Arsenal v Foxes Preview/ Lineup: Saka and Torreiro to Feed LacaMeyang, Start for AMN?

Arsenal v Leicester City – July 7th, 2020

 Formed in 1884 by a group of old boys of Wyggeston School as “Leicester Fosse”, the club joined The Football Association in 1890. Before moving to Filbert Street in 1891, the club played at five different grounds, including Victoria Park south-east of the city centre and the Belgrave Road Cycle and Cricket Ground. The club also joined the Midland League in 1891, and were elected to Division Two of the Football League in 1894 after finishing second.  In 1907–08 the club finished as Second Division runners-up, gaining promotion to the First Division, at that time, the highest level of English football. However, the club were relegated after a single season which included the club’s record defeat, a 12–0 loss against Nottingham Forest.

In 1919, when League football resumed after World War I, Leicester Fosse ceased trading due to financial difficulties of which little is known. The club was reformed as “Leicester City Football Club”, particularly appropriate as the borough of Leicester had recently been given city status. Following the name change, the club enjoyed moderate success in the 1920s; under the management of Peter Hodge, who left in May 1926 to be replaced two months later by Willie Orr; and with record goal scorer Arthur Chandler in the side they won the Division Two title in 1924–25 and recorded their second-highest league finish in 1928–29 as runners-up by a single point to Sheffield Wednesday. However, the 1930s saw a downturn in fortunes, with the club relegated in 1934–35 and, after promotion in 1936–37, another relegation in 1938–39 would see them finish the decade in Division Two.

They bounced around through Div 1, Div 2, the Championship and the Premier League from 1937-38 until 2013-14 when they finally settled down in the Premier League.…………………………………………………………………………………………..

Leicester won the 2015–16 Premier League, their first top-level football championship. They are one of only (now) eight clubs to have won the Premier League since its inception in 1992. A number of newspapers described Leicester’s title win as the greatest sporting shock ever; multiple bookmakers had never paid out at such long odds for any sport. As a result, the team was dubbed “The Unbelievables”, a spin-off harking back to Arsenal’s undefeated team “The Invincibles”. The club’s previous highest finish was second place in the top flight, in 1928–29, then known as the First Division.

Throughout their history, Leicester has spent all but one season in the top two divisions of English football. They hold a joint-highest number of second-tier titles- six Division 2 and one Championship. The club have been FA Cup finalists four times, won the League Cup three times, and competed in four European campaigns. 

If football were simply a game of numbers then Leicester City would stand no chance of getting any sort of result at The Emirates on Tuesday. They have only taken home a single point on Arsenal ground in thirteen attempts and that was twenty five years ago on February 11th, 1995, and overall we have out scored them thirty six to eleven.

Arsenal v Leicester EPL Home Games
1 11-Feb-95   1   1 1 0
2 12-Apr-97 1     2 0 2
3 26-Dec-97 1     2 1 1
4 20-Feb-99 1     5 0 5
5 07-Aug-99 1     2 1 1
6 26-Dec-00 1     6 1 5
7 25-Aug-01 1     4 0 4
8 15-May-04 1     2 1 1
9 10-Feb-15 1     2 1 1
10 14-Feb-16 1     2 1 1
11 26-Apr-17 1     1 0 1
12 11-Aug-17 1     4 3 1
13 22-Oct-18 1     3 1 2
14 07-Jul-20            
Total: 12 1 0 36 11 25

Our overall historic home record is very impressive with Leicester only winning four games in sixty three attempts and they have been outscored one hundred and fifty one to sixty four.

Thierry Henry Statue

But we all know that both teams have changed immeasurably in the past few seasons with Leicester sitting in third place and nine points ahead of us in the Premier. Brendan Rogers joined Leicester City from Celtic in February 2019 and has them playing some top class football. Mikel Arteta has only had a few months to mould Arsenal in his style of play and in the last three games it appears to be coming to fruition.

