Arsenal v Wolves Preview: Who Scored Arsenal’s First Ever Division 1 Goal?

Arsenal v Wolves – November 2nd, 2019

Wolves has humble beginnings shaped by the twin influences of cricket and the church. The club was founded in 1877 as St Luke’s F.C. by John Baynton and John Brodie, two pupils of St Luke’s Church School in Blakenhall, who had been presented with a football by their headmaster Harry Barcroft. The team played its first-ever game on 13 January 1877 against a reserve side from Stafford Road, later merging with the football section of a local cricket club called Blakenhall Wanderers to form Wolverhampton Wanderers in August 1879.

Having initially played on two different strips of land in the town, they relocated to a more substantial venue on Dudley Road in 1881, before lifting their first trophy in 1884 when they won the Wrekin Cup, during a season in which they played their first-ever FA Cup tie. Having become professional, the club were nominated to become one of the twelve founder members of the Football League in 1888, in which they played the first Football League match ever staged (against Aston Villa). They ended the inaugural season in third place, as well as reaching their first FA Cup Final, losing 0–3 to the first “Double” winners, Preston North End.

At the conclusion of the campaign the club relocated for a final time when they moved to Molineux, then a pleasure park known as the Molineux Grounds.

See the source image

On September 24, 1904 Arsenal played their first Division 1 game it was a home game against Wolverhampton Wanderers and it was also the day we scored our first ever top flight goal.

Charlie Satterthwaite (1) 

Charlie Satterthwaite holds the honour of scoring Arsenal’s first ever goal in the First Division. The striker had a keen eye for goal during his six-year spell with the Club and scored 48 times in 141 appearances. Satterthwaite made history on September 24, 1904 with the opening strike in a 2-0 victory over Wolves – Arsenal’s first goal and victory of their maiden campaign in the top flight of English football. He had joined five months earlier from West Ham and made his debut on the opening day of the 1904/05 campaign in a 3-0 loss to Newcastle. Satterthwaite finished as the team’s top goal scorer that year and also in 1906/07 (with 19 goals) before retiring in 1910 at the age of 33. His younger brother Joe also played for Arsenal, which made them the first siblings to achieve the feat. 

From: an article at the time – 

Saturday’s game was rather interfered with by the weather and a much smaller crowd were present on the Woolwich ground than when Preston played them a fortnight before. Still, there were quite 20,000 enthusiasts present, and these were soon cheering themselves hoarse in an ecstasy of delight, for it was quickly seen that the Arsenal were playing a winning game, and even the heavy rainstorm which broke over the ground failed to damp the ardour of these partisans of the “Reds” who showed much of the form which made them so popular when playing in the Second Division last year. 

There was a rare scene of enthusiasm at the end of the game as the Arsenal players fought their way back to their dressing room through a mob of excited partisans amid much back slapping and hand wringing.

Wolves Honours.

Football League First Division

Champions (3): 1953–54, 1957–58, 1958–59

FA Cup

Winners (4): 1892–93, 1907–08, 1948–49, 1959–60

Football League Cup

Winners (2): 1973–74, 1979–80

FA Charity Shield

Winners (4): 1949*, 1954*, 1959, 1960* (* shared)

Arsenal v Wolves – EPL Home Games
1 26-Dec-03 1 3 0 3
2 03-Apr-10 1 1 0 1
3 12-Feb-11 1 2 0 2
4 27-Dec-11 1 1 1 0
5 11-Nov-18 1 1 1 0
6 02-Nov-19
Total : 3 2 0 8 2 6


Arsenal v Wolves – All Home Games
Division 2 2 0 0 8 2 6
Division 1 22 13 8 100 64 36
Premier 3 2 0 8 2 6
Total : 27 15 8 116 68 48

Wolves have never beaten us at home in the EPL era and only 8 times in the 50 occasions they have met us in London. But they are a very different proposition with Nuno Espírito Santo in charge and we should expect a very difficult game.


Normally TotalArsenal gives here his preferred line-up but as Emery has announced he will not start our captain Xhaka tomorrow, I will not do one out of protest.

38 thoughts on “Arsenal v Wolves Preview: Who Scored Arsenal’s First Ever Division 1 Goal?

  • Proper English name Stterthwaite. Top haircut as well though he looks like he should be behind bars.

