Welbz, Lacazette, Ozil Up-front | BFG, Nacho, Holding at Back: Preview/ Line-Up

Cannon Balls to chase away the Hornets.

Technically this is an away game but the boys do not need to travel much for this one. And after what seemed an eternal international break, it is just as well the boys do not need to travel far. Players have been returning from their international games in mixed physical and mental states, and at least Mustafi will have to miss out for at least four weeks apparently.

No Mustafi is a big miss for us, as for some reason we play a lot better when he is on the pitch. Having said that, the BFG can do a decent stand-in job, and with a bit of luck Koz will be judged fit to play (he is another doubt at the moment). It is hard to say who is fit (enough) to play tomorrow but it looks like Alexis will not be back in time to make the team – the bench at best, I reckon.

Up-front is where we really have the good news with both Welbeck and Ozil deemed fit again for starts at least. In midfield we have Ramsey and Xhaka who both had tough international games during the break. I reckon they both will want to play and will be fit enough to do so. It may be best to rest Rambo though as his hamstrings may be in the red zone right now.

Watford are of course a team that can spring a surprise and we need to be very focused and ‘intense’ from the start. This will not be an easy one, let there be no doubt about it. Predicted Line-Up:

arsenal v W

Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners! Up The Arse!!!

By TotalArsenal

20 thoughts on “Welbz, Lacazette, Ozil Up-front | BFG, Nacho, Holding at Back: Preview/ Line-Up

  • Nice to see we get a Preview, after all, thanks to TA. I am not sure why we need Cannon balls to chase away Hornets, though. A mere swatting action will do, preferably with Lacazette’s boots. Lol.

    I hope to see focus from our lads, with an eye on the midweek fixture at Red Star Belgrade. We may not have too much latitude with our choices in the defence so, some of those who play tomorrow may have to do so again on Thursday…..and the Sunday after. Agree with TA’s predicted line up, except for 3 spots/players; I feel we will see Alexis, Iwobi, Elneny and Koscielny, in place of Welbeck (too soon after injury), Ozil (to soon; bad press), Ramsey (to rest Hamstring) and Holding, from your predicted line up. That way, the changes that will be made for Thursday will see us looking strong enough for the Europa league fixture.

  • Only four then, Eris hahaha. You may well be right and I would love to see them all play. I reckon Wenger and the national managers are all expecting Welbeck and Ozil to start, as they were all in it on resting them over the last two weeks.
    The midweek game is totally unimportant as it is one we can afford to lose. i really cannot see Wenger resting any FTP for that one…

  • TA has cranked the engine and we are back to real football.

    Per would not start, left to marshal the defense against Red Star. Rambo too, to rest his delicate hamstring. Alexis too … the long flight, the time lag.

    My prefiction:


    Subs; Osp, Per, Coq, Jack, Rambo, Welbz, Giroud.

  • We’ll just have to wait to see. Predicting what Wenger puts out hasn’t been the easiest exercise, as we can confirm. 😀

    I worry about Ozil starting seeing as Watford are very strong on their left side with Richarlison and Britos (or Holebas) likely to put Bellerin under some pressure. That’s why I hope Elneny will start to lend a hand on that side. Ozil won’t do much tracking back hence my Iwobi pick. If Ramsey does start, then Iwobi can move to the left side while Ramsey plays the support striker or No.10 role. Still, I have a sneaky feeling Alexis will have to start to make him forget his woes and give him something to vent his frustrations upon. We know he likes to play.

  • So am I really the only person worried about multiple games and lack of cb’s to start 3.? I would definitely go with the old 2 cb, 2 fb set up. Try to rotate if possible. We can play youngsters in the other competitions, use the best for the premier lge. If koscielny can’t go, then Mertesacker becomes most important player on defense for his calm leadership skills playing with Holding, or whomever. Since he doesn’t venture forward or run as much as kostafi or muscielny – however you prefer, he would be the one I’d worry about overworking the least.

    With our 1st and maybe 2nd choice cb’s out, an experienced player to step in is a blessing. As in the FA cup.

  • Jnyc … Kos trained all wk so there is a good chance he’d start. That means for today we might have Rob, Kosh, Nacho. The problem, imo, shows up on Thursday as we have only Per avail as I doubt that Chambers would be ready by then. That’s where we might be forced to play 2 CD. Debuchy is back in training and he might be used to pair Per there. Otherwise we’ll get inventive with the likes of one of Coq and Eln at CD pairing Per. All said, I can’t wait for the Jan window to come.

