Why Is Ozil sooo Happy? It’s all about his PALs!

mesut happy

In a recent interview with Arsenal.com, the snow-white-headed Mesut Ozil looked calm and content. He got married during the summer and it looks like he and Emery have found some common ground on playing style and the German’s role in the mighty red and white team. He is of course an introvert and not a champion of verbosity, but I could tell he was looking forward to the coming season; and that was before the announcement of the very exciting NP19 signing!

In an earlier post I wrote that the combo of Xhaka/Willock looked strong, especially against the top teams during our friendlies’ season. It looks like Willock is ready to be strong competition for both Torreira and Xhaka and Emery also has Ceballos (and Guendouzi, although I remain less convinced about him) to play in the (D)M-pivot. It will be good to see how these midfield players will fit into Emery’s thinking – and I still believe it will be this midfield conundrum that will make or break the Basque’s fate at the club.

But what I also noticed was the encouraging development of Mesut Ozil being given a free role in which he moves from box to box to make things happen. Against Bayern he came deep regularly to get the ball and he also made it into the German box time and again. A free, creative role is what gets the best of our German maestro, and now he has not only Auba and Laca to play with but also Pepe. Pepe, Auba and Laca: Ozil’s favourite PALs!

It was clear to most of us that what we need is a strong option on the wings. Mkhi had a few decent games but is not really a winger; Auba is okay if there is plenty of space but he is also not a winger; and Iwobi was most effective on the wing but he still needs to break through (with more goals and assists). So the arrival of Pepe is music to MO10’s ears. Remember when he played at Real Madrid and was able to feed the likes of Higuaín, Ronaldo and Benzema? Well things could not be much better with his new PALs now, could they?!

Having said all of this, I cannot see Emery playing all of PAL in each and every game. We may need a bit more balance and Mesut may need some creative support in certain games. A line up of ‘happy PIL’ – Pepe, Iwobi and Laca – may well give us better balance in the team going forward. NP19 will no doubt help raise Iwobi’s wing-play and there is also no doubt that the Nigerian has the ability to find the killer passes from the centre of midfield. I predict a very good Iwobi this season.

All in all, the attacking options are simply mouth-watering (and I haven’t even mentioned the likes of Eddie, Nelson and Martinelli… and ESR of course). Now let’s hope that the defence gets strengthened too and then we can really look forward to kick-off day next weekend. COYRRGs!

By TotalArsenal.

22 thoughts on “Why Is Ozil sooo Happy? It’s all about his PALs!

  • Are we not getting confused between Caballos who played for Real & Pepe who didn’t.

  • Nice piece TA– and an apology for going O/T with the first comment.
    I’m excited too. But more for the way that RVU (Raul / Vinai / Unai) are giving an ongoing lesson in getting deals done.

    Won’t call it ‘swagger’– yet.
    But I’m far more confident today, than just last week– that Raul will pull further rabbits from a hat before next Thursday (toward rectifying our defensive requisites).

    Pepe’s deal was done under radio silence. Well, until it became public and inevitable. Same is happening from the club’s side with Tierney. With just Celtic bloggers and Neil Lennon unable to stop yapping about it.

    I’ll call the dealings ‘magnificent’. In that only the principals have even a clue.
    Does David Ornstein even have a keyhole to eavesdrop at anymore? 🙂


  • Indeed TA, you ARE getting (too?…) excited…

    But hey, I don’t mean to bring anybody down (last thread)…

    Let me spin it a (slightly) different way…since I just don’t see this midfield thing you keep mentioning… 😉

    How about this…. I think it might not be PALs that are exciting Ozil… Instead, because I believe Emery (the poor man’s Moo-rinho…) pretty much ALWAYS wants to play on the break, it might be (all the) LAPs that Mesut will get to run (around and past opponents) now that we’re bringing in a(nother) strong runner in Nicholas Pepe…

    I’m not one for the video clips but I did watch a couple of minutes of Pepe and he looks (more than) a bit quicker and more direct than, say, Aaron Ramsey…a fellow whom (you’ll recall) I always criticized for his running form. It wasn’t as bad as some (see Jack Wilshere…) and it improved over time, I thought (Rambo was a worker–and he had that incredible self-belief…) but he wasn’t a natural-born, sublime runner like Ozil. Again, I’m not big on the vids but I’m still gonna put this up…

    So, give ’em (our opponents…) the ball and we’ll play on the break waiting (waiting, and more waiting…) but, hopefully–if Emery believes we can afford players, like Ozil, who (I’m told…) cannot defend–then he’ll be there to run those LAPs (and hook up with his PALs)… We shall see…and I do believe he won’t be the odd man (or is it “Mkh-an”) out when the (Euro) window(s) close…


  • I’ll tell you why he is happy no other team in world football would pay him £350k a week.Last season he had 2 assists.He has never turned up in an away game v top 6 opposition

  • Willock must get his chance. I have seen enough of Xhaka to know that he can only screw over a good team, not make us better. Besides we can only afford one non tackler in the team, that one must be Ozil

