The FA Cup Kings v Bournemouth Preview: Strongest Line-Up / Eddie Start?

Arsenal v Bournemouth – January 27, 2020

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This will be the first time we have met Bournemouth in the FA Cup in fact it will only be the 12th time we have met them.

Our EPL away record

Bournemouth v Arsenal EPL Away Record
07-Feb-16 1     2 0 2
03-Jan-17   1   3 3 0
14-Jan-18     1 1 2 -1
25-Nov-18 1     2 1 1
26-Dec-19   1   1 1 0
Total 2 2 1 9 7 2

Our Home Record

Arsenal v Bournemouth EPL Home Record
28-Dec-15 1     2 0 2
27-Nov-16 1     3 1 2
09-Sep-17 1     3 0 3
27-Feb-19 1     5 1 4
06-Oct-19 1     1 0 1
Total 5 0 0 14 2 12


Arsenal v Bournemouth – League Cup – Home Games
27-Oct-87 1     3 0 3


Bournemouth have a home record of W3, D3, L5, GF12, GA18.


Manchester City Lost 1-3
Sheffield United Draw 1-1
West Ham Draw 2-2
Everton Won 3-1
Norwich Draw 0-0
Wolves Lost 1-2
Manchester United Won 1-0
Burnley Lost 0-1
Liverpool Lost 0-3
Watford Lost 0-3
Brighton Won 3-1

Arsenal has a long and proud record in the FA Cup with 20 Cup Final appearances and a record 13 victories.

Arsenal FA Cup Final Appearances
  Winner GF GA Loser Year Venue
1 Cardiff City 0 1 Arsenal 1927 Wembley Stadium
2 Arsenal 2 0 Huddersfield 1930 Wembley Stadium
3 Newcastle 1 2 Arsenal 1932 Wembley Stadium
4 Arsenal 1 0 Sheffield United 1936 Wembley Stadium
5 Arsenal 2 0 Liverpool 1950 Wembley Stadium
6 Newcastle 0 1 Arsenal 1952 Wembley Stadium
7 Arsenal 2 1 Liverpool 1971 Wembley Stadium
8 Leeds 1 0 Arsenal 1972 Wembley Stadium
9 Ipswich 1 0 Arsenal 1978 Wembley Stadium
10 Arsenal 3 2 Manchester United 1979 Wembley Stadium
11 West Ham 1 0 Arsenal 1980 Wembley Stadium
12 Arsenal 2 1 Sheffield Wednesday 1993 Wembley Stadium
13 Arsenal 2 0 Newcastle 1998 Wembley Stadium
14 Liverpool 2 1 Arsenal 2001 Wembley Stadium
15 Arsenal 2 0 Chelsea 2002 Millennium Stadium
16 Arsenal 2 0 Southampton 2003 Millennium Stadium
17 Arsenal* 0 0 Manchester United 2005 Millennium Stadium
18 Arsenal 3 2 Hull City 2014 The New Wembley Stadium
19 Arsenal 4 0 Aston Villa 2015 The New Wembley Stadium
20 Arsenal 2 1 Chelsea 2017 The New Wembley Stadium

The FA Cup Final was first televised on 30 April 1938. The match at Wembley was between Preston North End and Huddersfield. With fewer than 10,000 sets in the country at the time and 93,000 people in attendance, many more people saw the game in the ground than at home. But it started something that is now a major part of television output, fought over by broadcasters and worth millions of pounds to the teams.

The Cup Final was only the second complete football match shown, after the England v Scotland game earlier that month, which was viewed as a test run for the bigger event. The BBC’s outside broadcast unit of two vans relayed the action to Alexandra Palace via an aerial set up between the famous domes of the stadium.

Preston’s team featured the legendary Bill Shankly, but the match was goalless until the final minute of extra time, when George Mutch scored to make Preston the winners. The late goal caused a problem for commentator Thomas Woodrooffe, who rashly said “If there’s a goal scored now, I’ll eat my hat!” Woodrooffe was later held to his word, though his hat was made of cake for the occasion.

Watching football on television has become an essential part of many football fans lives. The FA Cup remains a cornerstone of the BBC’s sport output.

GN5 watched his first FA Cup Final in 1950 on my Uncles 9” black and white TV set that had a large magnifying glass position in front of the screen – it seemed like a good idea but you had to sit directly in front to get a reasonable picture. This year I’ll watch the game in my son’s home theatre, complete with surround sound and projected on to a 120” screen.

I’ve watched 69 FA Cup Finals in all, including 16 of Arsenal’s – with 11 being victories.

In 1980 I was on a work contract in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho and US TV did not cover the FA Cup so I phoned a hotel in Cranbrook B.C. Canada and they confirmed the game was being shown. I booked a room and drove 200 plus miles through the mountains to watch us lose 1- 0 to West Ham – it was a very lonely (yet beautiful) drive back to Idaho the next morning.

Let’s see if we can win number fourteen for Mikel.


Predicted line-up by TotalArsenal:

I predict a strongest possible starting 11 tonight. After all, Arsenal are the Kings of the FA Cup, we need momentum, Bournemouth away is always hard, the nation will be watching, we just love this competition, etc. 

