Arsenal v Leeds Preview and Lineup: 3-4-3 with Starts for Three English Youngsters?

Arsenal v Leeds – November 22nd  2020

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Leeds United Football Club is an English professional football club based in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. The club was formed in 1919 following the disbanding of Leeds City by the Football League and took over their Elland Road stadium. The club currently competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football, following promotion from the EFL Championship during the 2019—20 season. Most of their history has been spent competing in the first tier of English football. Their longest continuous spell inside the first tier was a period of 18 years between 1964 and 1982, while their longest period outside of it spanned 16 years between 2004 and 2020.

They have won three English league titles, one FA Cup, one League Cup, two Charity/Community Shields and two Inter-Cities Fairs Cups. The club reached the 1975 European Cup Final, losing to Bayern Munich. Leeds reached the semi-finals of the tournament’s successor, the Champions League in 2001. The club were also runners-up in the European Cup Winners Cup final in 1973. The majority of the honours were won under the management of Don Revie in the 1960s and 1970s.

Leeds play in all-white kits at home matches. The club’s badge features the White Rose of York. The club’s anthem is an original song released in 1972, “Marching on Together”. Leeds share rivalries with Manchester United and Chelsea, as well as with local teams such as Huddersfield Town, Bradford City, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday

In 2003, Peter Reid commented on the support at Elland Road after being relieved of his managerial duties, saying that “In 30 years I’ve never seen support like I did at the Leeds/Arsenal game a couple of weeks ago. The fans at Leeds are fantastic.” Two other former Leeds managers have also spoken highly of the club’s supporters; Kevin Blackwell said “fans will follow them everywhere” and David O’Leary commented “There is an immense fan base and they are still with the club”.

Leeds supporters are renowned for singing the signature song “Marching on Together” before and during matches. Other notable songs Leeds fans sing during games include “We Are The Champions, Champions of Europe” (more commonly known as WACCOE) in reference to the 1975 European Cup Final which Leeds lost due to dubious refereeing decisions. Riots by the Leeds fans during the match led to UEFA banning the club from European competition for four years, although this was reduced to two years on appeal.

Famous Leeds supporters include: actor Russell Crowe, Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones, Mel B of The Spice Girls, the band Kaiser Chiefs, actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones, YouTuber Simon Minter, former England cricket captain Nasser Hussain, Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, boxer Josh Warrington and many more.

An LGBT fans’ group was formed in 2017 and will sit on the club’s Supporters’ Advisory Group.There is a well-known hooligan firm amongst the fans known as the Leeds United Service Crew.

Arsenal v Leeds – EPL Home Games
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24819931  21
17121994  113
6419961  21
261019961  30
10119981  21
201219981  31
281219991  20
5520011  21
2182001  112
452003  123
16420041  50
Arsenal v Leeds – EPL Away Games
11211992  103
18121993  112
2381994  101
141019951  30
121997 1 00
981997 1 11
1151999  101
16420001  40
26112000  101
2012002 1 11
28920021  41
11120031  41

It’s hard to call this game, Leeda are only two points behind us with a record of W3, D1, L4, GF14, GA17. So their defence is looking shaky which could bode well for our goal starved strikers.


TA’s Predicted (and preferred line up – preferred is with those players mentioned between brackets).

Luiz in three at the back is still our best defence imo and Xhaka needs protection in midfield, and AMN can do this. Upfront, I would like to see two players who are strong on the wing, so Saka and one of Willian or Willock to work with Auba in the middle for me. Leeds play fast and furious football and organisation is key against them. If we stay calm and play a good passing game then we will get chances whilst keeping them away from our goal.

32 thoughts on “Arsenal v Leeds Preview and Lineup: 3-4-3 with Starts for Three English Youngsters?

  • Nice insights to Leeds United, GN5. When I lived in Norwich back in 2000-2 a colleague of mine was a big Leeds supporters and we watched a few games in the pub. They had some fine players back then and did well in Europe and England only to totally implode all of a sudden. They have played some good football under Bielsa and will be a hard nut to crack tomorrow.

  • How BHA beat AV?Well the villans were well marked unlike in the Arsenal game
    where Grealish and Watkins were afforded time and space.
    Arteta plays ina similar style to MC who were beaten by Spuds.The Blues were given possession and licence to pass all day.
    The sucker punch came. Its stupid to try to thread a ball through a crowded box.

  • Classic Mourinho team and performance, a strong defence, a big physical midfield and one or two (as in this case) reliable goal scorers, who capitalise on the few chances they create.

    Big difference between them and us is that reliability in front of goal, it’s our finishing that has us 8 points behind them and Arteta needs to solve this issue before the ‘usual suspects’ are responsible for any question marks arising over his tenure as Arsenal manager…

    If he keeps on selecting players who continually let him and us down then he has to take the flak because that’s the consequences for his team choices…

    He faces three league games that will either go some way in silencing the doubters or alternatively will have our ears ringing with their discourse, team selection is crucial, I hope he doesn’t go too conservative…

  • I’m with you almost completely on your bracketed line up, T. We need some youthful energy to counter Leeds. I think they will not have dealt with nearly as much international travel and minutes overplayed this past week. My only concern is Saka and fatigue. I feel he shouldn’t start, maybe be saved for impact sub. I’d rather you make the line up than Arteta lately.

    Kev makes a good point. Do we picture anyone on our team burying all those shots that Son is making thus far? Also, Kane as a provider, far more effective than anyone in our squad has been able to show. Amazing what a team player he’s been for them, all without forcing a move or running down his contract. When it comes to contracts, we seem to make every possible wrong move.

