Wolfgang Amadeus Mesut: Arsenal’s nr1 Conductor Ozil holds the key to Silverware

Mesut Ozil would always be one of the first players on my team sheet if I was the Arsenal manager. I have never seen him play a bad game but in some games he is more effective than others. In order to fully appreciate him, though, you have to see him play live: not in an arm chair but in a football stadium, which I know many Gooners are unable to do.

His creative genius and willingness to work hard, combined with his desire to ALWAYS add attacking value to his team with every ball he touches, make Mesut so special. His running with and without the ball is superb, and his ability to find the killer pass is unsurpassed. He is not a loud extrovert but a humble introvert who lets his feet do the talking – this, among many other qualities, he shares with his nr10 predecessors, Cesc Fabregas and the great Bergkamp. And the English game has been blessed with the services of three of the finest European nr10 geniuses – two of whom are luckily still in action and should meet each other once again tomorrow evening.

It is fair to say he has not yet reached his peak this season. Mesut had ‘just’ 2.3 key passes and 57 passes per PL game, and he scored one goal and is yet to produce an assist, this season; whereas he reached a brilliant 4.2 key passes and 65 passes per PL game, and scored 6 goals and produced a whopping 19 assists, in 2015-16. But it is of course early days, and I rather see him peak towards the end then at the beginning of the season.

Some believe Mesut is still tired from the Euros but I reckon he is simply lacking form and has been given time by Wenger to improve it gradually. Tomorrow, against the Chavs, he needs to be close to his best form if we are to find a way through the parked blue and white buses. Mesut will be 28 next month and is reaching now his best footballing years. If we are to win the league we will need a strong core of six to seven players of top quality and the right attitude. Mesut will be one of them.

With Alexis as CF and excellent runners next to him with the likes of Iwobi, Theo, Ox and (possibly) Perez for Wenger to pick from, Mesut has to find his form to be our nr1 conductor once again. The sooner this happens the quicker Arsenal can reach top level.

No pressure Mesut but tomorrow you have to rediscover your inner Mozart and make the troops play to your tunes. Ich glaube an dich! 🙂

By TotalArsenal


32 thoughts on “Wolfgang Amadeus Mesut: Arsenal’s nr1 Conductor Ozil holds the key to Silverware

  • Very poetic TA.
    Fully agree with your sentiments as to how vital he is to our team. Not everyone agrees?

    I have said many times on this site, I do not see Mesut Ozil as a number on the team sheet. He is just there. Occupying a space, just as he does on the field.

    However, I don’t think it is loss of form, or fatigue, that has meant he has not been at his imperious best. Just simply the players are reacting to what Alexis does, himself included. He may be Mozart, but at the moment he is not holding the baton. There is an erratic nature to the beat they are playing, and he has yet to get in tune with this jazz thing that is being created. He may never get it?

    Discipline is what Arsene says will be the decider tomorrow, and that takes many forms. If they are all reading from the same song sheet, a then a masterpiece could be the end product?
    If not ….

    News from the Under 23’s. They line up like so:
    Macey, Johnson, Bielik, Sheaf, Marc Bola, Zelalem, Bennacer, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Willock, Mavididi
    So Akpom and Jeff R-A could be in the squad?


  • Those are fair points, Gerry. I reckon Mesut is just getting back into things but Alexis is indeed a different CF to play with compared to Ollie. Enjoy the under 23 game.

  • Another nice one, TA…You’re on a roll… 🙂

    Ozil is a genius, I think, and it all starts with spacing. Even if he’s not making his killer passes–or even his flash runs into the box (from which he netted at Watford) he’s still stretching defenses while he observes others doing those things nearer the ball. At Hull, Alexis and Iwobi were hyper-aggressive so Ozil spent more time away from the ball and on the right behind Theo (who was routinely stationed off the shoulder of the final defender). The result speaks for itself even if Mesut didn’t get in on the assists or goals. The one thing I think he could do just a bit more is get past a first defender with a quick dribble (a la Santi) before executing the pass.

    From the last post…If I were trying to pick AW”s 11 I’d go with the exact same line-up as Hull but you never know and the old man might have a trick up his sleeve…

  • Ozil is fantastic and a real pleasure to watch on the field. I don’t think we’ve seen such effortless skill ever from an Arsenal player, except of course from the great Dennis Bergkamp himself.

    Onto the Chelsea game and I really like PE’s selection from yesterday, which was:

    I think the extra power and speed of Xhaka will be ideal against Chelsea, and give Santi a well-earned rest before the Basel game. The front four is full of verve and skill, and I’m picking we’ll score 3 goals against Chelsea weakened defence this time round. I don’t know how many we’ll concede, but it will be fewer than 3. I’m thinking we haven’t seen a Kos own goal for a while?

    Looking forward to smashing Chelsea at last, and seeing the genius Ozil getting back to his best!

  • Thanks TA for leading the way in this joyful task of unravelling a genius.

