Before he Hits the Road, Sign This Player Up Arsenal BoD

The Jack Wilshere conundrum is really taking a toll on the Arsenal Fans

It’s really high time that Arsenal sort out the Jack Wilshere situation. If not for themselves or for the player, at least it should be done for the fans; Arsenal really need to solve the limbo in which Jack Wilshere currently finds himself as soon as possible.

The career of Jack Wilshere has been through quite a number of topsy-turvy times. From being heralded as the greatest English midfielder for years to come to being a sick, loaned-out and deemed to surplus player, Wilshere has been through it all and yet remains an Arsenal man at heart.

In a world where Players like Sanchez come and go, it’s tough finding thoroughbred players like Jack Wilshere who play for the badge at the front of the shirt, rather than the name at the back. We have seen him go through hell for a year and a half and then go out on loan and play in the League in different colours, and it must have been difficult for him to leave the club in order to earn a new contract at the club.


Now he is back again at Arsenal and it’s been a heck of a journey for our number 10. From being one of the fringe players to finding the groove and establishing himself as the first choice midfield player in a team dominated by the presence of established stars like Ozil, Mikhitaryan, Xhaka and Ramsey, Wilshere has done it all and he’s done it well. Often being the lone bright spark in an otherwise flat, timid, uninspiring team in certain away games this season, Wilshere has done exactly what was needed of him in reminding the Arsenal hierarchy why they truly need him in the club for years to come.

Up until February, the huge black cloud over the emirates was that of uncertainty and indecision. Will Ozil stay or will he be off to Manchester United under Jose? Will Sanchez go to City or United? This was what everybody needed to know. Frankly, at one point of time it felt like all I needed was just a darn conclusion to all this mess and non-stop distraction. Such was the dominance with talks of these two guys, you could be forgiven for forgetting that also Jack was on the last six months of his contract.

And now when we are finally over with two of the most drawn out and frustrating contract renewals in the history of contract renewals, surely some compassion must be shown if not to the player at least to the fans with the issue of contract renewals. Every fan wants Jack to stay, and so does every staff member, former player, the manager, pundits; everyone is clear in their minds about one thing, Jack Wilshere is an Arsenal man and he needs to stay at Arsenal. Jack has emphasized this on too many occasions, so when will this fiasco be put to bed?

Presently, Wilshere is the longest serving player in the squad and as an Arsenal fan I believe it would be a darn crime not to offer him a contract worthy of his commitment and dedication to the club. To me, Wilshere is the only one who has actually adopted the Mr Arsenal Tag from Tony Adams with his displays and dedication for the club, and he shows it so well!

Playing in midfield for the club he loves and playing as if his life is on the line, that’s the Jack we have seen this season and that is someone who deserves to lead this club in the future.

Arsene was quite vocal about why exactly he had entrusted Jack Wilshere with the captain’s armband on a number of occasions this season in the absence of Cech and Koscielny:

“He has strong links with the club and as well he is a kind of leader due to his attitude and for his tactical knowledge on the pitch.”

“Jack Wilshere is a big quality, apart from his technical top qualities, he has the right personality.

“He’s in the right place on the pitch and now he has the maturity to organise around him, that is why I played him central.

“And I thought just the combination of history, the fact that he is a long term player for the club, and the fact of his experience and knowledge now, I chose to make him captain.”

That to me sounds like a player who is a talismanic leader in the team and is set for the long-haul with a clear ambition of leading the club for years to come. So why not just let him? For a player that wears his heart on his sleeve, who is universally adored by fans all across the globe, who is respected and whose biggest ally in the board room is his manager; why can’t the club just offer him a contract which befits a player of his stature rather than a ‘pay as you go contract’.

Such an offer is nothing but insulting to a player who has given his all for the club and has stayed put when he could have gone somewhere else, with there being nothing the club could do about it. The reported deal would incentivize his performance and offer him a wage based on how frequently he plays, which basically amounts to the club punishing the player for his future injuries.

Right now, there’s no question of his desire and commitment to the club. However, what is questionable is the club’s, and more importantly the BoD’s, desire and commitment to him.

From this fan’s point of view, the longer the contract renewal limbo drags on the more it becomes unbearable for us the fans, for the player himself and for the manager, because, come June, if the situation is not resolved before Jack boards the flight for Russia neither of the three will have a happy ending to this story.

By Soham

Soham is a new, one-off writer, and he would like you to visit his blog once in a while:


19 thoughts on “Before he Hits the Road, Sign This Player Up Arsenal BoD

  • Thanks for your post, Soham. I think you summed up the sentiment regarding Jack pretty well. The thing I am not sure about is whether Wenger himself actually wants him to stay or not. If so, it is indeed the BoD’s job to get the contract sorted.

    My gut feeling is Jack’s time is up and it is mostly down to Wenger. Surely the BoD would grant Wenger his wish re Jack if indeed he wanted him to stay longer?

