Newcastle v Arsenal Preview | Line-Up

Arsenal’s record against Newcastle at St. James Park


I would like to start my post with a mini bio. I watched my first game on November 22, 1947, a 2-0 win against Huddersfield Town and have been a FANatic ever since. I grew up on the streets of N5 and N7 and I’ve watched, either live or on TV, around 3,000 plus games. I’ve lived in Canada for many years but my support for Arsenal has never waned. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what affect both the current transfer window and Unai Emery will have on us in the 2019/20 season (my 73rd).  

Newcastle United Football Club was founded in 1892 by the merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End. Throughout Newcastle United’s history, their home venue has been St James’ Park, the oldest and largest football stadium in North East England, as well as the sixth-largest football stadium in the United Kingdom with a capacity of 52,354. It has hosted ten international football matches at senior level, the first in 1901 and the most recent in 2005. It was also used as a venue for both the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Newcastle Domestic Honours

Football League First Division:

Winners (4) – 1904–05, 1906–07, 1908–09, 1926–27

Second Division / Championship:

Winners (4) – 1964–65, 1992–93, 2009–10, 2016–17

FA Cup:

Winners (6) – 1910, 1924, 1932, 1951, 1952, 1955

Arsenal’s Record at Newcastle United

St James Park has not been a happy hunting ground for Arsenal – starting with our first game on Sept 30, 1893 which ended in a 0-6 loss.

ALL Away Games  v Newcastle
Divison 2 1 0 4 6 17
Divison 1 13 11 31 67 103
Premier 10 8 6 26 23
Total : 24 19 41 99 143

The Premier League era has been somewhat kinder to us but Newcastle has always proven to be tough to beat on their home turf.

EPL Away Games v Newcastle
Date W D L GF GA
07-May-94 1 0 2
19-Mar-95 1 0 1
02-Jan-96 1 0 2
30-Nov-96 1 2 1
06-Dec-97 1 1 0
28-Feb-99 1 1 1
14-May-00 1 2 4
15-May-01 1 0 0
02-Mar-02 1 2 0
09-Feb-03 1 1 1
11-Apr-04 1 0 0
29-Dec-04 1 1 0
10-Dec-05 1 0 1
09-Apr-07 1 0 0
05-Dec-07 1 1 1
21-Mar-09 1 3 1
05-Feb-11 1 4 4
13-Aug-11 1 0 0
19-May-13 1 1 0
29-Dec-13 1 1 0
21-Mar-15 1 2 1
29-Aug-15 1 1 0
15-Apr-18 1 1 2
15-Nov-18 1 2 1
Total : 10 8 6 26 23

The good news is, Newcastle have only beaten us three times since May 14, 2000 at St James Park and only once in our last 11 visits.

Newcastle is in the depths of change with Steve Bruce managing his first game in charge and Mike Ashley always on the look out for someone to take the club off of his hands. The one constant is the “Toon Army” and their undying love and support for their club; I must admit that I’m always envious of the clubs that have such vociferous support as it’s rarely on display at The Emirates.

Its anybody’s guess what the outcome of Sunday’s game will be but I’m both hopeful and optimistic.


Predicted Line-Up by TotalArsenal:

If Laca is fitter than Pepe, I expect the Frenchman to start instead of our new signing from Ivory Coast. I would play Mustafi at RB but Ainsley will also do fine. I expect Willock to start as Torreira may need a bit longer to get match ready. With Ozil (and Kola) unavailable for obscure reasons, I expect Ceballos to play in the hole and feed Nelson, Auba and Pepe/Laca. COYRRGs!

Ozil and Kola


76 thoughts on “Newcastle v Arsenal Preview | Line-Up

  • GN5,

    Many thanks for a fine historical preview and I agree with you regarding the impressiveness of the support – home and especially away. I knew of course how ‘ancient’ you are but to read again that you saw your first match in 1947 is just amazing!!

    I went to StJ Park a few years ago and the picture above is my own. For away fans it really is not much joy as the players are v small from up there and the ‘atmosphere’ is somewhat below you. Newcastle is a fine football city though and I had the pleasure to work their last year and it is my favourite small city in the UK.

    This will not be an easy game as Newcastle will be up for it and Bruce will want to start well. Two early goals for us to settle the nerves would be welcome, very welcome.

  • Morning Total (6:50 am here)
    I’m a tad concerned on how the injuries will affect our performance on Sunday, it’s always very important to start the season with a win. I wonder what the new security issue was that caused Ozil and Kola not to travel? Was it a serious threat or are they just too concerned for their safety?

    The new coach syndrome is always difficult to overcome, but hopefully even with a depleted squad we will prevail.

  • I would think there is real concern there, GN5. The club would not mess with this unnecessarily. It could be anything and hopefully it will get sorted soon.

