Perez CF, Ox and Theo on Wings, Santi/Coq in DM-pivot: Arsenal v Swansea Preview/ Line-up

Swansea, home or away, have not been easy opponents for us in recent years and I don’t expect tomorrow’s game to be a walk in the park either. All games after international games are hard, but luckily we play at home which should give us a better chance to take three points. The Swans will be reenergised by the arrival of another new manager, the American Bob Bradley. The players will want to make an impression on him and I figure they will give us a game. Anything less than 100% commitment may cost us points tomorrow.

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So we have to hit the road running and play energetic and dominant football, take our chances when they come and don’t get lulled in a false sense of security. The team that can do the job will likely be:

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Cech in goal, full backs Nacho and Hector Vector, and King Koz and Mustafi as our CBs…. Cannot see Arsene messing with this back five. Coquelin is fit again and Santi was rested for two weeks, so I reckon that will be our double DM pivot. Always hard to leave out Alexis but with a late game on Thursday, followed by a long flight, I reckon Wenger will start Perez and put Sanchez on the bench. Walcott is as fit as a fiddle after two dreamy international games, Ozil is ready to rock again and Wenger may rest Iwobi and start Ox.

Well that is my predicted line up. COYRRGs!!

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34 thoughts on “Perez CF, Ox and Theo on Wings, Santi/Coq in DM-pivot: Arsenal v Swansea Preview/ Line-up

  • Hi all..
    Nice post always TA..

    I love your starting eleven.. But is Coq fit enough..?? I think Wenger can play Xhaka to partner Cazorla as our double pivot..

    Perez must play.. period.
    It is a moment of truth.. hehehe..
    I mean.. we really need to know why Wenger bring Perez for..??
    With Giroud out of injured and Sanchez need a lot of rest after International games.. No more excuses not to play Perez as our starting eleven.. unless he also get some injury problem.. hehehe..

    Yes Swansea always gave us problem.. same as Chelsea.. BEFORE..
    But if we can kick Chelsea Ass.. then we can also do the same with Swans..
    And moreover they get a new Manager.. Wenger had a brilliant records against new manager.. hehehe..

    So.. Tomorrow we will win the game.. 3-0.. And Ozil will make two assist for Walcott and Perez..
    I still waiting for another Xhaka goal.. hehehehe.. Go Gunners..

  • TA, no disagreement with your 11, though i didnt see everyones minutes total played in internationals. Perez if healthy for sure.

    A word about the previous post by pony eye. Excellent job, PE, and great responses as well. I only wanted to add, that as i have been talking about here, I’m going to be watching Xhakas work because in his last few appearances, he doesnt seem the same player. Maybe its just a blip, but i have been disappointed. My hope is that it’s just a case of spotty minutes, and lack of continuity. That’s much preferable to the possibility that Wenger is coaching the fire out of him.

    Does anyone fear that Santis contract extension might be sacrificed to a returning Wilshere next season if he proves able to stay relatively healthy on loan? Because if they want to find significant time for Jack, someone who is playing often will not be able to. Would Santi be too expensive to keep around as a luxury?

  • Nice one TA. I am guessing that Bradley will be a personal motivator in his style of management, so I think you are right, he will have them up for this game.

    However, I think open play, ‘end to end’ games suit us well .. for 45 minutes at least. But it does mean, as you rightly say, we will have to take our chances … and defend when they counter!
    For this reason, I am going against all what I think might be the right thing to do, and I think he will start with Alexis and Iwobi.
    Alexis has taken his dogs with him, so I assume that means he will sleep on his private jet journey home? Adrenalin should get him through the first 45, and may be 10 minutes after. Although I would rather he came off before he starts showing any effects of his travels, as that is when he might get injured? So Perez, if he has shown enough in training, that would be the obvious swap. If not, then keep Iwobi as CF, mobile variety, and bring on Ox for the left side? I think Iwobi will be ‘hot’ after scoring in both Nigeria’s games, and he is young enough to recover quickly. Again, pull him off before he tires, probably with Gibbs to shut up shop if we have a lead of any kind?

    Overall, I think we are more likely to score in the first half than the second, as more players start feeling their Interlull efforts late on. Saving Alexis for the second half will put him out of sync with the other players imo.

    So, despite them having to go through it all again midweek in the CL, I think this same mini-squad will be the way AW will want to play it. He will rest the majority in the Reading game, but before that I think the Boro’ one is where it may come unstuck.

    Hoping your 10, plus my ‘1’ will be on AW’s wavelength, and they get the 3 points … despite my big reservations how this will impact in December?


    p.s Jnyc – Don’t get me started on contracts! 😀

  • Fine with Perez. Alexis requires periodic repose.
    There is no cause to sit Iwobi, Ox has not earned this start.
    15-from-5. No reason to tinker.