    Predictions:. Hope you can decipher this TA …
    B H
    W A
    E D
    R D
    E D
    B A

  • Busy again but hoping for some time to catch up with y’all AND have an interweb connection fast enough to maybe try a liveblog tommorow morning… Right now, I’m on the phone, all thumbs, etc…

  • Busy again but hoping for some time to catch up with y’all AND have an interweb connection fast enough to maybe try a liveblog tommorow morning… Right now, I’m on the phone, all thumbs, etc…

  • Sorry for the double post…verbose as always, I guess… I’d like to comment on both PE and GN5’s posts, but without a keyboard, I’m a mess… Perhaps tomorrow… with all that time as we play it around the back (going for our nil- nil)… Til Then, hopefully…

  • Brighton v Norwich = Home win
    Watford v Chelsea = Away win
    Eintracht Frankfurt v Bayern Munich = Away win
    Roma v Napoli = Draw
    Everton v Spuds = Draw
    Bordeaux v Nantes = Home win

  • Thanks GN5! Always enjoy your write-ups.

    So– I’ve been so wrapped up in watching my Astros unable to seal the the deal in the World Series (as well as busy at work). That I have had to download MP4 files of the Pool cup match Wednesday. Got through the first half– and was completely entertained. Still have the 2nd half to watch– and even with the outcome known? No matter– I know I’m going to enjoy it anyway.

    And that? Is the difference. Not at all down about the result. Hell, I laughed– when Mustafi converted his first shot o(w)n goal. Then disappointed as he nearly bagged the brace!

    But I’m heading home tonight– and still am going to watch the 2nd half vs Pool.
    Cuz’ I know I’ll be entertained.

    (HT– here’s where I think you are in error about exiting this competition. It’s one LESS avenue to be able to enjoy what’s on offer by Arsenal. All we have left is the EL to get our kicks. :-))


  • OK, I’ve got my internet connection, so beware… 😮

    As always, GN5, the historical stuff is much appreciated… My favorite school teacher (3rd Grade) was a Mrs. Satterthwaite, so I’m wondering just how common a name that might be and if she could have been a descendant of the goal-scorer who helped create the very positive 2-nil scoreline and sweet bonding between players and fans…

    No such thing is to be expected this weekend, I fear, unless, of course, we get a similar result. In the end, for so many of the “fans” that’s all that matters… Sadly…

    With Xhaka “ruled out” (of playing), I guess there could be a question if he’s in attendance, and, if so, would the vitriol continue or could a “silent majority” turn this ship around, as per PE’s post. My guess is that a) he won’t show his face (the game being more important than the drama) and that, if he does, the “silent majority” will be cowed, as always (by it’s very definition…) into silence… Over time, maybe the silence will end, as over here, our “silent majority” has morphed into a contented minority willing to defend just about ANY abuse by their brethren (including domestic terrorists, white supremacists, etc.) on our political far right… But you probably already knew that (I hope)…

    My guess is that Haka is done as Arsenal captain, and, probably, as an Arsenal player, although maybe there could be a cameo or two after the next Int’l break (which cannot come soon enough). I think I already (mis)quoted the guy from Stratford about how badly we need another break from our club and it’s drama…

    Which I hate to say, isn’t quite a “crisis,” not quite yet. After all, we did get a point last weekend AND we’re STILL one place out of the CL…

    So, Unfortunately, I think this match is a “can’t lose” situation–for management, at least. If we get a result, who needs Xhaka? (To go along with sub only Ozil…and–at least he can safely show his face in the stadium, Mustafi)… And, if we fail to get a result (and by result, I mean at least a draw)… Then Ozil will ALSO be a figure of blame for failing to secure/rescue the point(s). YES, we spent too much on all three of these (Wenger) guys but EVEN more on their (Gazidis/Wenger) contracts… On a more existential level, I believe our club IS (most definitely) in crisis, and it’s all about blaming others (and saving money)…

    But, it’s just one game. Some folks believe Emery will be gone if we lose our next two… Personally, I doubt it… It’s a long season and (thank dennis) we didn’t quite go through at Anfield. If we can slip out of the FA Cup early, we’ll be well poised to STILL get promoted back to the CL…Then Emery can go back to Spain (at Real Madrid, even) or (with Raul, at Barcelona…) and we can afford a REAL Moo-nager…