  • Well, I totally disagree… Though I appreciate the sentiment… Well done, Soham…

    Jack has an offer and now he’s clearly looking to see if he can find a better one (with his recent and well placed story about not being offered a new one a year ago…) In the saddest of ironies, just as he (and his agents) put out the story, he found himself unable to play for England…due to injury.

    If he wants to stay at Arsenal all he needs to do is “sign da ting.” If he plays a bunch next season–and helps the team reach new and better heights–he’ll surely be offered a new and improved extension… Or other teams can offer up a transfer fee (and better personal terms) and the club can choose what to do next. IMO, if Jack were such a dedicated Arsenal guy, he’d have already signed his deal and the scenario described would play out IF JW CAN PROVE A REAL ASSET to the club. Sorry, but IMO, despite all the passion (or petulance, this is eye of the beholder stuff…) Jack has yet to do so…

    That’s just my opinion and I know I’m swimming against the tide here… Sorry… But it’s also maybe a warning that we shouldn’t lump all Gooners together…not to mention the pundits… Here’s one of them… 😀

  • Funny. I was about halfway through the piece when it dawned on me that it wasn’t TA’s writing. That said, I agree with the sentiment– but it’s not my money to dole out.

    Jack was the early-stages spark in the Europa group stages, the only silverware left in reach. He did nearly everything asked of him this season except– more. Of course, some of the guys we pay more– to do more– didn’t either. Not griping about anybody– just being blunt. Jack isn’t the explosive guy waiting to off– but he’s the flammable guy, readying the arson.

    I want Jack in my team.

    Clearly, AW has either washed his hands of the decision to award Jack a set contract– or it’s been removed from his purview. Either way it suits me to see the agreement incentivised. It’s fair IMO. (It can be questioned whether the new deal to Santi makes the offer to Jack ‘fair’. But there seems more to what happened/is happening to/with Cazorla on a human-level.)

    Jack is a 26-yr-old husband, and dad of two youngsters (going on 7 and 5). New wife Adriani (Jack’s barber’s daughter) will be giving birth to #3 in the next few months. Really don’t think Jack wants to leave London. Would you? To uproot your family for £700k– when you’re in the right place professionally and socially– with a tabled agreement worth approx £3M– and a chance to earn the rest based on performances?

    Now OTOH? If there are 20,000 Gooners out there who believe that Jack should have that extra £20k-per-week guaranteed? For £38 apiece– those fans could contribute to a Go Fund Me page to make sure he stays. Almost guarantee that would either close the deal– or inspire one side to get the deal done.

    Sign it Jack. Save everybody the drama.


  • Soham, you poured my sentiment on paper. Just happened that there is a more down to earth part of me that understands that sentiment can lead to faulty decisions. This is not saying that Jack should be let to go. Facts should be considered and best decision taken.

    What are the facts? The BoD know the facts of Wilshere and the facts of their general plans much better than me, so at crunch decision times like this I’d give them some space.

    All said and done, as HT pointed out, there is a deal on the table for him.. Something tells me that even the BoD are battling with some sentiments.

    One thing I know is that anytime Jack sprawls on the ground after a 50/50, all have their hearts in their mouths as its wondered if another 9 months out has again come.. That strain is bound to have its reflection on the deal on the table.

    The more optimistic and maybe sentimental part of me wrote a post on Jack, Sept 2017. My dreams remain alive. Click below:

  • JW1

    Am I reading this correctly: Jack has been offered 60k per week with an option to increase this to £80k based on playing time? If so, then that’s a disgrace, given what others are being paid in the team. No wonder he has not signed yet. Expect him to play for Guardiola or Klopp, or god forbid Pochetino, next season.

    Almost all agree with the assessment of JW10 in the above post and the club better act on it. We are the Arsenal.

  • Hey guys, been a while, but rest assured I have been reading the posts and great comments. Soham’s post on the Jack Wilshere conundrum is the kind to get the juices flowing as it is a matter which polarized the fans of the club.

    TA, from what I have gleaned from the back and forth on Jack’s contract saga, my take is he was on 110k per week, all those years he hardly played for the club, plus the club carrying a huge part of that salary while he was on loan at Bournemouth. The understanding is that what’s placed in front of him is a guaranteed £90k per week, while the balance (plus a lot more incentives – games, trophies, league placement, Win bonus, CL performance for both club and individual, etc) can be earned based on playing time and achievements of the club and the player; ostensibly, if it all falls into place, he should earn a lot more than £110k per week. It was an extension and a raise, albeit with a large part of the raise incentivized or conditional. I stand to be corrected on that. Someone mentioned the case of Cazorla; his was a mere extension (human face and all that) without an increase, so different circumstances and arguments.

    Seeing as Jack has hardly done enough for the club but with the club paying him a fairly competitive wage, there’s no doubt in my mind the club has been loyal to him and kept faith with him, despite not winning the league and being a part of the recent “regression” of the club. Well, it’s time for him to show that “Mr. Arsenal” in him by signing the contract and fighting more for the team so as to be entitled to the big incentives awaiting him. The game is serious business. Enough of the sentiments. I remember having a feeling of impending failure when Wenger delivered his dream of a “British core”, taking the team to glory days. That didn’t turn out well and we’ve started to see the dismantling of that ideal.

