Arsenal don’t Need a Super CF: Giroud, Alexis and Perez can score 50 PL goals and win us the Title

“Behind what hills does happiness hide, to lurk and plot its return?” Andrew Greig.

With Lucas Perez Arsenal have added a very interesting player. This is a bit of a Wenger gamble but if Lucas can add similar league goals (17) and assists (8) per game as he did in Spain, he could make the difference this season… and the difference is not finishing second but first.

We missed about 10 goals last season to clinch the title, and although I am aware that every season has its own dynamics, I feel we will go one higher if we keep our defence as tight as last season, or ideally a bit tighter, and score about a dozen more goals.

Wenger can now mix and match his attack per game if he so wishes, only to get to a regular strongest three up front eventually. Will it be Alexis – Perez – Theo, or Perez – Alexis – Theo, or will it be Perez – Giroud – Alexis?

It is also quite possible that the likes of Iwobi, Welbeck (once he is back), Akpom, the Ox or even Willock will play themselves in to the starting three up front. And then regular blogger Shard will, quite rightly so, point out that we also have Sanogo who seems to be good cover for Giroud’s holding/enabling CF role.

I know some wanted a super CF up front but I am really happy with the options we have in attack now. For sure, Wenger will change the starting three sometimes to deal with the tactics and strengths of the opposition and to keep everybody happy, but he will also be keen to combine the strongest three as much as possible. I reckon that would have to be Alexis, Ollie and Perez, and if together they can get 45-50 PL goals we will win the league this season. The rest will come from the other attackers, midfielders and defenders.

Although this firepower up front has the mouth water running, I am just as excited about the service they will be receiving from four super midfielders: Xhaka, Cazorla, Rambo and Ozil.

Normally only three of these four midfield maestros will play, unless Wenger opts to play one of them on the wing in tight games against strong opponents. With these midfielders anything is possible, and Coquelin and Elneny will add the necessary steel and composure if and when required.

Xhaka can turn the game from defence to counter attack with one diagonal long distance pass from deep. Rambo and/or Santi can add the integrate play to dominate the midfield and creatively find the gaps and passes to launch deadly attacks. Furthermore, Rambo adds his engine to connect the defence with midfield, and midfield with the attack. And Mesut is our third dimension of finding space and time to instigate the winning attacking formula time and again. Which other team has such a talented group of creative, visionary midfielders that add a number of dimensions to our attacking play?

Of course we will have to see how this will work out in practice now. But I reckon our options up front and in midfield are now very strong and will make us very unpredictable and thus hard to play against. Rather than a predictable, one-dimensional feed the super striker game like they prefer in Manchester, we will go for the title by spreading the goals amongst three or four attackers and feeding them from all angles.

Whether it will work out remains to be seen, but that is what the seasonal football journey is all about! 😉

By TotalArsenal

26 thoughts on “Arsenal don’t Need a Super CF: Giroud, Alexis and Perez can score 50 PL goals and win us the Title

  • Geez, nobody saying nothing to no one… Everybody slammed shut, just like the transfer window, I guess… 🙂

    Lucas with 25 goals + assists is a nice number. He’ll have to do it in 3 fewer games, of course, and in a league that tends to allow for a bit more fouling in the box, although, supposedly, there are new protocols in place. Was he a penalty taker at Depor?…

    I’m really not a stats person so I’m not sure the number of goals typically needed to win the league. We’re currently on pace for 2 per match or 76 which probably (truly, just guessing…) wouldn’t be enough. Experts, what’s the real number? Please…

    To me, with all teams well strengthened in the window, I think there will just be fewer and fewer matches where 3 pts can be taken as a given. As such, more teams will play defense first–maybe even Arsenal. After all, we spent some crazy amounts there on Mustafi and Xhaka who we’d love to score 5 goals–all season and between them… Rob Holding seems at least a 15th as good as John Stones, too, and looked to have an eye for a set piece during the pre-season tour.

