Wenger is so Right about Oxlade Chamberlain, But I want That Half-Man Gone

Most on here know that I am not the biggest fan of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, known by many as the ‘Ox’ – not because he is strong and determined, a beast on the pitch, but because they cannot be bothered to spell his full name (and I am one of them). I am generally a philosophical guy when it comes to liking our young players, but I never liked AOC. Cesc moving to Barcelona hurt but I could understand the need to return home after having been away from such a young age. Nasri moving to Citeh irritated me but at least he was clear on what motivated him in life, and the rest is history (what a waste of talent).

The thing with AOC is that he never did anything for us except scoring that one and only goal against the Chavs that allowed Wenger to finally triumph over the self-adoring dunghead. Wenger has been sooo loyal to him and let good players go to allow him time on the pitch and develop into a quality player. Despite the fact that he is starting to do a bit better in terms of goals and assist for the team, he has still a long way to go. Nine goals in 130 PL appearances is nothing to write home about. In the meantime, he filled his pockets and now he wants to cash in properly.

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You can only imagine that he would bite Wenger’s hand off for a new contract, let alone one reported to be around £180k per week. It makes me cry thinking that we let the likes of Gervinho and Campbell go, hard working and far more effective wing-players, to keep the raw, English (here’s a clue and a half) talent of AOC develop at the home of football.

Personally, I would like to see him sold for as much money as possible. This boy, Half-Man, is trouble, has the wrong attitude and should not be wearing the shirt one more minute.

But I feel sorry for Wenger who put so much time and effort, money and believe in the self-centred fool. This is what Arsene said on Arsenal.com:

“I think we invested a lot of time, confidence and money on players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who we bought at a young age. For me, they have a responsibility for the future of this club because Alex will be one of the big English players in the coming years. I personally am highly determined to keep him here at the club and I hope he will commit.”

Wenger is right about one thing: AOC has ‘a responsibility’. That is what you got to do, Ox: commit. Show some bloody loyalty and respect.

It won’t happen, we all know that. It is now a matter of getting as much money as possible for him and hopefully sell him to a club abroad (cause I really don’t want to see him week in week out looking pleased with himself. He is not worth keeping, believe me.

By TotalArsenal


38 thoughts on “Wenger is so Right about Oxlade Chamberlain, But I want That Half-Man Gone

  • Your opinion is very bias. You should take a look at the reasons the “OX” and others are so wanting to leave our once hallowed halls. The club has no direction, no drive, no ambition. It has been the same for years now. I think it is sad that players are condemned for wanting something more than the millions they earn. Arsenal as a team are going backwards, while all around them are strengthening where needed.. sad you and so many others refuse to see it. I wonder if we end up in a relegation battle this year, everyone will still think Wengers doing a great job? Personally, I can’t wait to see the back of him.

  • You are so right. But what I have noticed is that The OX (you are right I will not put his full name either) actually sulks on the pitch. He also seizes up. We are so ordinary now it breaks my heart. I have watched and supported Arsenal since 1958 and in some ways this present team are one of the worst. Wenger has truly lost his football mind. I am hoping events pan out and he is thrown out. It has come to this.

  • “The club has no direction, no drive, no ambition. It has been the same for years now.” Now that is biased. We develop young players and give them a chance, we don’t sell our best players (anymore) and we buy good new players who make a difference.

    What has AOC done for us? Feck all.

  • totaly agree get rid of the ungratful bastard to the highest bidder if he stays he will be nothing but trouble

  • What is sad Maureen is your inability to see how good Wenger is. The guy is very little short of genius and an absolute AFC legend already. But for people like you there is nothing he can do right. Oh no. Ox throwing toys out of his pram – Wenger fault, getting guzamped by state owned neuvo riches, Wenger fault ( he is too mean), referees taking piss, Wenger fault etc. You all get bored and want some sexy new coach like ……? I bet you would like Mourinho Maureen.

  • Arsenal have been drawn in the same group as BATE Borisov, Cologne and Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League.

    Some interesting games for our youngsters and non-first team players.

