3-5-2: Aubameyang and Lacazette Will Transform Arsenal’s Attack But We Must Keep our Cult Hero

All we are saying is give PEA a chance…. but not at the price of losing our cult hero!

So it looks like Arsenal will get Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (PEA) IF B Dortmund can find a replace in time. The Guardian are reporting that a deal in principle has been agreed… subject to finding a replacement:


This should make us a bit wary as there are not many readily available, good CFs out there, and BD may have left it too late to secure a suitable replacement. Although I am very excited about the prospect of PEA joining us, I am worried about the potential departure of Monsieur Handsome. The noises re a possible move away for Oliver Giroud abroad, or even worse to the Chavs, are getting louder.

Apparently, he does not want to leave London and would consider a move to Chelsea. As we know, our London neighbours have been flirting with the thought of bringing in a PL-experienced CF, and Ollie would fit their remit more than well.

We should stay strong and hope that BD can find a replacement that does not involve Giroud in any way or form. It is most likely that Arsene will play both Lacazette and PEA in a two up-front (or a three up-front with Ozil). This is a mouth-watering combination of attacking thrust and skills, but we still need a super-sub on the bench to come on and really make a difference. This is not Danny Welbeck, but Giroud, an Arsenal cult hero in the making, is pretty much perfect for it (and I have no doubt that Chelsea would be using him with similar intensions).

submit football lineup

Feel free to replace Kolasinac with either Xhaka, Elneny or Maitland-Niles in the above formation/first eleven. This is just such an exciting team! Who would have dreamt Arsenal would go through such a big transformation in just 30 days? Le Coq, Walcott and Sanchez go out; Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang in. Let’s keep Giroud and we are ready to rock and roll in 2018!

By TotalArsenal.




63 thoughts on “3-5-2: Aubameyang and Lacazette Will Transform Arsenal’s Attack But We Must Keep our Cult Hero

  • replace rambo with Jack, move Ozil to where you have Jack and stick Bellerin where Ozil is. then we have the league and CL all in our sights next year.
    Rambo should not be near that team. loses the ball way too much. We could probably get 50 Million for him from some oil based team.

  • Without Ball;
    back 4 (+GK)

    With ball;
    back 4 (+gk)

    Means we need to keep Giroud as backup for Laca/ Plan B.

  • Totally with you on the Kola as a sitting DM thing, btw.

    He’d scare the *shit* out of other teams.

    It’s somewhat ironic, though, because, Maitland-Niles is a DM by trade, and Kola a LB … yet … weirdly I totally see them in opposing roles.

  • I like it but would tweak it to what Crispen said.

    Laca PEA
    Mk Jack Ozil Bell

    Nacho Must Kos

    Exciting times!!!

  • Those Arsenal fans clamoring for Giroud to be sold should be careful of what they wish for. Giroud remains one of the most important players in arsenal, He is the real man in the team, intimidate opposition players with his strength, power, height etc. He scores important goals. Whenever He plays, we get goals out of nothing, either with his Ariel ability, his flicks or anything he improvised. He also adds another dimension to the team.
    The problem is that people always expect him to play like our former great strikes like Thiery Henry, Denis Bergkamp, etc. We all should understand that Giroud is not Henry or any of our former greats, He is not pacy, not as dynamic as our past, not too skillful, but he is very very efficient. He has his own style and should be seen that way and not expecting him to be who he is not. I hope he remains in Arsenal for a few years to come. Of course at some point we have to move on from him, but definitely not now.
    I also hope that Wenger adds a quality central defender and a winger to the team.
    Players like Holding and Akpom should be loaned out to a bundesliga club, not English lower division, the English lower divisions hardly improves our players.

  • put up front Aubameyang and Lacazette, then three play maker Ozil, Rambo and Mkhitaryan, and Five in the Back, Zhaka, Nacho, Bellirin, , Mustafa & Konchienly

  • Hi TA..
    Nice thing to hear we secure Aubameyang..
    Another record on buying this season.. Wow..

    We will see what formation Wenger choose by tomorrow night game against Swansea..
    If we play another 4 in the back and win with ease.. I think the last 13th games we will see Wenger play with four in the back..
    And we only will see 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation.. Maybe also 4-1-4-1.. Although 3-5-2 is one’s my favorite also.. Hehehe..

