Jack to the Cherries, Gnabry Auf Wiedersehn, Who else is Going: Gibbs, Zelalem, Ospina?

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This has been the best final deadline day for a long time.

No stress or desperation because we have already brought in extra defenders, an extra midfielder, and an extra attacker is in the bag. On top of this, we are not being linked with a potential departure of a star player and are getting some cash back by selling Gnabry and loaning out a few players who need to develop in order to make it eventually in the first team at Arsenal… or not.

I would have kept Jack but enough has been said about his imminent loan move already. According to the BBC the Cherries have the best chance of ‘loan-signing’ Wilshere and that would not be a bad place for him to play himself into form. I really like Eddie Howe: he likes his team to play passing football and survived easily in the PL last season by doing so. Jack will get a proper chance to shine there and then he can come back to join the mighty red and white in January or next season if must be.

It looks like Gnabry is not too unhappy to leave the Gunners behind and has signed for Werder Bremen. I guess Arsenal cannot keep all the youngsters and have to get some return on our investment in the youth academy, but I hope we will not come to regret this in a Pogbaesque way 😀

From what I saw of the young German at the Olympics, I don’t think he was ready to play in the first team regularly despite his impressive goal tally of six, but it would have been nice to see him play and develop in a red and white shirt. Ah well, at least the Ox-believers get to see him for another season at least 😉

It should also open space for the likes of Willock and Akpom to make the squad this season and they are easily as talented as Gnabry.

I have a feeling that we will still see somebody else leave the club before midnight. It could be Debuchy who will want to play more regularly, even though I can see Wenger not wanting to let him go until Jenkinson is fully fit again.

It could also be Ospina or Zelalem, although the latter might be encouraged to stay now that Jack is going out on loan… and Ospina may be forced to stay as we need a safe pair of hands on the bench in case Cech gets injured. Gibbs is  being linked with a move to Liverpool and again I don’t think we can let him go as an obvious replacement is not available from within the squad. Yet I feel there could be something in it somehow.

Let’s wait and see what happens in the most philosophical way possible. 🙂

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By TotalArsenal.


41 thoughts on “Jack to the Cherries, Gnabry Auf Wiedersehn, Who else is Going: Gibbs, Zelalem, Ospina?

  • “Chelsea winger Juan Cuadrado, 28, has rejoined Juventus on a three-year loan deal.”

    Three-year loan deal!!! Wow Cuadrado was such an exciting player to watch at the world cup but Mourinho just did not know how to play him…

  • hahaha now there is a spurious link saying we have been offered Sturridge on loan – you could not make it up… wait.. you can obviously! 😀

  • I think you’ll find that was Sturridge’s agent ‘exploring the possibility’ TA.
    Funny how it found its way into the media isn’t it?

  • The only thing that will make me smile is a late deal for Draxler, otherwise it can keep until morning.

    Debuchy had a loan offer, but we want to sell, apparently. Easy terms would do it?

    I cannot see anyone else leaving at this late stage, but there is room for another if available.

    Off to watch a bit of telly.


  • Chris Sutton says he does not get it that Arsene is letting Jack go out on loan…. I am with him to a large extent but if Jack manages to take points of our rivals, I bet Wenger will be laughing and dancing all the way hahaha

  • T, you were right in the last post about me wanting to mention Ox as a striker, but now, with our Gallego Lucas to be the pacy striking option, no need right now.
    Jack and Arsene are obviously trying to do whats best for Wilsheres long term. I do see him maybe taking over for santi at some point. If Ramsey can manage his hamstrings, we should not need to recall Jack this season.

    For Jack, this looks to me to be a courageous, serious, football lovers move. It would be so easy to sit and collect checks at the big club, like most of man citys squad has done for years.
    People should give him respect for this. I also kind of like Joe Hart for what he’s doing. Pep is, i guess, a — my way or the highway kind of guy.

  • Agreed Johnnie and nicely put. Jack will be able to play football the way he likes it best. Looking fwd to seeing him play.

    Also agreed on Hart. A courageous choice

  • I can see Jack, fitness permitting, becoming ‘the’ major player for Bournmouth, they don’t have anyone of his quality, so I think he’ll thoroughly enjoy the responsibility of being the main man and having the team revolve around him at, is it still Dean Court..?

