An Open Letter to a Near-Immortal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Dear Pierre-Emerick,

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What a decision you have to make. You just turned 31 and are in the form of your life. You are Adored at Arsenal, a club with the potential to grow into a European Powerhouse. But the clock is ticking and for such a talented player you didn’t win too much silverware until now. A few national cups in France, Germany and England, but no league titles or European titles. So doing a ‘Thierry’ and leave us for an established Powerhouse-club, and thus with a much better chance to win the heaviest silverware, must be very enticing.

I hope I am wrong, but it feels like we are your second option currently, and you are waiting for one of the current big four – Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus or Bayern – to knock on the door for you. They should do so, because you would strengthen the attack in all of these teams. But Barcelona are in a mess and they have to rebuild; Juventus just keep buying to finally win that dammed CL-cup again and are getting bored from winning the league year after year; and Bayern, the archrival of your former club who have tried to eliminate them by constantly buying their best players away, is surely not an ideal option either. I could see you in the Los Merengues shirt to be honest. So I guess if they come knocking seriously we will be in trouble.

I do hope, though, you are not waiting for an English team to come and get you, but I trust you would not want to hurt the fans like a certain Dutchman once did. This particular Dutchman was also keen to leave us and win the league with another team, and he subsequently did. It is his proudest medal on the wall no doubt, but now that his career is over he has no club-legacy to speak of. And this, dear PEA – staying at Arsenal and finishing your career at the Home of Football and leaving a legacy – is what’s really at stake here.

Sign with us, and you will carry the standard in Arteta’s revolution. Stay with us and you will have an excellent chance to become a club immortal – one of the Greatest Gunners. You will be the master, the main man, and loved by hundreds of thousands Gooners across the globe. You will be able to guide the super talents of Saka, Eddie, ESR, AMN, Nelson and Martinelli, and who knows who else, to the summit. This season, you will get much better service from our new signing Willian; Luiz, Xhaka and Tierney will love it to feed you with long balls you so like to run on to; Pepe will have trained his left howitzer into an even more lethal weapon and he wants to find you in the box with it. And Laca… what’s he going to do without his buddy?

Arteta is on to something but I fully get it is a big decision for you. Titles and European Cups for Arsenal are likely to take a few years at least; and if that is your main focus then I hope one of those big four will come for you. I really do: you have given everything for us in the last three years and I will always have great memories of you.

But if you decide to stay with us and help Arteta to build something spectacular, you will have a football home for life, and maybe, just maybe end up with a well-earned league or European medal before you hang up your boots for good. It would be the sweetest reward for you.

You know what we want, Captain Auba. Please don’t let us wait much longer.

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by TotalArsenal.

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23 thoughts on “An Open Letter to a Near-Immortal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  • I could be wrong about this, but I believe Auba will sign or has already signed. It’s been confirmed by Sky Sports and Fabrizio Romano that the deal is done, just waiting an official statement from the club. Of course, anything can happen in football, so we’ll wait for the announcement.

    We could use some good news today/this week after hearing that Luiz could be out with a neck injury for up to 6 weeks. Sokratis has not been training and appears headed to Napoli on what could be a free contract, as he looks to terminate his current deal. He’ll be the fourth player terminating his contract in two years (following Koscielny, Monreal and Mkhi), which is a spell of what is looking like some very poor transfer decisions.

  • I only trust Football.London and the Daily Cannon, they are my go to sites for well informed Arsenal news Total and now I shall remove my tongue from my cheek. 😉

  • A well written and passionate post that all Gooners will undoubtedly agree with.

    Auba has become our main man and would be sorely missed if he decides to move on to one top European sides, but as you say TA it would be easy to understand if that was his final decision. Personally I love to see the passion he gives and to his great smile that lights up the ground.

    I sincerely hope that he stays to see out the remainder of his career with us, he is well loved by millions of Arsenal fans world wide and hopefully he will remain to allow us to enjoy football as much as he does.

  • Auba’s contract saga is taking too long.
    If he really wants to leave I think he should be allowed to do so.
    You never can tell, Arsenal might find another lethal finisher like him or one that might even be better than him.
    A tree can never make a forest.

