Arsenal v Molde Preview/ Lineup and Why Arsenal Goalkeepers Always Wash Their New Shirts

Arsenal v Molde FC November 5th 2020

Let’s all take a sad walk back down memory lane.

The year is 1925 and Arsenal were looking for a replacement for the sacked manager Leslie Knighton, Arsenal chairman Sir Henry Norris placed this advertisement in the Athletic News:

“Arsenal football club is open to receive applications for the position of TEAM MANAGER. He must be experienced and possess the highest qualifications for the post, both as to ability and personal character. Gentlemen whose sole ability to build up a good side depends on the payment of heavy and exorbitant transfer fees need not apply”

In response to this advertisement along came Herbert Chapman – who was to know the effect of that avert and the subsequent hiring of Chapman would have on the course of Arsenal’ history.”

Did you know that on April 23rd 1927 it was Herbert Chapman that led us out at Wembley Stadium for our first ever FA Cup Final? The 1927 final was also the very first time that community singing was introduced in a final and it produced one of the biggest (91,206) organised choirs of the time. There was some doubt as to whether the crowd would join in but the response was so enthusiastic that it immediately became part of the FA Cup Final’s ritual. T.P. Ratcliff, who became famous as”The Man in White” was the song leader and the Northern Command Tattoos were conducted by Aldershot Tidworth. The tradition of signing “Abide with me” continues to this day but supporters also sign their own clubs war songs. The song sheet in 1927 included, Pack up Your Troubles, All Through the Night, Tipperary and Drink to Me Only.

Chapman led out the Arsenal to play Cardiff City, his team that day consisted of – Dan Lewis, Tom Parker, Andy Kennedy, Alf Baker, Jack Butler, Bob John, Joe Hulme, Charlie Buchan, Jimmy Brain, Billy Blyth and Sid Hoar.

Unfortunately Arsenal became the first and only club to let England’s most celebrated trophy to be spirited away to another country. Hugh Freguson Cardiff’s centre-forward scored the only goal of the game in the seventy third minute – in a game that was largely dominated by Arsenal – Oh Boy! does that have a familiar ring to it?

In was a sad moment for our goalkeeper Dan Lewis (who was also a Welsh international)

as the shot by Hughie Ferguson was straight at him – he dived down to make what should have been a comfortable save, however he fumbled the ball as he gathered it, and it slipped between his body and the crook of his elbow he turned around and tried in vain to reclaim the ball but only succeeded in knocking it with his elbow into the back of the net.

On receiving his losers’ medal from King George V, a disgusted Lewis reportedly cried “This is not for me,” before flinging it as far as he could into the Wembley crowd.

Lewis blamed his brand new jersey for the error, saying the wool was too greasy for him to grip the ball properly; since then, according to club legend, no Arsenal goalkeeper has played in a new jersey before it is washed first.


We are far too strong for Molde and I expect that with so many games on our fixture list we will field a team of mostly youngsters supplemented by a few senior players.

Given the date I’m sure that the game will be a real “fire cracker”

I’ll leave it to our esteemed friend Mr. BK himself to predict our squad.


Most of the Sunday team will get a rest as to play again coming Sunday, possibly with Luiz and Xhaka being reintegrated into the team. So the team picks itself more or less. Let’s hope the boys are fired up from the start and work hard for a good win (TA).

Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners!!!

63 thoughts on “Arsenal v Molde Preview/ Lineup and Why Arsenal Goalkeepers Always Wash Their New Shirts

  • I am looking forward to seeing the team play and the Uefa competition really offers Arteta a great opportunity to use the squad well at this stage.

  • N5, if you’re not a professional writer, you should be.

    T, your lineup looks fine though I’d be careful to make sure Luiz doesn’t risk a recurring injury problem, he was playing so well before he came out of the game last week. Though, I have Holding ahead of him in defensive value.

    Willock looked his best ever last week so I really want him to start and be able to create and attack, rather than general cm duties where he seems a bit aimless usually. I’m with you on AMN, Cedric and Nelson. I still believe Cedric is pushing Bellerin just enough to improve Hectors game.

