Time for a Break



Bergkampesque is having a break.

After six and a half years of blogging, it is time for a break. A blog takes a lot of time and effort and there are a few other things I need to focus on.

Thank you all for commenting and writing blogs on Bergkampesque over the years – it’s been a pleasure. 

I will decide over the coming months whether to restart the blog again, but for now it is au revoir, tot ziens and goodbye.


Best wishes and COYRRGs!


29 thoughts on “Time for a Break

  • RA wrote:
    Total, my dearest old sausage!!
    I have just read your ANNOUNCEMENT of your need for a break from blogging, and am both understanding and sad.
    It does not seem that you have left a method for those of us who would like to say goodbye to you, and others BKers, so can I ask that you allow us to do that – either on this blog Post or on your announcement itself.
    I am amazed that so many years ago you told me you were going to start Bergkampesque and I never imagined that you could single-handedly manage to carry it on for so long, because of the hardworking involved.
    You are a good man Totes, and a break from the struggle to keep things going while also needing to provide for the family in the ‘real world’.
    I am a great admirer of you and what you have achieved with BK — and will keep my fingers crossed that your break will not be for too long, but should this be the end, I would like to thank you for all you have done for us in a civilised and intelligent Blog.
    All the Best, my Friend.

  • Spend the break fruitfully TA.

    Its sad to see this but it is more important for your personal life.

    Kev, I will be reading arseblog mostly, so I will be catching up on the blogs that way. Others are just too negative for my liking.

    Hope to see you guys around.


  • T A just looking att a blog every day is enough for me. I can’t even begin to think how much hard work you have put into this great blog blog over the years. A special mention for your support teams of 17 HT and P E as well.

    I wish you all health, wealth and happiness in the future. Hopefully our paths will cross again one day.

  • Good Morning TA,

    I am glad that I was able to thank you for the pleasure of BK.

    I would also like to add my thanks to all the BKers who have given me, and many others, a focal point to discuss the ups and downs of our great club over the years.
    I have not always been able to comment as much as I would have liked, or at times when everyone else was on BK, but I always read the Posts and your comments and enjoyed them.

    Thank you, All, and I will miss you, TA, the BK gang and having somewhere to go when things were great, and when they were not.

    Hopefully, the Dutch Master, TA, will come back refreshed and ready to go again, in the near future, and as AK says, I hope to see some of you on the other blogs in the near future. 😎

  • Fans can be so impatient, so to be able to come onto BK and chat about the Youth whilst receiving positive feedback is most enjoyable, I’m gonna miss that.

    I’ve seen many of you guys on other blogs so I’m sure we’ll meet up across the airwaves.
    Total, it’s been a blast, I hope you and all your family have a wonderful 2019.

    Eris, Saka to start at Blackpool is my tip. 😉

  • Simply TA? Thanks. 🙂
    For allowing my (sometimes obtuse) thoughts and (oft-contrarian) opinions these last 2-plus years– on your blog. I’ve said in the past– that your site was an oasis unlike any other. Probably my favorite place to enjoy Arsenal– with the assorted characters here.

    You sir, are a gentleman.
    Tot we elkaar weer ontmoeten.


  • Once again, thank you gents. Really pleased with Invincibles Day and hoping for a cup win today.

    JW1, it’s been a pleasure blogging with you and I will never forget your Arteta-prediction – You were very close with that one! 🙂

  • Arsenal are about to kick off in Blackpool…and there’s no television coverage for (what used to be…) such a big day in English football…so, maybe it IS the end of an era…

    TA, check your mail 😉 … More publicly, I (too) want to say (a giant) thank you for creating the “virtual pub” you did here at BKesque. The encouragement you gave brought me out of my shell as an Arsenal supporter and gave me a platform for writing about something that was (at least a bit of) a love affair. I really cannot thank you enough.

    In fact, it was the perfect venue for my writing which (folks are gonna laugh…) actually got shorter (and shorter) over time, until, lately, I’m down to nothing. This maybe says something about the football (and maybe about the state of the interweb…) but probably says more about me.

    Arsenal are something, but life is bigger, and, esp. to the extent this site allowed that (extra) life to creep in, I really (really) loved being a part of it. I’ll miss it–and I’ll miss the characters (my fellow post and comment writers). Thanks to one and all.

    Best of luck in the new year (and beyond)…

  • Hi 17ht,

    The game is being shown in the UK on BT Sport.