    I’m hearing that Glen Kamara has joined Colchester on loan…

    Yeah Total, I think that Liverpool would love to get hold of Gibbs, they desperately need a left-back.
    But what are they smoking up there?
    As if Arsenal would do any business with Fenway Sports…
    In their dreams…

    The Sturridge rumours Total, had a desperate agent all over them…
    An injury prone striker is just what we need – not….

  • As it stands are u23 squad is going to be worth keeping an eye on, some real quality in there. The idea of Sturridge agent phoning round ‘top clubs’ beggin a move makes me smile. 🙂 I couldn’t handle ‘the dance’

  • This is weird.. I saw the news on the permanent transfer of Serge to Bremen.

    But nothing is mentioned on the official site…

  • My brief comments:

    a. JW: A good move, he was never fit enough to see enough to have confidence of regular first team action. He would get healthy, but then face Ozil, Santi, AR et al for time, get some time, but try to hard or go too hard too early, and injured. I think confidence fo regular minutes will see him EITHER: a) get full strength and show all he can do; or b) not… But it’s reached for me anyway a point where he needs the time and confidence of having it to show AW et al what he can do. Saw a graphic earlier on ESPN where he has had something like 50 minutes in the last 2 years and only 190ish over 3 years… (2 games worth?) …

    b. Cuadrado – remember when we were all drooling, at least a little over maybe getting him… How time and fortunes change! Same may hold for Gundogan?

    c. Draxler – was never moving methinks…

    Well, basis for an interesting year ahead!

    cheers — jgc

  • Well I see I missed nothing.

    The David Luiz transfer is taking all the headlines today, but I note the comment made by the French journalist who sits on the panel in B’t’s European football show. He says ‘… he will be a worse player than the one that left Chelsea two years ago’.
    The BBC work the other angle saying that Chelsea have made a profit? It is a difficult one to quantify in reality. Yes, they got him back for £12m less than they sold him for, but at £6m per year they did not have the player either? That was down to M’s poor management skills. It should be remembered that it was a David Luiz inspired comeback with PSG that knocked them out of the Champions League, which cost them a damn sight more than £12m Ha Ha.

    I don’t think Wilshere will get the kind of dream ride at Bournemouth that you envisage Kev.
    First of all he has to work his way back to top form, and stay clear of injuries.
    Secondly, he is a ‘loan’ player, therefore his only requirement is to get Bournemouth safe from relegation. Unless there is something in the deal, he will play no part in future development, so in the second half of the season they will look to develop their own players.
    Thirdly, and probably most important, the side will not be ‘built around him’, he will add to the squad and style of play that they have already. Subtle difference, and one Jack needs to get his head around very quickly.
    Yes, he will be the star attraction for a while, but once that has worn off he has got to get the most out of his team mates, because if he carries any sort of ‘I’m doing you a favour by being here’ attitude, the novelty will wear off very quickly, from both players and manager alike. Bournemouth are there to do him a favour by helping him regain that brilliance he showed as a teenager. A tough lesson for one who has been at the top level, and is now a loan player in a possible relegation battle?

    I think Arsenal are trying to keep the fee paid by Werder Bremen for Gnabry out of the headlines, as it is probably lower if Arsenal have any sell on/buy back clause inserted. I think it is a good move for him, He now has a chance to really prove himself as a top flight player at a club where he should get regular games, rather than in and out at Arsenal or BM?
    Sadly, I think he failed AW’s ‘character test’ while at West Brom, otherwise I think he could have been a big hit here. Now we will never know?

    Of the trio of players I expected us to sign:
    Mahrez – On a plate, with his come and sign me plea, before he signed his new contract?
    I am guessing the fee was more than AW wanted to pay? Plus Griezmann was his big hope, as it might have enhanced Giroud’s game too?
    Musafi – We signed, but nearly lost him. Again, agreeing a fee was the problem.

    Lacazette – It was the most difficult one to pull off, given the club involved. No doubt about the interest, but the longer it went on Lyon just kept raising the fee. That word again???

    Who knows what January may bring? A lot will depend on league results between now and then, but I am guessing we will stick with what we have …. unless an AW bargain turns up.


  • Transfers are done for a few months, though I’m sure the transfer talk will continue in the papers.