  • really Auba is sabotaging the club.if he is waiting to see who we sign , then we will sign fewer as him signing his contract is holding up the sale of Laca ,one of the few we could get a few bob for.The uncertainty is crippling our plans for re enforcements as we can not work on Partey before someone else decides to snap him up. There is a time pressure for him and aouar(who i dont rate but trust in MA) and the more he delays the worse it gets as with only 9 months left on his contract he is edging closer to a free transfer himself.Sign or leave NOW for a fee or he will go from hero to zero.Not a fan of players trying to run clubs a la messi or neymar and holding the club to ransom.Personally i say get rid

  • TA, I feel you are overly demeaning of AFC. It is a team in transition but has a very promising future and is following its traditions of developing youth and purchasing needed experience, something Bayern, Real and Juventus are not known for. I am convinced that PEA will sign, or perhaps already has signed a new contract for the following reasons:
    1) he is at home and enjoys stability with AFC, something he isn’t sure of elsewhere.
    2) Arteta is an excellent man manager and can prolong his career, again not guaranteed elsewhere,
    3) he enjoys his teammates and has made many friends in London,
    4) while he may increase his chances to win silverware, he is at a stage where a short-term project to rebuild AFC might be as enticing as going to one of the big four. A big frog in a small pond versus a small frog in a big pond.
    5) It isn’t just about $$$ with PEA, it is also the joy of playing in a tough competition where nobody is guaranteed to repeat as champions, as compared to Spain, Germany, or Italy where it is mostly a two horse race, thus less meaningful.
    6) while his career is reaching its apothesis, he still has a few years left and having already played in France and seen what Germany, Italy and Spain offer (aside from the weather) he will carefully consider his options. Interestingly he was born in France but chose to play for Gabon internationally.
    7) Arteta wants him but will the Board foot the bill to keep him…..who knows?

  • TA;
    Leonard, the good ol’ “lazy bastard living in a suit”, knew that the “objects of our desire” don’t care much for those who look too desperate, which is why he sang: “A man never got a woman back/Not by begging on his knees”:

    As all Arsenal fans – I guess – I like Auba a lot, as a goalscorer, a teammate, a captain, a person, but well … if he doesn’t want us, he doesn’t deserve us.
    The Arsenal was great before him, and will be just as great after him. I’ve frowned upon some of our moves lately (Soares, Mari, Willian, …), but if the board are not in the mood for being willingly bled dry by a nice, smiling, but also blackmailing 32-year-old forward, I respect that a lot, and am – and will be – behind them all along
    If he really wants to fill his pockets with Barcelona dough, this might actually be the perfect opportunity for us to try a Griezmann/Auba swap, since “grizou” has always looked very unhappy (which is very unlike him) down there.

  • I think if Aubameyang leaves and that is still a possibility, that even with the progressive coaching of Arteta we will surely suffer the kind of retrograde step that affected us when we tragically lost Liam Brady and Frank Stapleton in their prime or Robin Van Persie.

    I’m hoping that HH is correct and that it’s a case of just announcing the deal.

  • Aaaaw, TA. You have out done your (most emotional) self on this one. No way will PEA read that and not be reaching for his pen now.

    Seriously though, the time it is taking him to “sign da ting” is worrisome and the one thing that this may be attributed to is he wants to see who is coming in before deciding if we mean business. That, or he doesn’t like some clause in the agreement. Auba does strike me as one who is happy to be leading out this group; it is not as if he has won a great deal in league trophies (if any) in his time so, leaving for just that reason, at this stage of his career and after winning the FA cup and shield here, will be curious. It’s just not the way Africans roll. The assurance of some kind of trophy and the feeling of being needed is all it will require and he stays. His family love the club; I recall he only missed out on coming here from St. Etienne (before he went to Dortmund) because we didn’t squeeze out a few more quid for the club’s coffers, so he does like the club already.

    Well, that’s me making the case. He will sign, methinks. That’s if he hasn’t already done so, as HH insinuates above.

  • Cheers Eris, and thank you for the African angle to this.

    How are you keeping these days and where are you working currently? Family still in Canada?

  • David Ornstein
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to end speculation over Arsenal future by signing new 3yr contract, which will enable him to become best-paid #AFC player. Arteta intervention key & relations with 31yo + father fundamental to getting deal over line

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