    The available squad is still very strong so I am not too worried as yet. But I would much rather start the season with a home game…

  • Man C and Liverpool both showed their skill and class in their first games of 2019/20, let’s hope it’s not a repeat of last season where it was them with the rest of the pack lagging behind.

  • Early days, GN5, but both have started well and made the opponents look from a different league.

    Hoping for more comments later today. CoyGs

  • N5, that’s historical preview live! It makes it taste fresh and better.

    Liv and City are already setting the pace. But it’s a marathon and this time they’d not be allowed to pull away.

    For this game we are without the services of Bels, Holding, Mavro, Tierney, Ozil and Kola. The ones that were busy this summer are not likely to start: Guendz, Torreira and Pepe, nor Luiz who is having his first training today. Laca and Cellabos, both back in training could start.

    Am expecting this line up:


    Subs: Martinez, Luiz, Musti, Guendz, Torreira, Pepe, Laca.

    Pepe to get about 20mins as part of his pre-season. Emery’s schedule likely to be to get all fit ones ready by our third game against Liv.

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  • PE. I enjoy doing historical posts, including results, the memories come flooding back and as you might imagine in 70 odd seasons I’ve witnessed just about every aspect of Arsenal.

    Today’s post was a bit of a trial horse to see if my type of post is suitable on Bergkampesque.

  • Nothing like a preview laced with some history to put the game in some perspective. Thanks, GunnerN5. Nice to know where you got your N5 appellation.
    Of a truth, Newcastle has been a difficult ground for the Arsenal, but we’ve pegged them back in recent times and are set to continue tomorrow. For predicted starters, I am inclined to go with Pep’s team, but have Martinelli to start in place of Nelson. I worry about who will come in for Monreal should he get injured.

    Look forward to the game.

  • Lol, GunnerN5. Boys can be full of mischief. Talking about confessional jokes, ……

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  • Rodney Dangerfield said;

    My wife and I were happy for 30 years and then we met.

  • The Spuds are down by a goal, at home to Aston Villa. Not to get excited too soon but it’s worth saying since it is easy to underestimate the newly promoted sides….to your own peril.

    Hope they hold on to the end but expect an onslaught.

  • Well, as anticipated, the Spuds got through and won 3-1. Villa put up a spirited fight but the difference in quality and fitness levels shone through.

    We’ve got to win tomorrow. Simple as.

  • GunnerN5.. 1947.. WOW..
    72 years ago.. Amazing..

    I have a “Toon Army” friend in my office..
    He used to talk about the Glory of Newcastle.. a long time ago.. hehehhe..

    I don’t remember much about Newcastle players.. maybe just Alan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne..

    For our first starter for tonight.. I will agree to anyone Emery picked.
    But yours will be perfect if Laca play and Nelson bench..

    All the top Clubs all win.. We must also..
    With more than 3 goals.. hehehe..
    But Newcastle always a hard team for us.. We must started with strong win..

  • Yes Eris, we’ve got to win. Every game is vital, even more so now that we have 3 very ambitious teams trying to join the top six race: Leicester, Wolves and Everton. They could make the permutation for the top 4 even trickier.

    We are a bit unfortunate to have many of our starters not ready or available to start: Bellerin, Tierney, possibly Holding, Luiz, Torreira, Ozil, Pepe. If all were fit, our Ist eleven could jolly well be:-
    Bels* Luiz* Hold*Tieney*
    Torre* Xhak

    asterisk = not starting (7 of them). The good thing is that 3 of them are expected on the bench (Luiz, Torre, Pepe) and the other 4 have good replacements. Am now more hopeful Laca would be fit to start so a little adjustment to my earlier line up.


    With a strong bench that’s a good team.

    Mane, Aguero, Zaha (international duties during the brake) all had some 20 mins. I expect same for Pepe and possibly Torreira.

    Our away form the last two seasons was very poor. Part of it was due to a stagnating morale which is now a thing of the past after this summer show of power. I expect a win.

  • GunnerN5.. 1947.. WOW..
    72 years ago.. Amazing..

    I have a “Toon Army” friend in my office..
    He used to talk about the Glory of Newcastle.. a long time ago.. hehehhe..

    I don’t remember much about Newcastle players.. maybe just Alan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne..

    For our first starter for tonight.. I will agree to anyone Emery picked.
    But yours will be perfect if Laca play and Nelson bench..

    All the top Clubs all win.. We must also..
    With more than 3 goals.. hehehe..
    But Newcastle always a hard team for us.. We must started with strong win..

  • N5

    Great post… The fluidity of injuries, starters and Ozil/Kola case sim concerning for a concerted focus start to the season, but most all of it is not in our control.