    Ozil is a genius living alone in his lofty abode,
    While others scramble, Ozil selects,
    When they square toe to toe,
    Ozil sidesteps and floats away.

    On the field Ozil is Ozil and Ozil is cute,
    A lover of solitude, a dancer to his own beat,
    A dilligent seeker of quiet spaces,
    Both for himself and his round leather objects.

    He is the eye of the ferocious storm,
    Calm and of great intelligence,
    The begining of all beginings,
    Without which there is no storm.

    Should he be asked to add anything to his game?
    I turn my gaze in another direction,
    When his goals come, they should come as Oxil’s,
    Ozil’s, Ozil’s…..QUINTESSENTIAL OZIL,
    Who never imposes, but is always adapting.

    1st name on the sheet is OZIL.

  • What can I say? You’ve summarized Ozil in a nutshell with this post. The sheer brilliance and under-appreciated part of his game. Still, I stand by what I said in the last post. He hasn’t been on form and currently performing at 70% of his true abilities. I personally wouldn’t include him for the game against Chavs. That said, if he does start, I’ll be supporting him to prove me wrong.

  • Interesting point about Mesut adding a bit more dribbling to his game, Seventeenho. He has 1.3 dribbles per game on average (this as well as last season), so he does do them. I reckon he passing needs sharpening up which I am sure will happen sooner or later.

  • I missed the likeness there, Total, but well done that you spotted it and found the images…Do you fancy that Mesut has Wolfie on his Beats?… 🙂

    Well, I got up early hoping to see Leicester take something from ManU… No. Such. Luck. All is well (again) in the Moo-man’s grassy (and gassy) kingdom…

    Lotsa good matches here at the 3 o’clock slot…but I can only toggle between two of them and I should probably just settle upon one. Spuds have the lone goal in the first 10 minutes…

  • Teams are out…Same 11 as played at Hull…

    Arsenal (4-2-3-1) Cech; Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal; Cazorla, Coquelin; Walcott, Ozil, Iwobi; Alexis. Substitutes: Ospina, Holding, Gibbs, Xhaka, Lucas, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Chelsea (4-1-4-1) Courtois; Ivanovic, Cahill, David Luiz, Azpilicueta; Kante; Willian, Fabregas, Matic, Hazard; Diego Costa. Substitutes: Begovic, Pedro, Batshuayi, Chalobah, Oscar, Moses, Alonso.

  • Wow how good was that? It started off a typical Arsenal v Chelsea game, Arsenal doing all the pressing and Chelsea just waiting for that breakaway. And then something happened that hasn’t happened for years in this fixture, we got a little bit of luck and then it came in floods. In previous games Ozils volley would have hit the post and bounced back. Don’t get me wrong the boys have been great, it just needed a few breaks to go our way.

    Now we have a choice do we sit back and wear them down or do we crush them 6 – 0 and get revenge for what they did to us.

    Actually I think we are at the most dangerous when Chelsea defenders have the ball.

    Loving it.

  • 1st goal, what a beautiful dink over keeper by Sanchez our new number 9
    2nd goal, love Theo’s work rate, lovely pass from Iwobi
    3rd Goal the artistery of Mesut, even a shanked shot looks beautiful from this dude.

    Lovin it😘

  • Evening all. BK very quiet on such an evening!? What a top performance and result. Where were the boo’ers from the opening day of the season – have they never returned to their seats..? And what an outstanding team performance. Its easy to get carried away on the back of a game like this as it offers hope of so much; if such performance could be consistently sustained. But its enough for me to savour a comprehensive and stylish win over a heavy-weight opponent. Players are getting used to their new roles, partnerships are growing stronger and confidence should be sky high. Long may this last!

  • Ab. I will confess to be a booer during the Liverpool game, but only because we had been left so totally exposed at centre back by playing Holding a young lad albeit with plenty of promise and an error prone Chambers. I think today’s performance was a great example of what a difference a sound centre back pairing makes. I thouht Kos and Mustafi were brilliant today, all Costa did today was whinge. No way would Liverpool have got four goals with these two rocks available. If these two stay fit we could be on a winner.

    I agree where is everyone?

  • Right with you there retain. Mustafi is class, he exudes confidence and is very good positionally. He and Kos are a great pair who can give Holding the soundest education a young centre back could get.

    I love the way we controlled the game today against Chelsea – what a season we could have ahead of us!

  • I could not believe my eyes this morning local time when I woke up to find us winning 3-0.

    Playing the same 11 as the last game meant that our play will be focused on defense and attack, and it proved a sound choice as we were able to move the ball quick enough.

    I have only caught the highlights, as it was 12.30am in the morning local time, so will see the full game repeat before making any further comments.

    Cheers on a good 3 points.


  • Whatever the critics/experts/Einsteins may say after the game, before it, it was seen as a very difficult fixture, the fact that Arsenal made it look almost routine is credit to our players and coaching staff, so good on them.
    I only saw brief highlights on MotD but Alexis is starting to look the real deal up front and I never thought that that would be the case. Our attack is sharper and more incisive with Sanchez leading the line, he compliments the movement and pace of Walcott and Ozil, but Giroud still is a big player for us and will have a big influence for us this season.