    Goal totals are one thing… IMO, what really needs to happen is the right balance between team play and selfishness–the first half at Watford was just right, the 2nd half seemed as if people were trying to pad their stats and bring back memories of the great Mexican chip artist, Carlitos Vela. Pass the ball, people; those of us playing the fantasy league still get three points per assist…and style points, I fear, are not given…

    Anyhow, folks, just because the window has closed doesn’t mean you get the week off…

    Go on then…

  • Who’s to say we haven’t signed a ‘Super CF’ TA?

    I said after the last game, that Arsenal still needed a striker. We now have one.
    So I am very happy.

    Getting the best out of this squad is going to be the real test. I think AW was looking to get a speedy, counter attacking side, for those hard to crack PTB games. Particularly at home, where teams come to get a point, and anything else is a bonus. I can see Perez being our ‘Elneny’ of the forward line. A player who will be relentless in making runs. So much so, Alexis will be hard pressed to keep it going for the full 90?
    The Southampton game could well suit Giroud starting, but depend how they are after the break, I expect the four up front will be in the usual 4-2-3-1 format, with Alexis, Ozil, and Perez behind the big man. Subs could be interesting, with both Ox and Walcott providing fresh legs, we would not need Giroud to stay on? It could be a spectacular start for the new guys?

    Like I say, a lot will depend on how they look in training. Thereafter it should get easier to place bodies in there, just to fine tune any modifications for when it is not working so well..

    Everything to look forward to over the coming months?


  • Two goals a game on average would be an improvement of 11 goals compared to last season – we averaged 1.7 goals per game and the Foxes only scored three more goals than us. Every season is different and who knows what goal tally we need in the end. My hunch is that 80 goals is achievable and this should help a lot to win the league i reckon.

  • Gerry, the stats, price tag and history suggest Perez is not a super CF, and I don’t think for a moment that Wenger is expecting him to become one…. But you never know how the cookie will crumble…

  • I think if you look around the world a lot of the top players are wingers/center forwards. Alexis fits into that category. Get him close to goal. He will get high numbers.

  • I always said that a super CF is not necessary. A CF capable of playing with the team is more important. And Perez looks like a less bulky Wiltord.

    I have always stayed out of Wenger out brigade and wenger knows best brigade, but this time I think I have to step into the wenger knows best brigade.


  • Walcott so far this season is a completely different animal. He now barges people out of the way. He wins tackles. He even comes up with a trick or two for bamboozling defenders. He commits fouls. Watch out for a refree’s card soon. Unbelievable?

    One thing is certain. Wenger loves graphs that are pointing upwards. His 10 yr pet project is a sure starter.

    Ozil and Alexis are also sure starters. For the front four, the only position up for grabs is the #9. Giroud or Perez.

    Giroud for the bus parking teams mostly home games. Perez for the more expansive games mostly the away matches.

    The back 5 is well defined. The pivot Xhaka and Santi.

    Of course regular rotation is to be expected all over as we have a bench nearly as good as the starters.

  • It will be interesting to see if Wenger continues to use Sanchez upfront and deploys Perez and Walcott on the wings or reverts to Giroud in the centre forward role with two of Sanchez, Walcott and Perez on the wings. Personally, I prefer Sanchez in the centre forward role with Giroud acting as Plan B from the bench as I think Sanchez flanked by Perez and Walcott gives Arsenal more off the ball movement and unpredictability in attack. Really excited to see Perez’s style of play.

  • Speaking of Arsenal’s attacking options, does anyone think Ramsey will end up battling for a wing spot now given the increased competition in central midfield with Xhaka’s arrival and Cazorla’s consistent excellence in that position?

  • Waldo, I reckon Rambo will play right wing when we play top teams and want to keep it tight, but I expect him to be our first choice b2b player most of the times. Xhaka-Rambo-Ozil makes most sense going forward imo.

  • Nothing to add. Except: what a team we have got in the making. Looking forward to seeing them gel and grow together this season into a team to be feared.

  • 4-2 to the Gunner legends. Very good last goal by Pires, looks like he had not lost any of his touches.

