Fresh Legs of Mkhi-Ram-Auba to Feed Lacerating Laca: Preview – Line-Up


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It is now eight wins on the spin all competitions. It’s beginning to look like there is a method to the ugliness. Substance over form. That would be a sea change from the Arsenal we’ve known. I still very much doubt that’s Emery. He looks a man of grit alright but also a man of style.

Fulham is a team of style, full of beautiful triangles but they have shipped in 16 goals in the league, joint last with Huddersfield and Cardiff. We know that Emery already knows everything about them and his head would be buzzing with a very offensive plan.

Thursday/Sunday matches are a strain but Emery is showing a lot of experience in getting the squad round it. Amongst those who completed 90 minutes of action on Thursday only one of the two of Sokratis and Holding is likely to start. That means we would have a fresh enough team to face Fulham, hoping though the 6 hours flight back from Azerbaijan on Thursday night did not take a toll on the players.

Mkhi should he expected to start otherwise it would be the third straight match without action for him. Am also expecting Emery to start Ramsey and Auba who where left at home for the Azerbaijan trip. That would leave only one more player to select for the front four from amongst those who saw some action on Thursday. There would be some big ones on the bench. That shouldn’t be much of a headache to Emery who obviously believes in the use of super subs as an important part of his game plan. My guess is that Ozil and Iwobi would be amongst those on the bench.

Expected line up:-

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Bench:- Martinez, Lichsteiner, Holding, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Ozil, Iwobi.

The Arsenaldom would always ask for some more: a ninth straight win and another clean sheet. That would make the inter-lull – 15 days!! – that follows a lot more bearable.


By PE.

33 thoughts on “Fresh Legs of Mkhi-Ram-Auba to Feed Lacerating Laca: Preview – Line-Up

  • Cheers PE for a fine match preview! 🙂

    I like the line-up a lot but but but surely Ozil will play. No internationals for him and in such a good form, Mesut will play and most possibly from the hole position, with Auba and Mkhi on the ‘wings’. Leaving Iwobi out is also quite a call given his electrifying form, but I agree that Mkhi will get to start a game this Sunday. Unai may leave Sokratis out for fitness reasons but I hope he will play. So I am going for your line-up but Ramsey on the bench (or at home with his heavily/heavenly pregnant wife) and Ozil in the hole. COYRRGs!!

  • Hi all.. Hi PE..
    I think Holding must play.. Sokratis Mustafi aren’t a good partner.. better with Holding each..

    I think Somehow.. Ramsey may played a long side Xhaka as our double pivot.. Or put him one step behind Ozil as our double AM..
    Maybe he will find the magic back.. hehehe..

    L’AMOR still my favourite..
    Hope they will play again all together soon.. maybe as soon as tomorrow.. hehehe..

  • Good work PE, I like that team, but I haven’t a clue, it could be the same XI who started in Baku, I’ve given up trying to guess… 🙂

    But yeah, Mkhitarayan and Bellerin down the right, Aubameyang and Monreal down the left, or right, they can switch.

    I’d personally keep Holding in the team, but I guess that Mustafi will return.

  • Appreciate it PE!
    For me, the upcoming ‘lull’ means– less concern about who played in Baku on Thursday– regarding the lineup on Sunday.

    The idea that Fulham like to play a stylish short-passing game– heightens my anticipation of dropping Lucas Torreira– like a spanner– into the middle of it. I might like to see Auba start up top. As Fulham are giving up 2-3 goals an outing. This seems like a poacher’s match to me. By adding Mkhi-Ozil-Iwobi behind? We could get a pocketful on Sunday. Mkhi and Iwobi have offered-up some of the more mouthwatering combinations in attack in this early season.

    While Mustafi is rested? I’d like to continue with Sokratis and Holding pairing in central defense. There’s a chemistry developing between the two– that is not-quite-there yet– but. The idea that they can be less-than-perfect and Arsenal still come away with a clean sheet? Is a hopeful sign for the core of a defense that needs continued, cohesive minutes to solidify further.

    With a bench that would include Lace, Ramsey, Mustafi, and Guendouzi– Emery would have a slew of options for whatever the need.


  • Anyone watching United and Newcastle?. All day rumours about Mourinho getting the chop. United 2 nil down at half time and to their credit they really put an effort in in the 2nd half. 20 mins to go still 0. – 2. mata scored. , 10 minutes later Martial scores. As we go into extra time who gets the winner… you got it Alexis

  • Good result for us. We need Mourinhohoho to stay in charge till end of the year. He will get sacked sooner or later but first we need them to lose more points. Had he lost today I reckon he would have been let go.

  • Good stuff PE. Rambo on the bench for me too, with Ozil our unquestioned first choice 10. Keeping Iwobi in ahead of Mikhi would be a brave choice too – but a decent case given performances. Musti still a first choice CB I think. But he’s in thin ice.

    Totally agree with you TA that we don’t want Maureen sacked too soon in the season. That’s a team stuffed full of talent but heading to underachieve due to the vain one mishandling them. We want him to see that through to the point where it’s too late for them this season. Hell we might even be able to pick up a bargain from them in January. So while it pains me to see them win, not least because of who scored the late winner, in the big picture it’s the best result for us.