  • With Mustafi and Chambers injured and and Koscielny likely to be missing also through injury, I’d like to see the following starting 11 vs Watford:

    GK: Cech
    RCB: Debuchy
    CB: Holding
    LCB: Monreal
    RAM: Elneny
    RCAM: Ramsey
    LCAM: Ozil
    LAM: Wilshere
    RS: Lacazette
    CF: Giroud
    LS: Sanchez

    With that line up I’d like to see the following complimentary tactics:

    1. Arsenal attempting to monopolise possession of the ball in the attacking third predominantly though their four ‘midfield’ players, in the 3-4-3 setup, carefully passing the ball from one side of the field to the other in a perimeter around the opposition penalty box.

    2. Arsenal patiently waiting (and hoping) for the opposition’s defence to make a positioning error so as to enable Arsenal to launch a quick combination play and/or use Giroud’s flicks and deft touches to penetrate the opposition’s penalty box and attempt a shot on goal.

    3. Arsenal deploying their two most prolific goal scorers in the 18 yard box and either side of Giroud, to capitalise on the big Frenchman’s flicks and touches and the quick combination play of Arsenal’s midfielders.

    4. Arsenal’s midfielders and forwards aggressively pressing the opposition if and when Arsenal ceded position.

    5. Arsenal’s central defenders aggressively attempting to recover possession of the ball if Arsenal’s midfield and forward press is beaten.

  • Waldo …. interesting your insistence on Debuchy. I havnt got the faintest idea in what shape or form he is at the moment. Strange that what I consider the first names on the sheet (Bel and Kola) are missing on your list.

  • Hi all..
    TA.. your team will fit 11 / 11.. if Welbeck is fit and Kos is injured..hehehe..

    PE.. Iwobi won’t play alongside Ozil.. He will only be a supersubs for Ozil, Welbeck or Sanchez..

    For me I like to see.. Koscielny, Sanchez and Walcott play.. hehehehe..

  • The league has just started for United and but for the confidence garnered from hammering lowly teams these past 7 game weeks, they should be losing to this Liverpool side. With the 0-0 score line, it is being made out as a Mourinho masterclass rather than 2 points dropped.

    Palace are giving Chelsea a run for their money but you sense that’s all it would be. A run for their money. Hope we can handle the pressure the day’s results will bring.

  • Yes Eris– I’m watching the Palace/Chelsea match and CP is giving Chelsea all they can handle physically. Don’t know if they can keep up the level of running/closing/breaking that they’re at presently at 2-1– but Chelsea isn’t very happy being faced with producing an effort– where they obviously thought just showing up– would be enough for the 3pts.

    And? If this is what Wilifred Zaha could be– all the time?
    I’d take him as a like-for-like replacement for Sanchez next Summer.


  • Zaha and Townsend have been a handful for the Chelsea defence. If Zaha can improve his final ball and decision making, he’s a player who deserves to be in a top side. At the Etihad, it is 5-2 City vs Stoke city. Pep’s side look the real deal and just have to be stopped or they could be the champions.

  • Hey guys… I’m trying to buy myself the time + peace and quiet to watch our match (in a very busy moment)… As such, I’ve only seen the tail end of Pool-ManU and a couple of minutes of this Chelsea match… It would be quite nice if all those teams dropped points today… Spurs and City will have to wait for another day, I fear…

    As for how AW is planning to use his resources… I haven’t a clue… Line-ups, however, should be out in just a bit…

    Cheers TA, for putting up a preview…

  • Agreed per City. Though, I’ll add that many thought so right about this time last season– when they started with 24 from 8.


  • Watford team: Gomes (C); Kabasele, Mariappa, Britos; Femenia, Doucoure, Cleverley, Holebas; Pereyra, Gray, Richarlison.
    Karnezis (GK), Wague, Janmaat, Watson, Capoue, Carrillo, Deeney.

    Arsenal team: Cech, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Montreal, Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Welbeck, Lacazette.

    Subs: Ospina, Holding, Coquelin, Wilshere, Ozil, Walcott, Giroud.

  • Guess I called the Alexis inclusion wrong. Happy if Welbeck is deemed strong enough to start. It will be a second half sub role for Ozil; Giroud and Coquelin too, at some point.

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