    Can we play the legends week in and week out? Just kidding, but I feel that the current team has all the makings of the legendary team, and time will tell.

    It was always a joy to watch Seamo, Pires, Kanu and the guys in action.


  • No surprise no comments o the England game .. so far.

    It was a bit like watching Arsenal on a bad day. plenty of possession, no end result. Walcott looked lively when he came on.
    I had a busy day of sporting tele yesterday, mixing Moto GP with football, with the former bringing the most pleasing results – Well done Maverik! – The Under 20’s, England v Brazil was no so clever, with poor defending/mistakes gifting Brazil their second goal. Ainsly M-N was in the line up (that Oxlade-Chamberlain has got a lot to answer for with these double barrel surnames popping up all over the place. At least three on the England starting line up, and only one putting up a decent show for the 90 … not M-N). Alas our Ainsly had a poor first half. More ring rusty than lack of fitness, as he was much better in the second half. Taf Moore came on in the second half and looked very good out at LB, but was inexplicably subbed late on? Subbing a sub does not do much for the lad’s morale, but I am guessing he was sacrificed to get another attacker on, but the their were other candidates who might have deserved their removal. Not the right back though, who was a Bellerin type, except with a hyphenated name. Moore replaced the other fullback, Borthwick-Jackson, who was responsible for Brazil’s second goal.
    It ended 1-2, but it was a close run thing considering how the first half went. Three players stood out, the aforementioned LB, Whykes-Taylor(?), Lookman(on Arsenal’s radar, still at Charlton, and the replacement CF, whose name I cannot recall, but has already been snapped up. I should add M-N was very industrious in the second half, but the final ball was his undoing throughout.
    I’ll get back with the missing name, as I have still to watch the bonus penalty shootout.

  • Updates:
    Calvert-Lewin (yes, another one!) was the goal scorer. He is now with Everton.
    I should have mentioned Lewis Cook(no hyphen), as he too had a very good game.
    M-N casually blazed over the bar in the shootout of no consequence.

  • Xhaka, Cazorla, Rambo and Ozil.- if there’s a better midfield anywhere in world football I’ll be very surprised. Every time I look at our new squad I think this is going to be the year we win the league.

    Let’s just try to stay injury free and then this team can achieve great things.

  • I agree with the optimism. I’ve been a fan of Lucas from Spanish league , xhaka is one i heard talked about last summer, but never really watched. I find myself watching youtube vids of him over and over. Mesmerizing passing, but a bonus of steel. Will end up being worth much more than we paid.
    I know it killed Arsene to pay such a price for a defender, but we had no choice. Mustafi can be the replacement we were going to need for Mertesacker soon anyway, but he is in the mold of Koscielny defending style, and is young enough to be his eventual veteran replacement.
    Holding shows a lot of confidence and skill for his age, hopefully in future we can all mock the prices of Stones and Pogba in relation to Xhaka and Holding. I already can see it happening in Xhaka, because he isn’t taking long to settle in, as he was already a bundesliga top star.
    Pogba will never live up to the hype.. especially being managed by the bus parking translator.

  • It sure is a quiet time in this ‘Interlull’?

    From the conspiracy theorists we have a ‘chicken and egg’ story over the Number 10 shirt? That is to say, does the current ‘vacancy’ with that shirt number come about because of the previous owner#’s move? Or did the desire for that shirt number prompt the move?
    cue eerir music…..

    To the ‘ Who made the best signings/’ Or the variant, ‘Who overpaid the most?’
    Gosh! I wonder who they are …

    Not to mention, a player who we did not sign, is now signing a new deal, and a player we ‘really, really’ wanted but did not want to move, might be available in a package deal next summer?
    Did his current manager become part of that package? I ask, because I could not be arsed to read it!.

    All exciting stuff, I’m sure you will agree?

    Roll on the Under 21’s tonight …..


  • Mark Halsey makes an interesting comment on Twitter and the silence if deafening…

    Swept under the carpet and ignored by the Press and TV.

    Too much money involved chaps, don’t wanna rock the boat.

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