  • Thanks TA for the early preview.

    Wenger knows that the Chl/Basel performance of his team is still in a stage where it can simply vanish for ever. He also knows that the best chance for achieving that level consistently is by playing the same XI regularly all things being equal.

    That XI is known except for Xhaka’s passing versus Le Coq’s pressing. I feel Wenger will go with le Coq’s pressing.

    His next dilemma is Alexis who played at 00:30 BST Wednesday in faraway Chile. Alexis is the biggest experimentation in this “XI” and it will be a big dilemma for Wenger playing or not playing him.

    I feel he would start Alexis but change him early 2nd half. Alexis is not great as a sub because he tries to do 90 minutes work in 15 minutes.

    Line up:


    Subs: Ospina, Gab, Gibbs, Xhaka, Ox, Jeff, Perez.

  • Jnyc thanks for the shout.

    The big point is that Xhaka is more of control less of fire. A great asset all the same. The sooner we see this the quicker we would begin to appreciate what he’s got.

  • Cheers guys, I reckon Perez will start either for Iwobi or, most likely, for a very knackered Alexis. Time to introduce Perez, Wenger had two weeks with him and we cannot afford an injury to Alexis.

  • There was a bit of a story yesterday about Bellerin missing training … and Debuchy being spotted.
    There are two ways this story can go.
    1, Bells is still a bit fragile around that ankle, and will use the extra days off to prepare for the CL game midweek. All quite plausible, but he did play on Monday so I assume he was back with the squad quite early? Therefore, any doubt might have leaked out before, I would have thought, as I think managers have to report these things because of the importance to the gambling public. That is to say, the FA want a bit of transparency, even if managers do not?

    2, It was just a precaution to prevent him getting a knock in training. We have had a few of those because they are a bit full on in training.

    Either way, I am not sure Debuchy would get the nod anyway. Holding or M-Niles more likely? I am sure AW would not want to ‘tinker’ with the backline if he can help it, especially as this position ties in very strongly with Walcott riding high. The two have a good understanding both in attack and defence. So my guess is, he will risk Bells in this game, strapped up if necessary, and if he comes through okay, he will do the same in midweek. He can then rest him when they have more time to prepare for the Boro game, and he will bypass the Reading in the next midweek fixture.

    A lot depends on the type of potential damage, which only AW and the medical staff will know, but they certainly will not risk any long term damage. But if he misses today, I think he might skip the next too as well?

    I know OGAAT is your byword TA, but trying to keep the same team together as much as possible makes it impossible for AW not to think of the implications in the short term.

  • I’m hopeless attempting to predict Arsenal Wenger’s line ups but the first 11 I’d like to see versus Swansea, with Ramsey and Giroud out and presuming Sanchez is rested is:

    GK – Cech
    RB – Debuchy
    CB – Mustafi
    CB – Kosicelny
    LB – Monreal
    CDM – Xhaka
    CDM – Coquelin
    RW – Walcott
    CAM – Ozil
    LW – Perez
    CF – Ox

    Nice strong defensive platform, incisive off the ball running from the wings and creativity in attack from Ozil and Ox.

  • Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Cazorla, Xhaka, Walcott, Ozil, Iwobi, Alexis
    Arsenal substitutes: Ospina, Gabriel, Gibbs, Coquelin, Elneny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lucas

    Hi Guys
    Surprised Alexis is starting, I’m hoping for a few quick goals and then replace him with Lucas, for a good chunk of the game. With a CL game midweek, will also need to give Ozil & Bellerin a rest, I’m really positive about today’s game, a roaring home ground 4:1. Enjoy

  • I’m up but not quite up enough for a live-blog, I fear….

    Full Line-ups:

    Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Cazorla, Ozil, Iwobi, Walcott, Alexis

    Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin, Elneny, Lucas

    Swansea: Fabianski, Naughton, Fernandez, Amat, Taylor, Fer, Britton, Cork, Routledge, Barrow, Sigurdsson

    Subs: Nordfeldt, van der Hoorn, Rangel, Kingsley, Fulton, Ki, Borja

    Ref: Jonathan Moss

  • 1st half done… And it ends with a golden chance for Swansea from a set piece. All 3 goals seemed like poaches off mistakes. We’ll need to do better in the 2nd period…

  • Xhaka sent off… Professional foul?…Seems harsh…

    Now we’ll have to hold on…

  • And we do…just barely though Theo had a couple of glorious chances to get his hat trick…

    Finishes 3-2…

  • Arsenal go 2nd and tied on points with ManCity… Not bad….