    But I feel we will play 4-3-3.. With Aubameyang as CF and Lacazette as RW..
    Ozil will remain on his post..
    Who will play 3 in the middle..??
    We surely have plenty talented midfielder.. If Mhiki is included.. Hehehe..
    3 spot for Elneny, xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere, Iwobi and Mhiki..
    I think if tomorrow Elneny do the same magic as his last game.. He will get his place regularly.. And the rest must happy enough to have lesser time..
    But with so many creative midfielder.. We can fell more relax if Ozil or Wilshere get injured..

    I just feel sorry for Niles and Kolasinac.. Hope they will get time to show their skill.. Cause both of them are very skillful..
    Maybe DM position will suite them as you said TA.. We will never know.. As I think Monreal can do the same rule also..

    So guys.. Let’s be optimistic.. With this kind of team.. We must win all the 14 games left.. And Win Carabao and UEL trophy.. Go Gunners..

  • Apparently? A bouncing-baby twin-post was birthed on social media!
    Congrats TA! Where’s my cigar?


  • Too attacking will be our downfall

    Wilshere Mkhi
    Monreal Mustafi Kosc Bellerin


    Where easily interchange into 353

    2nd team
    Ramsey Iwobi
    Niles Xhaka Elneny Nelson
    Holding Mertesacker Chambers

    We still need to replace Mertesacker this January.

  • Well done TA. Predicting tactical line ups with our new recruits. Always a good way to get the juices flowing ๐Ÿ™‚

    We are an attacking team so should retain an attacking identity. Your line up looks mouthwatering at first glance TA but, although you show them more in wing forward positions, Jack and Ozil are essentially playing the wing-back positions in that 3-5-2 which I fear will not work in practice. As long as we are dominating possession and bossing a game it will look great, but better teams will hurt us with that line up once we surrender possession.

    I actually favour the line up that Robert Parker put up, and have mentioned that same line up elsewhere. I do however see it slightly different to him in how it works. For me it is essentially a 4-1-3-2. The important factor is that it utilises players key strengths and natural game to give us a devastating attacking threat while remaining solid when not in possession. It throws up combinations and partnerships that should work a treat and also addresses some of our problem areas.

    The back 4 should work fine as long as the FB’s adopt the discipline to know when to go forward and when to hold position, and don’t both get caught forward at the same time.

    A big key is having a proper fast, strong, and technical athlete in front of the back 4 to protect, snuff out danger, and tidy up. AMN has the credentials in his game for this. None of our other midfielders do.

    Up top Laca has looked isolated in many games. I feel for him because some are blaming him at present but when he gets a chance he normally buries it. At the moment he is just having to deal with the attention of too many defenders because the floating players behind him don’t get near him quick enough to give the defenders another player to worry about and free up more space for Laca. He is the victim of our set up at present.

    That problem is solved with Aube playing next to him and I expect both to massively improve each others goal scoring stats (well at least Laca’s). It could possibly turn out to be the best strike partnership out there. They both started as wing forwards so will be mobile in their movement in and around each other and for the players in behind them.

    The players in behind the 2 strikers; Miki, Jack and Ozil. The natural game styles of these 3 balance out. There will be times when they intersect and operate as a unit together, and others when they move to different areas of the pitch. I see Miki and Ozil being very similar with Miki staying high and favouring the slightly left of centre position and Ozil doing the same slightly to right of centre. I see them moving more laterally across the pitch and Miki also gets to rekindle his partnership with Aube to boot.

    Jack then becomes the final key to this. His game is based on freedom to play (with an athletic HM allowing this) but he will be different to Miki and Ozil and will stay more in central channels but work in a more vertical aspect. He likes to come deep to receive the ball but is equally happy operating around the opposition box. This means he will not leave the HM or defenders isolated and will help out defensively but more importantly will often be the first outlet from transitioning from defence to attack which he is excellent at.

    It is why he gets the nod over Ramsey who I feel prefers to get into attacking positions too much. That is fine in a 1 striker game but with 2 strikers those forward runs should not be so needed and will unbalance us. Jacks natural positioning that he favours gives the line up the extra balance, but Ramsey is not a bad first go to option is he?

  • Agreed GB, and hi!

    It is too attacking; I was thinking of a team that dominates teams in their own half through an all conquering midfield. I also prefer a back four in a 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. Unlike you I donโ€™t believe we need a new DM/ Holding midfielder but now have the players to make it work.

  • Cech
    Bel Must Koz Nacho
    โ€”2 of Xhaka/Jack/Rambo/Elnenyโ€”โ€”
    Ozil- Henrikh – Laca
    โ€”โ€”- Auba โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”

  • Actually don’t want a new HM but want to see AMN play the position.

