ALO ALO! Alexis, Lacazette, Ozil: A Title Winning Strike Force

Lyon have just signed Traore from Chelsea which must be a strong indication that they are about to sell Alexandre Lacazette. This does not mean he is coming our way, of course. Many teams will be looking to buy a top quality CF and AL is one of them; let there be no doubt about it.

He is the French League player of the season according to Whoscored and scored second most league goals – a goal per game almost. He played a quarter less minutes than the top scorer, Cavani, and, had he played the same number of minutes he would have finished not on 28 but on 35 league goals or there about, given his average minutes between goals. He plays for a proper French club as well: one where players are developed and no sugar daddy tries to buy titles for self gratification. He is the sort of character that fits our club perfectly.

Lacazette does not need many shots to score his goals; he is a lot more efficient than the French league top scorer for example. He is mobile, likes to dribble, a good passer of the ball and has a good shot from outside the box. He also likes to take penalties and his biggest strength is his finishing. A mobile attacker with a deadly finish and comfortable on the ball, hmmm, on whose wish list will he have been? Answers in German please.

The 3-4-3 formation is exciting. It has given us wings, winning nine out of ten league games, scoring goals for fun and conceding just half a goal per game. But we have all been able to see that we are too reliant on Alexis and Mesut to produce the goods up front. The likes of Welbz, Perez (who I love), Theo (who needs to leave) and Iwobi all offer something to the team but they are not there yet (and may never make the grade, unfortunately). And if Wenger really wants to win the league he cannot afford to hope for the best. Alexis, Lacazette and Ozil up-front, ALO ALO! That is sex on six legs my fine fellow BKers. Potentially a title winning trio, if you ask me.

Just imagine the constant movement and ability to pass and run the hardest defences into a lasagne. Imagine Xhaka, Rambo/Santi/Jack, serving these three birds of prey!! Picture for yourself the likes of Kola, Bellerin, Ox and Nacho serving these three monsters from the wings.

I hear you say that Wenger will have to sell either Ozil or Alexis, or both. Well I am going to tell you they will not be sold. We don’t need to and if the fans have established one thing with their protests in recent months, it is that Kroenke would not dare to cash in on either of them. Won’t happen.

Have I wetted your appetite? Good. Now let’s get Lacazette and tell Ozil and Alexis to sign a new contract or play their current ones out. We are the Arsenal and we mean business.

By TotalArsenal 

26 thoughts on “ALO ALO! Alexis, Lacazette, Ozil: A Title Winning Strike Force

  • You have served up one hell of a tasty dish with that post TA.
    Atletico Madrid have a good eye for a striker and Lacazette was earmarked for a move to them before they were hit with a transfer ban.
    Seems like Arsene will have a good ‘un when the deal is finalised.

    Apparently Chris Willock is in talks with Benfica…

  • TA.. If Mbappe is the comparison than I choose Lacazette for sure.. More matured and cheaper.. Hehehe

    But if you ask me.. Is there any other choice.. Then I will go for Ibra Kadabra or Bas Dost.. Hehehe..
    You all may laugh when I talk about Bas Dost.. But I have some good things about him :
    1. His price may only half Lacazette.
    2. He is second best scorer after Messi this season.
    3. He play in a more competitive league than Lacazette did..
    4. He had been in some leagues like Eredivisie and Bundesliga also..
    5. He is taller than Lacazette
    6. He is faster than Lacazette also..
    7. He is Dutch.. Hehehe..

    But top of my priority still goes to Ibra Kadabra.. If he can success with MU, he certainly will with us.. Cause we are better.. Hahaha..

  • TA,
    I love this post. Not only is it beautifully rendered, it is also a wise counsel.

    That hype around Mbappe has blinded many to the fact that Lacazette is 24 carat gold. Has he ever given less than ’24’ goals per season? Consistency is the quality to look out for in strikers and Lacazette is Mr Consistency, a guy well equipped in the art of goal scoring.