    Wilshere. It seems to me that being dropped from England’s team forced him to ask for a loan to get more playing time. He remains a hugely talented player, but obviously he isn’t going to get to grow into the team with the likes of Xhaka, Cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil ahead of him. This loan should hopefully also help him (and us) get a sense of what his role really is. Personally I hope he learns and owns the Cazorla role and becomes his successor at Arsenal, but for that he needs to learn better decision making in both offense and defense.

    He could also play a Xhaka type role as he’s capable of hitting those same long field passes. But once again, tactically, I think he isn’t there. The best suited for him is the No.10 role because it carries less defensive responsibility (Also why Ramsey likes it there. Sigh) but while Ozil is with us, he isn’t getting that spot.

    A bit disappointed that he didn’t move abroad, because his biggest downside is his tactical understanding, and I reckon Italy would have taught him that (or shown us that he can’t be taught that) The danger at Bournemouth is that he’ll be the ‘star’ and as such will have less of a defensive responsibility and will keep trying to do too much on his own. But hopefully that will not be the case and Eddie Howe will take this opportunity to shape Wilshere’s career properly because it’ll land him the Arsenal job 😛 Interesting to see him link up again with Benik Afobe too. Any points they take off our rivals will be good for us. (Likewise Chambers, though Karanka has been a Mourinho underling and as such I don’t trust him)

    While Arsenal will hope to gain a fitter, more ready to play Wilshere next season, it does leave us taking a gamble on the fitness of our current midfielders, two of whom (Ramsey and Santi) seem to have chronic issues. But, if you include Jeff as a CM, which he’s been playing as now, then perhaps it’s understandable. His strength lies in carrying the ball, but tends to do too much, and lacks defensive understanding in the role. Much like Wilshere 🙂 There’s also Zelalem and Maitland-Niles staying with us for now, and both can perhaps be emergency options.

    On Gnabry, I think he asked to leave. He was in the last year of his contract and wouldn’t sign a new one. A real shame because I saw him as a more refined version of the Ox. Injury, and then that disastrous Pulis loan probably cost us a good player. I hope there’s a buy back clause, but I doubt it. Can’t blame Gnabry for a decision to move though.

  • Yeah Geoff, Wenger seemed scared to use Jack last month, even when Ozil was being rested. I would have kept him at Arsenal and let him play regularly to gain momentum, but I can see that Wenger has fitter players around whom he needs to build his team now. Eddie Howe is a great guy and I can see a fit Wilshere do really well there. Agreed with Gerry that he may not build the team around Jack as that is too risky in terms of him being available regularly.

    Nr10 I reckon, Shard. Jack always wanted to play there and it indeed involves less defending. I don’t agree re his lack of tactical awareness at all, but we have not seen him play properly for a long long time now so let’s see how he does at the Cherries. Am actually looking fwd to see them play now.

  • TA

    Fair point about not having seen him play and I suppose it makes it harder to judge what kind of midfielder the real Wilshere is. Let’s hope he can stay fit and play a lot of games at Bournemouth. Everything else comes after that.

    But if it is No10 for him, then surely he has no future at Arsenal? He wouldn’t want to be a backup, and he’s not going to displace Ozil. So unless you give in to the fears about Ozil being off (which I don’t think you will), how do you expect Jack to fit in at Arsenal? I would think his best bet is to be Cazorla’s successor, and he has the skillset to drive past players and find room in the middle of the park. He’s also got the passing ability. In fact, he’s a bit ‘JACK of all trades’ 😛 If he’s serious about staying at Arsenal, he needs to a)stay fit and play, and b) target a role where he gets into the team. Right now, no.10 is not a realistic option for him.

  • jack of all trades hahaha 🙂

    I am not sure Cazorla has a position in our first team, Shard. I know many here rate him higher than I do, but will he really start ahead of Ramsey in the b2b role? I guess that Cazorla is nr1 back up for Ozil as well as Rambo, with Elneny and Rambo being nr2 back ups for Rambo and Ozil’s positions. But okay, where does Jack really fit in? I reckon his versatility is key and that’s why I believed he should have stayed at Arsenal, as he can add value in a number of positions and therefore could be played regularly.

    His best position is most probably nr10 imo, especially if he does not have to score a lot but create opportunities ala Ozil. I expect Ozil to stay and become a Bergkampesque Gunner over the years, BUT I guess we will need to win the league sooner or later for him to stay put. He is too big a talent to let his career fizzle out without proper silverware being added, especially now he is reaching his top years..

