Look Who’s Back! Arsenal v Huddersfield Line-Up and Preview

Three matches every week with Christmas approaching. That must be a bit of a new area for Emery. Once again it’s welcome to the Premier league as we thank our stars that Emery is a quick learner. Moaningho had one day extra rest for his team more than ours but still made seven changes against us. He gambled on fresh legs and that assured he survived us. Or was it our hard luck with injuries that sprang him from jail? Against Huddersfield I expect Emery to send out a team with fresher legs. I’d be surprised to see the likes of Bellerin, Kolasinac, Aubamayang start. They have played every minute of our last two premier league games only 3 days apart and they can do with a role from the bench for this 3rd game in 6 days!

Mustafi, Sokratis and Torreira are the only other outfield players to have done the same but injuries/fitness issues in our central defense would likely compel Emery to start the former two in a 4-man back line. I tip Lucas Torreira, who has proved crucial to the balance of the team, to start too but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets substituted in the match.

Studies have shown that a rest of less than 4 days does have, more often than not, a negative effect on the stamina of a team and s-t-a-m-i-n-a has been our ace this term. Huddersfield have enjoyed a 4 day rest, one critical day more rest than us. It is a disadvantage we have to offset with fresher legs not to talk about the fact that insufficient rest between matches predisposes players the more to injuries.

Will Ozil be back? Is Ramsey fit? Kozzer on the bench? Many things in doubt, but not in doubt is our collective desire to finish in the top four. Who dare lose points in this race of champions more so lose them unexpectedly. We dare not lose points to Huddersfield at the Emirates. Such would be a stumble of regrettable proportions.

No need talking about our injury woes. By the end of the day it about evens out for everybody. But, but …. the team is going to miss the fast improving Rob Holding, easily our best ball playing defender. I wish him a quick and complete recovery.

Has anybody found a route to Emery’s mind? Definitely not me. Well here’s another long shot:-

submit football lineup

Bench:- Cech, Bellerin, Kozzer, Monreal, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Aubamayang.

19th on the 1st half table and 2nd on the 2nd half table after 15 games is a statistical quirk. Correction is bound to begin and everything is pointing to Arsenal taking a 1st half lead for the first time this season.

Prediction:- 3-0 to the good guys.


By PE.

78 thoughts on “Look Who’s Back! Arsenal v Huddersfield Line-Up and Preview

  • Hey PE, thank you once again for the preview. Love it!

    I am also in agreement with that starting-11, hoping that Ozil is fully recovered and ready to provide much needed creativity in midfield. Having Xhaka-Torreira-Ozil on the pitch again would be brilliant. Starts for Mkhi and Iwobi works for me too and I hope they both start with the right focus and energy. Laca start is a no-brainer. Bring on Ramsey and Auba after 60 minutes, increase the tempo, and boom boom we can take the three points.
    But it will not be easy and I reckon your 3-0 is a bit too positive.

    Really hoping Kozzer can get some minutes today as we will need him this month. Love the idea of playing AMN and Licht on the ‘wings’ today.


  • Good preview PE. No Kola though? Is he injured? Surely starts otherwise. I’d prefer that we stick with 3 at the back. Licht or Jenks maybe on the right. Or even Elneny in the middle.

  • Good preview, PE. I know most of these players can get their rest on Thursday night, but the likes of Torreira, Iwobi and Mustafi (less so) look like they could use the rest. Of course, I can’t doubt Emery’s ability to gee them up for this important game; but, I will give them the rest. If Elneny, Koscielny, ESR and/or Nketiah cannot be trusted to beat Huddersfield, then our squad depth is a myth, injuries considered.

    It’s hard to know what Emery is thinking. Is he looking at Thursday and knowing he can rest nearly all the team, put out a strong squad, as PE’s predicted line up is? Or does he look at how knackered we looked at OT and rest the busier chaps? We’ll see. Either way, we need the win badly.

