Henrikh Mkhitaryan Welcome to the Home of Football! Here is how you fit into 4-5-1/3-5-2

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a Gunner!

That is quite a mouthful of a name but with an anagram of ‘Hi Kink Arena Rhythm’ it is clear you knows all about sexy football. 🙂


Welcome to the home – Arena – of football, Henrikh, where we play football the proper way. You should have chosen the mighty red and white straightaway, as under Mourinho you will never be allowed to express yourself and play football at your heart’s desire. The self-adoring one let Kevin de Bruine leave Chelsea, which should have told you all you needed to know. You were not born to play boring Italian-Portuguese clean-sheet football; you are meant to make the crowds go ooh and aah; and that is what Arsenal is all about.

You are a Gunner now and will be playing football with Mesut Ozil (at least another four months and hopefully many more years) Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere. You will play in a team where there are no more self-serving superstars left. With Alexis gone you will find ten fellow Gunners on the pitch who are proud of the shirt and want to play as a team; and you will fit right in.

The next step is to bring Aubameyang to the home of football and then we are ready to play five in midfield and dominate teams in their own half once again. And that is what modern Arsenal is all about! Something like this:

submit football lineup

It is more likely that we go back to 4-3-3 which could also be more like 4-5-1 (4-2-3-1):

submit football lineup

How sexy does that look, Henrikh?

The Manc-oriented press will all be salivating over Alexis’ arrival at the Theatre of Dreams but, at least here at BK, most of us are glad to see the back of him. He gave his all for the shirt, for which we are grateful, but he was not a team player and only passed the ball to his mate Mesut. The likes of Giroud and now Lacazette never got any decent service.

Play for the team and the team will play for you, Henrikh. And give your all and we Gooners will love you. The goals and the assists will come. Enjoy the ride.

By TotalArsenal.

40 thoughts on “Henrikh Mkhitaryan Welcome to the Home of Football! Here is how you fit into 4-5-1/3-5-2

  • Nice intro TA.
    FYI– Miki celebrated his 29th b-day on Saturday!
    Would be quite the gift if Swansea put us within 5pts of top-4 today.


  • Great “club induction” you’ve given there, TA. I hope he somehow reads it and takes the good counsel to heart so he can have a great time here.

    In other news. It was a battling defensive performance by Swansea last night and it is now down to 5 points, to think it was said that makin* up the gap on 8 points will be impossible (the CL knock out stages haven’t even kicked in yet). We go to the same venue next week and jus5 have to do better than ‘Pool did. COYG!

  • At least this one is confirmed. A step down from Alexis and more of a replacement for Theo. But a signing is a signing and he is a hardworking guy. So i have no qualms about it.

    Should we start playing him when he is not match fit?

    People were talking about his introductory video and it sounds like he is trying to lure Aubameyang to the club.

  • New Swansea manager, Carlos Carvahal, used a most imaginative analogy to explain how he got Swansea to perform against Liverpool: “Liverpool are a Formula 1 car, in comparison, but even a Formula 1 car will get stuck in London traffic”. So, they created a Welsh traffic replica. 😀

  • Eris, hahaha. And hahaha for Liv’s most expensive defender to letting swansea score the winner.

    Carvahal reminds me of Wenger who? when he first joined Arsenal. And did quite well in his stopping of Liv in their tracks.

    Will it be a successful relegation escape for Swans? I hope that they will nick it in the end

  • Nice picture Total, love his boots.

    Yep 29, in his prime with 5 good years ahead of him in our team, maybe more?
    Now to get Aubameyang over the line and get a Mesut & Jack to sign.

    Not sure what to make of the rumour that Arsenal are trying to bring in Smalling as well.
    Cant see Mourinho allowing the club to sanction that transfer even if it’s true…

  • Jw1, I agree with you.. Carvahal was sacked by his old club due to his old team not playing good enough. The way he coaxed the swans to play well against Liv is something good to be honest.

    Kev, Smalling is not likely to come, as manu** is defensively short of players.

  • Mourinho may not hold as much sway at ManU as he did at Chelsea when it comes to transfers?
    Therefore if the powers that be at OT think it’s financially viable to sell to Arsenal then Little Jose’s antipathy to Wenger wouldn’t stymie the deal…

  • Read that Cesc and Morata ruled out of tomorrow’s match.
    Drinkwater, Cahill, Courtois to be assessed.