    Jack should take the deal, play his heart out and see where that takes him. We love him and want him at the club. But, we shouldn’t fear the possibility of him leaving because that will only mean a replacement, probably an upgrade, coming in.

  • Eris, good to have you back here. Now IF you are correct with your assumptions then I have to agree with you. That sounds like a much more reasonable package.

  • WTF is Roy Keane going on about, hey?! Some people just want to make daft statements to attract attention. He had Scholes to hold his hand when it came to actually producing an attacking ball or instigate an attack. Great traditional DM but no clue when it comes to playing attacking football.

  • Hello Everyone

    Thank you so much sharing your views after reading the article and I am very pleased to see that many of you have found the article worth your time. Thank you Frank for putting it up and great to hear that you like it as well.

    Well the thing out here is that I do not think Arsene is directly involved in the contract negotiations or in drawing out the contract that is being offered. In-fact had it been left to him he would have probably offered a straight up contract and nothing like this incentivised one which is on the table. This is is the new guy Huss Fahmy who is leading the charge.

    See while in Jack’s case it might not be that bad a deal considering from his injury point of view but like i said what is hurting to the player here is the fact that it oozes disrespect to the player. The entire policy is flawed because it can hurt the player’s ego and disrespect him for being injury prone while at the same time reminding him about it every-time that he gets injured.

    Consider in our professional life had we been subjected to such terms while your colleagues around us much better and off with more stabilized and improved pay packets it would have hurt knowing that there is only this much faith in me.

    So for me his is right if he doesn’t want this which is on the table for him in the hope that there is a middle ground to be reached which works for Jack well and for the club.

    Like Eris says, he is absolutely right about the basic package offered to him of about £90k per week, and about the incentives which will mount to a lot more than what he is on presently. Plus I think what he should be credited with is how his demeanor was during the entire transfer window. Not a single story leaked to the press by his agent in order to put pressure on the club, no threats out in the media about leaving soon, the lad just put his head down and went to work when the entire environment around him was about people losing their minds with contract renewals.

    Also at the end of the day I don’t think Arsene will let Jack leave, if this contract is not signed I am very sure that a middle ground will reached with a normal contract right at the last moment. Knowing Jack for so long, Arsene is a guy who values loyalty and will not let him walk out of that door.

  • TA–
    I think where our maths went awry– is that yours was based on 52 weeks– and mine was based on 38 matches. Though my calcs were based on Jack’s offer/current at £80k/£100k weekly, and Eris and Soham have bumped that to £90k/£110k weekly.

    As to the idea that others around Jack are getting raises and he’s not? I get the line of reasoning that plays to the athletic ego. But not be moved by it. By looking at the circumstances of Jack Wilshere alone? The circumstances say that Jack isn’t going elsewhere for more cash– unless it’s in London. Further, Ozil is worth his weight. Amounts for new attackers Auba and Mkhi were required to bring them here (no arguments on these 3 please). Elneny? Did not read of any raise– just an extension (correct me please). The other large-packet over-paids? Ply their trade at other clubs now.

    So it’s welcome to: “Meet the new boss, not same as the old boss.”
    Eris is on the button with his description of the club’s past loyalties to Jack.
    Jack is in the enviable position to cement his legacy in Red & White for life.
    So what will it be Jack? Remembered as Tomas– or Cesc?


  • Spot on jw1.couldnt have put it better myself. Wenger can be likened to a sentimental father who will only believe the best for his “boy”. Now, it’s off to the boarding house where there’s a new Dad figure about, who will see things objectively and call out the lad when he is in the wrong; school Dad’s reports are always met with incredulity by Daddy as he’s told of what his boy gets up to.

    The beauty of be8ng brought in on a big salary to do a job is that you are objective and have a world view. I am sure Arsène understands or this won’t be happening. Much as we like to assume his power is being whittled, I see his input in almost everything going on, including the men hired by the club. I once spoke of his recent leaning towards a strong German (with some Spanish) influence in the team; we seem to be taking that to the (football related) management side too and that can only be in line with Wenger’s thought process. Okay, a lot of that is speculation but we can’t forget his Alsace upbringing.

  • Interesting debate, of which my views of Jack have been made clear in the past, I want him to stay but would at all be surprised to see him leave.

    Yes Jack loves the club, but it’s his job, his career and if he isn’t valued by those who decide these things then I don’t blame him for leaving. I know that Liverpool have been very interested in him since last summer, but I’d like to see him go abroad, in fact I’d like to see a lot more English players going abroad and expanding their football knowledge.

    As for Roy Keane:

  • JW1, fair enough. As far as I am aware football players receive their weekly wage for 52 weeks a year, not just during the time they are playing in the league, but I understand your thinking.

  • Sorry TA, you’re right!
    That’s how we Yanks cipher salaries– in terms of ‘game checks’ for our footballers.


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