Arsenal v Liverpool Preview: We Need the Spirit of Arshavin to Bin the Scousers

Arsenal v Liverpool August 24, 2019

 Liverpool FC’s origins lie with their neighbours Everton. Founded in 1878, Everton moved to Anfield in 1884, a facility owned by the club’s president, John Houlding, a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool. In 1892 a dispute arose between Houlding and the Everton board of directors, over the club’s tenancy of the ground. The annual rent had risen from £100 in 1884 to £250 in 1892; Houlding wanted to sell the ground to the club, which in turn wished to agree a long-term rental. Houlding would only agree to this on the basis of a rent at a level unacceptable to the club.

Negotiations having failed, the directors decided to leave Anfield and find another ground, leaving Houlding with an empty stadium. His response was to form a new football club to occupy the stadium. He attempted to retain the team name “Everton” by registering the name “Everton Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company, Limited” with Companies House, but the Football League decided that the name belonged to the departed Everton club, which acquired new premises at Goodison Park. Houlding therefore adopted the name “Liverpool Football Club” for his new venture.


Liverpool have an inspirational manager in Jurgen Klopp; he literally drives Liverpool, his passionate antics on the touchline display his love for the game and he urges his team forward. His players have responded to his management style with their performances, which resulted in them winning the 2018/19 Champions League (their 6th) and finishing 2nd in the Premier League after losing only one game and ending up only one point behind the Champions – Manchester City.

We have a miserable away record at Anfield where we win only one out of every four games, currently we are on a six game winless streak our last victory (0-2) was on September 2nd 2012. One winless but very memorable game took place on April 21st, 2009 when Andrey Arshavin scored all four of our goals in a 4-4 draw.

I fear that our porous defence will once again be our Achilles heel at Anfield: we have conceded 22 goals in our last six visits, 9 in our last two.

I wish I could write something more positive but the difference between the two teams is very evident and our past record at Anfield speaks for itself. Liverpool also have, in my opinion, the best set of supporters in the Premier League.

Arsenal v Liverpool All – Away Games
Division W D L GF GA
Div 2 0 0 2 0 5
Div 1 18 11 37 75 125
EPL 6 8 13 31 59
Total : 24 19 52 106 189

Here is our complete Premier League record.

Arsenal v Liverpool EPL – Away Games
Date W D L GF GA
23-Aug-92 1     2 0
02-Oct-93   1   0 0
28-Aug-94     1 0 3
23-Dec-95     1 1 3
19-Aug-96     1 0 2
06-May-98     1 0 4
22-Aug-98   1   0 0
28-Aug-99     1 0 2
23-Dec-00     1 0 4
23-Dec-01 1     2 1
29-Jan-03   1   2 2
04-Oct-03 1     2 1
28-Nov-04     1 1 2
14-Feb-06     1 0 1
31-Mar-07     1 1 4
28-Oct-07   1   1 1
21-Apr-09   1   4 4
13-Dec-09 1     2 1
15-Aug-10   1   1 1
03-Mar-12 1     2 1
02-Sep-12 1     2 0
08-Feb-14     1 1 5
21-Dec-14   1   2 2
13-Jan-16   1   3 3
04-Mar-17     1 1 3
27-Aug-17     1 0 4
29-Dec-18     1 1 5
Total : 6 8 13 31 59

Regardless of the facts I still hope we see an entertaining game and that Arsenal finds a way to turn the record book upside down.


34 thoughts on “Arsenal v Liverpool Preview: We Need the Spirit of Arshavin to Bin the Scousers

  • Honest and well researched historical preview, GN5. Cheers!!

    This is a big challenge of course. I reckon we easily have the players to give them a game but I am worried about Emery tactical nous to get this one over the line. The good thing is we have little to lose as we will be regarded as the underdogs and so there is in a way less pressure. More later. 🙂

  • N5 … you’re a fantastic historian. Yes I know that part of it is living for you. I can only say 🙏🙏. But there is something that is very current not quite reflected. It’s our new mentality. Mentality plays a large part in these kind of encounters. With our Josh fueled new mentality it’s never going to be a walkover for Liverpool.