    I’d say, I’m more concerned about the almost immediate feeling here, and I get it too a bit, of “must win”. Yes, we should win, and yes, it could bite us at year end, I agree… but, but, but… let’s let them play and see what’s to be seen…

    Cheers — jgc

  • PE, the second lineup makes more sense to start this afternoon. Ceballos will bring a much needed freshness to the starting XI:

    However, will we get eaten up before we score again? I hope not. We have a strong squad to be able to counter their attacking threats.

  • Morning All,

    Excited as ever at season’s start. Anything is possible.

    To have so many players unavailable is an awful beginning and Newcastle will be looking to benefit. If we get a point I will be happy.

    My line up would be the same as NJK. with Pepe getting a few minutes after half-time.

    I have huge expectations of Ceballos, he could be an ideal AR replacement


  • There may be some Arsenal-esque protest at St James’ today, given the fans discontent with Ashley and the arrival of the Brucer… This could work in our favour.

  • Morning folks,
    Most of the reporting I’ve read rates our transfer window as one of the best in the league, so well done to the boys in the back room.

    The amount of players we are missing can really stunt our performances for several games, all we can hope is that those who are available prove their worth and pull us through.

    The turmoil with the ownership and the forecast protests may work in our favour, however we have a sad history of losing against teams with a “new” manager.

    Three of the top six teams have started strongly; we need to make our mark and show our intent by overcoming the absentee problem and getting three points. With Man U playing Chelsea after our game one or both of them will drop points – a draw would suit us just nicely.

  • The Bergkamp clip is just mesmerizing, we have been very fortunate to have seen players with his level of skill and passion playing for Arsenal – and he was not short on his level of aggression..

  • From Arsenal .com

    Holy cow – what a bench!!!

    1 Leno
    15 Maitland-Niles
    21 Chambers
    5 Sokratis
    18 Monreal
    34 Xhaka
    29 Guendouzi
    28 Willock
    7 Mkhitaryan
    24 Nelson
    14 Aubameyang

    26 Martinez
    23 David Luiz
    11 Torreira
    8 Ceballos
    19 Pepe
    35 Martinelli
    9 Lacazette

  • 3-2 to the Arsenal at St James.
    Auba with a brace.

    Just saw this on NBCSN (racing across the bottom of my screen!)

    New rules:
    Subs – Players must leave pitch at the nearest point to the touchline or sideline unless instructed by the ref.

    Free Kick Wall – When there is a D Wall of three or more players– opposition is not allowed within 1-yard of the wall.

    Drop balls – Will no longer be contested. If dropped in the 18-box, it’s for the defending team’s goalkeeper when play restarts. Outside the box, to the team last touching the ball– at location of touch.

    Quick free kicks – If a referee is about to show a yellow or red card and a quick free kick is taken affording a goal-scoring opportunity– the ref can delay the card until next stoppage. However, if the ref determines the defending team has been distracted by the expected card– the ref may disallow the quick free kick. (Oh Lord. More theatrics forthcoming.)

    Goal kicks – The ball no longer must leave the box before it can be played.

    Cards – Can be shown to coaches and staff – and be sent off. If the individual cannot be immediately determined– it will be shown to the senior coach in the technical area (usually the Manager).

    Tiebreaker – If standings, GD and GA area all equal– head-to-head play between the two teams will be used.

    Go Gunners!


  • The formation shown here was a 4-2-3-1 with Mkhi at the 10 and Willock at LW.
    Methinks they got that reversed.


  • Old gripes I know, but I am hoping we are not playing Xhaka next to Guendouzi… By all means play the hairy Frenchman in the hole but not in the DM pivot… Other than that, agreed we have a fricking strong bench and Emery will be able to turn things round in the second half. Let’s just hope we are not too far behind by then.

  • Though PE– would prefer Willock’s presence centrally in front of Xhaka and Matteo (than Mkhi).


  • I’d prefer that too TA. But knowing UE, the odds are not with us. And, why I’m hoping Willock is at least at CAM to drop into Guendouzi’s spot defensively when required.


  • Been taking a supplement-infused 5-Hour Energy knockoff daily for many years.
    (Probably love (strong) coffee as much as HT– but can’t drink it anymore (dammit!).)


  • jw, Same here. Like TA I don’t trust Xhaka and Guendz together in front of the back line.

  • Hey guys, match day and the excitement is a fever pitch. First off, I had PE auto-corrected to “Pep’s” in my first comment above. Not that PE will. Scoff at being referred to as Pep. Secondly, It’s good to see Emery thread the path of cautious introductions for our new boys. It helps with the nerves…. sometimes.

    I think Willock will play as. 10, just for his energy and versatility. Guendouzi and Xhaka will be at the base of midfield. Emery apparently, doesn’t think we need a strict DM role for this (and most) games, so it is a side that’s expected to give as much as it gets.