    Coquelins knee injury is worrying, lets hope it’s not as serious as last time, fortunately we have Xhaka and Elneny to step into the breach.

    Time for a slight amount of rotation for the Basel game, just to keep everyone fresh?

  • Thinking back, we struggled in our last game with the same lineup against Hull, but yesterday’s game we were given plenty of space to strut our stuff.

    I do not think that we should sit back and relax, and we should give the team a much needed change for fresher heads against Basel.

    TA, maybe you are right that Alexis can persevere up front, but if he is able to keep his speed he should keep that spot.

    Ollie has yet to start a game this season, and it is something we need to give him to make him play well.


  • I’ll wait for the ‘Positives’ post, but the key to this victory was the speed and accurate passing.

    I said after the ‘Forest game, that the team unity was what made it special, and that had little to do with how well the opposition played.

    It is the same here.

    If you think Giroud has a problem getting a start, what about Ramsey, when he eventually gets fit?
    You only have to contrast his first movement with the ball to that of Iwobi to get the picture?

    I said before the game that Iwobi is a key component as to why Alexis as the No 9 works, and getting the MOTM award only strengthens that view. As with Ozil, another key component. he finally got his hand on the baton so his conducting was more proactive rather than reactive. But another big contender for MOTM was Walcott. There is a part of me that would like to slap his face and say ‘Why have you wasted the last two seasons, when you could have been playing like this!!!!!?????’
    But the truth is, he is a component. It is only now that the other components have come together to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. In no way do I dismiss Alexis’s part in all of this, albeit it might be his self-interest that has ignited the whole thing, but he too is now playing at a much higher level. Who knows, it might even keep him here?

    But behind the attacking quartet there is the midfield and defence, that are just as integral to it working so well as a unit. It is also a two way thing. Walcott v Matic in defence, who could have predicted that? 😀

    The difficult part for AW is how to keep the consistency, and yet rotate in order to avoid self-inflicting injuries? Not easy.

    One final thought from me. Rosicky was our previous ‘little Mozart’. He would have been a gem if we had this team in his prime? Fate, eh Tomas, can be a cruel thing?


  • Hi all.. Happy Sunday..

    17ht.. come on bro.. it’s more than just not bad.. hehehe.. it’s wonderful.. Awesome.. especially when MU, City and Liverpool also win big.. These 3 clubs are our real rivals..

    Boro almost make our weekend sweeter.. hehehe.. but I don’t worry to much, next week Spurs will face City.. and they will only get 1 point.. I wish for draw actually.. for us to cut the gap..

    Sorry for Coquelin.. it might be our only negative side for this game.. but I don’t worry to much.. I missed Xhaka’s goal more.. hehehe.. I wished he did it last night to make our victory Perfecto..

    Our first goal maybe a little bit luck.. but our second and third are brilliant.. Almost all of them did their part very well.. And we broke our cruse.. Chelsea will never be our nightmare anymore.. hehehe

  • Coquelin and has been a revelation this season, and i hope he isn’t out for too long. I must admit I had lost faith and in him after those yellow cards against Tottenham but his skill and energy have won me over. Plus his never say die attitude – fantastic stuff from him these last few games.

    We’re lucky to have Elneny and Xhaka to slot in as cover, a new and wonderful state to be in for us, but he has been elite level for us. As usual Arsenal knew that he would come good, and forgave him for that game last season much more quickly than I did. Just as well he’s managing the club rather than me!

    Half a day after watching the Chelsea game I’m still marvelling at the total control we exerted over what is pretty decent opposition. It has been a long time since we dominated a team like that, and I sense we’re only going to see more of this this. Who can stop us?

  • Very good game, I cannot fault any of our players, including the substitutes and wenger, they were up for it. Wenger played an extraordinary style of football in this game, pressing Chelsea high up the peach, our players were very sharp too.
    We all know about our super stars and what they can do, but I have to single out this young boy Iwobi, He hardly looses the ball even in tight corners, He gives one the most intelligent passes, very creative, assists despite playing on the flanks. I see his long term position as the number 10. He is simply amazing. Since he played his first game for the first team two seasons ago, he has never played a bad game.
    What do you guys think about him?

  • Perez, 2 goals at Forest, didn’t even get on, that shows the depth and quality of our squad.

    Wonderful what competition for your place can do, how it concentrates the mind, motivates better than any team talk, everyone knows if they don’t perform that there’s someone waiting for your starting place. And when you do get a game, you have to come up to scratch.
    I have to agree with the comments above re: Theo, and not before time, now to keep him fit…

    We’ve had 25 man squads in the recent past, but this time Arsene has finanally assembled a squad where he has real confidence in all of them and won’t hesitate to use them, so no fatigue related injuries hopefully, like I suspect Kevin De Bruyne has just suffered at Man City…

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