 games (I think that is the correct stat?) in his 8 year career at Arsenal?
    Yet it does not make a dent in perception of a ‘world class’ midfielder’?

    OKay, okay, he has been unlucky with multiple injuries. But is there anything to say the future will be any different?

    Objectively, a loan move is a good move for him, as you have already admitted, TA. It seems like Crystal Palace is his destination, probably for less disruption to his young family?
    This, as I understand it, is a straightforward, wage subsidised, loan, with no option to buy. Unlike the Roma deal which seems to have had a £30m option to buy. That latter would most definitely have been a bad option for Arsenal, because if he was successful he would be worth £50m, and if not he comes back worse off than before.
    Besides, it seems it was his decision after AW telling him he could not guarantee him first team playing time?

    Gnabry situation is different. He is not one of AW’s favourites after his loan spell at West Brom. Pulis dropped him for his attitude. Wenger told him to stick it out. But whilst nothing changed at West Brom, Gnabry went to the Euro’s with a different mind set?
    The fact that he was allowed to go without discussing his contract say a lot about what AW thought of his chances? That is why we are in the situation we have now?
    If the loan is not agreeable to him, then he can refuse it, sit around until January when he can talk to other clubs about a move of his choice.

    The good news is, it looks like he has avoided the double move to Werder Breman, via the German giants. Instead, Arsenal are loaning him to directly to Werder Breman, which I assume is a non option to buy loan, and I would hope he signs a new contract with Arsenal before he goes?
    Win Win
    He gets to prove his ability in a strong league. We get a first class striker back to team up with Akpom and his big supporter Mesut Ozil for the 2017/18 season, when many of our other up and comers will be bursting on the scene?

    Chambers, again. Absolutely right decision for him to develop over the season.
    Our back line in almost everybody’s view, will have the fewest changes compared to the rest of the team.Therefore, to make the bench, let alone play, ahead of a fit Mertersacker, Holding who can also do the right back cover, and Gabriel, is exceedingly slim. They will also be the ones getting game time in the Under 23 League. What is not to like about this loan move?

    Ox, on the other hand, I can see him getting lots of spells off the bench now we have Perez in our line up, not to mention Giroud. Both of whom will push Alexis into that wider berth where Ox has been operating. But if Theo is to maintain his push on the right, then Ox’s starts are limited.
    BUT … As a brilliant utility player, I think Ox has a bright future, at least until January, when he can decide if that is enough for him? His stamina limitations will rule him out of a starting berth, but the energy he can bring from the bench could be invaluable?

    Will will know today if AW sees it the same way as I have.

  • Hey TA, Elneny’s lack of output shocked me too! Over his career he has only managed approximately 1 tackle, 1.5 interceptions and 0.5 key passes per game. Contrast that to Arturo Vidal, arguably one of the world’s best players in that role and who averages 4 tackles, 2 interceptions and 1.5 key passes per game and Elneny’s output in those categories is comparatively weak. I think Elneny is in the same category as Ox. Looks good on the field to the naked eye but his actual output in key facets of his on field role is not that impressive.

  • Johnnie, yes there is still hope it all falls into place for the Ox but I reckon that will not happen with at least a loan deal at a less pressured club. He is a man of moments who operates too much at the periphery at Arsenal. I was expecting you to suggest to play him as CF btw! 🙂

  • Gerry, yes football is based on subjective views. I am indeed surprised with that stat but it will not change my mind on his performance during the Watford game. I like Ox and have nothing against him, but he is not at the level we need him to be, even you will see that. Tell me do you want to lose Gnabry or Iwobi over him this season?

  • Interesting Waldo, we all know that when Elneny plays he, unlike the Ox, has real presence and dominance in the game. He is not one for key passes so I don’t rate that stat. He is also not a tackler yet he can get the ball of players easily. He is a great passer of the ball though and that is not mentioned in these stats…

  • Gerry wrote: “Objectively, a loan move is a good move for him, as you have already admitted, TA. It seems like Crystal Palace is his destination, probably for less disruption to his young family?”

    Where do you get that from? If you read the post it is clear that I reckon he should stay at Arsenal. I am only saying that it could still work out as I am ‘objectively’ not a black and white person, and I trust that Arsene will know best what needs doing for Jack.

  • CryPal rumours for Jacko is on

    Have we closed shop for now? Or are we still itching for another player?


  • It would not surprise me if we see the Ox leave as well and us signing another solid goalscorer before the end of the TW. Not that I am hoping this! 😀

  • I guesss if Ox goes we will not need another player. We have tons of midfield players, and Iwobi, Theo, Santi and Rambo will do just as well without Ox.