  • I agree with you about Ramsey being first choice, but there is an argument to be made for Cazorla, or the Cazorla type player instead. I guess my point is that he has a better chance of dislodging Ramsey (and not by playing the same role as Ramsey) than he has of dislodging Ozil.

    It’ll be fun to see Bournemouth now though, and see how Wilshere gets along. Where he fits in at Arsenal, and IF he has a future with us at all, will come later.

    Also agree on Mesut and Alexis and winning titles. I think we’ve been adding the pieces for that over the last couple of years and hopefully they will pay off this season.

  • I can see what you mean re a Cazorla like player. I can see Santi as a super sub in midfield, sometimes starting a game and regularly coming on to make a change. A bit like Rosicky’s role, which never really materialized due to his poor fitness…. something Jack shares with me unfortunately. Jack is playing against Man City this month and let’s see whether he can take some points of them with his new team. 🙂

  • Hello all, long time no see, talk. Hope you are all well.
    So we know are team for 2016/17
    Who is your starting X1?
    Mine is something like this

    Hardest to leave out is Cazorla who could indeed be ahead of Rambo depending on form which is Wengers job to decide , also the OX and Welbeck . You know it is a very strong team when them along with Giroud are all seating on the bench , a truely dangerous squad we have 🙂

    I have changed Rambo for Cazorla i have decided until Rambo finds his goal scoring boots again which i know he will! Cazorla gets the nod for me.
    I am lucky enough to be going to the next game at home v the Saints.
    Can’t wait to see who Wenger goes with.

  • Shard i agree, but both are super players and options and could get the nod ahead of the other changing every week depending on the team we face. A great problem to have.
    I believe we missed Cazorla massively last season and he will be raring to get going this season .
    Such a gifted 2 footed played with goals in him .
    Some rotation will be needed anyway with amount of games we face compared to Liverpool and Chelsea anyway.
    Maybe rotating Walcott and the OX too just to hopefully keep both fit .
    I think that way it gives them all a chance and hopefully slows down our injury record.

  • Same could be applied to Monreal-Gibbs?
    Bellerin – Doubchy give them some game time and risk injuries less?

  • Good to see you back here PGtips 😛

    Cazorla used to score a few but that is not happening anymore now. He has been found out by most defences now.

    Nice of you to put Gibbs in there first but Nacho, once he has got going, is such an asset. Have a big feeling we will keep Alexis up-front and play Perez on the wing, and then maybe gradually introduce the Spaniard as our CF option/ cover for Alexis or Ollie.

    Enjoy the game! Hoping to get tickets for the Sunderland away game.

  • Good luck TA that will be a good day out.
    Rambo’s engine of course is fantastic, i will be happy to see either , i think both have goals in them.
    Gibbs is a great player and is a great long serving player to us, rotating him is a great option for them i feel.
    Our defence along with Cech is sorted and going forward we have class everywhere i really think we will have a great season.
    I don’t know much about Perez and it is a great shout. I have always wanted us to use Alexis up front. But i think he loves doing his cut in a shoot thing , which he is the master at. that said again both are great options. Wenger has finally put together a great squad which no one can any longer knock him for.
    True to his word he will only buy a player if he feels it improves us and i think he has in every department and for good money on todays inflatted prices. 🙂

  • Hey TA, I’m around but i’m finding myself unable to get too worked up about the closing of the window. The Jack to Bournemouth, however, was quite a surprise, and, like others, it will make me (far) more interested in watching their matches. The turnover of all the PL teams seems extraordinary this window so it’s almost like twenty new teams out there…

    Our squad, however, has more continuity than most and, I think, is now very deep…at almost all positions… leaving me less concerned about first 11s and the like. Imagine what it says about our options that a guy like Wilshere has to go elsewhere to try and get game time… My thought is that combinations, esp. in attack, will be tried in practice and then in games so it’s less about strict pecking orders than who can help whom to bring out their collective best.

    It all makes me more eager for the football to start up again to see how AW approaches things… Hopefully a run of victories can get the fans a bit more on board, too… With sooo much activity and perfect starts from the bigger spending clubs we can generate some good momentum of our own before getting back into the brightest of spotlights ourselves. Overall, I like our position, now we just have to take advantage and do it…

  • Interesting that despite all the loans etc, that Arsene has retained Maitland-Niles, Bielik, The Jeff, Zelalem and Akpom, also I’ve not read anywhere that Willock left on loan either….

