Arsenal v Palace Preview and Line-Up

Arsenal v Crystal Palace – October 27th, 2019

In 1854, the famous Crystal Palace Exhibition building had been relocated from Hyde Park, London and rebuilt in an area of South London next to Sydenham Hill. This area was renamed Crystal Palace which included the Crystal Palace park that surrounded the site where various sports facilities were built.

Original Crystal Palace (1)

The original Crystal Palace team were an amateur outfit who first played here as early as 1861. They competed in the very first FA Cup competition in 1871–72, losing in the semi finals to the Royal Engineers before disappearing from historical records after a 3-0 defeat to Wanderers in the second round of the FA Cup in 1875–76. It was in 1895 that the Football Association found a new permanent venue for the FA Cup Final at the sports stadium situated inside the historic Palace grounds. Some years later the owners, who were reliant on tourist activity for their income, sought fresh attractions for the venue, and decided to form their own professional football team to play at the stadium. The owners wanted a club to play there and tap into the vast crowd potential of the area. Although the Football Association disliked the idea of the owners of the Cup Final venue also possessing their own football team and initially rejected their proposal, a separate company was established to form and own the club.

Crystal Palace Football Club, originally nicknamed “The Glaziers”, was founded on September 10th, 1905 under the guidance of Aston Villa assistant secretary Edmund Goodman. The club applied to enter the Football League alongside another newly formed London club Chelsea. Unfortunately for Palace, it was Chelsea that was accepted and the club found itself in the Southern League Second Division for the 1905–06 season. The club was successful in its inaugural season and were promoted to the First Division, crowned as champions. Palace also played in the mid-week United Counties League, finishing runners-up to Watford, and it was in this competition that the club played their first match, winning 3–0 away to New Brompton.

In 1905, the Crystal Palace Company who owned the FA Cup Final venue situated inside the grounds of The Crystal Palace, wanted a professional club to play there and tap into the crowd potential of the area. They formed a new club called Crystal Palace F.C., to play at the stadium. When the First World War broke out the Palace and grounds were seized by the armed forces, and in 1915 the club were forced to move by the Admiralty. They found a temporary base at the Herne Hill Velodrome. Although other clubs had offered the use of their ground to Palace, the club felt it best to remain as close to their natural catchment area as possible. When Croydon Common F.C. were wound up in 1917, the club took over their old stadium located at the Nest, but in 1919 they began the purchase of the land on which they would eventually build Selhurst Park, their current home.


Here is a look at our complete home league record against Crystal Palace.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace – Div 1 Home Games
1 30-Mar-70 1     2 0 2
2 14-Nov-70   1   1 1 0
3 27-Nov-71 1     2 1 1
4 26-Mar-73 1     1 0 1
5 22-Mar-80   1   1 1 0
6 20-Apr-81 1     3 2 1
7 01-Jan-90 1     4 1 3
8 23-Feb-91 1     4 0 4
9 11-Apr-92 1     4 1 3
Total : 7 2 0 22 7 15


Arsenal v Crystal Palace – EPL Home Games
1 08-May-93 1     3 0 3
2 01-Oct-94     1 1 2 -1
3 21-Feb-98 1     1 0 1
4 14-Feb-05 1     5 1 4
5 02-Feb-14 1     2 0 2
6 16-Aug-14 1     2 1 1
7 17-Apr-16   1   1 1 0
8 01-Jan-17 1     2 0 2
9 20-Jan-18 1     4 1 3
10 21-Apr-19     1 2 3 -1
11 27-Oct-19            
Total : 7 1 2 23 9 14

Palace has only beaten us twice in league home games, the second being a 2-3 defeat in the very last game we played against them on April 21, 2019.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace – ALL Home Games
Division 1 7 2 0 22 7 15
Premier 7 1 2 23 9 14
Total : 14 3 2 45 16 29

Will we get revenge? Your guess is as good as mine.


TotalArsenal’s Preferred Line-Up:

If recovered enough, I like Tierney to start and play 60 minutes. I would also like to start with Saka and give Laca the final thirty minutes. Xhaka-Tor-Ozil is by far our strongest midfield combo and to not use it is criminal. It looked to me that Holding and Bels were quite knackered at the end of the game so I would start with Big Sok and Chambers instead.