    Chambers – BFG – Holding – Gibbs
    ——–Coq – Wilshere—————–
    Theo —— Giroud —— Perez

    And there are more team possibilities of course….

  • Wenger is throwing good money after bad with the Ox. He has all the tools but none of the intelligence. He works hard in fits and starts, but can’t finish. He won’t defend. He has also been seriously injury prone. He hasn’t had that big injury like Ramsey, but it seems like every season he picks up a knock that keeps him out a month of the season.

    Someone wrote Arsenal should sell him to Chelsea so he can ride the bench for the next three years, then end up at Fenerbache or the Chinese league. That works for me.

  • 180 grand a week you must be kidding there simply must be some sort of end to this ransome like negotiation you cant produce splitte and still expect to double your Dallas ,it is outrageous so bye,bye ox you Will be spending most of you Tine On the bench at chavski.

  • Maureen, Please be serious. So, suddenly, the Ox is now a “winner, who has direction, drive and ambition, which Arsenal doesn’t offer him ? Well, boo hoo hoo!
    It makes me wonder how any fan can hold it against the club when a player Wenger has patiently nurtured, against the judgment of fans and pundits alike (till he got fit and raised his game towards the end of last season), all those years he added little or nothing to the cause, now turns around to insist he wants out no matter how much he is offered.

    If he had held his own and stayed fit longer the last 6 seasons, maybe we can say a word or two for his decision. No. He has been with the club and did next to nothing for the cause until that good run he had last season; and suddenly, he’s better than Arsenal? Not in a million years. He is a good player and I still feel he runs that right side better than Bellerin (for instance, I will choose him over Bellerin to match Mane on Sunday). But he is not that consistent and still has a lot to learn. The club has exceeded itself in making such an offer, if true, of £180k/week. He won’t earn that at either of Liverpool or Chelsea, unless he leaves on. Free transfer.

    This will have to do with his father’s desire to see him as striker or support striker; or his desire to play in central midfield. I don’t seeing him playing such key roles for those clubs either and I know he can improve his game in due course. He can only do so at Arsenal, if at all. It will be painful for the manager but, if he isn’t signing, sell him!

  • I don’t want to say anything bad about Ox, or indeed Ozil and Sanchez as they haven’t left and may sign new contracts yet.

    If they do decide to move on, their career will most likely nose dive as a result. Majority of players that leave arsenal may win trophies and earn a lot more money, but their personal levels drop. We provide the best platform for our players to play football and express themselves. I don’t understand how players don’t see this coming.

    What could have Van Persie achieved at Arsenal in the last 4 seasons with cazorla and Ozil and Sanchez feeding him? Would Song have continued to up his game every season?
    Could King Ozil set an unbeatable assists record? Could Sanchez have a statue outside Emirates in a decades time?

    We treat players with the a lot of care, respect and most importantly loyalty. It’s about time the players did too.

    Over too you Alex Sanchozil…

  • So. Does anyone else find coincidence– in that since Ox has been dating a celeb– he’s started acting like a diva?

    I’ve captained, coached and managed, dozens of sports teams in a half-dozen major and alternative sports over 45 years. Still am today.

    If someone doesn’t want to play for you? You don’t want them playing for you. You don’t want them rotting your team from the inside. No good can come of keeping him now. Sell him yesterday. Period.


  • Sheathe your knives. Only 6 days to go and all the sagas would become clear. But assuming the suspicion here is true then may take on it is that the fans, whose relationships to the club are sentiment based, are entitled to feel hurt, while the administrators of the club should be blamed for refusing to learn, not after Cesc, Nasri, RVP, and Song. Am already prepared that tomorrow it can be Alex Iwobi. The times have changed and in Steven Gerrard might we have seen the last of the Mohicans.

  • It is too simple to say the club should have learned. It takes two to tango. Nobody knows when the club starts negotiating with a player and what they are prepared to pay. And if we don’t have the knowledge let’s not judge.

  • TA,

    You have seen the full progression, or evolution of my opinions on Oxlade.
    First, I thought of him as having an incredibly high ceiling in where he can go, with talent and physical gifts. Arsene has recently said as much. I said here many times that I don’t want himto go elsewhere and reach that high potential.
    Then, as I saw him holding out, I thought he was angling to sneak away on a free for a big payday in a year. I was advocating freezing him out of the lineup, and just selling him.