    I know that we cannot trust espn, as I admit that their rumours make me having butterflies in my stomach, but mostly their news is trusted, if not thought provoking.

  • That true about his passing Elneny’s passing accuracy. It’s in the high 80% which is comparative very good. Can you explain though how Elneny has real presence and dominance in the game? Also how does Elneny easily get the ball off opposition players if he doesn’t really tackle or intercept?

  • Waldo did you ever see him live? But even on TV you can see how he controls space and time – the sort of dominance I like. His interceptions are okay stats wise but it is through his positioning that he influences the game so much. And as soon as he has the ball he does something good with it. The master of efficiency and cleanliness. 😉

  • Waldo,

    Stats only show one side of the story. Watching how he plays and the impact he has on us last season and this season shows the other side of the story.
    I understand that his tackles and interceptions are not really top grade, but…..

    See the full picture will ya?


  • Yeah seen him live heaps. Controlling space and time – he sounds like God! 😀 He is a very busy player on the field and has lots of energy, kinda like Flamini in that regard. I can understand were you are coming from in that he is very effective at keeping the ball moving with simple passes. From my perspective though, that’s not enough if he wants to play regularly in one of Arsenal’s two defensive midfield positions. He needs to contribute more either defensively or offensively as Arsenal have other midfield option that can. That said if Elneny can do that, then I think his on the field energy will give him a competitive advantage.

  • Personally, I think Bournmouth is a good fit for Jack, out of the London spotlight, a good, thoughtful coach, a friendly environment, good place to live, moderate pressure as staying up is the target for the Cherries and he’ll play every week, be the centre of the team, and come back to Arsenal refreshed and ready to go for 2017-18…

    I would also imagine that Arsene would prefer to see Eddie Howe coaching Jackmrather than the abrasive Pardew…

  • Apparently Jenkinson is back in training, probably light training, so Debuchy to Espanyol could be a go’er, on loan or permanent..?

  • Waldo, I think you read far too much into those stats,
    Take Mertersacker for example. He looks compartatively useless compared to the others?
    Yet look at the team results when he is paired with Koscielny. Different story.
    Why? Because those stats say nothing about posititioning and how well he reads the game.
    Yes, he hasn’t the pace or a quick turn, and that has been exposed more as his age steers him towards the end of his career.
    It is the same missing element for Elneny. On games where he has been a contender for MOTM he still only made the odd tackle. Simply by his positioning he forces opponents to play the ball they did not want to play. The riskier the pass the more likely they are to lose possession. That takes a real football brain.

    I forget which article it was in, but there was an idea to improve stats by breaking down the type of pass, whether forwards, sideways, or backwards. Safe passing might improve the simple stats, but sometimes it may be better to have a few successful ‘key passes’, than tiki taki ones that go nowhere?

    Real football analysis need more than the simple stuff that ‘Who Scored’ provides.

  • TA, I thought I saw a comment from you that said something like ‘A loan might be good for him, but not for Arsenal. But a quick scroll around, and I cannot see from you or anybody else?

    Strange, but unless it goes back a couple of posts, I guess I must have imagined it.

    I know you are all in favour of him staying, despite his fragility. He did get another time out during our pre-season. I for one don’t think that will change will he is busting to get back in the team at Arsenal.
    I actually think it is a sign of his maturity, if he did ask for a loan move. Far cry fro a year ago, with his ‘I won’t change my style’ comment?
    Put him in a side where he can properly develop a style his body can cope with and it could be the making of him. At Arsenal he will always try to be the ‘Jack The Lad” to please the fans?

    Where he goes is for the best is another matter. Kev’s shout for Bournemouth is a good one.
    We shall see?

  • And then the good news turned bad …

    Wilshere to Roma. Gnabry sold to Werder Bremen.

    So the competition for the Ox looks to be disappearing?

    Both the above subject to Arsenal confirmation, naturally.

    Good luck to both if that is the way it goes.

    No cheers,

  • Hmm Gerry, I did read that part of any deal with Roma would give them the option of making it a permanent deal, a fee in the region of £30m was suggested…
    I do hope that that’s a load of tosh, but who knows?

    I suppose that a new environment and coaching ethos could be beneficial?

  • I believe Gnabry is on last year of contract. No? maybe get some Olympic love while we can. The ox will come good. Get Jack out to Roma he’ll come back all ‘cultured like’.

  • I am hoping Jack stays away from Italy as I expect him not to last two games before getting kicked to bits. I also want him (and Ox) to get points from our title competitors, so if he has to be loaned out, CP would be a good choice.

  • Gnabry gone, I think we have a sell-on clause…

    Jack leaning towards Bournmouth.
    Good point Total about taking points off of our rivals.

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