  • I think in order to encourage the individual pursuit of the top scorer award, Auba could be the exception and gets to start as many games as possible. So, just putting out my wish here.

    Lichsteiner. Sokratis. Koscielny

    Jenkinson. Elneny. Xhaka. Kolasinac


    Mkhi. Auba

  • If Ozil and Ramsey aren’t fit, then Iwobi gets to start. AM-N, Laca and Guendouzi to get a run-out later.

  • Looks like a 3:5:2.

    Musti, Sokr, Lichst.
    Bel, Douzi, Torreira, Xhaka, Kola
    Auba, Laca.

  • Happy enough with that defensively. Can Guendi be the 10 supplier to the front 2? Or will we see the midfield generally be the providers? Not as much on the bench as we have been used to of late, so hope we start more positively than usual; I’d like to see Eddie and Elneny get decent chances to show their value in the second half.

  • Oh well. Emery has gone for a strong side to start. That is making a choice not to underrate the opposition.
    Okay; let’s get the win and some goals.


  • Most advanced midfielder looks to be a combo of both Torreira and Guendouzi. Xhaka has had to shrug off some very close physical attention. We’ve started too slowly and have allowed the guests to come out strong on our perch. But that’s nothing we couldn’t have said about nearly all our league games. Long injury break coming up as one of the Huddersfield players goes down after clashing with Guendouzi.

  • Odd. The Ref has just shown Xhaka a yellow card, apparently for simulation, whereas he was well and truly clipped by Aaron Mooy. What a silly miss by the Ref.

  • When did a clear pen with a kick on the foot is deemed as an act of deceiving the ref and when is the defender touching the ball an offsite for us?

    The linesman and ref are clearly blind.

  • Both Sokratis and Mustafi now slated to miss Soton next week. Will we hit the trifecta and see Torreira booked too?

  • Both Sokratis and Mustafi now slated to miss Soton next week. Will we hit the trifecta and see Torreira booked too?

  • The Ref is out of his depth clearly. His choice to not mete out punishment early on has only emboldened the rotational fouls on our players.

    Having said that, this is turning out to be a harder game than envisaged. Could it be the lack of freshness? And how do you explain taking off Lacazette?
    The rash of yellows on our players for the silliest of reasons is almost pre-meditated; like the Ref has studied the list of players returning from suspension and those on the brink of suspension, to hand them out. We are going to have to graft this one out. Auba has to tuck one of these chances away or he can kiss the top scorer gong goodbye.

    And now, Mustafi has done his hamstring.

  • Monreal gets the nod instead, for good reason. Game is more intense than we bargained for. 😄

  • Torriera give us 3 points.. it’s his second goal..
    Hope his goal will continuously coming.. hehehe..

  • Looks like most fans have taken time off to go grab a coffee, stiff drink or whatever is needed to do, akin to heaving a collective sigh of relief. With Spurs ahead at Leicester, we will close the match day in 5th, but equal on points with Chelsea who’ve ended any aspirations City may have had for an “invincible” season. So, that leaves Liverpool and frankly, they look more likely to lose a game soon than that City squad. 2-0 flatters Chelsea on their 1st half performance but, they were more purposeful in the 2nd half and probably deserved the win, if not that scoreline.

    Emery should give some of the lads like two days off training. Mustafi (now injured), Sokratis, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Torreira, Auba, Iwobi and even Lacazette could use time away. The likes of Kos, Ozil, Xhaka, Mkhi, Ramsey and Cech, along with the rest of the squad need to be put through their paces, however. It’s going to be a difficult month as the games come thick and fast.

  • Yeah, Henrychan. Super goal too by Torreira. Ona day our goal poachers couldn’t find their shooting boots.

  • Yes Eris, this month as usual will be a tough month.. luckily our youngsters is more than ready to cover.. The Big games will be only Spurs at Carabao.. and Liverpool..

    we must seriously considered Paul Tierney as another Mike Dean.. hehehe..
    Such a bad decisions he made..