    You know i doubt most transfer and negotiation rumors, but in this case I believe that he has recently turned down a very good offer,(not 180k, that rumor is absurd, but still as much as he would probably get anywhere) but instead of holding out, he has made it clear to the club that its less about money, and he won’t renew with us.

    I actually respect that, because he’s being honest, and he has given us the whole window to sell him. So, I definitely still want to sell him to anyone for a fair price.

    But, again, I am the negative one here about Arsene and the club, because I don’t see why all of this wasn’t brought to a head at the end of last season. If we had made the recent offer in june or july, we would have been able to plan selling him for maximum, and also replacing him with someone in the squad…. maybe a young player who could have used preseason to get in work with the first team. I understand the advantage of waiting for the end of the window when things get tight, players move. But this does not apply to renewing our own players. No reason to wait so long.

    Im not always calling for a transfer, but maybe we could have brought someone in with the whole window to work on it and cash from his sale.

  • There is a reservoir of young talented players at the club right now who do want to play for the club. Managers and players may come and go but I can’t get transfer to another team no matter how badly they are doing even though i recognise that the manager is a doddering old dickhead who lost the plot years ago and we have a number of players who couldn’t get in a Sunday league pub team. As a long standing fan I would rather lose playing with a team of young players who want to wear the shirt than lose with the bunch of over paid prima donnas who are taking the senseless old fools money. 180 GRAND A WEEK surly someone;s taking the piss.

  • Worried that there is even a grain of truth about Mustafi. As Pony, Eris, kev have said, it makes no sense. If there is anything in it, at all, things are worse than i feared. Please let it be a silly rumor.

    I’ll try not to comment more about it, unless it happens. But if it does, what an ominous sign it would be.

  • Jnyc ….. Like you I don’t believe the 180k story when Ramsey and Theo are still at 110k, Giroud and Cech at 100k and all the others below that (except for Ozil and Alexis). And their might still be a twist to the saga. We’d know for sure within the next 6 days. If a club is unable to tie down a player they value that much, they must have failed it somewhere.

    Ox is a special talent with the ball, but rather limited with his game intelligence. If he is unable to grow in the latter (which at 24 I fear might be the case) we better cash in on him for any good offer like the 35M that is being rumoured. It’s important the managers exhibit more decisiveness in their handling of comings and goings of players. Am guided by one principle …. sell well and buy well.

  • I’m a bit like Total, no I’m not Dutch, nope our similarity comes from the fact that I’ve never been a massive fan of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain either nor seen what all the fuss is all about.
    He’s had good games, like most players, but those glimpses of potential are few and very far between. Usually he underperforms, which maybe explains why he is often the go-to guy when Arsene makes his first substitutes.

    If AOC goes, he goes, frankly I can’t say I’m too bothered, in fact his departure could reopen/open the door to Campbell and/or Nelson?

    Of course, as John of the Big Apple so rightly says, all this contract nonsense could and should have been sorted ages ago, but for whatever reason it has dragged on and we’ll have episode 2 in twelves months time when even more of our players enter their last year.

    Arsene’ comments about the Board (Stan) having the final say on Alexis is interesting, make of that what you will, but to me it’s Arsene telling the fans ‘don’t blame me’ etc….

    Good comments btw

  • Can’t agree more with you there, PE. We should cash in and get a good replacement; Seri may just fit the bill. And there a few others.

    The fixation about Arsenal’s ‘contract rebels’ is a bit surprising when United have as many as 10 players at the end of their contracts in 2018. Maybe, there’s the impression United will wrap up new deals for those players?

  • Yes, Eris,
    But if i were a United fan i wouldn’t be worried in the least. Because of their huge commercial deals, they can offer more to tempt people to stay, or simply replace them, with actually better players. Without seeing the list, I would bet that there’s no one on it the mourinho sees as vital or irreplaceable. Some he might be happy to let go. He doesnt have financial worries or conscience about the club losing money if players leave for free.
    Totally different than Arsenal situation.