  • Good morning Pony Eye,

    When creating my posts I attempt to stay neutral and let the facts tell their own story. The avid Arsenal fan inside me hopes the the reality turns the record over but Liverpool under Klopp are a very good side who thirst for goals, As yet we nowhere near the same level as either City or Pool but I hope we will are capable of beating either Spurs, Chelsea or United for a CL spot.

    Our new signings are excellent additions but it will take time for them to adapt to Emery’s tactics and then when our wounded warriors return to duty we will be more competitive with the top two.

    My heart yearns for a win but my head tells me it’s not going to happen………….. I hope my head is wrong…….

  • Great preview, GunnerN5; the history shows that both clubs emanating from that dispute have been relatively successful with Liverpool the more successful in recent times. Klopp needed three seasons of chopping and changing before arriving at this group, that seems to be able to play his high pressing, high risk, aggressive and energetic play.

    On pure individual ability, we have the edge. It is in the collective display that Liverpool are ahead of us. However, there is a new found belief that this team possesses that makes me feel they will have a game on their hands this time around. It won’t be as easy as it has been for them in recent times; in fact, I expect us to give as good as we get. The best Liverpool get from this is a Draw.

  • I was impressed with Josh’s interview with BBC but I have a fear that it was more a Kronke family PR event in an attempt to shine a different light on them.

    I was an executive for very large American companies for over 25 years; the number one driving factor was always ROI and every decision was measured on that basis.

  • Is a great preview GN5– thanks!

    Oddly, I’m not nervous about this one at all. We’ll get a good measure of the team on Saturday. Any surprises involved? Fingers-crossed it’s to the good for us.

    Where the Reds ran away (4-1) from Norwich early in Week 1? Southampton kept Pool quiet till end of the first half (Mane 45’+1)– before Firmino tallied at 71′ — with Danny Ings pulling one back in the 83rd’ with 2-1 the final.

    Very much like to see us play an open game. Attack. I’d prefer not to allow Pool to find a comfort zone. Want them reacting to our efforts– not vice-versa.

    Eris– your last paragraph in the post above this one– seems to herald this same intent. No restraint. That’s how Pool were 3 years ago. Dose them with their own medicine.


  • Hi fellas… Just a couple of minutes left after trying to catch up with the previous post (and comments)…and…I think G-N5 sums it up best (directly above)… It’s good to hear from Don, er, Kroenke, Jr., but c’mon guys, “we’ve got a new spirit” and Pool will be lucky to get a draw?… Wowsa… We eked out wins against (relegation bound?) Toonies and (avoiding relegation through rugby tactics) Burnley.

    Well, anything can happen on (any given) Saturday, so who am I to argue–or caution patience (just as Josh does)…

  • I noticed some other items in my catch up work… A(nother) good lecture from the Professor (JGC)… When did passing become a lost art? I guarantee that ALL good managers (even Emery…) prefer players to pass the ball rather than run it forward–no matter how good it looks on their youtube compilations. Why? It’s called positioning…

    If fans cannot understand this why do they yell “SHOOT” (when the ball is 40 yds from goal) when they ought to be yelling “DRIBBLE.” (HInt, it’s because they’re idiots… We at BKesque, can choose to join them–or not…)

  • Nice write up.what we need is NO xhaka,ozil or miki.No passengers.Then we have a chance.albeit a slim one.

  • A couple of more things, while I’m at it… Arshavin is a GREAT example…a desperation buy that had some memorable moments–or at least ONE which won us exactly how many points: Also ONE…

    Of course, if you want to see a truly epic compilation video, watch AA’s…

    Wenger always cautioned against the “tyranny of the moment” but he (clearly, IMO) is (was?) a throw-back to another era. Fans have the right to live in the moment…so, soon enough we’ll be back to “our moment” –I hope– a (once) top (now upper-mid-table?) club fighting for promotion back to CL football. ManU (a bigger club) has dropped points (at home) and so too Chelsea (a Sugar Daddy project?–but more recently also winners of BIG prizes)…so we’re in the hunt. One point (over these next couple of matches against clubs we SHOULD be ahead of) is my (fervent) hope. To me, a good performance and no blow-out at Anfield sets the stage for (a chance at) a draw in the NLD.

