The One Player that Can Lift Arsenal to Silverware

It is oh so quiet, it is oh so still. Arsenal had a very good squad and now have a great squad. We held on to our key players and most if not all business appears to be done. Steady Eddie Arsene it is these days.

Wenger has said Alexis is going nowhere this season and that is the end of that. In attack, we can pick from Giroud, Alexis, Lacazette, Perez, Welbeck and even Theo can add something now and again. Goals are not a worry.

In defence we needed another option in left wing back, and Kola brings a lot of fizz to it. We have plenty of very good CBs and for the right wing back we are also spoilt for choice. Plenty of hungry goalkeepers too. Defence is solid.

In midfield we have super-duo Rambo-Xhakbo and there is plenty of back up, especially if and when Santi and Jack return to fitness. Coquelin and Elneny can add physicality when needed. In the squad we have plenty of hungry young horses ready for another season. Midfield is strong and exciting and we have options to make tactical adjustments.

The key role in terms of creating the added magic is of course embodied by Mesut Das Ozil. A good season from Mesut is paramount for us. He has said he wants to stay at Arsenal so that is good news. The one player I have high, high hopes for is the super talented – two Is in the name – IWOBI. I want to see him in Ozil’s position as back-up and replacement when the German master’s legs are wary. If Iwobi makes a step up now we may well have a fabulous season ahead of us, cause Mesut cannot do it all on his own. Iwobi has so much to offer and he has been learning from the goggle-eyed German.


Of course we could try and play safe and buy another Ozil, but they are hard to find and why not give Iwobi the chance to shine. I believe in him.

Have a great season fellow Gooners and let’s stand behind the team from start to finish.

By TotalArsenal


28 thoughts on “The One Player that Can Lift Arsenal to Silverware

  • Of course Iwobi has great potential but what we need the most is carzola replacement . Last season we suffered greatly when he was injured do we need someone who can play his role efficiently

  • Lawrent, I reckon we have moved on from playing Santi now. With three at the back and Xhaka sitting deep, and directing play from there, Rambo is our box to box engine player and he is a different type to Santi. Santi is a great player to have in the squad, especially when he is fit. But we cannot rely on it and Wenger has changed the style of play and formation as a result.

  • Yes iwobi is gud but i think we need xhaka to step up de most and also for lacazette to live up to expectation, cos i strongly blive reiss nelson will be de suprise package of nxt season

  • We have a set of very very poor players. In today’s over inflated market Nobody is offering anything more than chicken feed for the over paid under performers on our books, they cant get the kind of money they’re on anywhere else so they stay bore us and wring out every cent from the naive numbskulls who run the club. And that’s the reason why the one good player that we have can’t wait to get out coz he has to graft his ass off for a bunch of useless deadbeats.

  • Can’t agree T. — Cazorla was much more effective than Ramsey and Rambos hamstrings are more like hamthreads. El Neny is not top 4 quality, let alone challenge for the title quality. Kids can’t play that role either, too important to dictate overall play.

    I don’t put much stock in transfer rumors, you know, but i love the sound and clips of this kid Seri from Nice, i think. Seems like a Santi type as far as physical type and style of play.if we are considering moving el neny as some rumors say, i hope its a sign that we are looking to fill Cazorlas shoes with a purchase.

  • That may well be true, Johnnie, but he is injured and we have to move on. I never saw him as a box to box midfielder but Rambo clearly is one. Disagreed re Elneny. He is a very good alround midfielder and I happily would play him regularly.

  • No doubt we have a good team, but one begins to worry when one looks at what our rivals are doing. 17/18 is a season no prisoners would be taken.

    Am fine with our offensive players but I’d feel much better if further signings to make us stroger defensively are made. Both in the CM and CD.

    For our CD, Kos has a chronic Achilles inflamation problem. Per is long over the top. Chambers and Holding are still learning the ropes. Gab is not avail. Only Musti is 1st rate we can fully count on

    These days a good team is not good enough. The team has to be excellent . The competition is as viscious as an Olympic 100m dash final. A poor sleep the night before and the game is over.

  • TA, more like random musings from you there. It is great to be positive about our chances and I shall always get behind the team, but if we consider what the likes of City and Chelsea (despite being defending champions of the EPL) have done, you have to say we may be about 2 players short, in defensive or combative midfield and (for me) right/wing back, unless we intend to have make shift arrangements in Gabriel and Mustafi hen injury/suspensions strike.