    Lacazette will improve our team which happens to be my definition of a world class player.

    TA, …….. ALO must be the German word for GOALS GALORE! Right? I can’t wait for the dotted lines signed to make him ours.

  • While I don’t think a striker of Lacazette’s profile ideally suits Arsenal’s 3-4-2-1 setup, as his lack of aerial strength greatly reduces Arsenal’s potential goal scoring threat from crosses, there is no doubt that his off the ball movement and efficiency in front of goal is excellent.

    As an avid Lyon fan for the past 20 years, I can say with confidence that the best way a team can to exploit Lacazette’s array of skills is to play counterattacking football.

    The Frenchman has been at his devastating best in recent seasons when Lyon have been able to transition the ball quickly from defence to attack. When Les Gones have been able to do so Lacazette has had the time and space he thrives on to dribble past central defenders or make off the ball runs between central defenders and in on goal.

    While like of Gonalons (RCDM), Tolisso (LCDM) and Fekir (CAM) have been excellent in recent seasons at quickly moving the ball forward to Lacazette (which has coincided in Alexandre’s excellent goal scoring hauls), and Gonalons, Jallet (RWB) and Morel (LWB) have been excellent defensively, Tolisso and the various CBs Lyon have tried in recent seasons have been very poor in their defensive contribution. The resultant effect has been Lacazette, Gonalons and Fekir shining but Lyon unable to make a real title challenge due to their defensive weakness centrally.

    For Arsenal, if they were to successfully sign Lacazette, they would need to fundamentally alter their tactical approach and some
    key personnel in order to play to the Frenchman’s strengths. Namely, Arsenal would need to adopt a more counterattacking style of play (as opposed to the slow possession monopolisation approach Arsenal have utilised in recent years).

    In addition, Arsenal would need to recruit at least 2 CDMs who possess a combination of transitional skills (long range passing and dribbling) and defensive skills. The reason for that is three fold:

    1. As mentioned above, Lacazette needs time and space to dribble past central defenders or make off the ball runs between central defenders and in on goal.

    2. Arsenal’s ability to consistently recover possession in central midfield and then quickly launch counter attacks will go a long way to providing Lacazette with the space and time he requires in the CF role.

    3. Of Ramsey, Coquelin, Cazorla, Elneny, Wilshere and Xhaka, only Xhaka comes close to possessing that mix of transitional skills (long range passing and dribbling) and defensive skills (and even then Xhaka still needs to improve his defensive contribution).

    While I still don’t think a striker of Lacazette’s profile ideally suits Arsenal’s 3-4-2-1 setup, if Arsenal are willing to make the tactical and personnel changes to accomodate Alexandre’s style and strengths, the Gunners will have a devastating goal scorer on their hands.

    As much as it would be a blow to Les Gones, if Arsenal do end up selling Sanchez this summer they would do well to snap up Fekir to replace the Chilean. While Ajax’s Ziyech has marginally better end product (through passes, assists and goals), Fekir has developed wonderful on field chemistry with Lacazette and the two of them have been an absolute joy to watch.

  • Hi guys.. Liverpool bringback Salah from Roma.. So why don’t we do the same with Dzeko.. Hehehe..

  • I like your thinking regarding Bas Dost henrychan. The big Dutchman:
    – has had a great season with Sporting in Portugal bagging 34 goals
    – is very strong aerially
    – has surprisingly good off the ball movement for a big man.

    My only hesitation with him is that he hasn’t really repeatedly delivered a large number of goals outside of this past season. His goal scoring record has been:
    – 8 goals in the 15/16 season for Wolfsburg
    – 16 goals in the 14/15 season again for Wolfsburg
    – 4 goals in the 13/14 season again for Wolfsburg
    – 8 goals in the 12/13 season again for Wolfsburg

    Also Bas has been pretty heavily affected by injury throughout his career to date. While that does make his goal scoring record more impressive, it casts a bit of doubt on his reliability. If he can replicate his form this past season next season and prove that he can stay fit any healthy, I reckon he would be a great signing for Arsenal’s CF position and very well suited.