This is a very difficult game to forecast but my earnest feeling is that Arteta has the team well enough drilled to keep the winning streak alive.

All Home Games v Leicester City
Division 2 5 5 0 22 11 11
Division 1 24 12 4 93 42 51
Premier 12 1 0 36 11 25
Total 41 18 4 151 64 87


TA’s ideal team to beat the Foxes:

arsenal v Leicester

3-4/5-2 with a return of El Torro and a start for Laca. Saka in the hole or a bit deeper to keep the midfield tight. A start for Ceballos is also okay with me and maybe Pepe gets to play and celebrate the birth of his baby,,,


38 thoughts on “Arsenal v Foxes Preview/ Lineup: Saka and Torreiro to Feed LacaMeyang, Start for AMN?

  • Once again a very informative post about our opponent’s history. A big game tomorrow and against a team we can indeed not underestimate.. More from me tomorrow. Thanks buddie! 🙂

  • Nice post N5. I’ll be shocked if Arteta doesn’t do as you prescribe giving AMN the start. He showed so much in a short stint the other day, doing the hard work to help close out the game. What I liked most is the attitude he showed. He’s not getting as much time as he’d like, but instead of sulking, he did the opposite. That’s all any manager can ask, and hopefully he’ll be rewarded with a start and good minutes. I might use him in midfield depending on the left back situation…….
    I’m not sure Torreira is ready for a start, I’d give him increased sub minutes this game, but I’m sure the manager has the info to make the decision.

  • Your arguments for AMN are solid, but I don’t think Arteta would send this message to Cedric after his first start in an Arsenal shirt.
    I’m not sure about the 3-5-2 formation either, but if we go along with it I think a Tierney-Xhaka-Torreira-Ceballos-Cedric midfield would be really interesting. And if Arteta would like to see Saka start he should but him in Tierney’s LM position and give a Scotsman a well-deserved rest before the next 3-4 games.

  • “leicester fosse” that’s a weird name, GN, where did that “fosse” come from?
    i’m in the mood for challenging ta/J’s line-up, this morning
    i’d go for:
    i understand – and agree with – your arguments in favour of ainsley, but should he be picked, it would mean hector had gone down to third in the pecking order, and mikel might regard this as a brutal downgrade
    as for lucas, i’m a big fan, but our current run has much to do with the ceballos-xhaka partnership in the engine room – mikel’s tampering with it seems unlikely to me
    lastly, i wouldn’t be surprised, if mikel gave joe the opportunity to start in this right-wing position where he seems to enjoy himself a lot
    anyway, COYG – a win would be massive, but these foxes sure can bite back at you – our defense will be tested tonight, no doubt

  • Cheers PB, I think Cedric needs a break and play once a week rather than twice, He seemed to tire a lot in the second half. He also gave away the ball poorly and unnecessarily which led to the big chance of Traore and could have cost us dearly. But I like those five in your midfield and it could work well.

  • Good points and good line up, LeG. I would love to see us start thus. Are you still working or has the summer holiday started? And what is the weather like in Western France today?

  • Morning all, I’m looking forward to the game today – the next three games will be critical if want a European spot next season. I’ve some appointments this morning so I won’t be around for long but I’ll catch up later.

  • LG the Fosse in Leicester Fosse comes from the name of an old Roman Road I believe called the Fosse Way which obviously went through or close to Leicester.

    Total I have OGAAT rattling around inside my head and it certainly makes sense to simply target another positive result today and just focus on today, but I can’t help wondering if Arteta might also have one eye on our next opponents?

    I’m not really sure what changes, if any, that Mikel will make today, Leicester provide a whole raft of different obstacles from Wolves for Arteta to overcome, with Vardy being the biggest threat to our developing midfield/back three combo.

    Keeping a familiarity to our team might be the best way to go, with a 5 day gap between today and the NLD, as long as everyone is fit and able from the Wolves game that is, rotating the full backs perhaps, keeping them fresh and maybe giving Lacazette a start?

