Gunners v Foxes Preview and Best Line-Up for an Arsenal Win

Arsenal v Leicester City – November 9th, 2019

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Formed in 1884 by a group of old boys of Wyggeston School as “Leicester Fosse”, the club joined The Football Association in 1890. Before moving to Filbert Street in 1891, the club played at five different grounds, including Victoria Park south-east of the city centre and the Belgrave Road Cycle and Cricket Ground. In 1919, when League football resumed after World War I, Leicester Fosse ceased trading due to financial difficulties of which little is known. The club was reformed as “Leicester City Football Club”, particularly appropriate as the borough of Leicester had recently been given city status.

The club moved away from Filbert Street in 2002 to a new 32,500 all-seater stadium. The stadium was originally named The Walkers Stadium in a deal with food manufacturers Walkers. On 7 July 2011, Leicester City confirmed the Walkers Stadium would now be known as the King Power Stadium. In 2015 their vice-chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha stated plans were in place to increase the capacity of the stadium to around 42,000.

The club’s home colours of royal blue shirts, white shorts, and either white or royal blue socks have been used for the team’s kits throughout most of its history. The first sponsorship logo to appear on a Leicester shirt was that of Ind Coope in 1983. British snack food manufacturer Walkers Crisps held a long association with the club, sponsoring them from 1987 to 2001.

The club have three main nicknames – The Foxes, The Blues and City. “The Foxes” is the most common nickname for the club, whereas “The Blues” and “City” are more local terms, usually used by supporters. Other names include “The Filberts” and “The Fossils”. An image of a fox was first incorporated into the club crest in 1948, as Leicestershire is known for foxes and fox hunting – this is the origin of the nickname “The Foxes”.

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The club mascot is a character called “Filbert Fox”. There are also secondary characters “Vickie Vixen” and “Cousin Dennis.” Since 1992, the club’s badge has featured a fox’s head overlaid onto a Cinquefoil; the Cinquefoil is similar to the one used on the coat of arms of Leicester. Prior to 1992, the club’s badge had a range of designs. In the 2009–10 season, the club’s 125th anniversary year, the home kit featured no sponsor and a new central crest with “125 Years” written beneath it.

Leicester won the 2015–16 Premier League, their first top-level football championship. They are one of only six clubs to have won the Premier League since its inception in 1992. A number of newspapers described Leicester’s title win as the greatest sporting shock ever, considering at the start of the season they were favourites to face relegation. Multiple bookmakers had never paid out at such long odds for any sport. As a result, the team was dubbed “The Unbelievables”, a spin-off harking back to Arsenal’s undefeated team “The Invincibles”. The club’s previous highest ever finish was second place in the top flight, in 1928–29, then known as Division One.

The club hold the dubious record of having been defeated in the FA Cup Final on four occasions – in 1948–49, 1960–61, 1962–63 and 1968–69. This is a tournament record for the most defeats in the final without having won the competition.

Our away record:

Arsenal v Leicester EPL Away Games
    W D L GF GA GD
1 23-Nov-94     1 1 2 -1
2 24-Aug-96 1     2 0 2
3 27-Aug-97   1   3 3 0
4 12-Sep-98   1   1 1 0
5 04-Dec-99 1     3 0 3
6 20-Jan-01   1   0 0 0
7 23-Jan-02 1     3 1 2
8 06-Dec-03   1   1 1 0
9 31-Aug-14   1   1 1 0
10 26-Sep-15 1     5 2 3
11 20-Aug-16   1   0 0 0
12 09-May-18     1 1 3 -2
13 28-Apr-19     1 0 3 -3
Total: 4 6 3 21 17 4


All Away Games v Leicester City
Division 2 1 2 7 9 17 -8
Division 1 14 13 13 69 71 -2
Premier 4 6 3 21 17 4
Total 19 21 23 99 105 -6

By GN5

TotalArsenal’s Preferred Line-up (GN5 does not like doing them):

If Emery were to put out this team – 4-3-1-2 – I am convinced we would get something from this game, but it is highly unlikely to happen. As Tierney, Bellerin and Holding played on Wednesday, and they are all coming back from long injuries, I would reluctantly start with Kola and Big Sok in defence. In attack I reckon we need Ozil to play in the hole, and as captain, with two of Pepe, Auba and Laca up-front. We don’t need three finishers, two is enough… let’s play some football and the goals will come again.