  • Waldo.. Yes I agree with you.. Sometimes some players just don’t fit with some league..
    Aubameyang did also in league 1.. He didn’t get alot goals in St.Entient.. I guessed that’s why Wenger choose Giroud over him.. Cmiiw..

  • Fekir, no, please, it’s a joke. This guy may have a good technique, but he is so selfish… Preferring his solos to giving the ball to his partners. Lacazaette would thrive wih an Özil while we’d sink with a Fekir.

  • TA, big thanks for getting a post out and it’s good to feel your enthusiasm for Lacazette and Arsenal’s next season of football… It’s also interesting to hear Waldo’s thoughts on the player as it sounds like he’s seen him in action a lot more than many others have…

    On that account, unfortunately, I can’t say much, having only seen snippets. Over the years, I’ve heard a LOT about Lacazette’s moves, been pointed to his highlight reels, etc. This summer, his stats seem to speak just as loudly…

    All of that seems good and he seems like a player who could excite Gooners on several levels.

    (Where do you guys look for your stats? Curious minds and all that… To me, the game seems to be played in so many different ways–and in different leagues and levels and with varying styles of teamwork–so I’m quite dubious about the importance of such things… But, I’m also feel open to hearing about what stats work for other observers…)

    A couple of things… I think the new formation lends itself to playing more on the counter so I don’t quite get Waldo’s worry there. Xhaka seems a fine distributor of the ball (as does Santi, of course) and Wenger picks CBs who can also hit a longer pass and aren’t scared to try them. Ozil, Ramsey and the Ox all are willing to come back (drop deep) and receive those passes and can turn, push the ball up and distribute forward with passes of their own. Kolasinac? Same as Lacazette, I haven’t seen enough to be able to tell…

    Buying fully developed talent, even if it’s not in the “generational” category (M’Bappe) is probably more what this team needs. Gotta get (securely) back in that top 4 (and the brighter lights of the CL…) ASAP, IMO and give a real challenge on the domestic front. Given the pressure the team will be under (Wenger Out banners on opening day?…) we need goal scorers who can hit the ground running and start bulging the nets. Unfortunately, “bedding in periods,” getting used to the big and rough English defenders and a football culture that doesn’t allow much in the way of “playing for the pen,” means even bigger pressures on CFs… I’ll always remember that great chance that Giroud (pass from Santi) missed in his opening match that caused a couple of points to be dropped. For many Gooners, that was all they needed to see re: the big Frenchman…

    Who sounds like–If Lacazette comes in–may go the other direction or otherwise be done at Arsenal. To me that’s a sad thing, but so it goes…

    Finally, I cannot see much good in these players of ours (Alexis, Ozil, Ox…) playing out their contracts. Yes, they’d be “in” the team, but the distraction level would be too big and their individual priorities (their next contract…) would cause even more agitation and uncertainty at a time when, perhaps more than ever, we need to be united. IMO, we must get these things sorted no later than 1 Sept (or whenever the window closes), and, ideally, much (much) earlier…

    Then again, as always, What (TF) do I know? I (tend to) trust my eyes (and my gut) when it comes to watching the actual football; with transfers and contracts and that sort of speculation it all feels a bit more like fumbling in the dark…

  • Cheers guys

    Henry, Dost is a Dutchman and let’s leave it at that. Not what we need as long as we have the much better Giroud.

    Waldo, nice additional info on AL. Disagreed re need for different central midfielders. We are very fortunate in that area. If we need aerial presence up front we can bring in supersub, Giroud.

  • Good points Seventeenho. Sorting out the contracts would be great. I am less worried about the motivation of Alexis and Mesut if they were to go into their last season at Arsenal.