    What I didn’t say TA is that mixed with my excitement with the players coming in I am a tad pessimistic in my expectations and, with too many juicy choices, I don’t expect AW to get the balance of the side right.

    He has an overriding infatuation with samey B2B midfielders and ACM’s for me and will try and cram them all in there at the expense of players that will give us greater balance. I feel he may well drop Laca to the bench or force him to the wing rather than just let Laca and Aube loose to play alongside each other.

    I also feel he will try and play 2 samey midfielders next to each other in the DM area of the pitch instead of a more specialist HM, which I don’t feel he believes in. This I feel is to accommodate both his love of these samey midfielders, and the fact he has overly collected a plethora of them and feels he has to get them out there playing some how. I feel his 2 biggest Achilles heels (in a strongest 1st 11 consideration) will be Xhaka and Ramsey.

    If all this sounds a bit condescending of our manager I don’t mean it to be, but just feel that with more good options he will get more confused in how to make it work best, and will not get it right over a sustained period of games. I await being pleasantly surprised and eating my words TA ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey GB, I do like a crunching, athletic beast of a DM, but most managers are now moving towards all round midfielders in the centre. We need to defend and attack as a team and this is not always working out. I would like to see Kolasinac tried as a beast of a DM at some point.

  • The way we played in last season FA cup final is how we should always play, but getting that consistency is proving to be hard for Wenger.

  • Dont know TA. Fernandinho looks more a HM to me, as does Matic. It is interesting that Chelsea look less solid but also less balanced since he left. I feel a dedicated HM allows the rest of the team more freedom to attack but 2 more all rounders leaves it confused with neither doing the attacking or defending that well. Just dont feel it works out as good as it looks on paper

  • Evening TA. Iโ€™m liking the 3,5,2 line up here. But Iโ€™d change it slightly. As follows:

    Auba, Laca
    Mikhi, Jack, Rambo, Ozil, Bellerin
    Nacho, Musti, Kos

    This gives Ozil licence to roam. Left flank looks vulnerable and Jack would need to provide some cover on that side as defence isnโ€™t Mkhi strength. Bellerin on the right gives the back 3 some scope to shuffle to the left too. But we are playing to our strengths here and need to back our forwards to create and score. We might ship a few, but we could have some really big wins in the mix. Right now Iโ€™d just like to see some Wengerball!

    What Iโ€™m hating is the reports that we are selling Giroud to the chavs. I predicted we would let him go if we found a decent buyer. But not to the chavs ffs. Crazy to strengthen them when we are competing for top 4. Iโ€™m hoping that this is just junk reporting and nothing more.

  • Guys, we were putting too much emphasis on the midfield where we had been weak defensively, and i saw that a few guys left out Elneny and our tank for more attacking minded players.

    3 at the back still needs a defensive minded player in front of them, if not we will see the big holes we left in midfield that was present so frequently in the past 2 seasons

  • I agree completely, would hate to see the big (sexy) man at Chelsea. I can understand his reasoning, if he needs to go with last big international tournament ahead, west ham or Everton can be are only options. Will never boo/speak I’ll of Giroud an excellent striker who understood what it was to play for arsenal.

  • I think we got stuck in a loop. Letting go of Giroud for Auba to come in, or keeping Ollie and miss out on Auba.

    This is getting interesting.

  • I would love that Giroud stays but with the World Cup in sight he would not want to play second or third fiddle. And that’s why he might prefer Dortmond to Chelsea which very much suits us.

    As for the 1st XI/formation even Wenger’s head is spinning trying to figure that out but balance must be the key.

    In conceiving the starting 11 and the formation it is important that it be recognized that Bellerin is a wingback whether playing in a back-3 or a back-4. Nacho is better balanced but leans more on the full back role. In other words we never play 4 at the back irrespective of the paper formation. So why don’t we just formalize the back-3 seeing that it’s the natural fit for the our defensive personnel. Read on and see how am heading for a brick wall!

    With 3 at the back and Bellerin as RWB naturally Kola becomes the LWB. Five outfield positions remains to be filled. I expect our top money purchases (Auba, Laca and Ozil) to take up 3 of those positions. What is left is 2 positions being contested for by Mkhit, Ramsey, Jack, Xhaka, Elneny, Giroud ….. a good 6 top materials not counting Iwobi, Welbeck, AMN and Nelson. If those top 6 have to be given equal playing time each would be playing every four matches. That won’t give a happy dressing room. So what gives. My head is spinning!!! Mission abandoned!!!

