Arsenal v Magpies Preview/ Preferred Line-up – Time for Willock to Shine?

Arsenal v Newcastle – February 16, 2020

Newcastle United Football Club (based in Newcastle upon Tyne) was founded in 1892 by the merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End. Their home ground has been St James’ Park since the club’s foundation the ground was developed into an all-seater stadium in the mid-1990s and has a capacity of 52,354. The club has been owned by, the controversial, Mike Ashley since 2007, succeeding long term chairman and owner Sir John Hall.

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The club is the 17th-highest revenue producing club in the world in terms of annual revenue, generating €169.3 million in 2015. Newcastle’s highest placing was in 1999, when they were the fifth-highest revenue producing football club in the world, and second in England only behind Manchester United.

Newcastle has been a member of the Premier League for all but three years of the competition’s history and has been in the top four on five occasions.

The club’s top goal scorer is Alan Shearer, who scored 206 goals in all competitions between 1996 and 2006. Andy Cole holds the record for the most goals scored in a season (1993-34) with 34 in the Premier League) 41 overall. Shay Given is the most capped international for the club, with 134 appearances for Republic of Ireland.

Newcastle Club Honours

Football League First Division: Winners (4) – 1904–05, 1906–07, 1908–09, 1926–27

Second Division / Championship: Winners (4) – 1964–65, 1992–93, 2009–10, 2016–17

FA Cup: Winners (6) – 1910, 1924, 1932, 1951, 1952, 1955

FA Charity Shield: Winners (1) – 1909

European – Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: Winners (1) − 1969

UEFA Intertoto Cup: Winners (1) − 2006 (Outright Winner)

Woolwich Arsenal’s inaugural Football League appearance was played before a crowd of 10,000 at the club’s “new” ground, the Manor Field in a Division 2 game against Newcastle United on September 2nd 1983 and ended in a 2-2 draw.

Arsenal has won 18 of our 24 home games against Newcastle with the last loss on November 10, 2010.

EPL Home Games v Newcastle
Date W D L GF GA
27-Nov-93 1 2 1
18-Sep-94 1 2 3
23-Mar-96 1 2 0
03-May-97 1 0 1
11-Apr-98 1 3 1
04-Oct-98 1 3 0
30-Oct-99 1 0 0
09-Dec-00 1 5 0
18-Dec-01 1 1 3
09-Nov-02 1 1 0
26-Sep-03 1 3 2
23-Jan-05 1 1 0
14-Aug-05 1 2 0
18-Nov-06 1 1 1
29-Jan-08 1 3 0
30-Aug-08 1 3 0
07-Nov-10 1 0 1
12-Mar-12 1 2 1
29-Dec-12 1 7 3
28-Apr-14 1 3 0
13-Dec-14 1 4 1
02-Jan-16 1 1 0
16-Dec-17 1 1 0
01-Apr-19 1 2 0
Total : 18 2 4 52 18

Arteta used the winter break in Dubai as a mini training camp and used the camp as an opportunity to work on his playing methodology and to help in galvanizing team spirit.

Now with three of our next four games being played at home it is a perfect opportunity to gain some wins and move up the table.

We have beaten Newcastle in our last seven home games and outscored them twenty goals to five.

Onwards and Upwards 


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Preferred Line-Up (TA)


29 thoughts on “Arsenal v Magpies Preview/ Preferred Line-up – Time for Willock to Shine?

  • Thank you, GN5, for a great post! It is good to have your posts back after what seems a very long break, I have seen a few Arsenal v Newcastle games live over the years and they are never boring. One day they will get it right and start winning some silverware again.

    Today we had to put our lovely dog Henry (yes named after the one and only TH14) to sleep and we are very sad about it, as you can imagine. Just seven years old and a big, huge part of our tiny family. So I will not be commenting much over the next few days. COYGs!

  • Sad to hear about your Henry dogs are such great companions. When we lived in Idaho we had an Old English Sheepdog who we called Cromwell, he was a wonderful animal and we would get stopped constantly when we took him for a walk.

  • Thanks GN5, and nice to hear about Cromwell! Henry had a lot of health issues over the years, but he always was keen on greeting humans and canines whenever we took him for a walk. He was particularly keen on the ladies and he brought many of them to a big smile by making them feel chosen. He was a very beautiful dog too.

  • Sorry to hear about your companion TA. A man’s best friend is not just made up. It is a true relationship between us and dogs.

    Kev, you can be our very own Jeorge Bird. Good to see the information posted here and it looked like the youngsters on loan had a mixed day.

    Great historical post GN5. NewU is always a tough team and i hope that we can outscore them tonight.

  • “Dissolution is inherent in all compounded things” Buddist saying. My sympathy TA.

    Job well done, N5

    TA, I like your line up. I feel though that Arteta would start Mustafi ahead of Sokratis because of his better forward passing. Arteta must be thirsting for better transitions.

    I would like Willock to be an 8 which should allow Bellerin to venture forward with greater freedom. I feel, though that Arteta would go for Nelson wide right and his team by average position would look more like this with Nelson, Ozil and Kola tasked with creating the chances:


  • Thank you fellas, that means a lot to me. At 35 kilos and with a big personality he leaves a big empty space in our house and hearts. 😦

    A fresh and daring line up, PE.I like it.