    And then Josh Jr. (and his team of managers/accountants) can balance the books (a bit) with some (quiet if not happy) outgoing transfers…

    But maybe I’m too dour (for this site–lemme know, TA, others)…

  • Hi all..
    I Agreed that Pool is a better team, especially they play at home.
    But better team not always win..
    We can still beat them. Hehehe..

    We can play with 3CBs.. Sok, Luis and Chambers can join hand in hand with Niles and Monreal..
    We can add Xhaka and Torierra also.
    Leave the attack to PAL..
    They are good enough to break any defenders.

  • Here’s our latest team news ahead of Saturday’s match at Liverpool – from
    Granit Xhaka
    Back in full training.
    Mesut Ozil
    Back in full training.
    Rob Holding
    Left knee. Continuing with on-field rehabilitation and now participating in full training with the first team.
    Emile Smith Rowe
    Groin. Aiming to participate in full training by the end of August.
    Hector Bellerin
    Left knee. Continuing with on-field rehabilitation. Aiming to participate in full training in October.
    Kieran Tierney
    Groin. Continues to receive treatment and further assessments. Aiming to participate in full training in October.
    Dinos Mavropanos
    Groin. Continues to receive treatment and further assessments. Aiming to participate in full training in October.

  • Finally, I do believe it’s good that (FINALLY) we are hearing from ownership–esp. since they–as the owners of the entire club–have little to zero need to do ANY disclosure about club finances any longer. I also agree that keeping spending in line with earnings is–long term–the only sound strategy. Someday the field might get level and that’s how you emerge in the top flight… At best, however, Josh (isn’t that another word for “just kidding…”) seems to note that a bit of fancy financing could be useful for getting the brand back where it belongs (the CL) but that we’re not yet where we want to be–“competing” (not actually winning…) for the top of the PL…

    That being said, I think Gooners need to balance this new noise against the epic mismanagement of the end of Wenger’s tenure. Not only has the (great) manager (who elevated our expectations) been treated like sh*te (well, except for the 10 million pound severance package) but the chaos that followed was (just about) beyond belief. Gazidis snuck off, Sven brought in some Dortmund talent (PEA and Sok) that might bridge the gap, but (like JW-1 notes–and I hope writes a post about…) our biggest experiment–Moneyball or Stats DNA–has been shelved in favor of working the back-alleys of agent relations and/or patrimony or mafiaoso or whatever else you want to call the corruption of top-of-the-heap football. So, gone too are the (at least some of) the Arsenal values, and thus, IMO, Josh talks out of both sides of his mouth. Keep our books balanced (spend only what we make at the stadium, TV contracts, shirts, etc.) while moving backwards into the back-channels (of Brazilian football–Luiz, short term, and Martinelli, longer term, could be our most interesting signings) while the Amazon burns and Bolsonaro claims it’s fake news…

    But, as long as (some) folks think we’re in with a chance (in August, rolly eyes, eh…) at Anfield, all’s OK… ) !!??…

    OK, I’m out of juice (I need to charge my ‘puter–my espresso level is fine… 😉 …) Are we still on for a live blog on Saturday?…

  • Keep bringing people down to earth, Seventeenho. I may not always agree but your reasoning is sound and you keep BK from being labelled overly positive (or something like that). 🙂

  • Damn, my computer is nearly all charged up…but nobody wants to take on my (grim) views?… Thursday must be the final push of people’s work-weeks…maybe?…

    Perhaps we should talk about why Liverpool supporters sing YNWA (even during the good times) while we hate on our better players…or at least the ones who make too much money (see uwot? above).

    One of the STOOPIDIST things during the (silent part of) the Kroenke reign was trying to make another (vaguely similar) Elvis song, “The Wonder of You,” our theme song… Even though I’m a Neil Diamond “supporter” (Sorry, professor…) I think “Sweet Caroline” (after wins) is awfully saccharine… This morning, however, with nobody (not even the chair…) wanting to blog with me…I’m feeling this one… 😦 😀

  • I spoke a hair early, TA… Cheers… You are my chair, or something… I appreciate the support… 😉

  • Expect I’ll be able to find a way to view on Saturday morning– and live blog too HT.
    (A vendor of mine at work cable/internet wired our new place last weekend– but I’m a coax-cable splitter shy of getting it all up and running! My kingdom for a splitter! 🙂 )

    Not so oddly HT… Seeing as you are usually over-caffeinated at this time most mornings, while I’m not yet through my paces at work? It’s generally difficult for me to do more than tear-off a flippant comment or two.