    After draw to MU.. our team look so tired..
    on the other hand, MU was very energized.. as they didn’t lost to the mighty Arsenal.. hehehe..

    City lost is an advantage for all.. The games become more interesting.. and for us, although Chelsea take his 4th place, but it make our history “the invincible” remain untouchable.. hehehe..

  • Ko Henry, no.. the ref yesterday is much worse than Dean.

    We had good chances yesterday but the momentum was broken by the constant rugby tackles and the penalties that somehow did not materalise. We might be able to get those yellows chalked off via video evidence. Unless this is a consipracy by FA.

  • Agree with Eris, the game seemed to big for the referee yesterday and Huddersfield took advantage, playing on the edge of legality and often crossing that line.

    I thought we did well to escape that game without serious injury, Guendouzi got ‘done’ a few times, great to see a Nacho back and just in time we’re going to need him this month.

    I guess that Sokratis can play a part next Thursday as he’ll be suspended at Southampton.
    That is going to be a very dangerous game at St Mary’s, new manager syndrome…

    Elneny, Cech, Jenkinson, Maitland Niles and a few kids this Thursday, Koscielny for an hour perhaps?

  • Don’t hear much from Dimitar Berbatov in general.
    Thought I’d share this bit– from Sky Sports Goals On Sunday–

    Former ManUnited striker Dimitar Berbatov revealed he is ‘pissed off’ with Arsenal youngster Matteo Guendouzi. Berbatov, speaking on Sky Sports Goals On Sunday, said: ‘He’s 19 but he’s playing like he’s been there forever. Sometimes I’m watching him– like I want to be against him– because [he] pisses me off with the confidence he has.’

    (Presenter Ben Shepherd apologised to viewers for the Bulgarian’s language.)

    ‘He’s so confident on the ball and he’s everywhere on the pitch. I’ve watched him. He’s in the box, running out with no problem,’ he continued. ‘You can be 19 and have the mentality and experience of a 24-year-old. Age doesn’t matter. He’s unbelievable.’

    Rare to hear much positive in the press from former players about our youngsters. 🙂


  • The scissors kick reminded me of Ollie’s goal for us a few seasons ago, albeit another direction. It is a good way to see the team doing everything they can to breach the keeper, and they did.

    Hope to see the youngsters play the game on Thursday.


  • I was a bit surprised that Emery brought off Lacazette last Saturday, especially as he’d come closest to scoring, but I Trust In Unai and we won, so the plaudits are his…
    And maybe he was keeping something in the Laca tank?

    With Southampton, Spuds, Burnley and Seagulls in quick succession (10 days) I wonder if Emery might go Lacazette, Aubameyang, Lacazette and Aubameyang up front alone, in those four games to save their legs before the big one at Anfield?

  • There seems to be a theme developing. Beginning with United and now Huddersfield– where both were obviously physical matches? Those teams aggressively targeting our midfielders when meting out the fouls. The blogger over at 7amkickoff (Tim, who apparently our HT has met!) did a pair write-ups following each match. Entertaining and interesting reads.


    Apparently when more than one link is placed in a post– it goes into ‘moderation’ for approval. I’ll post the second link below.


  • The headlines did their best to make the Berbatov comment appear like a negative take on Guendouzi. It was only after going to his actual Quotes I realized it was a compliment. Berbatov also had something to say about what Ozil could do to keep his place under Emery.

    Well, he should know having been one who was accused of laziness and not fitting into Fergie’s United side, when he was there, despite always banging in the goals the few minutes he played.

  • Hi all.. No new post.. hehehe..
    Pool and Spurs both pass the group.. Inter and Napoli will be in the UEL..

    I think tomorrow game will only retained our record to 21 games without loss.. Nothing special..
    Our first team must be rest for Soton and Spurs games.. And our youngsters already proved that the can be rely on.. So the story will continue itself.. hehehe..