  • leno
    i like him a lot, but the writing was on the wall for laca, and eddie deserves a chance; hope he’ll seize the day
    don’ get lucas’s cold shoulder treatment, but what do iknow?
    ainsley, rob, not even benched: that’s very, very harsh; reliable soldier ainsley in particular should have deserved at least one chance as DM imo, for the tremendous deputizing job he did as RB …
    thursday’s team selection should tell us more about mikel’s man-management
    anyway, COYG and … entertain us, ffs!!!!!!

  • njk84sg
    Its blowing hard and raining heavy on and off.
    I would not be surprised if it was called off , lets hope not.

    I am sorry to hear about Henry. R.I.P furry chap.
    it sucks it really does i had to put our dog and cat down a few months apart which was heart breaking. you just have to be greatful for the time you had together and in the knowing that you gave him a good life which i am sure you did.

    By the sounds of what i can hear coming out of our camp Arteta has got his philospihoy across and the players are saying we should see that on the field.
    We lost or had no style under Emery and a lack of desire which really is not good.
    In fact Arsenal are due a big score line and to score a lot of goals the Arsenal way .. What??
    So i am going to predict 3 or 4-1 to us today .
    Im going positive for a big turn around and a start of a late last gasp effort for top 4 which is what we want right?
    COYG give it everything.

  • Ah thank you, PG. You have said that really well re Henry/dogs. Sorry to hear you had to put your dog and cat down in quick succession. They leave big holes around us.

    Hope you are right re big scoreline for us. That would be great. I take a win and some good football. 😉

  • I too am just catching up…and trying to get news on the match as I’ve got no telly (nor fast enough wifi for a stream)… Sorry to be out of the loop for a bit…

    And also very sorry to hear about Henry, TA… I saw the big fella in action (almost 5 years ago now) and it’s hard to believe he won’t be racing around any longer…

    (I’m feeling bad for GN5 and JK’s mama too,of course…)

    But right now I seek distraction through Arsenal…

    It sounds like both teams are pushing when they’ve got the ball…

  • Actually, it sounds more like Toonies are dominating… 😦

    Ah well, we’ve got a lot of fire-power on the bench… 😀

  • And I’m stuck in the airport in Cancun with no telly and I’m looking for a stream following stats online.


  • without laca, we just can’t hold the ball significantly in the opponents’ half, let alone go anywhere near their box. auba-laca against valencia last year was the perfect combination, now laca’s off and auba used as a strict left-wing … and we are painfully harmless.
    mesut’s awol; he stands 10 yards off the opponents’ box, waving his arms like a traffic policeman of old, pretending to regulate his team-mates non-existent moves.
    pépé’s riddle’s solved: he’s a one-trick pony, and this one trick doesn’t work
    what a nightmarish first pl start for Eddie, he’s barely seen the shadow of the ball. worst thing is, he seems to be very much up to the challenge, the few times he gets involved in this anti-football of ours. he’s a tremendous talent.
    other silver lining: Ceballos’s been very, very good.
    this upcoming second half scares the sh.t out of me.

  • We look a bit rusty and the combos are not going well but I disagree with Legallos: we are playing some good football and Ozil is playing a key role. To win the game we need to up the tempo and dare to pass in triangles and get to the goal that way. IF Arteta can get that across, we can win this game. Prediction: 3-0.

  • well done, ta
    but Mikel’s team talk must’ve been something imo – pépé must’ve felt the heat
    anyway, what a pleasant half, at long last – and to be enjoyed without too much stress, now that we’re two goals up
    very sorry for “Henry”; should’ve told you that before anything else …

  • Even my wifi (hotspot) isn’t really working for me…but, Arsenal have scored a couple, I’m pretty sure… 😀

  • Sounds like the (now redundant) linesman raised a flag he shouldn’t’ve… Ah, the human touch…

  • 4-0.. what a game… newcastle attack is meh, and their defense is non existent in the second half.

    I will write something in the morning.

  • mesut-laca successful combination, laca’s fortunate goal (which might, at last, heal his lack-of-confidence condition): cherries on top of a very satisfactory 2nd-half cake
    liked laca’s attitude when eddie was taken off too, not all top-level, mature players are capable of being as encouraging to young competitors as that
    looking forward to Thursday, mick could pick a 100% different line-up:
    I, for one, would like him to

  • Guys I am not really up to writing something at the moment, so if any of you want to write a player ratings or 8 observations post that would be great.

  • I’m glad my prediction skills are coming back alive.
    4 Nil is just what we needed.
    I predict a strong run of form now.

    TA .
    Time is a good healer .
    Its obvious you are gutted.
    Take care and sympathies mate.

  • My condolences, TA.
    I grew up with a dog (a Collie, a.k.a. Scottish shepherd) and he was always treated – and remembered – as a family member. I embrace the thought that helped me to become a better (hu)man, and he lived a good live too. I’m sure that this applies to Henry as well.

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