    Anyone see the Man City v Madrid game this morning? That’s a team that is fairly strong in every department and they have not stopped buying. Chelsea is still looking to get more players in and we have read how Mourinho isn’t happy with the pace of in-comings at his club, and they won the Europa league last time out. I am impressed with the club for early moves on Kolasinac and Lacazette and am convinced we are still trying to bring in Lemar, which indicates the management knows we may still be short, when the games begin.

    I will be happy with Jean Michael Seri or Carvalho for the midfield, if we miss out on Lemar; and someone (not Maitland-Niles, who is a midfielder) to compete with Bellerin. If we can throw in Mahrez for good measure, I won’t complain. Then we can go on to ensure we move on the usual suspects. Seeing us in some of the more challenging pre-season games, it occurred to me that very little has changed and being predictable doesn’t augur well for our chances. Something has to change in the team ethic, for me!

  • Problem with Arsenal is the team is evolving but our negative fans aren’t giving the team a chance IMO last season some sections of the fanbase were a disgrace
    Can’t fathom why you would boo your own players at home just plain stupid
    Been a season ticket holder since the 1970’s the current fanbase is the worst I have seen
    They have no idea of the Barron years but the Fans back then sang their hearts out for the team at the clock end and the north bank istead of bitching at our own players we made it hostile for the opposition not our own players
    Always coyg we are going to win the pl this year

  • Nice work Total, but I’m not sure that I’d take too much notice of Arsene when he says Alexis is staying, he’s said all that before about other important players at Arsenal and all of them left..!

  • Eris, Seri may just be a plausible smokescreen for someone else, because its funny how his name came out of nowhere, ,,,, reminds me of a small french striker we were linked with last year. We ended up with Lucas, who i was thrilled with, i am a big fan. He has really great skills, and he looked good on the rare occasions he was used. What a mess that all ended in. Looks like he will be sold for a not-unsubstantial loss.

    Seri skill videos are impressive, and include some tackling.. about as much as Cazorla learned to do. For me that part of the game is about hustle and desire, not size. Even a much smaller player can harass a bigger opponent into a mistake.

    By the way T , i am a little disappointed with Xhakas tackle stats, i did expect more from him, though remember, i was a huge proponent of buying him, and thrilled when we got him. His passing and vision are as good as it gets. But i saw some statistics on tackles comparing Granit vs Arteta in same position. It was disappointing for Xhaka to say the least. He must improve in that area. Desire, hard work…. i saw him shy away from a loose ball the other night where he should have rrun in.
    I’m still a Xhaka fan, but definitely room for improvement as he is young.

  • Looking forward to the start of the season proper!!

    Based on what Arsenal and their Premier League rivals have done in the transfer market thus far and their respective squads and managers, I think Arsenal will finished between 4th and 6th this season. I think one of Chelsea, Tottenham or Man City will win the title and I wouldn’t be surprised if Man Utd and Liverpool finish ahead of the Gunners.

    For Arsenal the first 11 still has too many deficiencies that need to be addressed before I think the Gunners are a realistic chance of winning the title. Namely:
    – a right wing back with a better combination of defensive, transitional and crossing skills
    – at least 2 central midfielders with a better combination of ball recovery and transitional skills.

    Beyond that I don’t see Wenger making the necessary tactical changes within the Gunners’ existing 3421 setup to give Alexis, Ozil and Lacazette the best chance of being prolific in terms of goals and assists.

    The central midfield though is the big issue for me. Having players in those roles who can effectively and consistently recovery possession of the ball from the opposition and then quickly transition the ball to the more creative attackers, has been an enormous reasons why Chelsea and Leicester have won the last two Premier League titles. It was also a huge reasons why Arsenal were so successful at the turn of the century when the likes of Vieira, Petit and Gilberto were occupying those positions. Arsenal’s 2017 central midfield cohort unfortunately don’t have that combination of skills.

    It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Arsenal have shown they can lift their performance considerably in one off matches. So another FA Cup run and potentially a League Cup run are a distinct possibility. I also think Arsenal have a good chance to win the Europa League, given the standard of competition shouldn’t expose Arsenal’s porous midfield and Arsenal should still be able to score plenty of goals despite the slow speed at which Arsenal typically attack.