  • “So keep on playing those mind games together
    Faith in the future out of the now…”


  • Hmmm. Mhki won’t be wearing the No. 7 for the remainder of the Europa league, according to the club website.
    The No 7 shirt was vacated by Alexis this month but, because our former forward wore the number during our group-stage win against Cologne back in September, UEFA rules state that Mkhitaryan must wear a different number for the remainder of our Europa League campaign.

    This number will be confirmed soon.

  • OK, here’s what I think…And this is more positivity couched in (extremely?…) negative terms… Apologies in advance…

    The formations and first 11s don’t do it for me, TA… Sorry. I know what you’re getting at, and I love your desire for “sexy” football (which, I think, is not that different from my own). Injuries and multiple comps require more than just 11 guys–and competition for places is key. Moreover, formations change but our game doesn’t so much, I think. Those things in (my?) mind, I pretty much agree with the general sentiment. Really, this is just an attempt to explain things in a (slightly) different way.

    In my view, there is a constant tension between the selfish (individual) game and the unselfish (team game). Alexis played the former, which, I think, is a huge reason, folks always wanted him to play up top as a #9. A corollary benefit of this would be that his dropping deep to get the ball (into “false 9” types of play) would have been that his (excessive) turnovers–brought on by his idea that holding the ball was almost always better than passing it–would hurt us less because we had more guys behind it (the ball) when he gave it to our opponents. Observers seemed (absurdly, IMO) impressed by these qualities of “desire” and “fight.” He gave “everything” to do as much as he could with the ball and then chased it down with great verve after he gave it away. Great… In these situations he never hung his head. (Showing, of course, more fight, more grit, etc., etc.) That only happened when his teammates let “him” down. I’m almost tempted to make it a Him with a capital H because, consciously or not, he considered himself a god amongst (mere) mortals… I think…

    So, this summer, Wenger made a deal with the devil (or the god)… Give me your (much needed) goals and I will sacrifice my brand of (team) football, results are simply more important. It didn’t work out. (So let’s fire the manager!!!… That’s sarcasm, btw…)

    If only that final day (Alexis/Lemar) deal had come through… Personally, I would have been ecstatic, even if it would have been EXTREMELY unpopular. To give away a finished product/goal scoring guy like Alexis–to (what we thought might be) a rival–for a 72 million pound work-in-progress youngster (who IMO plays much more of a team game) would have INCENSED the “support”. Frankly, the couple of times I watched him, I thought Lemar was much more of a (potential) replacement for Ozil (or Cazorla, at least back when he was more of a AM). It would have been the same old narrative for the Piers Morgans of the world–who lead the WOBs around by the nose: Arsene-L want to walk the ball into the net; we’re selling our best player to a rival, losing money, and replacing him with callow youth, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah…

    It suits me just fine. Alexis ALWAYS failed to impress me, except, you know, with his extreme natural abilities…

    The biggest thing I never understood was why we couldn’t score more goals on the counter with him in the team. I only started watching Arsenal in 2006, but I’ve seen enough of the Invincible clips to know that this was a specialty of the Henry/Bergkamp/Pires/Ljundberg teams of the early aughts. Why couldn’t we convert more regularly with Alexis/Ozil/Walcott/Welbeck/Giroud teams?

    Many (most) observers side with Alexis. Giroud isn’t quick enough, Walcott only has a final ball and Welbeck runs hard but fluffs his chances. Ozil, of course, can’t finish either, and will pull out of anything close to a physical challenge. No wonder then, that Alexis tried to run the counters ALL BY HIMSELF. If those runs were looking to be stopped he’d either go to ground–maybe in a spot where his own (excellent) FKs could be converted–or he’d give a (usually quite poor) pass to a running teammate as a(n absolute) last resort. After a while, (some) teammates stopped making those runs. What’s the point if our “best player” won’t pass it?…