  • TA, I’m still interested in where you get your stats…Waldo as well, of course…

    I’m quite worried about Alexis going into the season (or past the deadline…) w/o extending. (I’m working up to a post about it, but it will probably not be until the middle of the week…) Ozil, I think, will sign but I’d also be less concerned if we got past the deadline and the wheels were at least in motion. Much of the contract negotiations will be determined by who we bring in and what that (or those) players sign for. If that info about Kolasinac on 150K/week is true, then Ozil settling near 200K/week and Alexis offered nearer to 250 could make sense…On the other hand, if Wenger’s new deal is 9 million per year or approx. 175K/week that could be the upper limit. I think it could be possible that there’s a belief at the club–or from AW himself–that players making more than the gaffer is not good policy…. Lacazette is currently on 4.2 million (Euros) so any new deal with him shouldn’t threaten AW’s or the other top salaries on the team.

    We shall see…

  • Looking fwd to your post, Seventeenho. Imo Alexis gives his all on the pitch and he would not want to drop his form as to remain interesting to the highest contract bidders at the end of the season. I have to say that I could live with him leaving this summer as long as we keep Ozil, who is irreplaceable. I just don’t think the club will let him go unless they can get another great attacker this summer.

  • Totally (get it…) agreed… TA, re: Alexis and Ozil… Disagree about the dynamics of a player playing out his contract given the Bosman rule… but maybe I can get into that in the upcoming post…

    “I just don’t think the club will let him (Alexis) go unless they can get another great attacker this summer.”

    So, Lacazette isn’t a great attacker? Who (in your mind) would qualify? Again, curious minds and all that… Cheers for the heads up re: whoscored…

  • Henry, Dost is “wild card” transfer prospect but, I’m not sure he can be counted on to improve Arsenal, seeing as we seek to challenge for the EPL. He scores goals and is efficient (at least, while he was at Wolfsburg, Germany) the few times I watched him play, but he is a very limited player. His best season at Wolfsburg was 20 goals in the Bundesliga and 10 the season after before he was sold to Sporting in Portugal. The fact he scored some 34 league goals with Sporting tells you everything you need to know, as that is obviously a weaker league.

    As for TA’s breezy article about the sense in Lacazette combining with Alexis and Ozil (loving our own “ALO” combo there too), I am all for it and think that’s the way to go for us, if that hardliner President of Lyon can just give it up, for once and stop the games. I am not going to lose sleep if we are forced to sell Alexis, if we bring in Lemar. Truth is it is a team game and what we will lose in Alexis’ industry and goals can be replaced with greater team spirit and Lacazette’s prolificacy.

    Also reading that Theo is now a target for West ham, after failing with Giroud, apparently. It is clear that we will have to sell 2 of the strikers in our books now to have space for another superstar. Who will the money be on to go, of Theo, Giroud, Perez, Danny, Akpom and Alexis?

  • We were linked with a 21 year old Russian prodigy, Aleksandr Golovin, so I thought to check him out on YouTube and watch him play in the Confed cup, hosted by Russia. He does have something about him (skillful, holds the ball well, not wasteful, good decision making and knows how to win back possession) and I can see how he can be linked (to be loaned back to cska) to a club like Arsenal.

    Someone to watch.

  • TA.. You know it isnt only about Dutch.. Hehehe..
    Do Lacazette worth 60M..?
    Will he an upgrade of Giroud..?? Who knows..?? Is all about Gambling.. Or let’s say an opportunity..
    Who can tell what happened to Jackson Martinez at Atl.Madrid..??
    What happened to Martial or Falcao at MU..??
    What’s wrong with Salah and Cuadrado at Chelsea..?? And so on..

    Like I said before.. Aubameyang also didn’t get it with St.Etienne.. If he did, Wenger maybe already brought him to Emirates..
    He started average also with Dortmund when Lewi still around.. But then “Booom” after Lewi gone..

    So, what I want to say is We never know what will happened.. Even Messi maybe won’t be as Charming as he is now if he play in PL or other league with other Club..
    Only several players proven tobe great in many League.. Zlantan Ibrahimovic is one of them.. maybe Ronaldo also..

