Arsenal Predicted Line-Up. Ozil out: Another Start for Wilshere or Rambo in the hole? Plus Preview by Seagulls’ Supporter

Arsenal v Brighton Preview and Predicted Line-Up

An early Sunday kick-off so we can be shown on BT is maybe not ideal for the team, but it suits me fine. In the early morning there is my man Max Verstappen racing  against the big guns of Hamilton and Raikkonen for a place on the podium in the Malaysian GP; and after the game, I will be off to enjoy a Tchaikovsky symphony with my daughter (her first ever). A day full of excitement lays ahead and watching our boys against Brighton will no doubt be the second highlight of the day.

I think there is no risk of underestimating the task that lays ahead. We do not have a team that will steamroll over any team and Brighton did not start too badly with already seven points in the bag, with a draw away to Watford and home wins against West Brom and Newcastle. Brighton & Hove Albion FC, as the full name goes, will have nothing to lose and will play free as a bird. They managed to keep a clean sheet at Watford which is an indication that they can be solid at the back and as a team, and the Gunners need to play with focus AND intensity to send the Seagulls back to their beautiful home – one of the finest cities on these shores.

But how does a Seagulls’ supporter look forward to this game? Retsub’s mate Len was kind enough to send us the following ‘pre-view’:

This is one of the matches that most Albion fans have been looking forward to. We have played Watford and Bournemouth in the Championship so it didn’t have the feel of the Premier league about it. However.. the Emirates… the Arsenal…. this is the real thing and not unsurprisingly comes the fear.
Man for man Arsenal are clearly the better team so do we park the bus or attack from the off- like Watford did with disastrous effect?
What doesn’t help is that our only fit centre forward, Tomer Hemed, is banned for 3 matches so upfront our options are limited- I expect Chris Hughton to play Izzy Brown (on loan from Chelsea) in a false number 9 position.
We have a solid defence and midfield.
Matthew Ryan is our goalkeeper- he is the Australian number 1 goalie but a touch on the small side so no lobbing please. Tim Krul is the deputy in waiting.
In defence we have our captain, Bruno, who will be celebrating his 37th birthday. He is the ultimate professional and living the dream at this stage in his life.
Shane Duffy  and Lewis Dunk will be our central defence- both great in the air and good at blocking shots but can be beaten by the tippy-tappy football style of Arsenal. On the flip side, you can expect these two to be prominent if we are lucky enough to get a corner.
Markus Sutner completes the defence. We bought him from German club Ingolstadt along with Pascal Gross who will be biggest threat to Arsenal. He is our number 10 and a very intelligent footballer- great at set pieces.
Dale Stephens will play in the middle along with Davy Propper – both are yet to establish themselves in the Premiership and this is where Arsenal can dominate. Either side of them is Solly March and Anthony Knockaert. March is our local boy – a bit on the lightweight side but will cover for the defence well (and that’s probably what he will be doing for most of the match). Knockaert is a talented player- as long as things are going his way- if he gets frustrated then he tends to throw his toys out of the pram. This is a day that he has been looking forward to and will be pumped up for it (“he only cost a mill- he’s better than Ozil” etc).
On the subs bench we are looking forward to seeing our record signing Jose Izquierdo show his worth- he is a small winger. Similarly, we bought Ezequiel Schelotto from Sporting Lisbon and is called the greyhound- so far he hasn’t left the trap.
Glenn Murray may make the bench (if he passes a late fitness test) and we have two other excellent centre backs in Uwe Hummemier and Connor Goldson.
With success come the plastic fans – so Brighton’s 3,000 contingent of supporters will not necessarily contain the true supporters who watched in cramped conditions at the Withdean athletic stadium (yes I am bitter about not getting a ticket!).
Chris Hughton has won as a manager (Newcastle) at the Emirates in 2010, so he knows what to do and I expect us to look for a 1-0 robbery (from a set-piece), so this will not be a pretty game.
Realistically -avoid a thumping and we will be happy! 
Thanks Len, that is a very interesting read and nice to see that a club dares to buy less well-known players to survive in the PL. I will be looking fwd to seeing David Propper who I watched a few times whilst playing for PSV.
Predicted Team:
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Wenger has ruled out a start for Ozil and Iwobi may or may not be fit for tommorow’s game. I would love to see Wilshere play again tomorrow but surely this would be too much for him right now. So my money is on Elneny playing again next to Xhaka and Rambo playing right wing (read man in the hole). Or maybe….. Theo will get another start on the right, with Rambo playing next to Xhaka again…. You tell me!
Enjoy the game fellow Gooners.
By TotalArsenal.