  • Good shout re Willock, J. Maybe Arteta will play Partey alongside XhakA and push Willock up? But then I expect these two to play on Sunday too..

  • Love your history lessons GN5. Better than theArsenalHistory website.

    Hope the lads can play to what they do best tonight and hope everyone is well.

  • ESR was playing a half for the U23 team 10 days ago. He is not on the injury list (team news), so he is fit. But I don’t know what Arteta’s plans for him are, and a bit worried that he gets mismanaged like Saliba.
    Balogun will come from the bench I think.
    And your line-up looks solid, TA. I think you’ll get 10 out of 11. I expect Kolasinac to start, but we’ll see. Another captain armband for Xhaka.

  • Morning all

    Just a reminder to make your predictions.

    We are missing predictions from both LEGALL and JWL.

    njk84sq still lots of time left for you to continue your participation.

    Competition choices for weekend of November 7th & 8th.

    There will be an extra 2 points for the correct score for the game between West Ham v Fulham.

    Everton v Manchester United
    Chelsea v Sheffield United
    West Ham v Fulham
    Manchester City v Liverpool
    Arsenal v Aston Villa
    Bourussia Dortmund V Bayern M

  • TA, did I lose my comment to the ‘network devil’, or did I phrase one of my points too confrontational?

  • Afternoon, GN5. Some good game this weekend. Shame we have to wait to late Sunday evening before our boys will be in action. And it will be on Poo Per View as well… 😦

  • Thanks once more GN5!
    Of things I’d never find by my lonesome. 👍

    Sorry so late with my selections this week…
    We are just a little more than busy over here! 😁

    Everton v Manchester United Home
    Chelsea v Sheffield United Home
    West Ham v Fulham Home 2-0
    Manchester City v Liverpool Away
    Arsenal v Aston Villa Home
    Bourussia Dortmund V Bayern Munich Away


  • I agree with you, TA, about Ainsley needing the minutes more. But with Arteta, it is not always about players’ needs. (And to be fair; with Arsene it was too often and too much about individual needs.)

  • Hi Total,

    The game here, because of the 5 hour time difference is going to be shown at 3:00pm.

  • When chosen to play AMN has really shown how well he can play. One would think that given the opposition he would be in our starting line up today.
    It really should to be a game where many of our talented youth get the opportunity to shown their skills.

  • Good point PB about players needs and wants with Arsene vs Arteta… But also many coaches currently.

    Pep is a good example of a manager that wants interchangeable players. All technically gifted
    (and ridiculously expensive) and trained in his style and philosophy. Mahrez, Silva, Sane, and now some of the young ones coming through like Foden. He even was going to pay 60 mil to add Alexis into the rotation. Blunder by Arsene on that one. Not watching them weekly but noticing in my fantasy league how very few play 90 week after week.

    I think Arteta might like that plan, but knows he’ll never have near enough options or financing at Arsenal, so will do more traditional rotation, which is still much more than Arsene. I agree with TA in wanting to see more AMN, and I think he’s earned playing time.

  • And could this be an opportunity to play Pepe more centrally… that, I would really like to see.

  • So sad to hear that Nelson won’t play today and picked up a minor knee issue. That’s a lot of knee injuries for our squad in the past couple years, think we need to re-evaluate either our training ground or training regimens.

    ESR apparently also didn’t make tonight’s squad sadly. With both not playing, my interest in this game has dropped significantly.

  • To be honest I’m not particularly impressed. Not complaining either, this is indeed a strong team, but a lot of missed chances.
    I would rather support Rúnarsson getting a second chance (Leno doesn’t need the actual minutes to improve), and I would be interested to see Emil Smith-Rowe or Balogun for the last 30 minutes of the game. And we don’t need Auba and Laca both sitting on the bench along with 5 defenders (Tierney, Gabriel, Holding, Bellerin, Soares). Even if they don’t get substituted a few youngsters would have felt the confidence and support to be included in the matchday squad.

  • PB, I felt the same way but reasoned that maybe, the manager wants to get a third win and lock down chances of qualification, while also keeping the first team match ready, always. In addition, maybe he figures the Molde side need to be shown some respect.