  • such a (wonderfully) strange summer
    i wrote somewhere down here that i would have been happy with chilwell – ward-prowse for aaron and kola and we might actually end up with:

    (rugani – tierney based on the latest from quite reliable french media …)
    i.e. the (more than) perfect match for

    sané-de bruyne-b. silva-sterling

    may this summer never end
    can’t wait for the NLDs

    come on louis, let’s sing along

  • Hey, guys. Coming onto this late having had a long and busy day; of course, I take a peek at the site once in a while…

    First off, my appreciation to 17ht, TA and PE for the props and the rallying calls for me to put up a post/article (TA even issued a potential topic) on here. It will be a privilege and like I stated, I will start to give it consideration. Trouble is I am swamped for time these days; just got me a new gig in Nigeria, starting up a major platform for meeting one of the aspirations of the country: financial inclusion at the grassroots of the economic pyramid. It’s been busy, I kid not. Give me some time, guys.

  • On the subject of “why Ozil is so happy”… errm, maybe his new wife? Okay; kidding.

    He does have a new bounce about him, especially in the pre-season game against Bayern and I sincerely hope he has a great season to gladden the heart. There is the possibility Emery has given him some assurances, including the Arm band and this just makes him happy. Maybe, he was hinted as to the quality of transfers the club was looking at and that just had him drooling. Who knows? Whatever the case, a happy Ozil should bode well for the club.

    Another angle. Pre-season is a very important for professional players as it is the period they get to focus on what’s ahead; Ozil didn’t have a proper pre-season in summer of 2018/19, having had a small extension after the World Cup, which came with its own frustrations for him (Germany’s poor outing/early exit and all that political talk leading to his retirement from International footie) and then, having to deal with a new Manager with a different approach to Arsene.

    It will certainly be a thing of beauty to see how Ozil links up with Pepe, Auba, Laca (PAL); but that will be whenever he gets to play. Ceballos and even Iwobi May make a play for his No. 10 role and unless Ozil can re-enact the form he showed (albeit excerpted from his best moments) in that 9+ minutes video 17ht put up (loved it, by the way), he will sit out a good many games this season. It is worth pointing out he is now over 30 and may not have it in him to glide about the field like he used to, threading defence splitting passes and generally, just being an Assist master again. On that last one, I would love it if he proved me wrong.

    We still need to do some business for the central defence, especially with Koscielny very likely to leave. Not sure Rugani convinces me though.

  • Hmm

    I like the lineups. I’m not sure 17ht that we’ve the defenders or system to play the break well. The runners yes, but not the defenders.

    Since defense is more attitude than anything (e.g. the BFG had only height in his corner, yet …) I’d like some solid CD to come, but we will see. Thus, I really want to see who will step forward leadership wise (also like the BFG) more than who we might get.

    After the work so far we have a lot in from of the back 4 to work with, May they all create “good problems”.

    As to Ozil, he will have more willing runners and less people trying to do “his” job so perhaps we will see more there. That should make him more settled and happy, I’d hope. Equally, it could be maturity and his being able to see his role in the team. IMO, he’s also a confidence player and being more settled helps that..

    Not much there to add really, but that’s my take.

    PS: Admir thanks for the shout out in last posts comments! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • Yes, Ozil looks happy. Maybe
    1) a loving wife
    2) we underestimated the effect of the raucous end of his internation career had on him as Eris hinted. All now over for him.
    3) the uncertainty of his future. To be sold or not, possibly not in question anymore
    4) Emery might have conceded a different role to him that better suits his playing style.

    Emery might have found it easy with the last point because of availability of a pressing #10 in Ceballos.

    No gainsaying it, a happy Ozil is so much a better player.

  • Eris, can you fix me at the base of the pyramid? 😂

    And 500 words would do👃👃

  • Eris, that sounds like a very exciting new gig as you called it. You are the Jay Jay Okocha of the Nigerian business community! 🙂 (but a younger version no doubt!). Take your time re a post: it is always welcome but there should be no pressure on any of our bloggers. But I would love to know your and the country’s views regarding Iwobi and where you believe he will be in five years…

  • Hey Le Prof, nice addition:
    “As to Ozil, he will have more willing runners and less people trying to do “his” job so perhaps we will see more there. That should make him more settled and happy, I’d hope. Equally, it could be maturity and his being able to see his role in the team. IMO, he’s also a confidence player and being more settled helps that..”
    Did you get romantically lost yet in the Schwarzwald? 😀

  • Per Arseblog–
    Rob Holding played 60 minutes with the U23s last night in a closed door 6-1 win over WatfordXI.

    Not as giddy as signing LePew. But damnhappy to hear of Rob’s Return. 🙂


  • I intend to make it as exciting as I can, even where it is more likely to be hard, time consuming work at this stage. There are a great many “stars” of the Nigerian business community, so I can only aspire…. and I am certainly an older version of Jay-jay.😆

    Lol @ PE. I have my 👀 on you.

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