What did Arsene tell Giroud to Sign so Quickly?

Koz – Coq – Ollie Signatures Secure the Spine for Years to Come.

The announcement of new contracts for Koz, Coq and Ollie is music to our ears. In one go, Arsenal have ensured the continuation of our spine. With Cech and Ospina we have two fabulous goalkeepers; and with the newly signed Mustafi and Holding and the solid, vastly improved Gabriel and Koz, we have four fine CBs to pick from. And of course there is still the experienced BFG to return to the squad at some point this season. SO the bottom of the spine is sorted. The full backs are sorted too..

In the centre of midfield, we have the newly signed Elneny and Xhaka, and Coq. On top of this we have the more box to box like central midfielders in Rambo and Santi. I am not saying all is brill in this area, but it’s  more a matter of getting the combinations right rather than having to buy new players. Wenger could add another favourite collectible, a central midfielder, in the summer, but surely it would mean that one of Rambo or Santi would be sold. We also have a rejuvenated super-Jack coming back at the end of the season, and he could well make the best fit with Xhaka or Coquelin in the centre of midfield. I have no worries whatsoever about the quality of our squad in midfield.

In the hole, we have Ozil and the fast developing Iwobi, and both Santi and Jack can also play there. So no concerns whatsoever re quality options for this most pivotal of roles in the team.

Up-top we have Giroud to lead the line or to function as our super-sub. Both work for me, and I reckon the longer Alexis dithers about signing a new contract the more we see Ollie starting games in the next few months. Don’t be surprised if Alexis gets gradually marginalised with Wenger choosing the trio of Welbeck – Giroud – Perez more and more. I still really like Sanchez as our CF and with Welbeck, Theo, Perez and Ox to play on the ‘wing’ we have some fine options to hurt any opponent. I would love us to try a youngster on the wing and buy super quality in the summer and then let both Ox and Theo go, but I know this will not be totally popular with my fellow BKers! 🙂

The fact that Giroud signed a new contract so quickly must mean that Wenger was able to convince him that he is still very much in his, and/or the club’s, long term plans. I would love to know what Wenger actually told him…! Now for Ozil and Alexis to follow soon. I think the former will sign sooner or later but the latter may prefer to have one more, financially very attractive, adventure somewhere else. I would love to keep him but if he were to go I am sure we have the money to get a good replacement. A swap with Griezman perhaps?! 🙂

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So for me, from a squad point of view, the future is looking very bright red and white indeed.

By TotalArsenal.


6 thoughts on “What did Arsene tell Giroud to Sign so Quickly?

  • And there I was, thinking you were the fly on the wall who will tell us exactly what Wenger told Giroud to make him sign so quick. Agree, it is good news to have those 3 sign up, even as we await the two big ones. If you ask me, I would imagine this turn of events will put some ‘social’ pressure on the duo because, let’s face it, why would those 3 not care whether the manager’s future is sorted or not? They play for Arsenal, after all, plus they are well paid as it is. Some cynics would say they “cannot get better outside of Wenger’s socialist wage system” (I actually read something to that effect off a comments section in another blog).

    Both Alexis and Ozil need to make a quick decision so that their delay may not be detrimental to any hope that we may reasonably habour, for some silverware this season. .

  • I have not been paying much attention to happenings in soccer generally and the Arsenal-dom, in particular. I realize I will have some catching up to do, especially with all the transfer news (or a lack of it?), in order to get back to scratch.

    But, as for the game tomorrow, I hope the lads are able to just focus on the goal to get the 3 points against a team that will be more motivated, having hired a good manager in Paul Clement, who in turn, has brought in a legend of a player, Makalele, as Assistant. They will get a lift from this and will have something to prove. Not going to be an easy game, trust me.

  • Eris, I have no doubt that all new contract signers could have opted to go to China to earn shitloads more, so we are right to be pleased they signed up with us. 😀⚽️

    How is your wife doing?

  • Nice one TA and I agree with the sentiment that it’s very good to get these guys signed up. Next I’d like to see Ozil, Alexis and AW put pen to paper but that might be something we will have to wait upon. I concur that the team feels strong though some of the injuries right now (and Santi’s latest news about maybe missing the whole season) make me worry. As I said in the last post I think we’ve got a crucial stretch staring us in the face…

    I’ve been procrastinating but I should be able to get a brief preview out in a bit…

  • The wife is much better now, TA. Thanks for asking. I had always thought (and say of her) that she is a very strong personality. Now, I have to admit she probably had a stronger bond, than I thought, with her Mum. The emotions…….

    Hopefully, Arsenal gets the 3 points tomorrow and cheer her up a bit 😉

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