    I am disappointed not to see Nelson in the squad, though, unless he is injured.

  • Arteta makes choices and I trust him. He will want to wrap this group up ASAP so he can field strong teams in the PL in December. Imagine drawing or losing today and then so again in Molde. That would be embarrassing.

    Once the group is won I am sure we will see some more youngsters.

  • Hopefully, he has explained this to the young lads. It is a no-brained and I have no issues with the decision, except for Nelson, who I hear has a knock or a problem with his toe.

    We should win this and with ease, hopefully.

  • Don’t confuse the strong senior line-up with a long senior bench.
    Assuming to accept preferring Leno tu Rúnarsson it still don’t explain why we need Bellerin on the bench (we have Cedric to cover) and Tierney is not needed there either as Kolasinac could be covered by Gabriel or Ainsley). Also having Lacazett and Aubameyang on the bench seems a bit overkill, especially as we are struggling to persuade Balogun to sign his new contract with Arsenal.
    I understand that you feel a bench with Laca and Auba is stronger than a bench with Balogun and Aubameyang, but it really isn’t. And even it is, this is not required in a home game against Molde.

    There are 12 spots there on the bench for an EL game. And even Arteta needs the 7 strongest back-ups (as it was a PL game), I see no rationale not to include 3 youngsters – as some kind of acknowledgement or appreciation – in the remaining 5.

  • I guess Arteta knew the Norwegian side is a good one and needed to have a strong side with re-enforcements on the bench.

    We are starting to worry them a bit, but they still look a handy side. Well coached but nothing a few quick goals can’t change.

  • 1-1 at half time.

    On the other game of the group Rapid Vienna won by 4:3 in a 7 goal thriller, with 5 goals coming in the last 11 minutes.

  • Willock’s run should be indeed appreciated, be he kind of cost the team a goal already for being offside befor Eddie tapped the ball home.
    Kudos to Willian, Xhaka and Nketiah for their parts in Arsenal’s equalizer.

  • I think Pepe out wide just isn’t gonna work. He night explode if we try him more central. But he is working hard defensively.

  • true noticed his work rate tracking back and want to see more of him on the left for a bit but yeah central might be worth a shot.

  • Pepe, at last, does what he had been threatening to do. All down to some good work by Willock and Saka. Good finish for 3-1.

  • Now, Pepe has scored, he must not forget his defensive responsibilities seeing as Cedric cannot afford to be isolated.

    Cedric takes a hard one in the face but looks okay.

  • Mikel does not believe in giving anyone a complete night off. Look for PEA to come on in minute 91

  • yes pepe with assist and elneny had a great pass earlier move joe could have had a hattrick

  • Pepe goal and nice assist both came through the middle. What TA has been saying for a long time, I jumped on that bandwagon a while ago. Could be a game changer. Literally.

  • What a messy game of football, so typical of early Uefa league group football. The front line worked well in second half and Willock had another strong game from the young ones.

    How long did it take for Saka to show Kola how its done? 😅

  • I wouldnt mind seeing it as well you are right TA has been on it but I also have my Saka in the middle in midfield campaign I think he I believe he has the best vision and decision making already

  • Cheers J, Pepe needs space and freedom. On the right wing in the PL he is like an Eagle chained to the wall. Yet he had some shocking moments too. A work in progress shall we say?! 🤩

  • I really cant wait for Martinelli to come back into the mix his goal scoring and drive will be a game changer for the attack

  • im thinking a lineup with saka, martinelli, tierney, gabriel, elneny, partey and auba and whoever else you fit in will have so many great attributes like pace, physicality, determination and drive.

  • Makayah, good shout for Martinelli. The boy has to come from deep and I don’t expect much of him this season. But he is one for the future too.

  • I’m still trying to work out how Kolasinac lashed it over the bar with the goal gaping?

    Finishing again I’m afraid as we should have got 6 or 7 goals, but it’s 3 points.

    Willock was impressive yet again, he’s pushing hard for a Premier League start.

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