65 thoughts on “Arsenal v Palace Preview and Line-Up

  • Cheers GN5 for another in-depth historical preview. Unfortunately, I have never been to Palace but I am also very happy that we play them at the Home of Football tomorrow, as we know how weak we are away these days. I have zero confidence that Emery will start with my preferred line-up, or anything like it, but let’s just see how tomorrow goes. I must admit I am looking forward more to the Grand Prix F1 than the game tomorrow….

  • Great intro, as usual, GunnerN5!

    Your recommended XI is a strong one, indeed. My predictions are not better, but rather more pessimistic, assuming Ozil is still out of favor, and Guendouzi must start along the captain, but a bit optimistic in a way that assumes Willock will not play tomorrow, and Saka may start on the bench as our PAL trident is available (and we might need Saka against Liverpool in the Carabao cup).

    So my predicted – yet not preferred – (4-3-3) line-up is as follows:
    Bellerin – Luiz – Sokratis – Kolasinac

    (However it is equally possible that Lacazette will not be on the bench either, as he will lead the frontline against Liverpool on Wednesday, so we’ll attack with Saka and Pepe on the flanks and Aubameyang up front again. But the “back 7” will be the same, only the RB position is disputed between Chambers and Bellerin.)

  • Cheers GN5, I I literally knew none of the above (apart from the recent maddening loss) so thank you for an enlightening piece! I agree that Bellerin and Holding might be a week or two short. Chambers has been one of our solid performers (if only he could whip in a cross) but Tierney looks pure quality! Would also love to see more of Emile Smith-Rowe and Marinelli involved. Come on ya Gunners!!

  • TA, it is criminal of the BoD to freeze Ozil out.
    If you do not play your best lineup then there is no point playing.
    But then, Emery likes to play football in his own half, so there is no point in looking for a win tonight.

  • Enjoyed that GN5!
    Last season’s PBS Masterpiece series ‘Victoria’ dedicated 2 episodes plus– to the issues around the purpose, planning, and construction (problems!) surrounding The Crystal Palace (spearheaded by Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert). A fascinating topic to be sure; as were the history of the structure following its’ debut in housing the Great Exhibition of 1851.
    Regarding revenge sir?
    We can never recoup those 3-points required– to leap over Sp*rs into the Champions League spot last season. I’ll hope for the best and see if Sunday’s match exceeds my current expectations. Will keep hoping (beyond hope, I fear) TA– that one day your lineup(s) will be heeded.

    One note– Alexander Lacazette did not look himself Thursday.
    Not sure he was ready for a return at that point.
    Hoping we don’t see him Sunday. For all our good.


  • Jw1, i hope Laca can start. He is better at hounding the defenders and we have a better chance of winning compared to starting Auba up front. Auba should start on the left with Tierney behind him.

    If Emery still insists in playing Kola who always make back passes then we will be screwed.

  • N5 … again well done. Enthralling history but I always remind myself they they represent the hurdle between us and 3 points.

    I feel Emery would be reluctant to start any of the players that started on Thursday. However he might be torn between starting Saka or Laca. Laca represents that disruptive force Emery craves for .in the forward areas which creates the spaces for Auba to finish. Am now thinking that Auba as the CF is not the best for him as Emery is not keen in the use of a creative #10 who’d be feeding him with the right balls.

    I worry about Chambers against Zaka as well as Kola against Townsend. I suppose we’ve got players they’d be very much scared of too not the least the PALs.

    Pb …. your line up is what am expecting.

  • GN5, nice preview laced with that bit of history of the away side. Certainly hard to look at this game without recalling they cost us a place in the CL places, last season. A 5-0 drubbing will sit just fine with me, even if, admittedly, it won’t return those lost 3 points.

    As for the starting line up, I feel Pbarany’s predicted 11 will be closer, bar Bellerin. I would rather it is Chambers/Mustafi against Zaha than Bellerin. Typically, though, Emery always springs one surprise to disrupt the line up predictions of pundits and BKers, I guess. 😚

  • PE, do you think Bellerin will have the discipline to stop Zaha, especially as he still lacks match sharpness and is likely to be too self conscious playing in the league in front of the home crowd, after so many months out? I won’t risk it unless Torreira is starting too and Sokratis has instructions to cover that flank. Same goes for our left side as Zaha has been known to switch flanks. I trust Kola to do his job.

