Wenger Signs, Expect a Big Signing Soon, at Least One of Ozil and Alexis to Stay

And the beat goes on, the beat goes on. I think we all knew that Arsene would sign another contract. It is unlikely to reunite the fanbase but, whether you are a Wengerinner or Wengerouter, or neither, fact is you knew that he would sign a new contract. For Arsene, life is Arsenal and Arsenal is life. And if you are a member of the BoD, you would also not stand in the way of another two years of Arsene at the helm. From a business point of view it make sense; and the club owe Wenger for his loyalty and the financial successes, as well as recent sporting successes.

Personally, I would have been excited if a new manager had been selected, but I am also happy to see Wenger at the club for a few more years. With a strong finish to the season based on a change of tactics and formation, and beating both oiler clubs to win the FA Cup, there is plenty to be excited about going forward. Wenger and the team have turned a page or two, and the Frenchman may still be able to go all the way once more. Unlikely but certainly not unthinkable.

Not playing in the stressful (and boring) CL will give Wenger an opportunity to focus mainly on the league. The UEFA league is a brilliant opportunity to give the ‘second string’ team an opportunity to shine and get really good game practice. Ospina, Gibbs, Holding, Gabriel, Chambers, Jack, Le Coq, Santi, Iwobi, Perez and Giroud – all players who can push out a ‘first team’ player next season – would be able to get far in that competition. Spursday nights could become fun occasions to watch the Gunners.

Add two or three players – a left wingback, a quality CF and young super talent in midfield – further develop the 3-4-3 formation, focus hard on winning the league, keep at least one of Ozil and Alexis, and play football the Arsenal way. And don’t be surprised if Arsenal announce a big signing in the next few days.

Let’s see what next season will bring us. Plenty of adventures lay ahead of us.

By TotalArsenal


12 thoughts on “Wenger Signs, Expect a Big Signing Soon, at Least One of Ozil and Alexis to Stay

  • For me, this must be a well considered decision and I give it my full support. Running a £biilion + club goes far beyond purchasing and coaching of players where in truth we have not done badly all things considered. Arsenal, comparatively, is a well run club and we cannot afford not to close ranks for the now extremely ferocious PL battle for the top.

  • If you compare W-L-D before and after Cazorla injury, you will see that he will not be in second team.

  • If Alexis leaves then finding someone to score 30 goals is going to be very expensive.

    Like you Total, I’m quite interested to see what we do in the UEFA Cup, perfect opportunity to bring on the fringe players you suggest, especially those returning from career threatening injuries and who must be brought back gradually and tactfully.
    I hoping that Maitland-Niles pushes on next season as I think that lad has a lot of potential.

  • Hi all.. Hi TA.. Nice post..
    Miss you guys.. Do you miss me too..??

    So this is the fact.. we lost our Champion League.. Let say.. The new day has comes.. hahahaha..
    I must say I was surprised with Wenger stayed.. but I love it, he always had my support.. after 21 years.. something will going very unusual without Arsene.. Arsenal is Arsene.. hehehe..

    So we will play the UEFA games for the first time in Wenger era.. Maybe he can win it with ease like Mou did.. hehe..

    We got 2 players already.. don’t we..?? Actually one.. the Nigerian Henry is just to young to be at our first team..
    Sead Kolasinac.. another great defender of Bundesleague.. Who will he replaced? Most fans said Monreal, but I think Gibbs..

    Our Captain Mertesacker surprised me also in our last game.. He still can play the ball.. hehehe..
    With our new formation 3-4-2-1, He maybe still another option..
    But will Wenger keep the winning formula as our new secret weapon..??

    Some interesting news for us as a fans
    Who will Wenger bring next season..??
    Will Wilshere ever come back home..??
    Will Cazorla fit again..??
    Which youngster will be promoted..??
    And Who will leave..??

    I still believe that both Sanchez and Ozil will stay.. And I think Gabriel, Gibbs, Debuchy and Jenkinson will all gone..
    So the most wanted player will be a Right Back to cover Bellerin..

    And anybody know about Bergkamp nowaday.. If he still at Ajax..?? Wenger will choose his succesor.. will it be Bergkamp..?? I hope so.. Hehehehe..

  • Ko Henry, where have you been? It’s been ages.

    We need someone to act as a cover for the DM positions, and Rambo is best as rampaging midfielder.

    With reference to the past seasons, nothing is confirmed until it is posted on Arsenal.com.

  • Hi JK.. Really..?? hehehe..
    Who will you suggest for DM position..??

  • Hey fellas…

    I missed this one for a couple of days… Where was the “New Post” tag?…

    Yeah, from the reaction of the Goonersphere you’d think that AW signing a new contract was like a ship full of aliens landing on earth and slaughtering everyone, giving them only one last tweet before they died… What’s the covfefe here?… 😀 😦

    I agree, that the Europa League matches should be a chance for the bigger squad to work their way back from injury (including Santi–whose multiple surgeries don’t seem to be actually mending him…) or just from the shadow teams. We have a deep squad and it’s not at all clear who could emerge and do a job for us–Like Rob Holding did in the run-in, for example. That said, I think there will be a lot of movement in and out of the Club. The K-man from Bosnia looks in, Gibbs and/or Nacho out… Lucas Perez looks gone too. Who will come in? I would be (very) happily surprised if it was M’bappe which might prove that old connections like the manager’s with Monaco still held some sway. If such a thing were to happen it might see Giroud headed back to the south of France (Marseille) which would make me sad. I grow attached to our players (like I do with the manager) and, overall, I fear change at least as much as I know it must happen. Change for change sake, as I feel most of the Wenger Out folks want? No thank you…

    That’s just my view, so there you go… Welcome back, Hehehehenry…

  • Lol, 17ht @ “covfefe” and “Hehehehenry”.

    That had me in stitches.😆😆

  • Glad you enjoyed it ‘Eris…

    We’ll see what you think of the…

    New Post…

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