19 thoughts on “Arsenal Predicted Line-Up. Ozil out: Another Start for Wilshere or Rambo in the hole? Plus Preview by Seagulls’ Supporter

  • TA …. well presented. The view from enemy camp has a decidedly 5th columnist effect … has lulled me into thinking it’s going to be a walk over.

    My preference would be Kosh (if he is fit enough to play) to be in the middle of their 3 man defence. He is a better last ditch tackler than the excitable Musti. Also Kosh appears not to feel at home at the right side of the CD where he positions himself too much like a full back.

    Elneny has played the last two matches so I expect he would be rested in this game.

    In our match against West Brom, I felt that Alexis stayed too wide thereby hindering Kola’s touchline runs. In fact Kola was forced to use the inside corridors on a number of occasions.

    My expected line up:


    I believe Alexis would combine very well with Bels intelligent forward runs. Lacaz would benefit from OG’s hold up play, flicks and knockdown.

  • Ended up watching the entire BATE match as a replay– but had tuned in late when it was ‘live’. Seeing the 1st-teamers from that point– right at the 65-minute mark Wenger referred to: ““We maintained it for 65 minutes, and then the last 20 minutes were a bit more difficult.”

    I had a hard time believing Arsenal were up 4-1– with what I was seeing. Gradually though, I came to grips with the idea that Giroud, Walcott, El Neny, and Wilshere had ‘run out of gas’.

    That was a long-form fashion of saying none of the above should be starting on Sunday. But there it is. Any of the above might have 30 minutes in them tomorrow– and might provide a timely spark.

    As for Les’ report (Thank you sir!). I’ll go into watching stateside with a bit more insight. Backup keeper Tim Krul is a GK I’ve always rated. Seemed unflappable covering for some leaky Newcastle defenses over the past decade.

    I chuckle when you guys talk of an early start. Here in Houston it’s a 6:00am kickoff.
    But I wouldn’t miss it. I’ve really been enjoying what I’ve been seeing lately.
    (Other than the: “…last 20 minutes were a bit more difficult.”) 😉

    Go Gunners!

  • Nice touch from Lens, the Seagull’s fan, to give us some insight as to the mindset of their fans. Pity he won’t be going to the game. Chris Hughton does cherish a battle with Wenger, from his days at Newcastle, so expect a difficult game where we will need to be patient and pick them apart at the right moments. What I would wish for is for a fast start where we get a couple of early goals; if that happens, it could be a high scoring win.

    With Ozil and Koscielny out, I feel 17ht has the back 5 correct. No way is Elneny going to be made to start 3 games in 6 days so, it will be the usual Xhaka-Rambo axis in central midfield. Iwobi Alexis and Lacazette will make up the front 3; now, with Deschamps appearing to be threatening Giroud about his World Cup team place because he doesn’t start enough league games, maybe Wenger may use the reason of the tall centre backs of Brighton to give him a start. Very unlikely though, seeing as he started and finished on Thursday night.

    Well, this begins a line up of 5 winnable games for us and here’s hoping we take the games seriously and focus on the goal of 15 points, at the end of which streak, we should be firmly in the top 4.

  • By the way, I note that one poster (can’t remember who now) in the previous thread had rooted for Chelsea over City. I guess it is a case of ‘different strokes for different folks’ because I, frankly, do not wish to see United at the top of that table for the simple reason I can’t stand Mourinho gloating. In any case, I fully expected a City win. They’ve looked strong and a notch above the rest, save (hate to say it) Spurs, who only match them for grit and not so much quality.

  • Need I add that with their loss, we should be equal on points with Chelsea. If that’s not enough to wish them a defeat, I don’t know what will.

  • “With Ozil and Koscielny out, I feel 17ht has the back 5 correct”.
    My bad. I should have said Pony Eye, not 17. And, I guess the only area we disagree is with Giroud starting. You feel it will be too much for him as he was running on fumes after the 70th minute on Thursday night.