    Pepe returning? Give Torrieira maybe 20 minutes today and then unleash him at the Toilet Bowl?

    Yep OGAAT….

  • We need to try and win today, Kevinski. We both agree on that. The Spuds game is relatively far away, and nobody needs motivating for the Chicken Coop match. Martinez – Luiz/Mustafi – Xhaka – Auba is the spine; they will have to play against a team like Leicester and then again at the weekend. The rest Mikel can mix and match imho. Pretty sure Laca will start, as Eddie started at the weekend. Pepe is a good shout, and I reckon Saka will play again, with either Tierney or Kola ‘sacrificed’. Xhaka’s partner is the key question: Ceballos, Willock, Torro or AMN….

    It will be a different game compared to the Wolves one. They will press us harder and may opt to hem us into our own half. So we need good ball carriers and that is more Ceballos and Willock’s game (and Saka and AMN on the wing-back positions…?

  • Guendouzi out?
    McNicholas and Ornstein via The Athletic:
    “Matteo Guendouzi has not trained with the Arsenal first team since their defeat at Brighton more than two weeks ago. The Athletic has learned that Mikel Arteta has instructed Guendouzi to train alone with a fitness coach, after encountering problems with the player’s attitude and general conduct.
    Arteta reiterated the characteristics he is looking for in his players before the victory over Wolves. “I want players that respect the values that we want to implement, that are 100 per cent committed to our culture and players that are accountable every day for what we demand from them,” said Arteta. “Players that are ready to help each other, fight for each other and enjoy playing together. If you behave like this every day, you are very, very welcome here and we want to get the best out of you and help you to enjoy your profession with us.”

    Per your response last post to Arteta’s arrival and timing TA?
    The character and mettle Arteta expresses above? Don’t believe it was obtained in the interim of when Arsenal SHOULD have hired Mikel and when they did. I think we would have been far better off without Unai Emery ever having been hired. But hey– that just me. ☺


  • You may well be right, jw1. We will never be able to know for sure. But he is doing a good job in rebuilding Arsenal and getting us back on track now – and that’s what matters. Of course we will give him time for this, and, like you, I believe things are looking good. BUT of course Arteta will need to prove he can get us to the top (four) and then keep us there, and that will be his biggest test say in 1-3 years time….

  • You are right of course, TA.
    Then? Even shorter term magical thinking?
    Had we made this switch before the October international break– we might be vying for a top-4 this season. Fits, stops, starts and all.

    I do try so hard to complain– without actually doing so… 🙃

  • thanks, kev; it does make sense indeed, “fosse” is the french/latin word for “ditch” (this is actually why i asked the question, i wondered if there might have been a link), and “ditches” is what these “roman roads” must have been, originally.
    as for my holidays, ta, they’ll actually start tomorrow afternoon, after the kids will have been handed their official “baccalauréat graduate” papers (no suspense this year, “thanks” to the covid bitch, all of them will pass – there was no final exam). i’ll be at school to welcome them anyway, it’s always a nice way to say good bye to them – some have been my students for two years.
    2 hours before kickoff, i hope mick and the lads will keep the good times rollin’.
    or should i say mick and albert and the lads? you’ve been too humble to point it out so far, but i’ve been wondering lately if we hadn’t been underestimating the influence of your fellow (unkilted, this one) dutchman, albert stuivenberg, by mick’s side. what do you know about him? i know he ‘s had a history with utd, but i guess there’s more to him than that …
    nice sunny evening over normandy; if it’s the same over london, we might be treated to a very nice piece of the beautiful game tonight

  • 40c here in London Ont, (104f), way too hot, and thunder storms are due this afternoon.

  • 17c in North London, dull, miserable and it feels a bit chilly, Gunner N5 that is hot…

    LG what subjects do you specialise in?

    The Chavs are winning, I think that’ll put them out of our reach.
    Giroud with the first goal as they lead 2-1 at Palace, is he warming up for the FACup?