    * * *
    Would love to be able to exhale. For just a brief time.
    Over the last 7 weeks? We sold our last home in a week. Chose and negotiated the new one in another week. Closed on both within 23 days. Then we moved over a week’s time.

    So now I rest, yes? No! Nope.

    Our firm is expanding into space on one of two floors we occupy. I direct logistics. More moving for me! The Movemeister!

    Life will, one day– begin anew for me. Sometime around November.
    Keep sipping your espresso 17HT. I’m swilling a lot of brew too these days… 😉


  • Hey, checking in… Wow JW…That’s a lot of action, IMHO… I hope your deals went well…or maybe at least didn’t push your retirement dreams (if you have them…) too much further into the future.

    Otherwise, I guess folks are waiting on the next (more optimistic) preview…while we’re still optimistic enough to write multiples… (!!)

    Let’s look at this fixture a year ago. Despite scoring the first goal (critical for Moo-dern teams drilled in positioning/defending)…

    Well, the less said the bette,r but even I’m optimistic that we will do better than THAT…

    Going all out in attack (as per JW up top before I started ranting)?… Do we do that (under Emery?… Booted balls into their half probably shouldn’t count…) Also, taking solace from the So’ton-Pool game seems OK, I guess…Too bad they didn’t have to fly back and forth to Istanbul and play 2 hours plus pens last night… I thought they looked pretty solid (despite the gaffe from the back-up keeper late-on)…

    But, like I said, anything’s possible (on any given Saturday)…and I hate to walk alone… 😦

  • Per Reuters–

    Unai Emery quoted:
    ““They are very big players (Elneny, Mustafi) but for one circumstance or another they are going to have fewer chances to show their capacity or to be happy with us and the minutes they play in matches,” Emery told reporters.

    “Last year … when they didn’t play they weren’t happy. I spoke with them a lot of times last year and this pre-season. I think it’s positive for them to leave, sign for another team where they can be protagonists and be happy and continue their careers.”

    Hammer, meet nail.


  • Hammer = UE
    Nail = statement
    A pair of closed pine-box coffins rest stage-right; awaiting departure.


  • Hehehehe! (Apologies, Henry).

    Emery doesn’t engage in too much diplomacy, does he? Under the cover of his not-so-good English, he can make “get the hell out!” sound like a pat on the back.

  • The only hard bit of a contract is the end date, so Emery can hammer and stammer away as much as he likes at the moment; it has no impact. The power is with the disgruntled players all day – duration of the contract – long.

  • Really can’t see the need making these facts public i.e. that a player isn’t needed anymore. Amongst other things I feel it can lower the players value in the market. Again suppose we just lose say 2 CD to injuries tomorrow, then it would be turning to a player that has been embarrassed publicly. Just can’t see the need going public.

  • I love the way the British Comedian cum Gooner Romesh called van Judas a pric*. Not that he couldn’t see it coming.

    PE, during Wenger’s time we had not been forthcoming in news from within the club. Nowadays the PR people is leaking more than what had been allowed back then. I agree with you that we might be in for a slap in the face if Elneny does stay and helped us at the back for a good measure if we have some calamities there.

    Anyway, Elneny is a true professional and uses his feet to do the talking. Nothing much comes from him off the field, and that’s when Emery might be in for a shock to discount him so early. His few games last season were quite good IMO, and he will be a good backup in both midfield and defense.

    For Mustafi, he looks a gonner (no typo errors here).

  • Those coffins I mentioned euphemistically?
    Weren’t for the players. But for their careers– if they so choose to continue on stubbornly.

    Comes a point where it comes down to character. As an athlete? Being told your services are no longer required? Except for the greatest? It happens at least once to everyone. I’ve hung up my cleats (boots) and sneakers in team sporting careers in my 20s, 40s, and recently in my 60s.

    Every time painful. Never gets easier.
    The only consolation– is knowing now to look forward, not back.

    For Elneny and Mustafi? Their top-flight careers are on the line with this decision, and whatever behavior they exude before accepting the inevitable. Leave with their pride– or drop more than one-rung down the league ladder.

    Nobody cuts you slack– when you’re on the way down.


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