    If, as i fear, Mourinho is building something powerful in Manchester, then they will have money + history, reputation to attract the best. And im not saying it based on first 2 results. I’ve been following him closely all summer, and have been impressed with the moves. Stupid chelsea blew it with Lukaku and matic.
    I hate him, but I’ll give credit where due.

  • why blaming OX , for many years now with Arsenal Wenger does not know the best position for him, Arsenal has no ambition ,that hunger has gone, players feel relaxed ,they are comfortable with 4th position but thank God everything has been exposed, Premiership is not the same thing as in 17 years ago, our rivals has improved their team while Arsenal is stagnant, the same pattern of playing style no matter the team, home or away games, same pattern of coaching,same attitude to games,same approach to recruitment, no plan B .same problem with our midfield and defense, There is nothing anybody can do this time,the law of the diminishing returns has cut up with Arsenal and a change is inevitable, if Arsenal should loose to Liverpool on Sunday heads will let loose again and this time Wenger has no place to hide, Wenger has been a great and a wonderful coach no doubt about it but when you stay in a particular job for 21 years what do you expect, Wenger cannot achieve anything again more than what he had achieved with Arsenal take it or leave it, let us for once forget about sentiments and pity we have to face the facts where Arsenal is right now is where it belong “Europa League’ as long as Wenger remains our coach , i rest my case.

  • I guess the best position for AOC, as you see it, is somewhere central in midfield, as b2b or in Ozil’s position. For the former he has not got the ninety-minutes concentration span, and for the latter his stats in terms of goals, assist and key passes are too poor. The idea that Wenger, who works with him every day, would not know the best position for AOC, but you think you know better, also tickles me. 🙂

  • TA, I just didn’t know where to start with that load by JEFFLEE, but he is entitled. It is all about following the “4th place” narrative and we are talking of a team that has finished 3rd and 2nd in recent seasons; winning the FA cup 3 times in 4 seasons. A club that went for 9 years with the label “trophyless”, coming out of that cloud to do what it’s done….. No one is saying it is ideal that we haven’t won the league, but ranting “….Wenger cannot achieve anything….” is, for want of a better expression, very lame. Wenger has achieved a lot, capping it with most successful FA cup manager, recently.

    So what if Arsenal loses to Liverpool (and I know we will win that game)? It’s just 3 games in and the whole contract saga is unsettling. There will be clarity (before the winter window) as soon as the window closes.

  • Jnyc, you have a point, but isn’t that a bit presumtious of both clubs? Some of the United players entering the end of their contracts include: Blind, Carrick, Herrera, Peirrera, Mata, Young and Fellaini. A couple of youngsters are up the number.

    The point is we are not the only club that have good players entering the last year of their contracts. You may argue there’s a better atmosphere at Old Trafford which makes it easier for players to accept to continue, as Ibrahimovic just showed. Which is why it is important for the support to unite and help the players. If we can eliminate the toxic atmosphere around the club, I feel results will improve.

  • Erie …. good point. If the fans don’t show respect to the club it must rub off on the players. Also our decision makers must worry about any line of action : let Ox go at 35M would be followed by all round moaning, reject 35M to hold unto him again followed by all round moaning. Arsenal is ugly only in the eyes of its own supporters. Group inferiority complex.

  • Eris,
    The list of United players is one that United fans wouldn’t lose sleep over, Blind is the most important of the bunch. The rest are not starters, or fringe players, and United can afford to overpay to keep them, or pay high transfer fees to replace them, as Manchester city does. A few on that list, i think the club wouldn’t mind if they just walk away. It really bears no comparison to the doubt (bordering on chaos) surrounding Arsenals personnel and transfer situation. I just hope that there is Zero truth about Mustafi. It would be a terrible sign.

  • Pony,
    Most of the opinions by far that I read say that if the price is 35m, sell oxlade. I’m one of them.
    But its true that people wil be hypocrites if he becomes a great player elsewhere. I’ll always admit that i loved his potential, but that we had no choice but to sell.

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