    Tough day for Xhaka…

  • Listened to the game on Arsenal player, but have seen the sending off on video. Whilst playing by the rules it was a booking, I think it’s about time they changed the rules. Let’s get rid of this taking one for the team rubbish. It was clearly cynical and in my opinion he deserved sending off. And I am Arsenal biased.

  • When i heard red for Xhaka, i was excited, that’s our Xhaka! Then i saw the play, very disappointing. Never red in a million years. We’ll appeal.. Oh well, at least his bad game came in a win.

    Nice Theo

  • That tackle from behind did not warrant a red. Naughty yes it is, but red it is not.

    Theo should have scored at least 5, with 3 chances missed when it should have been easier to score.

    We should have done better to keep Swans out of the way, but somehow we made mistakes that allowed them to come back.

    Ozil showed glimpses of his old form, scoring one, while Alexis continued his assist streak with 2 massive assists.

    Not the best game, but we hung on until the very end.

    Cheers on 3 points,

  • The important thing is recognizing what Xhaka’s strengths and weaknesses are. A great passer particularly the longer passes but on the slow side for pressing and tracking back which was why he was forced to choose the option of the foul. More red than yellow, imo.

    The take home, high time we begin to give Le Coq the credit he deserves as a world class DMder. Time for us to remember that Messi cost nothing also. Xhaka is a great B2B.

    We can now see from previous selections that AKB.

    3pts, 6 wins on the bounce. COYG!!

  • PE, though Wenger said it is not a red, he will not appeal. Probably he can count on Le Coq to replace Xhaka.

    Something is making Wenger start Alexis rather than Perez. Anyone knows about it?


  • njk, starting Alexis is a formula that is working and growing, so to Wenger and to me as well, no point changing it.

    It almost looks like we are playing a 4:2:4 where in the fluidity of movements Ozil, Walcott, or Alexis take turns as point man irrespective of Alexis being the default point man.

    As a matter of fact our offensive form is so varied that maybe the best way to describe it is that our offensive players have been given the freedom to respond intelligently to the dynamic field situation. That is tending towards a formless form. With the right players, I reckon it must be the ultimate formation. Nebulous, it can’t be pinned down.

  • I’ve just watched the match on the ‘Player. Overall, a good game to win.

    I am not sure if TA is doing a review, so I’ll try and restrain myself in this comment.

    First, take this win as a bonus after an internationl break. We had most of our key players playing for their countries. That, on the back of consecutive tough games before those games, so yes, players were not all going to be spot on with their touch. Take that as a given.

    Alexis was probably the most notable, however, by playing him he took two or thee defenders away from the I think AW was right to play him from the off.
    In the first half Iwobi was amazing, both with his quick feet, and equally his movement into space to be an option for others. However, if I were to be critical of AW it is the delay in substituting him earlier. Their second goal came about because Monreal took the chance of an early tackle, knowing Iwobi was there as cover. Unfortunately by then, Iwobi’s head and legs had gone so he did not anticipate the move. Gibbs on earlier might have relved Xhaka of his red card? On that point, I am with PE, more red than yellow. It wasn’t just a ‘trip’, it was a solid kick on the ankle, and one that forced the guy off later. It could have been seen as a mistimed trip – Yellow – or as a malicious tackle – Red.
    I think any appeal would have been thrown out because of the damage caused.

    Mustafi had an outstanding game .. until the last ten minutes. Where even he succumbed to the fatigue factor to the point that he could not even jump to prevent Fer from having two gilt edged free headers. Walcott too, you would not think he have missed either chance made by the Ox on his early performance? That is what fatigue does, it takes those moments of crisp, sharp thinking and turns them into snatched mistimed plays that you might think it would be harder to miss?
    Not with a frazzled brain it isn’t.

    What I am saying is, give credit to all who played as well as they could for as long as they could,and be thankful it was enough.

    As to why no Perez? Well as PE said, it is easier to play the team that gel well. The other part might be something that has not worked in training. Perhaps it is tied up with the fact that Giroud has not been fit either? So rather than take out someone from a plan that works, and potentially destroy it because he isn’t ‘that’ player – Iwobi or Alexis,. Therefore, he will have to wait on injury or Plan B?

    Hopefully, a day off today, light training tomorrow, this same team will be sharper for longer on Wednesday?


  • Swans, Ludogorets and Middlesbrough. 3 games in 7days. Those on the wrong side of 30 and on the ‘right’ side of 21 to be rested for the middle game so that all guns blazing again by epl weekend.

    Coq for Santi, Gibbs for Nacho and Ox for Iwobi.

    Line up;

    Bench; Cech, Gab, Nacho, Eln, Santi, Iwobi, Perez.

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