  • Nice one TA and excellent to get retsub’s friend’s write-up… I’ll have to refer to the player descriptions during the match… That’s a lot of new names to try and digest… Also, Len is an entertaining writer with a good attitude about his club which is always pleasant to encounter… In my view, the promoted teams–because they are used to winning–are always dangerous, esp. in the early part of the season (before they get used to losing… 🙂 )… I watched quite a bit of the BHA vs Toonie game last Sunday and they played with plenty of good spirit and fight so we shouldn’t expect them to just lay down for us…

    That being said, watching today’s matches, I’ve got to say I felt a bit shocked by the gap between the lower teams (Huddersfield Town, Crystal Palace) and the top teams (Spurs, ManU, Chelsea, ManCity), with City, of course, being the class of the bunch. Chavs almost held on for a point and the early departure of Morata blunted their threat but it’s a different game being played due to the (absurd) accumulation of skilled and pacy players amongst our rivals. The lower teams can match up in the “power” category and nick some goals now and again, esp. if the better teams lose their way, but that hasn’t befallen the others…yet… With Arsenal’s shaky “collective confidence” (I lump the supporters in, of course), we really need the results to keep coming our way. Defense first, I think is the key, no matter who plays. (Gooneris, I think you might be mistaking me with PE… I haven’t suggested a first 11, I’m pretty sure… Mine would be closer to TA’s… I’m pretty sure Elneny can go again, being from Egypt and Super-Fit or maybe the Niler who Compiles the Miles…or something. On the other hand, I was grooving on the aerial threat at set pieces with both the BFG and Giroud in the line-up vs Bate, as PE suggests…)

    Already this comment has gotten (far) too long but I wanted to refer to JW’s idea from the last thread and (maybe) agree that Alexis might not fit in with City all that well. He’d be an upgrade to Sterling however, and that proposed swap wouldn’t have gone over well with too many Gooners had it gone through in the summer, I don’t think. Personally (as I’ve stated repeatedly) I think it was a mistake not to sell him, but we definitely needed an up and comer of true quality in as a replacement. (Lemar, I guess, though he’s struggled since getting the huge price-tag from what I’ve heard). Unfortunately, at this point, it’s as much about the optics as the actual football, I fear.. So, he’s our guy for the time being and hopefully he’ll be reasonably helpful as a flat-track bully (he needs the goal tally after all…) but, like JW, I just don’t see him as a true “team player,” i.e. one who wants to make his mates play better as well as himself. Too much static positioning w/o the ball (as PE notes…) is at the heart of the problem, though, of course, he “comes alive” once he’s on it. If only he really wanted to look up and pass the ball a hair earlier he’d eliminate a lot of the bad giveaways and up the team’s goal total… In my opinion…

    He’ll have better teammates at City, however, so maybe that selfish streak will be muted… 😦

    Let’s not worry about that quite yet, however, so OGAAT and let’s get those 3 pts tomorrow… Gotta go to bed now ahead of the 4am kickoff… 😮

  • Eris already self-corrected…please ignore that part of the above (if not the whole thing)… 🙂

  • Off-topic but topical– had read this elsewhere:
    “Arsenal legend Thierry Henry could be on his way to Galatasaray to study the Turkish club as part of his UEFA Pro-license course.”

    According to the piece I’d read– the Turkish club boasted a large group of France players.


  • Goonereris, I confess it was me supporting Chelsea, my reasons twofold

    1. I am concerned that City could go the season unbeaten, they look very good with a very good .(and expensive) squad. Despite starting well I am not so concerned about Mourinho’s mob

    2. If Chelsea had won yesterday we would only have been three points behind City if we win today. As it stands now we need to win today to stay six points behind.

    Following your logic it appears we are already competing for the 4th place trophy????

  • I am thinking that as this match starts at 7pm my time, it starts at 12 noon local time?

    It is a good game and we must not have overconfidence. The Brighton team is not easy to overcome from the highlights of the games they played this season.

    So, get the lads ready, rest well and get the 3 points.


  • Retsub ….. I was praying for a goalless draw betwin Chls and City. That would have made it 4pts lost by our rivals. Now it’s only 3 pts lost.

  • Trouble is P E City looked so good. If we are going to Have any chance of catching City, we need them to start dropping points. Yesterday was a good opportunity for that to happen. I wonder if Chelsea have been unsettled by Conte announcing he wants to go home?

  • Holding, rather than Mertesacker? Well, given he was with Bolton in the lower league, he may know a thing or two about the opposition. Hopefully, he grows in confidence from his midweek outing. 10/11 from me then. 😀

    Retsub1/PE, I feel your sentiments regarding the Chelsea v City result but, we all know City won’t sustain this gusto once we enter the winter months and the knock out stages of the CL. Arsenal, on the other hand, has the luxury of playing its fringe players with its first team largely rested; they will lose games and we can bridge the 6 points (just two wins more than they, for us).

    On to today’s game. I wish we can score big, but a win is a win. COYG!!

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