  • Kev, good summation of a Moan team, and he, like all Portuguese managers and teams, love it when a team comes out all attacking. They conceded a poor goal and then the Spuddies were even more in their element. Arteta beat Pep in exactly the same way for FA Cup semi-finale, so it is not rocket science… 👍🏿

  • J, yeah Saka may be an injury risk but we need balance. Maybe play Pepe or Nelson on the left wing instead.

    Kane is effective in the PL. A faster version of Giroud, so deadly. But Auba can also reach a high level again. We need him and Laca (or Eddie) to start firing from all cylinders again. Yeehah!!

  • Just watched some highlights from the Tottenham vs City game and again fellas it’s finishing, because City easily had enough chances to get something from that game, yes Tottnum were organised, at times with a back six but when they broke it wasn’t tippy tappy it was two three passes and they were in on goal and that’s how we were at the end of last season.
    Maybe Leno needs to speed it up, maybe he needs to mix it up, go long occasionally?

    Harry Kane did what Lacazette tries to do, he dropped into the Bergkamp zone taking defenders with him, but Kane is top quality and Lacazette isn’t as far as that role is concerned. I have seen him link the play in earlier games and sometimes he’s done it well but generally it just doesn’t suit his skill set…

    Also Tottnum seem to use two up top, both centrally…

    Hi J, how’s things on the East Coast?

  • I hate to say this Total but there’s something about the group of players Mourinho has at Tottenham atm, they remind me of the group he had first time around at Chelsea, they all seem to be buying into his ideas and he seems to have the complete backing of Levy and he didn’t have that at Man Utd or the second time at Chelsea.

    It’s quite terrifying

  • Early days, Kev. Wait till the sun starts shining and the Lilywhites will start shrinking again. There far too many good managers in the league now to see the Moan repeat his feat again.

  • Nice setup GN5, thanks!
    Think the lineup is fine TA. Really more about employing more of the pitch than just the flanks. I’d looked back through the heat maps of Arsenal’s previous three PL matches– and there is literally next to zero activity in the opponent’s 18-box. Mikel must employ the center of the pitch in the final third. Teams can be comfortable watching an attack that moves nearly 100% down either side– then overloading with defenders.

    In basketball, offensive play is about moving without the ball to create space for others. Same holds true in football. Watching how Pool will throw any player into attack– is based on others moving to create that opportunity. There’s been so very little movement or interchanging of roles among our front-3 or front-5 including wingbacks. Too much static. Little movement or fluidity.

    Leeds gets a lot of movement all over the pitch. They switch balls across the pitch frequently. Bamford and Costa and Harrison get all the press. Watch out for Matheus Klich in MF. He’s a facilitator that seems to trigger Leeds’ daring counterattacks.


  • All could work, Kev, but 3-4-1-2 could suit us best IF we can have a fabulous right wing back in place. But that is something for a future post 📯 😜

  • Good point, JW. Confident, ball tight wing play will also help with getting more players into the box, but I am also keen on pushing up more and get players from cental midfield in to the box..

  • Little by little over the past few weeks, we all seem to be finding agreement about what’s not been working. I know lots of fans and pundits have it easy criticizing, without offering solutions, but most of us here do offer alternatives. Needing to get Auba more involved and central is one. Another is dropping Lacazette for the moment, especially from the way he’s been (I think) wrongly utilized.

    Looks like Arteta heard us with the line up, at least somewhat. I would have liked to see AMN starting, and I hope Xhaka and Ceballos are ready for what they will be up against with Bielsa’s hyper- active pressers.

    I don’t know the shape this line up will take exactly. I’ve been calling for Pepe to have freedom to move more central instead of hugging the touch line, where he is ineffectual.

    Good analysis from JW on both Leeds and what we need to do more….. hey Kev, not much changing here as it seems in most countries. Everything seems to be in a holding pattern as logistics of distribution of vaccines will be the main story over the next 6- 12 months.

    As I write this, pundits on the radio echoing concerns about Xhaka getting caught in possession. He should be specifically prepared by the coaches for today.

  • Bielsa has his 2 central MFers Klich, Dallas shadowing Ceballos and Xhaka.
    Unless there’s another player will some ball retention– this may not be a positive result.


  • Worried and sorry for Saka…. Leno was a star…., Dani is a battler. Xhaka didn’t hurt us at all, but he can’t really influence the game at all against teams like this. The big changes were bound to take a while for us to get in flow, but we gave them too many good chances in that first half.

  • J, XhakA was our deepest midfielder. It was up to Ceballos and Willock to make play and connect with the attack. Fair to say that is a work in progress… 👍🏿

  • Granit held his own I’d say. Work in progress in the New formation. I think it will work eventually. I liked seeing Willock, and I liked that Pepe was getting into places where he could get off a shot more. I actually felt he was going to create a goal or score today, then of course, the absolute worst happened. Now I’m afraid any progress with him is delayed. Not just from the red card matches he’ll miss, but an Arteta freezeout may be coming.

    Opportunities for Nelson, Willock, AMN, Smith-Rowe?

  • It was not good by Pepe but there may been reasons to get so angry 😡

    Yes it will offer opportunity to other people and I was not overly impressed with him today, especially on the one to one’s.

    Like you I am hoping Saka is ok. He was quality from the moment he joined the game.

  • That is a fine comment, Kev. I will write something tomorrow about the game, and would like to use some of your comment if you’re OK with that 👍🏿🏐

  • You’re welcome Total, you don’t have to ask mate, feel free to quote me… 🙂

    Seems that Willian was injured, so it wasn’t a tactical switch and he probably would have come out in the 2nd half and Saka needs an assessment to see if his injury is problematic.

  • Our overall game plan is a Big adjustment for Willian so I will keep supporting him and I don’t see him as lazy at all. Our attackers are having a little wobble that is certain.

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