Xhaka/Elneny, OWI behind Laca, Another MustHold in front of Leno? Qarabag v Arsenal Line-UP

Qarabag v Arsenal


No Ramsey, no Mkhi, no Auba – they were all left in London. But we know by now that Emery takes the UEFA League v serious so expect a strong team to play.

Here is my predicted starting 11:

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Remember it is an early kick-off (17.55), so get home soon or throw a sickie.


By TotalArsenal.


58 thoughts on “Xhaka/Elneny, OWI behind Laca, Another MustHold in front of Leno? Qarabag v Arsenal Line-UP

  • Morning TA. I like that line up a lot. I hope Nacho gets the rest he must need. I wish Laca could get some too; might we see him in the bench to start with? My only other question is Ozil here. It would be great if he could take a positive lead in this game, but equally we could play Iwobi in the 10 and one of the kids on the right. In balance I’d take your 11 but perhaps start with Eddie up front – I like Danny in the left here with Kola needing to be eased back in behind him.

  • I would not mind that, AB, but I feel Emery takes this game really serious and wants to show UEFA this too. Being in the good books pays off… So I expect Laca and Ozil to start but would not mind to see Eddie and Smith-Rowe starting instead of them.

  • Kolacinac is back? Is he ready to start a match? I didn’t know. I like that eleven with what’s available. Maybe I’d get in Guendouzi because he has had a few less minutes of late and maybe Xhaka could use some rest. He’d be good to be able to bring on if necessary. Nketiah should be involved, I hope.

  • Decent shout re Guendouzi, J. Maybe he starts instead of Iwobi (and Ozil and Welbz play on the wing) but I reckon we will need balance in midfield and either Xhaka or Torreira starts… And Elneny MUST start imo.

  • TA–
    Get your perspective on ‘Big Brother’ UEFA– and like most of your lineup.
    Unless there’s something I’ve not heard? I’d prefer Aubameyang to start up top. Think that J is also correct– that Guendouzi should pair alongside Elneny. Mo has a chameleon-like way of fitting into whatever the role requires– based on the style of game we find ourselves in.


  • TA … that’s a good team that can do the job. Am thinking that Auba, Ramsey and Mhkiwho did not travel are likely to feature against Fulham and that might have a bearing on those who’d play today.

    My prediction:-

    Lichst. Sokr. Holdn. Kola
    Eln. Guendz.
    Welb. Ozil. Iwobi

    If we find ourselves in a good place early enough ESR and Nketiah would get substitute roles.With the taxing 6hrs return trip we could have as much as 8 changes to the Sunday game.

  • I’m beginning to warm to the Emery policy of treating every game as seriously as all the others, maybe it’s a state of mind that our players need to get into as well, no easing up, no coasting, no mentally switching off in a competition (FACup at Forest) because it’s not the CL or EPL, although I do miss seeing the youngsters em masses in the lesser cups, but that’s the wind of change I guess.

  • That’s a good point Kev.
    And a case to be made– that the regulars should put a lesser squad to the sword quickly if possible. Limits their involvement– and provides minutes to the Rowes and Nketiahs. Several benefits from efficiency.


  • I think it is not so much about the quality of the starting eleven that matters but their desire to win combined with quality. I have seen strong Arsenal teams in the past but without the desire to win and then we get an embarrassing loss or cup exit (Nottingham forest last year, Sheffield Wednesday a few years ago, etc.). If Emery selects you and you wear the shirt, you will go out there to do it pride. A nice change.

  • Hi all.. Hi TA.. Nice starting line up..
    Two hours before started.. Still don’t get any clue to watch it live.. hehehe..

    I’m agree with your back five.. I’m sure they will be great.. but I think Kenny G will start and Xhaka will rest.. Together with Elneny.. they are like a twin (hair).. hehehe..

    And I hope Nketiah and Rowe will played.. So Ozil and Lacazette can rest also..

  • Leno, Lichtsteiner, Holding, Sokratis, Monreal, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Elneny, Smith Rowe, Iwobi, Welbeck.

  • Looks like he’d use Kola as a winger. I’ll consider that a good call. If Kola can rediscover his early deliveries into the box, then we’ve got the man to feed Auba as point man.

  • Henry .. You’re probably right. Could be a 3:4:3. It’ll excite me if he’s come with a different formation. I want to know that he is elastic.