  • Good preview, PE. Fulham are a very good side these days and in Mitrovic, Schurrle and Vietto, they have a decent bunch in going forward and they will be up for this one. Calum Chambers is ineligible to play against us so, hopefully, they are a bit more weakened in defence, which is an area they’ve struggled. My concern will be with players like Jean Michael Seri, who we had reportedly shown interest in (if you believe the tabloids) and Schurrle who was at Chelsea and may feel he has to do his old buddies a favour.

    After resting a sizeable group for the Thursday encounter, it would serve us well to approach the game like one that won’t be a walk in the park. It’s a Derby, after all.

    I expect to see Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Sokratis, Monreal, Xhaka, Torreira, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Auba and Lacazette. Iwobi, Ramsey, Welbeck to be available to come on, if needed, late on and depending on fitness of the starting players.

    With Manchester United winning, we’ve just got to win to maintain the gap between us and to keep up with the Spuds. COYG!

  • Kev (from previous thread): Seeing Liverpool draw, Tottenham lose, Man Utd draw and both City and Chelsea winning narrowly, we should maybe remain, in the words of Unai, a tad humble,….

    Liverpool actually, lost to Napoli in a game they didn’t show any ambition. No shot on target for the 90 minutes! Not Liverpool standard. Maybe, the game vs City, later today (Sunday) playing on their minds?

  • I’ve read all the comments carefully and there isn’t one that I can disagree with. What that says is that Emery has options and options.

    The most popular demand outside of my line up (Muyiwa, TA, Henry, Jw, Eris) is Ozil at #10 with Ramsey on the bench (Henry opted for Ramsey in a double pivot role). The other popular demand is for the retention of the Sokratis/Holding partnership.

    I very much fancy Jw’s suggestion of Auba as top man. We seem to have almost forgotten that Auba is one of the deadliest goal scorers in world football. If there is one player we should tweak the team for so as to get him into his groove, it’s PEA. But we are winning, so it’s understandable if Emery keeps on with what has been working.

  • Of course Eris, you are right, I always enjoy seeing Liverpool lose so I’m surprised that I slipped up there. The Liverpool vs Man City game will be a cracker this afternoon and as much as I’d like to see them both lose I can in fact see it being a draw.

    We shouldn’t underestimate Fulham today, they could be very dangerous on their own patch, not a game for carrying too many players, the whole XI need to be up for this fixture, because Fulham certainly will be. Love to hear Emery dismissing any excuses for fatigue, he isn’t letting tiredness get into the heads of the squad and anyway our players know he’ll soon whip them off if they show any signs of just going through the motions. I see today as quite a stiff and important test of the new methods Unai has employed. It should be interesting on many levels.

  • I’m loving the confirmed line up. In terms of the message it sends around performance. And it leaves us with a very powerful bench to boot. Hope those selected recognise the chance offered them and take it.

  • Well, my napping all worked out and I’m up early for this one… Good thing I got my espresso first because I am shocked by the team news…

    Leno; Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal; Torreira, Xhaka; Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck; Lacazette. Subs: Martinez, Sokratis, Lichtsteiner, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Aubameyang.

  • I guess we’ll be hearing from the manager shortly, but he’s got some ‘splaining to do. Or maybe it’s just me. All these years I’ve watched football I always thought that winning the midfield battle was (at least sort of) important…

    Here’s the Fulham team…

    Fulham: Bettinelli; Christie, Odoi, Ream, Le Marchand; Seri, Anguissa; Vietto, Schurrle, R Sessegnon; Mitrovic. Subs: Rico, Mawson, S Sessegnon, McDonald, Johansen, Kamara, Ayite.

  • Anybody around?… AB, talk to me… No Ozil? Like the song says, I just don’t understand…

    Supposedly a back injury–from the long flight I’m guessing. Certainly my back is not improved by too much time on the (reclining) sofa…

  • Hey retsub…Whaddayathink…

    Here are my thoughts…

    Our connection between the rear of MF and our attack has been somewhere between, er, tenuous and non-existent. That’s fine, I guess, if you win ALL the battles at the (two) ends of the pitch. So, Leno needs to save everything and Mkhi and Iwobi need to do their counterattacking stuff while Welbz and/or Laca convert the (bang-bang) chances…

    Let’s see if things pan out, I guess… And we can change runners (Auba and Rambo in for the “mids” I mentioned…) after 45 or 60 mins…

    It’s not the football with which I’m familiar but maybe that’s the point…

  • Just saw Emery’s interview, and I guess I’ll try to listen to it again…but, I couldn’t understand much…

    Do I have what it takes to move this onto a new thread for a Live-blog? It’s awfully early, but maybe I can give it a go…

    Again, is anybody around (who might enjoy such a thing)?…

  • I’m hearing that Aubameyang and Ozil are unwell and that Rameys wife is on the point of giving birth to twins. That could explain the line up although it could also be political..

  • 17HT. Will be watching on TV but can’t type and watch at the same time.. will be checking in though.

  • I am also quite a shed person Retsub, it’s been my sanctuary for many a year. 🙂
    I would imagine that your good self has also used that place to escape a nagging. 😀

  • I love the amount of Rotation by Emery. Also rewarding guys who have played hard when they came off the bench.. ..Iwobi, Welbeck

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