  • To keep our unbeaten run going … that’s about the only thing at stake in tomorrow’s match but not worth risking starting any body who’d start on Sunday. Kos and Ozil could be given 15 minutes each.

    Jenko, Sokr, Medley, Ossei-Tutu
    Elneny, Willock
    M-Niles, ERS, Saka.

    Kev, what do you think of my line up.

    Meanwhìle Ozil and Ramsey are back to full training.

  • PE, I’d be more inclined to give Julio Pleguzuelo a start at CB instead of Sokratis. Kev had mentioned an injury– though the only mention I can find of one was back in September. Really would not wish to risk the only healthy, experienced CB on the roster vs Qarabag in what looks to be a mostly meaningless match.


  • That’s a good team PE, a back four, which is logical given the opposition.
    I see that John-Jules took part in training yesterday, but we could have a better idea as we have an FAYC game vs Northampton Town this evening, so that line up will inform us re: Qarabag.

    Saka is top top quality, very raw at 17 but a ton of natural ability, England need to tie him down pronto…. 😉🙂
    I’m really hoping to see Zach Medley get a start, he could save us a few million in the future.

    I have some concerns about the possibility of Koscielny going straight into a tough Premier Lge game on the back of training and a couple of hours of U23 football, Southampton will be hyper motivated to impress their new manager so that’s a really dangerous game for us.

    It’s difficult PE, to see Thursday evenings game in isolation (I’m sure that Emery doesn’t) this month is just about getting positive results, it’s a hard slog and never mind the entertainment, that’s why I really enjoyed the Huddersfield game, it’s was like Arsenal Old Times grinding out the result.

  • Hey, if Ozil and Ramsey are back in training, then they should start the game on Thursday. Koscielny will certainly want to start the game too. When the win is in the bag, all three can come off for a rest. I Like the look of your back 4 but think we’d have to fit Monreal in there somewhere. Also feel Lacazette would want to play some part; but best he is rested.

  • We have little choice with Koscielny now, given that both Socrates and Mustafi are suspended/injured for the next domestic and Holding out long term. He needs to get some sharpness restored. A game like the one on Thursday is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Was just going to mention that Kos was due some rehab minutes too.Though Eris? As we hit a stretch of 5-in-13 days? Not so sure that our PL starters should be playing vs Qarabag.


  • Interesting sidebit: ‘Tony Adams has been named president of the Rugby Football League from 2019…’


  • Quarabag can’t be too demanding a game; just to get some match sharpness. You do realize Koscielny will have to start at Southampton now, right? So, what better way to prepare him physically and mentally than a 60 minutes work-out on Thursday?

    Good for Tony Adams. Mr. Arsenal needed to be engaged appropriately. 😀

  • Okay, jw1. I get that. Whatever is required to put the players in the right frame of mind should be done. Considering how long he’s been out for, Ozil will need some game time to restore the feel he has for the game. But, as always, very few can know what Emery will do, even though he expressed scepticism about what role (if any) Ozil will play on Thursday.

  • Kev, read we won that game (v Northampton) by 2-0 in the end. Good one for the kids.

  • Looking forward to the game tonight, even if it is a ‘dead rubber’ and it says in NewsNow that Mesut, and at least 2 of the kids (not Smith Rowe who is injured) Saka and Zac Medley will get starts.

    The more the better — good way to get experience for them — ready to win the Champions League in the near future. 🤪

  • Yeah Eris, it was a weakened team but the lads did well, could be Tottenham in the next round…

    It’s bloody cold out, gotta wrap up for the game tonight.

  • Confirmed.

    Jenkinson, Sokratis, Koscielny, M-Niles
    Elneny, Willock
    Nketiah, Ozil, Saka.

    This line up should keep our unbeaten run going.

  • Teams:

    Arsenal XI: Martinez, Jenkinson, Sokratis, Koscielny, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Willock, Saka, Ozil, Lacazette, Nketiah.