    Nice adaptation of the Ozil chant there, TA. Unai Emery will never understand, it would seem. Now, he suggests the Arsenal hierarchy are behind the decisions he’s been taking as far as Ozil is concerned. Not sure he meant for that to come out that way, but that’s what the media has gone with.

  • Great preview, as usual. 🙂

    I read how Emery pretty much proves he is just a gutless, spineless yes-man for Don Raul and I’m still not thinking about the Palace game because I’m so pissed with our club.

  • Eris … thought I saw Chambers in Pb’s line up. Am with you that Bels not quite ready. It could even end up a big tussle between him and Chambers who seems determined to nail a place for himself in the 1st team (what AMN failed to do). So much in football is about mentality.

    I don’t quite favour Saka at wide left as good as he is. Emery likes to stretch the field with his full backs who work better with inverted wingers. Saka might fight it out with Pepe while Auba/Martinelli would be for the wide left with Laca back at center.

    Chamb. Sokr–Luiz. Kola.
    ———Guendz. Xhaka——
    —-Pepe. Ceballos. Auba—-

    Xhaka might give himself a yellow card today so he’d be suspended for the Carabao cup on Wednesday (5 yellows). Could be the reason Emery substituted him in the match against Sheffield.

    Ozil’s pressure is getting to Emery and unlike fabulous Wenger, he’s unable to shoulder it alone. For the fans, one thing will decide the tussle …. the team’s fortune particularly in the premiership.

  • GN5, my fears are confirmed. Emery does like his “chameleon” in every player. I understand the logic of wanting a high-energy battler up there pressing but in a system that is supposedly inherently “attacking”, the player in this position surely has to contribute offensively. Bergkamp (and maybe even Prime Rambo) found the artful balance of aggression and creativity. Guess that’s what made him Invincible… As much as I disagree with our manager, for once I just want him to be right. Torreira to score a hat-trick and get red-carded after two shirt-tearing celebrations. GO GUNNERS

  • Great read
    Line up today Leno, Tierney, Sokratis, Luiz, Chambers, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Willock, Saka, Aubameyang, Pepe
    This whole Ozil sarga saddens me. Hope club resolves in January, the will he won’t he play is ruining my enjoyment of watching Arsenal FC.
    Our style of play under Emery is just so dark and miserable. My concern when Ozil goes what will his wages be used for? 2 Xhaka look a likes?

  • TEAMS:
    Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Papastathopoulos, Luiz, Tierney, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Pepe, Ceballos, Aubameyang, Lacazette.

    Subs:Bellerin, Torreira, Holding, Martinez, Kolasinac, Martinelli, Saka.

    Crystal Palace: Hennessey, Ward, Tomkins, Cahill, van Aanholt, Townsend, Kouyate, Milivojevic, McArthur, Zaha, Ayew.

    Subs: Dann, Meyer, Schlupp, Benteke, Henderson, McCarthy, Kelly.

  • Nearly a good shout then, PE. I am a bit surprised Emery has started Tierney, despite having played 90 minutes. I had felt he should see some action today, but not from the start, was my thinking.

  • Texting with Arsene! That made me chuckle TA. 😉

    Had read a rumor yesterday that with Zlatan leaving the MLS Galaxy– his contact expired– that Los Angeles might be the destination for Ozil. Now that’s the place to reconstitute a brand.

    Say what you will of Ibra? And I’ve never been a fan of the teams he’s represented (OK, maybe Sweden). At 38– and albeit MLS– he bagged 53 goals in 58 matches. What an entertaining man.


  • The PALs start, Tierney too. Confirmed line up

    Chamb. Sokr. Luiz. Tierney.
    Guendz. Xhaka.
    Pepe. Ceba. Auba.

  • Eris .. am suprised too but happy. It’s broken the cycle. If Tierneywas not to play today, he would have played Carabao on Wed and missed the next PL match and so on. This should be about Emery’s best match-fit XI.

    Suddenly am excited about the match.

  • Unai’s refrain:

    We’re only making plans for Ozil
    He has no future in this British side
    We’re only making plans for Ozil
    Mesut’s whole future is as good as sealed, yeah…


  • Great stuff as ever GN5.

    I fear for us today but apart from Hector this is our best team

    TA. There is always the dodgy stream though if you use it I recommend a VPN.