  • Hey fellas… Late to the party–and a few minutes into the game… Impressive physicality by Kola and we’re unlucky not to score…

    But, from the corner, we do!!! Elneny takes it, Nacho heads it down and it goes in off Sok…


  • Playing a 5-2-3 is quite interesting, IMO…

    Kola eats up some space getting forward with the ball but Kenny G(ives) it away…

  • I think it’s good to have Kola back and I also think he could really thrive in Emery’s FB-forward style…

    Other side, Lichtsteiner fails to keep a ball inside the touchline… Game’s been mostly in our half since the goal with Kenny losing another ball and sending the opponents forward…

    Kola on another run but falters with his final ball… End to end at the moment…

  • ESR too leggy after great work leading up to a fine cross from Kola… That looked like a 2nd…

  • This is all very interesting, I feel, and likely a game where we don’t need a midfield. Eventually, however, won’t we?…

  • ESR might have opened his 1st team account just there.
    Side netting from a cross by Monreal.


  • We’re dominant on these corners that Elneny is delivering from the right… DW heads down and wide…

    I guess the plus side of no midfield is good spacing and wide play…

  • Are you watching on a stream today, J-Dub?

    Iwobi wins a corner with a nice dribble-drive into the box…

  • Not so good from my avatar guy, Elneny… Why take the corners short when we appear dominant in the air?…

    Other end, some over-elaboration allows the Q-bags to get into our box… Leno makes a fine save with no rebound.

  • Diagonal cross just too long and they can only get it behind our goal rather than in… Replay shows that their guy was well offside… Still, we’re not exactly controlling the match…

  • For this 30 minutes.. I think Guendozi did a lot of mistake.. Hope he will improve..

  • Galavision– courtesy of my recently renegotiated Comcast ‘Latino Starter Package’!
    Sometimes you just do what works. 🙄

    A few minutes behind on the broadcast at present.


  • That was a sticky save by Leno for sure.
    Kola got skinned on the move by QBGs winger.


  • Whoa… Leno looked stranded at the top of the box but the ball came to him and all ended fine…

    Iwobi’s marker tests the stretch-ability of our kit material (and a whistle is blown!) Guendo dribbles but loses it and looks hurt…

    Game is rather end to end but more in our end over the last bit…

  • Gotta give ESR props for shaping for the flying volley (again from Kola–definitely more of a wing-forward than back…) got enough on it for it to bounce wildly out…

    Another great save from Leno… Q-bag should score soon enough, it appears…

  • ESR and Kenny blocked at the point after nice work down the left from Nacho/Kola/Iwobi… Hey, the ref steps in giving a yellow to Holding for a handball. Might’ve played the advantage but the Q player was screaming for the whistle…

  • Finally saw the shirt-yank on Iwobi.
    He made it clear to the defender he ought not do it again– faceplanting him with more than a good shove. YC for QBGer and a stern (sorta’) rebuke from the ref.


  • Our boys are doing ok, but to be honest it’s bit dull. Smith Rowe the man with no hyphen looks a likely goal scorer.

  • Nice turn at the center of the pitch by ESR but the final ball is woeful… No injury time?… HT

    I gotta go out… 😦 and will have to watch the 2nd period on tape… Laters… Enjoy…

  • Bellerin is a better RWB than Licht.
    And Torriera must come in for Guendouzi..

  • Smith Rowe does make his 1st-deposit on account.
    Iwobi with an aware feed for the assist!

    2-0 to the good guys!


  • QBG keep attempting to go over and behind again on diagonal balls.
    Kola watching on one earlier. Good volley there might have scored.


  • Lichtsteiner beaten on a move near our goal– with Torreira staring down the attacker– deflecting away the intended cross.


  • QBG corner deflected to their CF who one-touch shoots– ball pings through Leno’s 5-hole and he manages a hand save behind him as Sokratis is on-the-spot marshalling the attacker of off our keeper.


  • Ozil dispossessed and QBG attack– while The Terrier awaits– stanching the effort– poking the ball away.

  • And our ‘PrettierDavidLuiz’ (MattyG) opens his Arsenal account from a short pass top-of-box– on a well executed counter. Assist from Lacazette.

    3-0 to the good guys!


  • Guendouzi determined to assist on QBGs first goal.
    But Leno with a full-extension save.


  • Do not know how we ended with a clean sheet.
    3-0 to The Arsenal.
    Could have been 3-3 or 6-0 or 6-3.

    Not sure about a MoTM.
    Sokratis maybe? Iwobi?
    Thought Lacazette was very good as a sub.


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