    Subs: Iliev, Medley, Monreal, Gilmour, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan, John-Jules.

    Qarabag XI: Vagner, Medvedev, Rzezniczak, Sadygov, Huseynov, Guerrier, Slavchev, Garayev, Michel, Madatov, Zoubir.

    Subs: Magomedaliev, Abdullayev, Agolli, Diniyev, Mammadov, Ozobic, Quintana.

  • Looks like Emery is determined to keep the winning runs going. That’s rather strong a line up, in the circumstances; but anyone else see Chelsea’s squad (+ bench) for tonight’s dead rubber?

    Too many senior players need games and a winning momentum does no harm. This is one game I wish I could watch live, just to see how Kos does alongside Sokratis and how Saka, Nketiah and Laca combine with supplies from Ozil.

    Come on, lads. Let’s close this one out.

  • Thanks, jw1. Just saw your recommended link. The thing is it takes you to a BET365 site and requires you to register and pay, to connect. I have had a bad experience following one of those and am usually sceptical about them. How is this one?

  • Eris–
    Sorry so long to reply.
    I use a site that lists the links– then I’ll usually have to test 5-6 to find one that isn’t problematic. I have a couple of virus/malware checkers that keep me from connecting with any that are ‘dangerous’.

    The second one has been good through the first half. I will say though– be cautious about clicking anywhere outside of the video viewing area. Kind of like being on an island– with sharks offshore. Was able to watch a BT Sports feed as well as make it full-screen.

    Kos has looked good with Papa. No real threats except a few corners from Qarabag. The youngsters have been a bit tentative. Jenkinson has pulled back nearly every pass that might lead to a cross. Ozil running well.


  • Thanks jw1; for what it’s worth. 🙂. Will be trying it next time.

    The unbeaten run hits 22! Long may it last.

  • Watched the highlights.. need the extended highlights to see the game better, but in the highlights Saka the youngster certainly had lots of chances to score a second for us, but he needs to train better on how to beat the keeper.

    22 unbeaten is not a simple feat.. Good job lads!

  • Hi Redders 🙂

    Thank you for asking about my dad. He is dong reasonably well with a follow up operation next week.

    Hope you are doing okay yourself?

    Another WIN and the unbeaten run just continues. Big game this weekend though. More time to blog this weekend. 🙂

  • Good to hear good news about your dad TA.

    17ht, where art thou? We need you to captain the ship here!
    Bring on the next opponent. Good run out for Ozil and Laca, and of course our Le Capitaine Bosscielny.

    Soton is no pushovers, and we should see a fight from them.

  • Hiya, TA

    That is indeed good news about your dad, and I trust he will continue to improve. Worrying times for you and the rest of your family.

    Oddly enough, I started to experience medical problems, of one sort or another, pretty much from when we first blogged together elsewhere, and that’s a few years ago now. You haven’t been sticking pins in voodoo dolls have you? 🥺

    2018 has been a bit of a duff year as I have been in and out of hospital a number of times since last January. This may sound like a whinge, but actually I feel upbeat, I’m feeling a bit better now, and looking forward to 2019.


  • Arsenal are in talks over a potentially lucrative pre-season tour of the United States next summer.

    Sportsmail understands the Gunners are exploring a trip across the Atlantic ahead of next season as they looked to make a firmer imprint on the American market.

    Arsenal are looking at potential five-game stay; with stops on the west and east coast. Games in Chicago and New York are among the options Arsenal chiefs are exploring.

    (That should please a lot of our Yankee Gooners)

  • Gotta be a game in Los Angeles, maybe at Inglewood?
    Lots of Latino soccer fans in the ‘hood’….

    Maybe a game down South in the Lone Star state perhaps?

  • Tbh, I’m sure I read last year that Arsenal were planning to tour Africa and in particular visit Nigeria? Not sure what happened and when it was planned?

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