If Sok is fit enough, expect a CB duo of Holding and Sok. If not we may see Xhaka play in the LCB position of suspended Luiz and Holding move to his much preferred RCB position. If Xhaka is needed in midfield, expect Mustafi to get another chance as CB (if Sok is not fit enough).

I expect a start for hard-working Laca with Pepe, Ozil and Martinelli behind him, but for freshness, and just 60 minutes or so, Arteta could give Eddie a start. In fact, I have a feeling that may well happen, with Laca to come on late to score a glorious winner!


50 thoughts on “The FA Cup Kings v Bournemouth Preview: Strongest Line-Up / Eddie Start?

  • You are an old romantic, GN5!!!

    Thank you for a fab preview, one of your very best, Sir!

    I am proud of your club’s Kingship in the FA Cup and long may it continue. It is a great competition and still is relatively unspoilt by commerce, although that has now changed with the FA’s decision to sell their soul to the betting industry. Still, tonight should be a good game and we so desperately need a win that I expect us to start with the strongest team. Even though Bournemouth have their own availability issues, I expect them to give us a game from the start and we need to switched on and v keen.

    C O Y Gs!!!

  • Great preview as always, GN5!
    TA, apparently you don’t anticipate Ceballos playing tonight.
    Neither expect Mustafi to play.
    We’ll see… 🙂

  • Mustafi is potentially in the mix as per my supporting text, but Ceballos did not spring to mind for a starting position… But I could be wrong, Pb. 🙂

  • I’m betwixt and between on team selection, on one hand I would like to see the youngsters stake their claim for a first team position, and on the other I’d like the team selection to be our strongest for the sake of both continuity and our chance of victory.

    As a youth I would travel around the country to support our team in the FA Cup and I was always amazed at the level of excitement the competition caused locally, the atmosphere in the smaller grounds was simply electric.

    As you know I rarely, if ever, get involved in team selection discussions but If it were my choice I would find it difficult to leave Ceballos (if fit) out of the line up.

  • Haha PB, if you look long enough you’ll find a kindred spirit! 😉

    The line up doesn’t really bother me but I would be surprised if both Tor and Xhaka do not start in midfield, behind and in-front of them Arteta is able to mix it up a bit if he wants to. Ceballos instead of Ozil could be a goer, but I still expect MO10 to start the game.

  • The FA Cup is special, GN5, indeed. I don’t get it why nr3 and nr4 in the PL get to play CL football and not the winner of the FA Cup. I think that would really help the prestige of the FA Cup tournament.

  • I know, TA, ‘ein mal ist kein mal’, but every journey starts with a single step. 🙂

    On the matter of the FA Cup winner should play Champions League football (even if it starts with a qualification stage) I couldn’t agree more. It would mean the world to smaller teams, they would play fierce against big clubs, and it would indeed restore – or even alleviate – the prestige of the domestic cup.

  • Once again GN5– a proper lesson!
    With Ceballos supposedly pining to Real for a loan venue change to Valencia?
    Can’t see how Arteta would think to trust him to start or play even– at least until the TW closes.


  • Arsenal: Martinez, Bellerin, Mustafi, Sokratis, Saka, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Pepe, Willock, Martinelli, Nketiah

    Subs: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Torreira, Ceballos, Ozil, Lacazette

  • The youngsters comprise our strike force, should make for an interesting afternoon (in Canada).

  • Usually like to see both line ups, side by side, so here goes:

    Travers, Smith, S Cook, Ake, Simpson, L Cook, Surman, Gosling, H Wilson, Fraser, Solanke

    Subs: Ramsdale, Francis, Genesini, Billing, Dobre, C Wilson, Surridge

    Martinez; Bellerin, Mustafi,Sokratis, Saka; Guendouzi, Xhaka; Pepe, Willock, Martinelli; Nketiah

    Subs: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Torreira, Ceballos, Ozil, Lacazette

  • Lovely preview, as always, GN5. As far as predictions for the starting 11 go, it looks like a together, everyone had a fair guess except for Bellerin being on instead of AMN; and the Ceballos conundrum. Arteta must have decided it wasn’t time to bring him into the fray so soon. I feel he is a player who can thrive under proper guidance.

    Bournemouth won’t make it easy for us, being at home and all that. I just feel with their position on the table, they may not need the distraction of the FA cup and may offer just enough resistance to show pride.

    Mustafi has just got to take this chance and win over a few more fans.

    Good luck, boys.

  • HR–
    I’ve scouted this one for you. Used it previously.
    Don’t click on the banner ad. Manually reduce/size down your browser window from full screen and you can keep from seeing that blinky thing. There are at times some halting in the stream. Usually just a few seconds.

    Currently BTSport doing 5th Rd FA draws.