    Then there’s Alexis in our more static play… You know, against a packed defense…

    The gift of being able to clear space with a touch and move (always to his right, hence needing to set up as a left winger) and getting a shot off, usually a curler towards the upper far corner IS impressive. And, sometimes, he’d actually use his CF for a 1-2 to get that (same) shot off…or dribble between players for an even better one. This was Alexis at his best, IMO, but I like that “walking it into the net” stuff. Sorry, Piers…

    This autumn, we got less of that from our man (or, now, ManU’s man…) and more of the individual stuff. Kolasinac couldn’t figure out how to play with him, in fact. (Young and eager) AMN would still do the overlap runs, but, being a right footer too, couldn’t convert those efforts–on the rare occasions Alexis would give him the pass–into quick crosses as a left footer might. Frankly, for me at least, it was the opposite of sexy football–slow, predictable, and, most critically, it resulted in few (or was it zero?…) goals.

    So, what a bungle, AW… Except, like I said, Lemar is one for the future and Wenger would have been ROASTED when fans discovered it…

    Instead, though our Sept-Jan results have suffered, we’ve got Miki… A mature player with vision and team-play skills. Will it work out? Do we still need an instinctive finisher to complement Lacazette? The answer, emphatically, is YES!

    We’ll see what we get with the PEA…Less finishing, esp. from distance, better work on the counter, is what I’m guessing, again, from the little I’ve seen, though maybe with a somewhat similar selfish streak… Gotta get the deal done, don’t count your chickens, etc., etc., etc. but my hunch is that–with the two former Dortmund guys in tow–Wenger-ball (MK-4?… Or is it MK-3 or MK-5? It’s still MK…as in Mkhitaryan…) is back(!!!) Team football, even if the goals are fewer and even if results suffer, for me, is ALWAYS what I want to see.

    OK, enough (for now). Gotta get some work done…

  • Cheers Seventeenho, wasn’t too negative at all! 🙂

    I have no doubt that we will start scoring more goals now without Alexis soaking up all our possession and not giving back to the team. A proven goal scorer would be v nice and the rumours re Aubameyang are strong. I reckon the combo of Laca-Giroud, without Alexis messing it all up, will also be strong, but we cannot afford any injuries, as Welbeck is hopelessly out of form and the young ones cannot be counted on yet. We need to get more goals from midfield though and I reckon that is what we will see from now onwards anyway.

  • Kroenke has bought more shares…

    Not vs Chelsea, but as soon as Monreal is back in situ I think that Arsene should give Maitland-Niles some games in centre-midfield, even if it’s just off of the bench.
    Next season we’ll really see Sheaf, Nketiah, Willock, Bielik, Mavropanos, Dasilva and maybe Mavididi push on after another year of development. Mavididi has got two goals at Charlton now which should do his confidence a lot of good.

    I was still at school when Kelly, George, Kennedy, Rice and Nelson came into the side and supplemented the earlier group of Radford, Armstrong, Simpson, Storey and Wilson who came through the youths in the early 1960’s.

    But I saw the likes of Brady, Stapleton, O’Leary, Rix, Devine, Matthews, Rostron and Ross come through the youths and Stiffs and into the 1st team.

    Then in the 1980’s a decade later almost I saw Adams, Keown, Quinn, Hayes, Rocastle, Thomas, Davis and Merson emerge, so I’ve seen it before.
    And this present group of kids is the best I’ve seen since Rocky & Co and whilst you can never really be certain I believe that our Academy has delivered the goods once again.

  • Sometimes HT? You foreshadow– and are harder on yourself than we, your audience would be.

    I, too, thought the rundown was upbeat. I can’t recall being less displeased losing a star player– whether to Barca, City, ManU. Jeebus– I was more upset about Nasri(!)– hindsight notwithstanding.

    BTW? The Lemar deal was last touted at £92M.
    And honestly? If we bring in Aubameyang now? I’m freakin’ thrilled.

    Zig Ziglar, a 20th-century motivational speaker and salesman extraordinaire, had a famous motto:
    “Insanity is trying the same thing over and over– and expecting a different result.”
    Alexis was driving us all insane.

    For once? I’m actually ENJOYING the January transfer window!
    Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Have no regrets; no conscience.
    Revel in it NOW. Cuz’ it’s over in a week!