    So even of we bring Lewandoski, Aubameyang, Cavani or what we are talking about Lacazette.. No guarantee he will be success..
    So why don’t we open our radar to many opportunities..
    With the same prices.. We can get Bas Dost and Calvarho.. Hahaha

  • Hi Goonereris..
    It’s not only about lower or higher league.. Primeira (Portugal) League is one step higher than League1 (France) if you want to count that..

    Golovin is still young.. So it’s OK for me..
    Serbia, Krosia, Russia have a great history of football.. So the will continues creating some great players..

  • Eris, we may see more than two exits this summer. Giroud as back up from bench and UEFA league, and some key PL games, would work for me – we need to keep him (sweet). Alexis, Welbeck need to stay unless we find good replacements which is not easy of course. But we currently lack a third quality attacker that can lift the team to the next height and Lacazette seems that sort of player at 26 and firing in a goal per game in a competition now almost at the same level as the PL.

  • Good point Henry hehe. You want to see an attacker being added who can hit the ground running, fits into the style of play and is not something we already have. Lacazette is more mobile than Giroud, dribbles better than Theo and finishes better than most do. He can also play left and right midfield and that is always attractive in an attacker. It looks like Wenger wants three mobile attackers who are confident on the ball and good passers, and also deadly finishers at the key moments. With a goal per game, the mobile and easy on the ball Lacazette should suit us well. But first we got to sign him

  • Am not.scared of Alexis leaving. Am not scared of any player leaving. Am only scared of our ability to sell well and buy well. There are so many great players around. Aleksandr Golovin is one of them.

    Eris, I’ve watched a lot of Alek Golovin clips. Glad you picked up his ball winning ability which he accomplishes by his amazing acceleration. That makes him a well rounded attacking player. I value very quick feet. That’s what puts Messi on a class of his own (though he doesn’t bother to win balls back). Golovin has quick feet. And he is so cheap (I think about £10M only). He is already a today’s star and looks a tomorrow’s super star. If Sanchez is bent on leaving, I would let him go if I can recruit Golovin.

  • PE, you have shown greater courage than I could muster in daring to mention (a £10m) Golovin as a possible replacement for Alexis! The truth is the kid already looks a near- complete player or baller. He can play in the heart of midfield (as he does for CSKA), where he displays this knack for dispossessing players of the ball, and yet can play from the wings (as he does for the national team) to good effect. I only hope his performance at the Confed cup has not exposed him to other sides and his value going up. I also hope it isn’t an agent using the name of our club to draw attention to the player.

    If Wenger is interested, and gets him in, he will be one of the gems that the manager may be said to have unearthed for the club, as he is won’t to do once in a while. Of course, some of the fan base will scoff at the price but will later eat humble pie, for sure.

  • Guys,

    Sorry for being missing for a few days.
    Henry and the rest are fighting it out on who is better.

    For me, if Lacazette or any striker can come in, that means he is one for the future to replace either Ozil or Alexis. If not, we will need to sell one striker. Let it be Theo.

    Most players thrive in a league that suits them. The EPL is not one that is too tough for anyone, but look at how Ibra did. Maybe Waldo can show us his stats, but I am not convinced he did well.

    So, even if Lacazette played well in the German League, I am not sure if he can cope with EPL. What I can say is if we buy him, make sure he can gel with the team.

    Talking about Kolasinac, the snippets of him showed that he is good at controlling the ball, but sometimes making tough challenges that might see him get a few cards (yellow, hopefully) due to the EPL players having the tendency to dive upon a slight touch.

    However, as I mentioned in paragraph 3, we need to see how he thrives in the EPL. Maybe Le Prof sees that he is the missing link in our defenders puzzle, which I think it is plausible.


  • Hey Guys… There is a…


    Also, Pony Eye, I received a new one from you and I’ll be trying to get it out. I’m awfully busy at the moment, however, so it might be a couple of days (or even longer)…

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