    I’ve seen stranger things happen… And, (for TA, whom I believe still reads my comments…) we’re WAY past the beginning of the end… (Was it 2006, when we moved into fancier digs at the new stadium with Kroenke getting on the BoD, the advent of ArsenalFanTV in 2012, or the fall of Wenger and the erection of Unai in 2018?…) IMO, try as we might, (and to again mangle me some Shaky-Spear…) something is (very) rotten in the state where Erik the Red lives…(Or where N5 used to…) and it ain’t gonna clean itself up…Unless Gooners stop looking at their ‘puters n’ phones… And please note, we’re not all like JW (a generation older than Xhaka, I’m pretty sure)…and able to walk away from social media, etc., etc., etc…

    And TA, (testing, testing, testing…) give me a thumbs up (like on Facebook…) if you’re behind the idea of a live-blog tomorrow morning… Otherwise, ignore this comment or delete it, as necessary… Cheers…

  • Hey JW, sorry about the ‘Stros… Also, sorry I posted my bigger one w/o checking to see if folks had written anything…

    You make a reasonable point about the League cup (and other midweek games) but ANOTHER reason tomorrow is a “can’t lose” for EmeRaul is that, with Xhaka (and Musti) out, Ozil on the bench and all that, the Yoots (plus “expensive flop” Pepe…) are slipping closer toward our first team, along with that great savoir, LOWERED EXPECTATIONS, so, IF Arsenal can do a bit better than their recent (league) matches it really could be a Good Ebening, for the manager(s)… Who would take a point (from these NEXT two–plus maybe more attempts/corners than these Midlands/Midtable clubs) if it were on offer?

    I would, fo’ sho… But I’d also trade my horse for that Int’l break… 😀

  • At this messy period it would be foolish to change the captain, 17ht.
    Missed your lengthy comments.

    We need the team to be at ease and play quick footy, which we had seen in the last 2 games. Although we drew both (until regulation / added time), we did really well up front. Once that is totally fixed (quicker football up front and better creation and firepower), we can fix the DM and defense. Xhaka and Tor is the choice of most Gooners.

    What Emery needs to do is to slowly ease Xhaka back. He had been the one accused of dictating the stoic play in our own area, but against Palace we were playing quick transition football. So, is it his fault or the manager’s fault that we were not passing the ball out from the back quick enough?

    There are always 2 sides of the coin, and I am looking at both sides. The team played as per Emery’s gameplan. Against Liv he did well to order the team to play attacking football against a team playing attacking football. What ensued was a game of 10 goals. But the issue was that you have to leave a playmaker on the field for the whole 90 mins, and Dani Ceballos is not yet exerting himself as a playmaker of Tor and Ozil level. So, if you took both of them off, and play a wild Douzi and Ceballos who can get lost in midfield and find themselves up front, your defense is a shooting duck.

    We need 2 more games to get the team up to the right standard of play, Emeryball or Wengerball. But at least something had been done or the past 2 matches and I hope to see us playing with flair for tonight’s home game.


  • Another point to note in support for Xhaka.
    We should make him a DM that sits closer to the defense than Torreira.
    Pepe Auba

    With this formation during attack, we are capable of moving the ball quick enough and by using Xhaka as the starting point of attack, Torreira can leverage Xhaka’s defensive skills to retain possession and turn in into a quicker attack.

    Last season we saw Torreira being the focal point of defense and attack, but this formation is what really leverage us to better football. I suppose that Emery saw this and instead of Tor he wanted the quicker and taller Douzi to do it. However, more mistakes were made as a result and our defense bore the brunt of it.

  • Brighton v Norwich — H
    Watford v Chelsea —- H
    Frankfurt v Bayern — A
    Roma v Napoli ———- D
    Everton v Spurs ——— D
    Bordeaux v Nantes —- H

  • A live blog would be great, 17HT. The game will not be on TV for us UK based supporters and it will be listening to the radio to get our ‘fix’.

    I don’t agree with you re the start of the beginning of the end. The club is in a very healthy position now, but it is the fans’ bullying of Xhaka that has started a new chapter. The club have obviously decided to let the bullies win – something Wenger would never have done – and who knows where we go from here. Dark clouds are hovering above THOF.

  • Brighton v Norwich: away
    Watford v Chelsea: home
    Frankfurt v Bayern: draw
    Roma v Napoli: draw
    Everton v Spurs: home
    Bordeaux v Nantes: away

  • I guess we are going to see a midfield of Tor-Guen-Ozil today. It is highly unlikely to work and then either Tor or Ozil will be sacrificed (and let’s hope not at half time) for whom… probably Ceballos.. That won’t work either. Of course today’s game is a must win game and Emery will be judged on it. He may have gotten away with it by pushing Xhaka in front of the lions, and he may try the same with Ozil today, but there are not many more cards left for him. There is also a good chance that Wolves will play the much better football today, even if they don’t win.