  • jw1 says:
    January 23, 2018 at 15:44
    Miki should take the ’17’ shirt for Europa. 😉

    That would be Alex Iwobi’s shirt, jw1. Nothing doing! 😏

  • “Dortmund Manager Wants Aubameyang Future Sorted Quickly Amid Arsenal Speculation.”

    Pick up a pen. Make a phone call. Sorted.
    (Loan ’em OG through season’s end if necessary.)


  • Eris–
    “That would be Alex Iwobi’s shirt, jw1. Nothing doing! 🙂 ”
    You’re right. That would be a bit much.
    Since he’ll already be taking Iwobi’s minutes. 😉


  • West Brom have agreed a deal for Zamalek’s Ali Gabr– ostensibly freeing Jonny Evans to transfer. It’s an insurance policy of sorts– West Brom selling in this window. In that if WBA were relegated, a clause in Evans contract allows him to be bought by any club for just £3M.


  • jw1- “You’re right. That would be a bit much.
    Since he’ll already be taking Iwobi’s minutes. 😉”

    Hehehe!, jw1. We’ll have to wait and see, though. I think Mhki will be a more than worthy one to keep Iwobi from the first team. Iwobi should be pleased to be an understudy, for this purpose.

  • Arsenal U23 5-2 Bayern Munich U23

    Another impressive result by our youngsters who in the last few days have also beaten, destroyed even, ManUtd U23 and Liverpool Youth

    Well done to all involved

  • Hi all..
    So the barter is really happened.. We got Miki for Sanchez..
    Aubameyang on progress.. Wow..
    It will be the best winter TW ever..

    I like Aubameyang.. But we have Lacazette already.. And still have our handsome guy Giroud.. What will happened to them..
    Let’s say Giroud is a part of another barter.. Loan to Dortmund as we bring Aubameyang..
    But what about Lacazette..?? As we knew that Wenger won’t play Two strikers in front.. Will he fill Sanchez position..??
    If it so.. Where will Miki play..?? In the right..?? There’s Ozil belong..
    Or Ozil back to his old rule as our CAM.. But then where will Wilshere and Ramsey be..?? Hehehe.. Wenger will get a headache.. And we don’t even involve Iwobi..

    I like the idea putting them all together.. In a 4-2-3-1 formation.. But will it be possible..??
    Lacazette Ozil Mikitaryan
    Wilshere Ramsey
    Our back four

    If we play four in the back with Monreal as our LB.. It’s mean we will missed our talented youngster AMN.. Kolasinac will also suffer a lot..
    And we find that Bellerin didn’t performance well last games even when we beat Palace 4-1..
    So, with Wenger keep saying about giving youngsters more time.. I really don’t know what will happen.. Hehehe..
    But onething that I never imagined.. That we losing Sanchez with ease.. Hehehe…

  • ‘Well done to all involved.”
    Indeed Kev. We are on the cusp of an interesting time IMHO.
    That Arsenal are pipe-lining this current generation of young stars? Is a bonus.

    So far? We’ve been privy to a ‘collective of clever’ this window– exceeding my expectations.
    If this is the new norm? There could be few limits.
    What is next?


  • Hi JK..
    I do agree with you Kolasinac is better WB than AMN.. but it doesn’t mean he play more defensively than Niles.. I see it the opposite way.. Kolasinac is a better offensively..
    So if we play 3-4-2-1 scheme, than Kolasinac must play rather than Niles.. but that also mean our midfield will be more competitive.. There’s only two space for Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, Elneny and maybe also Miki to play there..
    Ozil will certaintly take one post in front.. And If Aubameyang come, he will surely take another place.. And we won’t bench Lacazette either.. hehehehe..

  • Yes. Rather than Kolasinac being squeezed out, AMN should be sacrificed. Look at how good Kolasinac is during his appearance against CryPal. He is exactly what Nacho did during the first half.. incisive passes into the area.

    I half agree with you that Kola is defensive weaker than AMN. For the last few games that AMN played he fared worse than Kola or Nacho.. when Nacho went off CryPal attacked on AMN’s side.. and we were visibly more shaken than when Nacho was on the field.

    There were times that he did well to close the gap, but overall he is a step down to Nacho and Kola.

    That’s my 2 cents.

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