  • If LiveScore’s line-ups are reliable then this 3-4-3 formation is our starting XI:

    Which is strong, had some experience together.
    And I really like Saka, but don’t really like Nelson becoming our #3 RW.
    Anyway, Pepe is back on the bench, as well as Torreira, Willock and AMN.
    Guendouzi and Ozil are missing – as expected.


  • From

    26 Martinez
    20 Mustafi
    23 David Luiz
    31 Kolasinac
    2 Bellerin
    8 Ceballos
    34 Xhaka
    3 Tierney
    77 Saka
    9 Lacazette
    14 Aubameyang (c)

    33 Macey
    16 Holding
    5 Sokratis
    15 Maitland-Niles
    11 Torreira
    28 Willock
    24 Nelson
    19 Pepe
    30 Nketiah

  • In the right hand picture of the Emirates stadium I can see the rooftop of my families home on Stavordale Road, various members of the family lived there from the 40’s through the early 80’s.
    It was a ten/15 minute walk from Highbury and less than a 5 minute walk from the Emirates.

    Back in those days the family used to frequent The Drayton Arms pub which is directly off of the pedestrian bridge on the right of the stadium.

  • No surprise in that line-up, guys.

    Cheers LeG, happy holidays my friend. I dont know much about Mikel right hand man. But he is spoken of highly in the Netherlands…

  • It is a bizarre thing, GN5, that you used to live soooo close and now live soooo far away from THOF. Hope it is not too hot for you and Mrs GN5!

    C O M E O N Y O U G U N N E R S

  • I’ve said from the beginning of the season, Ceballos style reminds me of Ramsey in midfield, main difference is that Ceballos more of a creator and Ramsey more of a scorer. For the disciplined style Arteta is trying to impose, Ceballos is a better fit.

  • Bellerin has clearly had a fire lit underneath him. Competition for positions can be a wonderful thing.

  • Sumptuous first half on several levels.
    Would have liked a 2nd tally– but am thrilled with one shot only by LC after two-on-frame in the 1st five minutes.


  • Some great build up play and crosses but the finishing is just a bit off.

    Lacazette is working really hard and Saka is just sublime.
    Kolasinac is having a good game.
    Leicester are dangerous for sure but their goalkeeper is their star man so far.

  • WOW
    that’s what i call football
    I do feel for the season ticket holders, who have to sit out such a fight
    let’s make no mistake, they’re an impressive side, these foxes
    but our boys … how long has it been since they’ve thrilled us like this
    emi has wagered he would deny one of the best attacking sides in England with head and foot only, and he’s winning
    our scottish lad is a human nuclear plant, hector’s born again, kola has gone into he wilderness and found himself there, dani’s goal at Sheffield has turned him into a player we now can’t afford to buy – or so I think -; as for our upfront trident, the foxes may find themselves very lucky to have such an insurance life between their posts
    beautiful game, indeed; I just hope the pgmo conman who’s supposed to turn this into a fair contest will not ruin it altogether, half their team should be under a yellow already
    come on lads, up their throats from the getgo!

  • Good comments, guys. Very encouraging first half but yes we needed a goal from Laca from his two good chances. So all to play for and we may need fresh legs rather sooner than later. Ceballos/Xhaka playing awesome together. Saka is sooo dangerous. Rest of the team all working hard and well. COYGs!

  • Sidebar– when you have a chance check out Danny Welbeck’s game winner today.


  • eddie out
    i don’t call that bias, i call it armed robbery
    evans/bennett should have been out a long time ago
    come on lads, don’t let the pgmo and their pets get the best of you

  • one more pgmol crime against The Arsenal – against football
    how to kill the beautiful game; feel like i wanna puke

  • Disappointed for Eddie but it was the right call I think. We didn’t take our chances first half and Leicester were the better side second half long before the red card. It sucks to lose the 2 points but part of the learning curve. I just hope they take out their frustrations on Spurs.

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