    The FA has contracted with the BBC and BT channels because they want more ‘free’ channels for fans (not that BT is free).

    Take that with a pinch of salt as it might not be exact.

    Anyway we have just gone 1 : 0 up — should be 3 : 0 up – NKetiah has missed two easy chances.

    Hope to see you around.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, Seventeenho. If it was not for you I would have stopped with the blog years ago. Your contributions have been second to none and you enriched us with your views, superb writing and philosophical contributions. I will respond to your email in the next few days.

    A braze by Willock and one by Iwobi have us in the lead v sorry Blackburn. 🙂

  • Hi TA, 😎

    This comment may miss the cut — but 17’s comment above and your reply have opened my eyes to the workload you have been under, and I feel bad that I might have been able to help reduce that if I had only known.

    Whenever I popped onto BK there were always so many splendid Posts that I had no inkling that so much work was being done by so few to keep fresh Posts coming.

    Over the years I have written many Posts, under different Aliases’, for a number of other blogsites (as you know, I am a gabby so-and-so) but if I had known I would have been happy to help reduce the workload of yourself, 17, PE and others. Too late now.

    If you ever re-start BK, I would be more than happy to volunteer to supply Posts on a regular basis to help reduce the workload. You will have seen over the years that I can churn out Posts, which do not take me more than 10 to 15 minutes each, on average, not of the quality you and others may achieve, but I enjoy writing — so the offer is there.

    [You can tell I am really keen for you to come back, soon, after your well earned break.] 😏

  • Wait RA, Gabby….. hm….. you know how much I missed you.

    Anyway just a last post before this ends in tears. Seriously to say goodbye to the best blog is like impossible here..

    It seemed like yesterday (was actually 5 to 6 seasons) that I came across this blog and was welcomed by TA, a very nice guy. My first post (proper one) was months later, when the lads came to Singapore for their game against the national team, one post before the game and another post-match report.

    Over the next few seasons the posts are far and between due to the state of my English (I am serious here), and the final post was this year when I wrote a bad preview article.

    There had been some differences between some commentators here, mostly similar feelings, but all in all Bergkampesque is in a class of his (its) own.

    Will miss you guys.

    TA, take it easy and do not rush to get things settled.

    Bye for now,

  • Mourn not. BK is not dead. It’s seed has been sown widely and I tell you it has germinated in many hearts, many blogs.

  • It’s been a pleasure to post here and hopefully it won’t be the end of the blog.

  • I saw that AK — did you see who has been appointed to take care of the Loan System?

    With the proposed reduction in the ‘Foreign’ player numbers by FIFA/UEFA the care and development of our kids becomes even more important.

    Seems a good move.

  • T, you and RA are the 2 guys that I will always credit for bringing me along as a fledgling gooner and football fanatic about a decade ago. I have stuck with you ever since. You taught me how to handle the good times and the bad, and the frustrations obviously…. but all with class. The great attitude would serve anyone well in day to day life. Visiting here, however infrequent, was like a little visit with an extended family. Hats off to all of the regulars here.

  • Thanks, Jnyc,

    The feeling is mutual. I hope to see you around – I will find you if you blog!! 😎

  • I think this is the worst period in the history of Arsenal.. infighting on the transfers, our creative player not playing despite being very clear that without him we struggle offensively in midfield, not playing with the fire in the belly (sometimes we do that, but it seemed that we never learn), manu** catching up on us (level on points).

    Emery needs to bring in players as we are obviously devoid of ideas in winning and Auba is in a loss of form.

    One attacking player with Santi’s footwork please.

  • Without doubt the best time I ever had blogging was when you (Totes) started this site where I could mostly have a laugh with my blogging buddies…………..TMHT, VCC, Redders, Oz Gooner, Prince Podolski, 17 and that loon Fozzie B who somehow disappeared from the face of the ………………Muppet Show.
    As per always my humour eventually got me in trouble, but as I`ve always said, it`s only meant as humour nothing else !……………..Thanks for the great memories Total and have a great break.

  • Oh sorry to hear that , i just pooped in to say hello and catch up with you amigos.
    hopefully this is not the end just a break.
    I understand people have busy lives i to have been very busy.
    So from PG thanks for everything you have done so far, your be back your love for our club is to strong, plus it help to forget about all that stuff and just talk football with like minded people.
    Hope your all well, hello and take care .
    Il check to see if it comes back to life.
    Til then peace amigos

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