    And then next week there will be the away game at the Foxes… another loss is likely to be the end for Unai Emirates. I hope to be wrong and we get four to six points from those games… then Emery will have another lease of life.

  • Thanks TA.

    I have to pray hard that we start Tor, and Ozil-Ceballos in front of him. And the subs will be Douzi and Willock. That will work.

  • N5 … the resurrection of the past. That’s magic.👍👍

    Wolves are well drilled in counter attacking football. They do so well against the bigger teams because the bigger teams are built to attack. So what does Emery do? I hope he abandones the chameleon tactic and come out in our original colour. As TA pointed out he must be running out of options after all the permutations and combinations, none of which worked. That could turn out to be his saving grace, I mean back to square one. Done with all the fancy stuff. Done with trying to invent the wheel.

    That should make predicting his starting line up easier:

    Chamb. Sokra. Luiz. Tierney.
    ————Torr. Guendz——–
    ——-Pepe. Ozil. Auba——-

  • Great piece GN5, always appreciated. TotalArsenal, haha Charlie really does, doesn’t he?
    On Ozil. Doubtful that he will get the full 90, but it’s been ages since he’s had a look to combine with PAL so I am genuinely hopeful. Guendouzi & Ceballos (for all their industry) seem to lack that little bit of genius. I will be glad to be proven wrong. Ozil’s role in magnetically receiving passes and stroking around through-balls are invaluable for fluidity. Perhaps his introduction can open up our blocked arteries. COME ON YOU GUNNERS

  • The only way I can see us a result is in playing Torreira-Willock in the pivot. Guendouzi can do the b2b stuff and Ozil should play on the wing in a free role, that would leave two out of Auba, Laca and Pepe to score the goals. It is more likely that Emery will combine Torr and Guen with Ozil in the hole. I don’t think that will work and I expect us to be dominated by Wolves midfield.

  • Now what would be refreshing is to play Luiz and Torreira together in midfield. We would miss Luiz in defence as he is our only proper LCB but….

  • Brighton v Norwich = Home
    Watford v Chelsea = Away
    Frankfurt v Bayern = Away
    Roma v Napoli = Home
    Everton v Spurs = Away
    Bordeaux v Nantes = Home


  • TA– I’ve not disagreed with much recently.
    Though it occurs to me that the Xhaka incident isn’t the core issue surrounding the club– just the latest and most dramatic. One which likely never happens if not for the indecisiveness of Emery. Not naming a single captain upon closure of the Koscielny caper. Waiting months to do so. Naming five captains. Of which are injured or out-of-his-favor selections (WTF). Then taking a vote. (Supposedly AFTER having offered it to another player that turned it down. Read that in one place, can’t corroborate. But does seem to fit the M.O. of Emery.)

    I’m not really keen on Xhaka’s actions/reactions. But I’m not going to lay the situation at his feet either. Emery have left the club leaderless. None of the current morass– is anyone else’s fault. Not sure this manager deserves a ‘new lease on life’.

    How a manager that have gotten so much so completely wrong– is going to turn 180º and march the team to glory. I’ve not seen evidence of that kind this week.

    In a mode now of just standing here. Tapping a foot. Checking my watch.
    Wondering when Emery’s time will be up.

    All that said? I’ll be rooting for our players today.


  • Pepe dropped. Ozil and Ceballos start. Confirmed.

    Chamb. Sokr. Luiz. Tierney.
    Ozil. Torr. Xhaka. Ceballos.

  • diamond midfield
    lucas/mesut back in, ay long last
    at least, “he” tries something; i liked ta’s suggestion of luiz in midfield, though, something like:
    chambers-musrafi-sokratis-tierney (rob’s not ready yet, imo)
    anyway, we all know it’ll be about team spirit, more than anything else today
    come on, lads, go get’em

  • OK. Here are some good things.
    Second best Home record in PL this season 3-2-0 (behind Pool).
    Arsenal are 6-2-0 all comps at Home this season.


  • Here we go… I’m awake (kind of…) and I’ve got some coffee (more or less) and I’m ready to try and get some thoughts from one screen to the other… But I need help… Come on over to the…


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