  • Apart from 2 outstanding corners we were absolutely weak in the underbelly. How to play with that same tactics against a well organised and brilliant diver in Zaha?

  • Well. We looked a right fecking normal football team there (Chambers, mustafing about notwithstanding). Shame too, cuz I wanted to comment on how Chambers had played Zaha well up to then. Let’s see what weirdness might we be setup to undo ourselves this half then!


  • I cant see the game live, but I will say this. Managers are judged by results. So we’ll see how this ends.

  • The VAR had made it much worse.. how is touching the ball a foul?
    However the lads did well but undone by the tactics and VAR. Ref is atrocious too.

  • We were robbed of two points by VAR and Atkinson. Both Lacazette and Sokratis were fouled before Haha got the ball to run at Chambers. Then Haha dived – a clear dive. He saw Chambers extend hhis leg and fell over it. Atkinson was 5 yards away with a clear view and gave the dive. VAR reversed it – wrongly.

    And the cancellation of Sokratis second was a complete mystery – even after watching many times no-one saw a foul by Chambers except the corrupt people running the VAR who will be enjoying a 5 star holiday in Dubai paid for by Indonesian gambling rings.

    I feel cheated and bloody furious. And that is before I get pissed off with that awful second half display.

    And then there is the Xhaka business – he must be stripped of the captaincy immediately. No-one disrespects the shirt, no-one.

    So much to discuss

  • We are The Unarsenal! 2-2.
    Managing to outlast– and take a point from Palace at THOF. Brilliant!

    Papa had a second goal disallowed. Martin Atkinson did not even look at the VAR monitor to determine if his overruled call was warranted. Words cannot be harsh enough for this display of spineless refereeing.

    In Emery’s infinite wisdom?
    He hooked his captain Granit Xhaka after 65-minutes. To a thunderous cascade of jeering while walking off the pitch– Xhaka threw both arms into the air asking for more and louder– and cupping his hand to his ear. Xhaka left the pitch ignoring Emery. Continued past the manager– pulled off the shirt and walked straight down the tunnel.

    What, pray tell, about all of that– isn’t completely effed-up?
    How very un-Arsenal. How very Unai.


  • V.A.R. = Very Awful Result.

    We are basically gifted a two goal lead after 8/9 minutes and then find a way to give away two points.

    VAR was bad but Arsenal was worse.

  • This has to end. Emery has to leave tonight. I really, really, really hate him to the level I’d personally take my car and drive Mr Jose Mourinho to sign a contract with Arsenal.

  • Ah Ha,

    I just found a really bright thing to rejoice!!!!

    Arsenal re 5th
    United are 10th
    And Spurs are 14th.

    I recognize that I had to dig deep – but it still feels bloody good!!!!

  • So you don’t have to watch Mr Unarsenal’s post-match presser:

    “The progress we make it today. Our shots were more. Better shots than other times. We led more than one time. Liking to lead the match at the end. We make efforts. Efforts were big ones. The VAR was a part of the end. VAR was twice in the match hard. Too hard for the end. But it is a good progress. For our team. The whole team. The whole team works to be good. For we can win. We deserve to win. Today we are not to win. Yet looks like should be to win. No, Ozil was not for this match. We have other player for this match. Harder players that work. On the practices. We have players we want to play. And for Ozil we have a plan. And Xhaka, becomes disturbed. We are the team disturbed. Too much from the noise is the disturbing. Thank you. OK.”


  • I feel that for the most part, we did play much better today compared our last few PL outings. I also feel that Arsenal got robbed of a perfectly good goal by Socratis. No way that was a foul in the box by Chambers. The VAR people need new glasses. Crystal Palace’s equalizer was the result of some very dreadful defending. Xhaka neglected to close down the crosser (Torreira would have done much better, I think), David Luiz not urgently seeing the danger behind him, lack of seriousness from everybody back defending in the box and the result was another stupid goal. Important to note that for this particular goal, Palace had only 2 attackers in our box (maybe 3, if you count James McArthur who was just barely inside the edge of the box when he crossed the ball) versus our 6 defenders. YES, count it, 6 freaking defenders plus the keeper (that’s 7) and we still conceded somehow. When we turn the ball over, we don’t sprint back, we just kind of jog back while the opposition is sprinting forward and this drives me nuts.