    The Forest games should be a glimpse into the future…

  • Arsenal Premier League squad:

    Senior list

    Gabriel, Cazorla, Cech, Coquelin*, Debuchy, Elneny, Gibbs*, Giroud, Jenkinson*, Koscielny, Macey*, Martinez*, Mertesacker, Monreal, Mustafi, Ospina, Oxlade-Chamberlain*, Ozil, Perez, Ramsey*, Sanchez, Sanogo, Walcott*, Welbeck*, Xhaka.

    *= homegrown.

    U21 list

    Akpom, Ballard, Beckford, Bellerin, Bennacer, Benson, Bielik, M. Bola, T. Bola, Burton, Chambers, Crowley, Da Graca, DaSilva, Dragomir, Eyoma, Fortune, Gilmour, Hinds, Holding, Huddart, Iliev, Iwobi, Johnson, Kamara, Keto, Maitland-Niles, Malen, Mavididi, McGuane, Moore, Mourgos, Nelson, Nketiah, Nwakali, O’Connor, Olowu, Omole, Osei-Tutu, Pileas, Pleguezuelo, Reine-Adelaide, Robinson, Sheaf, Smith-Rowe, Tella, Thompson, Toral, Tormey, Virginia, C. Willock, J. Willock, Zelalem.

    From Jeorge Bird

  • Wenger will have a good striker selection dilemma.

    Ollie is a good player, and he showed by scoring yesterday for France, and if you use him well, he can be a good asset for the club

    Jacko loan is a good situation for both us and Bmouth. Without him we have enough players that provide the penetration, and when he comes back from his loan we can see if he can get rid of his demons and play well regularly.

    They can benefit from his playing style, and provide precise balls from the AM position, where he is best suited for.


  • Hi all..
    Maybe I’m the only one here who didn’t fell sorry for Wilshere.. I don’t know why.. I never been his fan from the very beginning.. hehehe..

    I appreciate Wenger style of leadership.. He never lost faith in his players.. but there also mean an obstacle for our young gun.. Look at our youngsters list that Allezkev post.. So many potential to explore..
    Will Zelalem or JRA get his time if there are no room left..??
    Look at Chelsea.. They must Loan 38 players.. I don’t know what’s the right words to describe it.. hahaaha

    So.. I think this summer is the best TW in our last 10 years.. 5 years at least.. hehehe.. We bring 4 great players.. We usually only got two..
    Look our first team.. whose remain from 2000..?? Maybe only Koscielny, Walcott and Ramsey.. is it good..??

  • I guess the Interllull will be the main talking point now, either goals or injuries.

    I am not one who wants to revisit the whys and wherefores of Jack moving to Bournemouth.

    The make up of the squad on match days will no doubt prompt discussion. As I said before, I am hoping that 3 slots on the bench will be taken up by those showing good form in the Under 23’s.

    In fact the Under 23’s will be a good watch this coming season, once they get together as a team. Always difficult with a changing personnel, but I see less ‘new’ faces moving out of the 18’s squad this time, because of the pressure on places by displaced first teamer’s.
    Not that that should be an automatic process. For example, I would happily see Monreal take a one or two game break, the latter with a sub role in the Under 23’s before returning. That way Gibbs can get a couple of full games in, before dropping back to the bench. That idea being the norm across the board?

    However, this has to be carefully managed. There are only 3 places available in Under 23’s for the ‘older’ players. that means that the 18 man squad can only be refreshed 3 at a time, if players are to be kept match fit?

    … and then we come full circle. The ever changing line up of the Under 23’s????
    Who’d be a manager, eh?

    My personal choices for players making appearances in the Under 23’s from the younger age group would be Reiss Nelson and DaSilva, and may be Yassin Fortune when he recovers from his injury.. That is beyond the ones that are already regulars there, like Bennacer, Bielik, Nketiah, Malen, etc

    The ones I would like to see get opportunities from the bench, at least, will be Mavididi, Sheaf, and Zealem. The latter for when Ozil is rested, and he is the sub for the replacement.

    The ones who will flit between game time(in the Under 23’s) and first team squad places will be Akpom, Holding, Iwobi, Ainsly M-N, Jeff R-A, and Willock. But all have to displace big names to get there, and they will only do that by putting in performances when they get their opportunities to play?

    …. and that brings me full circle to the Under 23’s being very interesting and exciting?


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