  • Excellent work, GN5 with the preview and that’s quite a story of your drive over international frontiers to watch the cup match…

    It’s actually not quite as strong a line-up as I might’ve guessed, but we’ll see how it goes… esp. if I can get a stream (J-Dub?)… Free is better, but I’ll see about the one-time fee for ESPN+…

  • J-Dub…In the end, I re-upped with ESPN+…Like I said, it’s less than 100 pesos…and I’m losing A LOT more than that today in the markets… 😮

    Only one ‘puter in action today so I probably won’t do too much in-match commenting here…


  • Martin Atkinson and Mike Dean as Ref and VAR, respectively. Bad combo for the Arsenal. Only guts can win it.

  • WOW!!! Youth will be served… Willock turns, passes flat to Martinelli then Saka blasts it with exquisite placement… 1-nil to the Arsenal…

  • 5′ 1-0 to The Arsenal
    what a lovely goal, from start to finish
    loved the way Joe protected the ball at the start of the move
    looks like the dawning of mikelball era
    3 youngsters involved … wonderful world and all that sort of things

  • Not the face, not the face… as they say… Even though Guendo can use those curls to hide his wounds…

  • Mustafi to Eddy, dropped to Willock then wide to Saka…Martinelli draws the defenders so Eddy taps in the cross… Too easy?… VAR almost thinks so, but it stands…

    0-2 to the good guys…

  • 26′
    what a start!!
    brilliant move again; joe-bukayo-gabe-eddie, like a perfectly tuned orchestra
    by the way … shkodran’s been excellent so far, too, so far

  • Half time. We’ve made it a bit more comfortable, after a somewhat hesitant start. The kids are alright, is all I can say.
    Hope they can just keep control, score a couple more, play with freedom and enjoy themselves.

  • Half-time…

    Bournemouth came back into the match a bit…not conceding quite so much ground and moving well on a couple of loose passes. Their best chance came from Xhaka popping up a headed clearance but Martinez was up to saving the well hit volley…And we still looked plenty dangerous breaking from that one as well as a couple of others, Martinelli showing himself as quite a speedster with the ball at his feet…

    Willock did some fine turns as he received the ball including the one which led to the early goal. Saka’s goal was impressive, but his footwork in other play (and quickness to the ball), for me, looks just as good…

    If anything, I’d like to see a little more possession (for possession’s sake) given the 2-nil lead. But that’s just me…and trying to use our pace/quickness advantage to break the lines and score a 3rd also appeals…

    Overall, not a lot to complain about… 😀

  • Evening and afternoon, guys. Super first half – all Arsenal. The attackers are connecting well and indeed some of the football has been rather nice. Second goal was also a team goal, but what a good cross by Saka: right speed, well placed and low over the ground. Eddie could not miss that one (after Marti made space for him).

    Also impressed with Guendouzi until now.

    I reckon Arteta will tell Willock and Guendouzi to give Xhaka more support, as he is playing half DM/ half LB and often left with few if any passing options..

    Let’s hope the next goal is ours and then we should be safe. COYGs

  • Martinez has clattered into Mustafi, leaving him in a heap in serious pain, as it looks.

  • Keeper didn’t need to come for that ball as the CB had things under control. Hopefully, he is able to continue because a change at the back will disrupt our flow and give the hosts encouragement to bomb forward, as a replacement settles in. Can’t take this lightly.

  • Mustafi stretchered off. Not good news for us, seeing how thin we are in that department. Holding needs games, though, whether he can handle the pressure so soon is another matter. The home crowd urge their players forward as they smell Rob will need time to settle in.

  • shkodran out – doesn’t look good
    the lad’s cursed, really, he’d been excellent so far
    we’ve been on the back foot ever since the 2nd half began – they’re rebuilding their confidence; the last minutes might be stressful

  • Why can’t Pepper play the one touch? He just seems to dwell on the ball that bit too much.

  • Luckily we scored 2 early, and Bournemouth had their chances too, but for me the Bournemouth goal is offside. Came off their player on the lay up from a cross. VAR is a mess right now.

  • Finally… FT…

    A bit worrisome that we couldn’t control things a bit more as the 2nd half wore on…and then their goal put them just a lucky bounce away. But, we do enough to advance and another trip to the south coast (Portsmouth) seems a decent draw…

  • jk, with Mike Dean as VAR, you just knew there will be some drama before long.

    It is a win in the cup and the lads should be pleased with their work, even though the hosts getting one back late on did make it nervous. The thing with playing a non-EPL side is the temptation to play a weakened side. But a trip to Portsmouth won’t be such a bad thing.

  • I think we’d better get that deal done for Mari, I’m hearing that Mustafi has a busted achilles, a long jobby, could be the end of his season? 😕

  • Word is Kev, that Arsenal changed the terms once we had him in London.
    Pablo has returned to Brasil to begin preseason training.

    Way to go Raul! Pay even more than before.
    Don’t mess with Mother Karma.

    BTW? I truly do feel badly for Mustafi. I rail on him often enough. But having been through long-term rehabs twice– it’s nothing you’d wish on someone.


  • “A bit worrisome that we couldn’t control things a bit more as the 2nd half wore on…”
    Well hell HT– they kept hitting us in the head. Small wonder we forgot to defend momentarily!😉


  • It did seem a bit strange JW, you don’t usually do a medical until all the finances are agreed, maybe they found something in the medical?

    If not then Raul has another notch on his bedpost. 😕

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