    Let’s go get them, lads!!

  • Hehehehe, PE. I know, I know.

    Meanwhile, we are making heavy weather of creating chances, in spite of having the greater share of possession. May be the conditions affecting the boys? Xhaka has misplaced a few passes; Mkhitaryan too hasn’t even got into the game, while Monreal isn’t unsure how to play with Nelson. Some gelling period required.

  • That was embarrassing from Almiron. Ref got it spot on and needs to do a bit more with the niggly fouls being committed by the Newcastle midfielders. I hope that fine pass will help Xhaka adjust to being arsenal captain.
    Mkhi smashes it high and wide when it looked easier to place the ball in the corner. Nelson cops a yellow card for a late lunge.

  • Nelson’s decisions need to be better.
    Leno playing big on a stop with his chest near-point-blank.


  • Good reverse pass that time, by Mkhi, for Auba to smash straight at the keeper. The Ref needs to start taking control of the unnecessary physicality being shown by the home side. Now, they’ve clattered into AM-N. after Willock, Guendouzi, Mkhi and Xhaka. And now, he’s shown Mkhi a yellow card for nothing.

  • Agreed Eris. Ritchie ought to have been booked by now and fearing a red for the next cheap one.


  • The second half will be more of an open game. I can’t understand the preference for retaining possession when they look there for the taking (in my view). If we play freely and let our quality sine forth, they can’t keep us out.

    Nelson and Mkhi aren’t giving their defenders any trouble, as at yet. Having said that, Mkhi has remained very technically aware while Nelson has played it safe. It’s possible for us to score 3 goals in the second half.

  • We have controlled the game so I expect NCastle to tire 2nd half. We need more goal scorers on the field … Laca, Pepe for Nelson and Mkhi.

  • We’ve a fielded a Newcastle-level team. It’s no surprise we’re level with Newcastle.


  • Great pick out by AM-N and what a lofted finish by Aubameyang. 0-1 to the visitors. This is the time to press the issue and go for a second before they settle down.

  • Willock off for Ceballos. Considering the energetic display he’s had, maybe he could use the rest. Now, we need to keep more of the ball. We scored when our possession stat dropped. Not sure if that means anything.

  • Chambers and Sok had a pretty good game and the gameplan that was realised in the second half was something . Ceballos and Pepe and Martinelli is an upgrade to our static midfield and when they start to gel you know how good they are going to get.

    Great 3 points and a nailbiting finish, but it is good to see the team in such control of the game.

  • That’s all that matters. Away from home at St. James’ Park, first game of the season, controlled possession and largely protected Leno. I’ll take that all day long.

  • Cannot under-estimate the confidence such a performance gives the whole squad and the new boys, especially. This side will grow into a more mature team that will play according to the opposition, as they go on a run.

  • Delighted by the points if not the performance. Aubameyang was the difference between two sides looking for cohesion between new colleagues

    We lacked dynamism in our central midfield relying upon long balls up the wings or through the channels to Auba.

    We will improve and have already equaled our away clean sheets from last season. 👍

  • Clean sheet. Away. 1-0. 3pts.
    Can overlook the sluggishness in attack on wet turf.
    Near-90% accuracy? Just less-than choices near the box.

    Don’t overlook Calum Chambers contributions today. Stat-wise nothing too shiny– but he was in the right-place almost all game. AMN graded out on Whoscored as MoTM– and he played well and assisted. But Leno was very good today as well. Chambers giving both the requisite foundation to be so good. My darkhorse pick today would be Chambers for MoTM.


  • Anyone else think Chelsea may be overwhelmed by the United attack? It feels like they would be a bit blunt without Hazard. I feel it will be a good defence versus a fast attack.

  • Rather a disjointed performance but when we end up with a clean sheet an away win and three points there are no complaints from me. The next few games should see more cohesive performances as the new players settle in and the wounded return but will it come in time for our next 6 games is the question. Burnley H, Liverpool A, Tottenham H, Watford A, Aston Villa H and
    Man United A.

  • Watching how cohesive and aggressive Chelsea have been at a Old Trafford, you’ve got to say they look sharper and fitter. However, they are one goal down and may yet lose the game, unless Giroud comes on to “save” the day for them.

    In contrast, our game was still lacking in cohesion but regarding the next six games, I think we will play according to the opposition.

  • After watching the games this weekend I’m struck by the observation that City, Spurs, Pool and Man U and Chelsea (to a degree) all play fast, direct attacking football. While Arsenal get mired in possession football slowly passing backwards and sideways trying to find holes in the opposition defense.

    Maybe I’m over simplifying it but it would be informative to have a discussion on the pro’s and con’s of the different styles.

  • Good point, GN5. I think I have explained it to some extent in my eight observations on the game which I have just published.

    New Post New Post 🙂

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