Bergkampesque Trophy: How good is your Football knowledge? – Week one!

This weekend we are starting a season long competition to see who can get the highest number of game results correct. Regular Bergkampesque blogger but also new bloggers are invited to join. The more the merrier.

We will be listing five EPL games and one European game each week and you will get one point for each correct prediction. There will be four extra points for the blogger with the highest weekly score, and if there are more than one winners then those points will be divided between the weekly winners (with a minimum of one extra point in case there are more than four weekly winners).

We will keep a record of all of the results and will post both the weekly and season to date scores every week.

The eventual winner will receive this season’s Arsenal shirt (home or away) and a trophy which is TotalArsenal’s very own Bergkamp drinking cup. 😊

It is just a bit of fun but I promise you it will get quite competitive during the season.

All you have to do on a weekly basis is indicate whether the result for each game listed will be:

H = Home win

A = Away win, or

D = Draw.

Here are this week’s games.

Fulham v Arsenal

Burnley v Manchester United

West Ham v Newcastle

Crystal Palace v Southampton

Manchester City v Aston Villa

Bordeaux v Lyon

Good luck,


34 thoughts on “Bergkampesque Trophy: How good is your Football knowledge? – Week one!

  • Great stuff, GN5. 🙂

    Here are my predictions:

    Fulham v Arsenal: A

    Burnley v Manchester United: D

    West Ham v Newcastle: D

    Crystal Palace v Southampton: A

    Manchester City v Aston Villa: H

    Bordeaux v Lyon: D

  • That’s gonna keep you very busy GN5 but if you insist 🙂 here goes nothing:

    Fulham vs Arsenal. A

    Burnley vs Man Utd. A

    West Ham vs Newcastle. D

    C Palace vs Soton. H

    Man City vs AVilla. H

    Bordeaux vs Lyon. A

  • Fulham v Arsenal A

    Burnley v Manchester United A

    West Ham v Newcastle D

    Crystal Palace v Southampton D

    Manchester City v Aston Villa H

    Bordeaux v Lyon A

  • Hi fellas! Been a while but, from what I have gleaned from the threads, it’s never been dull here on BK so, nice going, all. Now, this from GN5 (this can’t be easy to keep track of, can it?)…. my predictions and I imagine most here will go with an Away win for our game at Craven Cottage; however, my gut feeling says a Draw. But, I’ve got to hope for the win so, here goes:

    Fulham v Arsenal. A

    Burnley v Manchester United. A

    West Ham v Newcastle. A

    Crystal Palace v Southampton. H

    Manchester City v Aston Villa. H

    Bordeaux v Lyon. D

  • Herer we go:

    Fulham v Arsenal 0-2

    Burnley v Manchester United 0-1

    West Ham v Newcastle 2-1

    Crystal Palace v Southampton 0-1

    Manchester City v Aston Villa 2-1

    Bordeaux v Lyon 2-2

  • Thanks GN5. Something to ponder while my broken leg heals. Would you post the shirt and mug to New Zealand?

    Fulham vs Arsenal. A
    Burnley vs Man Utd. A
    West Ham vs Newcastle. D
    C Palace vs Soton. H
    Man City vs AVilla. H
    Bordeaux vs Lyon. A

  • Sorry TA for not commenting much. Was busy.

    Fulham v Arsenal. A

    Burnley v Manchester United. A

    West Ham v Newcastle. D

    Crystal Palace v Southampton. D

    Manchester City v Aston Villa. D

    Bordeaux v Lyon. A

  • Morning guy’s – here are my SWAG’s

    Fulham v Arsenal = A

    Burnley v Manchester United = D

    West Ham v Newcastle = A

    Crystal Palace v Southampton = H

    Manchester City v Aston Villa = H

    Bordeaux v Lyon = A

  • Great idea, TA & GN5.
    My proposal that after the first round, every contender should post their further predictions with their current cumulative score. For example if I guess 5 games right this week, I will pot my next week tipps starting my comment with a 5, and the following week with a 9 – assuming I get 4 games right. This way nobody has to read through all past post to calculate his overall results, and even unintentional mistakes can be easily spotted.

    I dedicate my predictions for now to an ADHD personality working from Home, Alone.

    Fulham v Arsenal. A

    Burnley v Manchester United. D

    West Ham v Newcastle. H

    Crystal Palace v Southampton. D

    Manchester City v Aston Villa. H

    Bordeaux v Lyon. A

  • Good thought PB but I’m using Excel with lots of checks and balances built in so all should be good, I’ll cry uncle if it’s gets to be an issue. The main work was in setting up the spread sheet but that’s been prepared and tested – now it’s just a case of recording each weeks prediction and results.

  • Kev – I have a pessimistic viewpoint on Auba, he’s one of the few natural goal scorers around and it’s inconceivable that the bigger clubs will not drag him away.