    Up forward, Mesut Ozil would have made a huge difference once again. Our strikers are sorely lacking his exquisite through balls/services. Remember, Ozil is the master of pre-assists, an unrivaled creator of splendid chances. Yet, he has been wrongly and stupidly exiled from the team. Seeing him in plain clothes in the stand today was very sad. Do I think Aubameyang and Lacazette will stick around and extend their contract with us playing this ugly football and once again missing a CL spot? Probably not!

    On a side note, fans jeering Xhaka off the pitch was terrible and classless. So was Xhaka’s reaction, applauding and clearly telling the crowd to “f#ck off”. Something is amiss here and bubbling beneath the surface at Arsenal and I fear this will all soon erupt like a torrid volcano.

    Emery is taking Arsenal nowhere (well, maybe backwards based on our lack of progress so far this season). The sooner the decision-makers at Arsenal realize this, the better. Waiting till the second half of the season might be too late for good morale and harmony, as well as a top 4 spot.


  • The post-match babble– yes, joking.
    I’ll look for it online though– betting I wasn’t really far off.
    (I do get aggravated listening to his babble.)

    But am dead-on serious regarding what occurred with Xhaka.


  • Oh boy. Here you go Admir–

    “We can speak about our performance and the VAR decision. We started very well and then conceded many chances so we should have controlled possession better to get more chances at 2-0 but usually the opposite team want to push more and then they scored. We need to respect the decision, which was amazing, Last match here against Bournemouth, they didn’t check for a clear penalty on Pepe and at Sheffield on Sokratis. VAR is positive but at the moment it is not working well. I think we deserved to win this evening. Only I can be disappointed about not controlling the match better. I think VAR is very important for the referees because their mistakes are very important. When it’s (VAR) used in the right way but now we haven’t checked a lot of things to not change the pace of the match. Pepe and Soktratis’ penatlies were very clear but they didn’t check. Maybe they are starting to check more after this week. That is not a fault. If you watch that, I’m sure you don’t decide that is not a goal. I think Martin Atkinson needed to watch it again.

    He (Xhaka) was wrong. We need to stay calm, speak to him internally about that. We are working with the club and the players to play under pressure. We are going to speak with him (Xhaka) because the reaction was wrong. We are here because we have supporters. We work for them and need to have respect for them when they are applauding us and criticising us.”

    Do like my version too.


  • Can’t see much of a difference from your version, jw1. 😄👊🏽

    Very average performance all round by the Arsenal (save a couple of players); it is the identity of the team that is missing. It’s hard to see what we are about these days. You would think playing three defensively-minded midfielders would help us to be solid at the back, but here we are, conceding goal after goal. So, someone needs to tell Emery (it’s not Rocket science, for Pete’s sake) we are at our best when we are on the front foot and must find a way to put pressure on opponents for longer than they do us. We need to have a clear No. 10 role and allow our full backs do their defending (instead of relying on cover from the midfielders, much of the time), when it calls for it. Either bring back Ozil or have Ceballos play further forward.

    David Luis hasn’t done much to improve our defending, it must be said. If anything, he gives hope to opponents that he will slip up at some point; he also slowed the game for us at a time we needed to show urgency. Maybe, time to trust Holding? Will Mustafi do a lot worse than this lot today? I do hope Emery does some soul searching and comes up with a better plan.

    As for Xhaka, something sure is bubbling beneath the surface, on that front. I think he is weighed down by the barrage of social media flak that followed his appointment as Captain; as a professional, he is expected to be able to handle such criticism, but this is easier said when you consider these men have families who also see these tweets and media commentary. It isn’t helpful when ex-players join in on the act (looking at you, Petit and Evra) and my guess is Xhaka wilted today as he heard the boos. He wasn’t being subbed off for any particular error or poor play but for tactical reasons. Emery simply decided to take off his deepest lying midfielder for an attack minded player, in the hope of applying pressure on the visitors. Unfortunately, it was poor timing as the fans seized the chance to air their pent up frustrations with Xhaka, for previous “sins”. Not fair on the man and not very nice to see from supposed fans.

