First 11 v The Blades: Rest Internationals and start Tierney, Ozil and Youngsters

Games after an international break are always difficult and especially so when the first game back is away from home.

International players return late in the week and have tired legs from playing for their nation once or twice and from travelling to all sorts of places. There is little time to get back into training with the team and get collectively into ‘the zone’ again. If on top of this the team has to travel up-north in cold and damp October, there is a good chance the performance will be below par, especially if we have to play a team who don’t have too many travelling internationals in their squad and so have had time to prepare for the arrival of the Gunners.

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I would prefer for Emery to give most  just returned internationals a rest and to start with a combination of non-international first-team players and youth players. However, I do believe we need to play one quality first team player in every area – GK-Defence-Midfield-Attack – as to not lose our shape and confidence too much.

I am not sure whether Torreira played and travelled a lot for Uruguay, but I know that Xhaka did and so I would prefer for my favourite midfielder to be rested. If LT11 did indeed play and travel a lot, I reckon he needs to be rested too as there is too much risk for fatigue and injury. Maybe it is time to give Ainsley the deep midfield role but then put two fellow central midfielders next to him, for extra support. Three midfielders in a line, or two slightly in front of a deeper laying midfielder, seems to be the way forward for us.

At the back I reckon we need to play Luiz, whether he travelled and played or not (again not sure whether he did). It must be time to start Tierney and Bels cannot be far away from a start either. But with Chambers playing so well at the moment, it really seems to make sense to start with him at RB. I assume that Big Sok could do with a rest and that Robbo is ready to rock and roll, so would like to see him start instead of the Greek lover of wisdom.

Up-front I would love to see Ozil and we need Auba to start, simple as that. With Nelson out till November, this is another chance for Sakakakaka to shine. Martinelli and (hopefully fully recovered) Laca can come on after sixty minutes and replace either of these three starters.

For me the team below would give us good balance, freshness and aggression and quality in all areas to blunt the Blades on Monday:

But that is just me…. how would you like to line-up the team on Monday?

By TotalArsenal.

11 thoughts on “First 11 v The Blades: Rest Internationals and start Tierney, Ozil and Youngsters

  • GunnerN5 says:
    October 19, 2019 at 13:44

    Yes Total – Post in process…………Late today or early tomorrow.

  • Le Gall, I heard we inserted a clause that we can bring Eddie back and loan him elsewhere in January if he doesn’t get a certain minimum of minutes played… But I don’t know if it’s a fact. I hope so.

  • Hey, TA, and the guys. It’s been a while but it’s just that I have had to do a lot of local travelling, laced with many meetings, thus ensuring I am so tired when I get back to my boarding. But, I have been following the brilliant articles by EtR, GN5 and TA (hope I have not missed anyone) and seen some top notch comments. Good job, y’all.

  • Hi T, great result at tottenscum. They got a gift from the Watford keeper and still dropped 2 points at home. Great way to start my Saturday.

    I did hear somewhere that Torreira played for Uruguay and was excellent in his proper position. His misuse by Emery continues to annoy.

    On the lineup, I like yours a lot.. I think Chambers has earned playing time. I hope Tierney can start, and Holding is our most important player in my book.

    I want to see Ozil utilized too, but I’d prefer him in with Pepe. I get the feeling he can help get him going, and I’d instruct him to make it a point to get him the ball more. It should be a priority, because the pressure will be growing and we can’t afford such an expensive bust like the money clubs.

  • Fine post, TA. I cannot but agree with your suggestion nothing keeps the intensity going like a shake up, after the internationals, with a good mix of first teamers, who haven’t been busy in the international break, and some hungry youngsters. I am sure we can cope well against the Blades without getting cuts, if you know what I mean. For one, Xhaka looks like he could use a rest.

    I hope Emery doesn’t consider the stakes and choose to go with his favoured starters; if he does, we’d have to demand they perform seeing as they will have a bit longer to re-acclimatize. I saw Ozil’s latest interview and Emery’s reaction to it; he will get a start, methinks. Where he fits in will be another matter, completely.

    Since Luiz has only gone to “visit Rwanda” on behalf of the club, he will be fresh; Mustafi was home too, and so were Holding, Tierney and Chambers, I will look to see Luiz paired with Mustafi at CB, Chambers and Tierney flanking them, a midfield of Torreira, Ceballos, Guendouzi and Ozil (free role, prominent on the left). Since he likes to give Pepe confidence, I think Saka could lose out (even though I’d rather start him now, over the £72m man), so Pepe stays to the right of Auba in the centre.

  • TA, good idea about picking the team from the fresher players and that team you picked looks good. I really think we have a good squad. Six changes to this line up and the team is looking as good.

    Becausd of our good depth I believe we’ll be getting stronger as the season progresses and finish the season much better than last season. Buy first Bramall Lane and 3 pts to the good guys.

  • All of it TA! I’d rather have you making out the team sheet TBH.

    Sheffield at night. Around 8°. Light rain possible.
    Love to see Ozil in that lineup. There’s enough support behind and quality up front for him to make some magic.

    With you Johnnie on Torriera. Mark this down– he’ll leave if Emery continues to misuse him. He’d be in big demand and walk into quite a few XI’s today.

    Good guys 2-0 is my bet.


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