  • Excel and all that, GN5? You are one active grand dad, man. Keep it up. I’m sure you can’t go wrong with such a tool for record keeping,

  • Initially, I thought we were delaying Auba’s announcement to make it a big splash as we announce both Partey’s and his new contract. Now, I am not so sure. The market is a bit depressed (except for clubs with the deep pocket owners) so, it gives hope few sides will be willing to pay our asking price. Well, one can only hope.

    Again, we did a U-turn on the rumoured loan move for Holding. Ozil and Guendouzi May get their second chance(s) with Arteta willing to start anew. So, every chance we don’t get any of Partey or Houssem Aouar. Could the lack of really quality and impactful signings be holding back Auba?

  • Yeah it is a bit of a pain in the arse with Auba at the moment. I guess we are not his preferred option and maybe the same goes for Arsenal, who may want to cash in on him and have a replacement in mind… we just don’t know. We would have to splash the cash again as a departure of Auba would hurt us… The longer this takes the more disruptive it is.

  • gooneris, Excell is like second nature to me my friend I’ve been using it for over 20 years and Lotus 123 beforehand. I was an executive in the Tech industry and had all of the new tech toys at my disposal. I was using a beta test lap top for Samsung in the mid eighties. it was a chunk of metal with Word and Lotus 123, but no ability to print your work – so a bit useless really.

  • Merci LG, I saw a great training video on You Tube earlier today (Tues) and I saw young Charlie involved, I saw Calum Chambers joining in and quite a few youngsters who I didn’t recognise.

    Great effort in the EFL Trophy, for our academy team to go to Ipswich and win 2-1 is a big result.
    Lewis and Balogun with the goals.

    John Jules off to Doncaster Rovers for the season so it seems as if Balogun is staying, it would also be great if we could persuade him to re-sign.

    Interesting to see Guendouzi on Instagram saying ‘back to work @ Arsenal’, after the Inter-lull, could he finally be prepared to stop acting like a tart and start being professional?

  • Fulham V Arsenal=A
    Burnely V Manchester United=A
    Westham V Newcastle=D
    Crystal Palace V Southampton=D
    Manchester City V Aston Villa =H
    Bordeaux V Lyon =A

  • I’ve just watched the video: this is such a fleeting glimpse of the Patino kid, but … am I the only one to get the eery feeling there might indeed be something Liamesque about him?
    to stay on the youth front; the gospel according to Jeorge Bird:
    (Jeorge Bird
    Report – Lewis and Balogun strike as Arsenal U21s beat Ipswich in EFL Trophy
    In the 54th minute Arsenal pulled level, with Ben Cottrell doing well to play in Balogun, who made no mistake in scoring.
    Jeorge Bird
    Don’t want to keep going on about the Balogun situation, but he scored again tonight. Arsenal aren’t involving him in the first-team at all, not even in training sessions, but surely if they did it might help encourage him to stay.
    Yes, he may not want to sign a new deal but how are they going to sell him if they’re asking for such a significant fee? Surely if he’s going to be there this season you might as well try and convince him to stay.)
    AMEN to Jeorge!!
    and the (very) good news of the day – not the one about Luiz:
    Irrespective of David Luiz injury Mikel Arteta has made clear he wants Rob Holding as a centre-back option this season & the 24yo is now expected to stay at Arsenal rather than join Newcastle on loan. He’s also in line to start at Fulham on Saturday)
    Rob’s a Rock; sooner than later, he’ll be one of the great Arsenal captains

  • LG, one of the kids I saw on that video and who I now think was Kido Taylor-Hart, thanks to a picture of him on Jeorge Bird, was very impressive, he didn’t stand on ceremony and didn’t hold back when competing with the seniors, he also showed a very sound technique when on the ball and had me wondering who he was, maybe one more to look out for?

  • GN’s challenge, now:
    Fulham Arsenal A
    Burnley MUtd H
    WHam Newcastle H
    CPalace Southampton A
    MCity AVilla H
    Bordeaux Lyon A

  • Yes: Jeorge – again – is full of praise for him too.
    The kid’s obvious resolve might have something to do with the time his lost last season after being injured, and that he might be trying to make up for.
    This academy of ours has become an actual ali baba’s cave: even the most stubborn – like many on this blog, and myself in particular – defenders of scholars’ promotion might have to admit at some point that it has become impossible for so many of them to make it to the first team …
    One who already has – Eddie – has made us immensely proud again during the international break; his classy chip over the austrian keeper is a brand new string to his bow, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out Mikel had something to do with it.

  • Ornstein reporting that Luiz could be out for up to 6 weeks with a neck injury and is no longer training. This could explain why the club did a u-turn on loaning Holding out to Newcastle.

    Looks like we’ll either have to shift to a back 4 or start Saliba this Saturday, neither of which are probably ideal and much earlier than anticipated.

  • I wonder how close Calum Chambers is to a 1st team return, he was playing quite well for Arteta prior to his injury?

    According to Pablo Mari could be back by the end of the month and Mustafi by the end of October.

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