But the big area that needs sorting out is our midfield. Both Xhaka and Torreira HAVE to play to have a chance in this game. I would play three in midfield and make sure they keep in a horizontal line a lot to protect the back AND work together to dominate midfield and get our passing game going again. If we allow the Foxes as many shots on goal as we have been doing we will get slaughtered, so let’s keep it compact and disciplined, and pass the ball around with conviction and forward thrust. 

I make it sound simple and in my mind it is, but WTFDIK. Let’s see what Emery comes up with this time.

23 thoughts on “Gunners v Foxes Preview and Best Line-Up for an Arsenal Win

  • Cheers GN5 for a fine history lesson regarding the Foxes. I know you are away from the blog at the moment due to family circumstances, but I hope you are still reading our posts and comments. I hope the boys will make you proud to be a Gooner tomorrow.

  • Thanks once again GN5– as Leicester holds a bit of kindredness for me. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit– but it’s from where my family roots grew. My granddad was born there in 1892, long before Leicester was a ‘City’. As such, have favored the Foxes as an underdog club since before their stunning title win a few years back. Tomorrow? We find Arsenal in that uneasy role.

    Tomorrow. Figuratively and literally– may it be a catalyst for change to the good.


  • Morning all, I’m visiting Rockport Mass, grieving a death in my family. Rockport is the oldest fishing port in the US and it is also where The Perfect Storm was filmed. Putting my reason for the trip aside, this is one of the most scenic spots in the US and I’ve visited here most years since 1970.

    I have very negative feelings about the situation at Arsenal and I hope the BOD make a quick decision on the future of Emery. Our club is sinking fast and according to what I’ve been reading the team morale and confidence is also waning.

    Leicester are on the rise and are the real deal under Rogers, it will be a tough game and based on what has transpired so far I have little hope for a victory.

  • N5 …. always interesting. So sorry about the loss.

    I’ve noticed I don’t give a damn anymore about the except during matches. Then I discover that I still care as much as ever. It’s confirmed that Xhaka is not in the squad. He is not yet feeling equal to it. Less in the midfield to choose from unless …………

    Am of the opinion our midfield is our Achilles heel (agreed with you TA) though I doubt if there is a combination of it that can bail us out of our poor form unless ………..

    The bulk of winning back the ball by teams is always by the midfield. We have a midfield that is miserable in that job. Even Torreira who we believe in so much doesn’t make it for me as he lacks the physical requirements for that job. This our midfield lack maybe is the reason the team plays safe with their passing afraid to lose the ball with more incisive but riskier play. We need to add some extra steel that central area and our best bet at the moment is to push up David Luiz to the midfield. Holding, Mustafi or Chambers takes his CD role. Of course Emery won’t be doing this.

    My team from those fresh and available:

    Bels. Sokr. Holdn. Kola
    ——-Luiz. Guendz——
    —-Pepe. Ozil. Auba—-

    That looks a very decent team.

  • PE, without the Xhaka-Torreira axis there is absolutely no chance we will win tomorrow. We will with a hell of a lot of luck and Auba at his very best, get a point at best. Putting Luiz in midfield is a nice thought but it is untested and there is little chance we will have any cohesion. Dark days.

  • I read news from newsnow that we are looking to sign manu** backroom staff members. Given their own issues with their season, is it a good idea? I don’t think so.

    Tonight will be a make or break game for Emery. If we lose or draw he has to go. If we win we can at least pray that he makes his tactics better.