  • I change my approach. I’d work from the large concept to the details.
    1). We are an attacking team.
    2). We will build a team brimming full with the best of our attacking players.
    3). They comprise of Auba, Laca, Ozil, Mkhit, Jack, Ramsey, Xhaka.
    4). Of the 10 outfield players I’d budget 5 attackers, 4 defenders, 1 neutral (can join both departments during play).
    5). Defenders :- back-4 ….. Bel,Musti, Kosh, Nacho.
    6). Neutral HM :- ……. Elneny.
    7) Attackers MF :- ….. Laca, Ozil, Mkhit, Jack
    8). Attacker STR.:- …. Auba.

    4:1:4:1 emerges.

    Bel, Musti, Kosh, Nacho
    Mkhit, Jack, Ozil, Laca

    That front 5 is frightening!!!

  • Hi PE.. Agree with you with both..
    I do think that Bellerin is better as a RWB also..
    But with our last successful 4 in the back.. And unsuccessful 3 CB.. Especially when Holding-Mustafi-Chambers playing together.. Make us realize that our CB is made for 2 CB not 3..
    With Elneny which already trained as a CB in this half season.. Suddenly (hehehe.. Such a dramatic word) he becomes a great DM or HM.. Whatever you name it..
    And that’s of course a great new for us.. He become our third CB and also our DM.. Hehehe.. And for sure your 4-1-4-1 will also fit us..

    Can’t wait to see it happen.. Maybe not for Everton’s game.. But for our NLD against Spurs..

  • Morning PE. Yours is very similar to my 4-1-3-2 with the two main differences in that I would allow Laca and Aube to play as strikers and wouldn’t instruct Laca to play a slightly more disciplined deeper role. They are both mobile forwards anyway, who both started as wing forwards, so I would expect the dropping deeper at times to link up to happen from both of them anyway, but my main instruction would be to play as a striker partnership.

    The other difference is that I don’t feel Elneny is quick enough to play the lone HM role and that, even at his tender age, AMN looks more the athlete and feel he is critical, or at least a player like this, to making it all work in front of them. This player will likely get most support from Jack but I feel Elneny will require more helping out thus drawing jack deeper to help him more than is ideal and stifling his freedom to impose on the game in other ways.

  • Hi JK.. The deal is done.. Don’t hear to rumors to much.. Or I’m the one who did.. Hehehe..

  • Now reading that Conte is willing to also allow David Luiz to come to Arsenal in a straight up swap for Giroud, with Batshuayi to go on loan to BVB– to allow the Auba sale to complete.

    Me? I pull that trigger.
    David Luiz IS a guy– who can play the role– we’ve been debating for Elneny. Luiz is a good passer of the ball from the back; physical with a bit of a mean streak on-pitch. (Then Elneny can spell Luiz it in cup ties.)


  • GoonerB,
    Your right about AMN’s athletic superiority over Elneny. It’s definitely confers an advantage. But the holding role has so many other vital cogs. Not least is a very active defensive awareness and positioning. Also of vital importance is security in possession especially against teams that do the high press. IMO, Elneny edges inexperienced AMN on these.

    Of course a big deciding factor for a HM is whether one desires more of a DM or more of a playmaker (regista).

  • PE–
    Minutes played at back and wingback are Wenger’s fashion of getting AMN on-pitch without exposing him entirely– until he’s ready for the DM/HM role defensively.


  • 4-4-2

    Debuchy, Holding, Mustafi, Monreal
    Walcott, Xhaka, Rambo, Mkhi
    Sanchez, Oobamayung

  • Hi
    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    May sound strange, but i think me need a fresh left footer upfront, so i would suggest giving monreal a run.

  • why not go all out defence?

    Bellerin, Kos, Mert, Mustafi, Monreal, Kolasinac
    Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelin

    use his pace to counter attack ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Andy, hahaha yes Monreal can play anywhere it seems. I reckon we will see Jack play a lot more in the left attacking area now that Sanchez has become a golden cross on a red shirt Manc..

  • One thing I’ll never understand is why Arsene doesn’t go for someone like Keven Di Bruyne? Top quality player and already said he wants to play for us. #UpTheGun

  • In south Africa, we love Arsenal. The style, the play, the attacking football is the best in the world.

  • If Aubameyang signs for us today, heโ€™ll come with so many contract clauses, we could happily call him Santa. Also, why are we signing a striker! Surely, if we’re going for three at the back we should be hunting left backs that can play up top.

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