  • Our out of possession midfield remains our weakest department. Imagine Chl straining to improve their all conquering CM of Matic and Kante by letting go Matic for Bakayoko with Fabregas on the bench for tactical tweaks. Minimum of 2 more quality signing (both CM or one each CM and CD) before we can have a dog’s chance.

  • Oh dear oh dear, what a lack of collective faith in our squad and manager. That is why it is good to start the proper football again. Action speaks so much louder than transfer fantasy words.

    I repeat it again – and there is no randomness here – great defence, best midfield in the league THE ROX – and phenomenal attacking options. Have your cake and eat it.

  • Stephy Mavididi scored twice in the friendly vs Borehamwood yesterday, that kid has something about him and but for his fitness would I believe have gone on the tour of Aussie and China.
    Akpom scored from the penalty spot and had a good game, Reine-Adelaide was back and did ok, Arsenal’s other goal scorer in their 4-0 win was Jon Toral.

  • Hey TA… Cheers for the quick post…

    My summer continues very busy but I’m also extremely underwhelmed by what I see in the Goonersphere. Yes, unlike the silly money clubs, Arsenal are trying to keep our squad together and build upon our strong finish last year. Can we do it? Frankly, I doubt it. Not because we don’t have very good players and the best manager in England. Our downfall awaits because we have “supporters” with absurd expectations who refuse to back the team and will turn mutinous after the first disappointing result–if not even earlier. Will there be Wenger Out protests at the Emirates Cup? If not, then how about Friday the 11th vs Leicester?… In other words, I agree with long-time supporter Thenry, above… Welcome to the blog…

    People have their right to complain, of course. Remember, just as folks did a generation ago, you can always forego your local or “small” team and pick one of the big ones. If Arsenal aren’t enough for you, pick one of the (three) money-down-a-hole clubs: ManU, Man City or Chelsea. Me, I’m gonna support a team doing it the right way–trying to develop home grown talent, buying (and selling) wisely and building a new stadium so they can be self-supporting. That’s right, go on you Spurs…

    That’s called sarcasm, folks…

    Good call on Iwobi, TA, and if it were me, I’d sell Alexis (wanting a player who wants out seems another level of self-hate…) and let him be Pep’s problem. Start him (Iwobi) in his (Alexis’) stead and use the money to pick up one of these other French (or Algerian) fellows who might come good and slot into the team effort. For me, carrying a player who thinks he’s above the team is very bad policy.

    That’s just me and it’s probably best if I disappear (again) for awhile…

  • Good to hear from you Seventeenho.

    I don’t like the way Sanchez is behaving either, especially him wanting a move to the Northern Oilers sticks in my mouth. But it is also important to make a point to him and other players that a contract will have to be honoured unless both parties agree to go another way.

  • Yes T, i understand what you’re saying about that, denying space, sometimes boxing someone into another teammates tackle..,, I’ve noticed smart players, even Ozil (when he’s in the mood) practicing these techniques. I’ll be observing Xhaka . I really want him to succeed. I worry that lack of quickness, not temper, can lead to last-ditch, or rash tackles, yellows, etc

  • I’m quite looking forward to the 25th August, as that is the date of the group stage draw of the UEFA Cup and Arsenal’s involvement.

    September 14th is when Arsenal will play their first game in this competition for 17 years.
    It’s quite an anomaly that in a career so rich in success that Arsene Wenger has failed consistently to win a trophy in european competition, I’m not sure why this is, others out their may have a more tactical vision and could theorise better than me, so go ahead.
    But it would be satisfying to see Arsene lift a european pot after so many attempts.

  • See your point Johnnie. He should leave the tackling to the CBs behind him imo. Fitness allowing, I reckon Xhaka will have a fab season in the PL.

  • TA, I do not doubt that we have a ‘great squad’, just don’t think it is enough to expect us to win the title. I will love it though, if I am wrong. We just seem to be short of one obvious signing each season, is all.

    17ht, hahaha! Almost thought you were going to be rooting for the spuds. It will be interesting watching them go through what we did, over the next 10 years.

  • Well Eris obvious is subjective as I cannot see where that signing should be. With Jack getting back in training and hopefully Santi soon too, we have such a fab squad for the season. Sorry, but lets agree to disagree.

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