  • Oh, and VAR is proving to be a farce in England. The old biases of the Refs can still come to the fore in certain games. As carefully as I have looked, I can’t see the foul by Chambers which resulted in Sokratis’ goal being disallowed. Clearly, one (or all) of the VArefs has an agenda… maybe, to help United get closer to Arsenal, seeing as they were given 2 penalties today at Norwich city, of which one looked close to being deserved. Tim Krul in goal for Norwich saved both kicks, though, but the calls could serve to rattle the hosts.

    It is disappointing that a technology brought in to help the refs is being manipulated to continue the subjective calls by EPL refs.

  • I don’t know what to say guys. We played Sheffield United and Palace and got one point to show for it, the footie is almost unwatchable and now the fans boo their own captain, our best nr10 since Cesc departed is on garden leave and a strike force of about £175m struggles to find the net.

  • TA,
    We all know why that is. Poor manager/head coach. These are painful times to be an Arsenal supporter. I can only imagine what the players must be feeling. Too much tension surrounding the team. When will it all end?

    I will keep saying it until we get rid of the clueless clown. We need to return to the proper Arsenal football that made me become a die-hard fan in the first place over a decade and a half ago. I get no joy at all watching the current footie being served up. I TRULY HATE IT!
    Emery is a fraud and I wish he’d get the hell out of our club pronto.


  • Eris–
    As per social media considerations? It’s not oxygen. You don’t actually have to consume it to get through your day. As much work as my work requires I do on the web? I don’t participate in any social media.

    Any player who feels it’s detrimental? Just turn it off. Put on your blinders. Do your job.
    Had it been me in Xhaka’s shoes today? I would probably have been mildly pleased.
    Had it been me walking off the pitch today– I’d have thought the fans were upset with Emery subbing me off.

    Really is that simple.


  • I get your point, jw1. But what about his folks, agent and other minders? They will have to share these things with him. Mustafi alluded to the same thing and how it could break a man who isn’t guarded. I just feel fans need to understand it is a TEAM game after all.

  • Here’s something more to consider.
    A couple of comments from The Guardian– from fans at the match:

    “The crowd initially cheered when Xhaka’s substitution was announced but he made things worse by walking slowly off the pitch when he should have ran off as we were chasing a winner. That is where the real anger came from. I was there.”

    And a reply that followed the above–

    “I was there too. When a team is chasing 3 points, a captain runs off when substituted and gives his replacement some words of encouragement. If Xhaka had done that, no problem in my view. He just didn’t seem to get that sauntering off wasn’t the right look. Crowd wanted more, Xhaka gave us less. Is the bigger question about Emery’s judgement in making him captain in the first place? Very average game of football.”

    Puts things in a first-person context.


  • Eris–
    Another, more pithy take of mine on social media:
    “Social media is nothing more than a ‘stupid trap’ awaiting its’ eventual next-prey. Forever.”
    You play with it– it eventually traps you.


  • If Emery uses subs as a blame tool then nobody should be surprised when players sulk when being taken off, especially if and when you wear the armband. We all know how much disrespect there is for Xhaka among big parts of the fanbase, and I can understand his frustration. Xhaka has to be play with Guendouzi in midfield and it does not work, and yet it is the captain and our conductor who is taken off. Maybe he should not have sulked and ran off the pitch, I get that; but you can also look at it that Granit cares and that his feelings were deeply hurt by Emery. For me it is another example that Emery is a X-Manager in an era in which Y-managers have all the success.

    Unai Emery, Unai Emery
    I just don’t think you understand
    He’s Ivan Gazidis’ man
    He’s much worse than Fat Sam
    Unai, Unai Emery

  • TA, it is not the way that Emery took off Xhaka earned the disrespect to both. Rather, it is the way that Xhaka took his time to come off that irked the fans. We are chasing the game, not winning a point and closing the game up.

    Even when Emery took up Ozil last season and Ozil was angry, he was quick off the pitch. I remembered one game that Xhaka was on the pitch and we were chasing the game, but he took his time to make left or right passes. That in itself is not good.

    The lads actually played their socks off last night, and we had a chance to win it, but bad refereeing let us down. It was not our tactical ability that let us down, rather we had more chances to win it. The winner should not be chalked off and the Zaha dive should not be overturned too. But oh well we were still fifth in the end.

    We need a stronger shape and more decisive passes, and have more than one approach to opponents. That is very important to the way we will win more games.

  • 84, the fans loudly cheered his substitution and then the response by Xhaka came. I like a man who stands up for his pride; I don’t want machines.

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