  • Why would it be workable, 93-9? It has not been tried before and it would be far too many curls in midfield?! 🙂 It is not just a matter of trying something new out in a game like this. Things will have to click really well in midfield to give us a chance against the Foxes; they won’t with Luiz-Guendo if you ask me.

  • 4-1 for Leicester today, Vardy to score twice, Maddison and Ricardo to add further layers of shame on this crappy spell. Auba to score a consolation goal.

    Enemy to get fired after the game and that would constitute good ebening for a change.

  • Luiz or Chambers in midfield will protect the back 4. Tor instead of Douzi (maybe) will further create chances upfield and also protect the back 4. Thus we need to change tactics and let Tor be our new Santi.

  • I enjoyed the post GN5… Condolences, of course, but glad you’re appreciating the place you’re at….

    Hey, TA, no prediction game this weekend? The thought of (missing) it actually woke me up (very early) as it has been my great motivator this season…

    WbW is a beautiful dream (the nightmare is MbM–i.e., a new coach announced on Mou-nday…) FbF (Friday) is (more than) good enough for me, but I’m most concerned that it will (actually) be EfE (Emery for ever–or so it feels)… At least now I know how my fellow Gooners felt during the (first?…) Wenger era… 😦

    I’m still up for doing a live-blog post later this morning. Lemme know what you think…

    From PE’s comment, I have to say that I’m shocked that Xhaka is not back into the squad. To me, this seems really bad…not for the game today, but about the fan-power element and the utter lack of “management” (of the situation) by Emery (nor anybody else at the club)… These are very low moments we are experiencing, I think…

    At least Admir has some predictions about the game ahead, even it it’s scary that he and I are predicting the (exact) same scoreline… 😮

    Chavs-CP game on now…hoping it puts me back to sleep for a bit, afraid that the football (far better than when I watch Arsenal’s) will make me want to stay awake…

  • Sounds good, TA….and I’m feeling refreshed as I did go back to sleep for a bit (and, now, of course, I’ve got the espresso machine working for me)…

    I often think of 2-nil as a commanding scoreline (the opponent can’t lose interest/capitulate only a goal or two down)… Were Chavs that solid?… The American player seems to have found some ways to score…

    Now it’s the team that is (supposed to be) “in our shadow” against the promotion team which could actually leapfrog us in the table today and which beat us two weeks ago. I’ll be watching across the tops of my readers…

    I’ll also be putting up a live-blog post when the line-ups come out, but that’s not for another hour plus…

  • Have to say I’m a bit jealous of what and where the Chavs are at present.
    Whether Super Frankie can build upon the foundation– or if it’s just a false dawn? No matter in the moment. Both his players and their fans are enjoying these days– however long it lasts.

    We, OTOH, are treated to the insane actions of a manager who has proven himself a fool in several fashions. Waiting for his bosses to determine how foolish they’ll allow him to make them appear.

    Would liken it to treading water.
    Though that seems too pleasant to describe this morass.

    A form of– purgatory. Knowing there’s better– and worse.
    Unsure when we’ll be released– and which way we go.

    Only one thing to do. Back the boys.
    Go Gunners!


  • Hey J-Dub, that would be excellent… How are things with you?

    Win, lose or draw, I think we’ll be needing to hear some things from the higher ups (in our management scheme) during the upcoming Int’l break… Predictions?… Frankly, I don’t believe decisions can be made on the basis of a single result so the wheels must already be in motion…and (frankly, again…) I believe Emery will be given even more rope. But, perhaps I’m just doing my whole “low expectations” sort of thing. Freddy by (or in) February was my (original) prediction (or hope…) and switching managers when we’re in 5th place just doesn’t seem possible. Of course, by the end of the day, we might be a place (or 4) lower…

  • ‘OK’ — thanks for asking HT. Know that sounds a bit less-than.
    Hip-deep in it– but by his time next week– kicking back. Mere days from wrapping up a months-long logistics project (expansion of our 100-person firm). Bit beat up physically. Difficult, but satisfying.

    Hoping for some satisfaction from today’s match– however that can be had. 👌🏻


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