Arsenal v Villareal CF: Eight Big Arteta-Questions for You to Answer

Well that was an easy, stress-free Sunday afternoon of football, wasn’t it? I am not entirely sure why this formation worked so well against, it must be said, a weak Newcastle team. A clean sheet, a good number of chances for Arsenal and two goals to the good; it was just what we needed. Arteta, as expected, made a large number of changes and the players who were picked did put in a shift, I guess with the hope of also starting on Thursday – the next game of the season.

Regulars on Bergkampesque know how much I rate Elneny as back-up DM and I was glad he scored a rare goal for the team. There is no doubt that Partey is the better player of the two but every team needs players like Mo on the bench/team: those who accept that they will not play all the time but will give their all when they get a chance. Mo is such a player and that is what I like about him. Auba also really needed a game AND a goal and he got one in fine fashion. All good.

Another good thing about yesterday’s game is that Auba, Odegaard, Ryan, Big Gab, Luiz and Martinelli got a full work-out before Thursday’s game. This will have made them match fit and so Arteta will have good options to pick from against fellow-slick-haired Emery on Thursday. Thank you Magpies for giving us this wonderful practice and preparation game!

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I know we have become used to cup success but we should not take it for granted that we are once again close to a cup final. We are a team in transition under Arteta and he is making good progress in my opinion. The problem is that he is not allowed to just focus on the team for next season and use the current one for this sole purpose. Mikel is also tasked to try and get us into the CL already this season for obvious financial reasons, and his only route to do so is through the Europa League. I was not impressed with the way he set up the team and especially the first half against Villareal, but the team fought back to leave the Madrigal with just a small loss and the very precious away-goal in the bag. It was pretty ugly but effective.

I really find it amazing that in this transitional year we are very close to playing in an European final again. For this we need one more fecking fantastic game from the boys and I sense that a) the players really know this and b) they are so ready for it. Some are worried about having to play the final, if we were to make it, against Manure who are currently playing very well. But a final is an unique occasion and Arteta has had the number of OGS in a few encounters already. As Mikel said recently: we can beat any team on the day.

So to make this post a bit more interactive here are a few questions for you for the Thursday home game against Emery’s Yellow Submarine – and I would love to hear your responses in the comments section:

  1. Which formation should Arteta pick: 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3, 4-1-4-1, other?
  2. Who should he put in goal: Leno or Ryan?
  3. Who should be our central defence: two (or three?) out of Luiz, Holding, Big Gab, Mari, Chambers?
  4. Who should be our full-backs (or wing backs): Tierney, Xhaka, Soares, Chambers, Hector?
  5. Who should captain the team?
  6. Who should play in midfield – three positions with either two ‘DMs’ and AM or one DM and two AMs?
  7. Who should play in attack: CF and wingers?
  8. Who should be the super-sub to potentially clinch the game in the last 20-30 minutes?

Over to you!

By TotalArsenal.

60 thoughts on “Arsenal v Villareal CF: Eight Big Arteta-Questions for You to Answer

  • Good morning Total and a very happy birthday to you sir.

    Thank you for all you do for us bloggers on BK it is most certainly one of the best Arsenal sites I have blogged on and I have a lot of experience as I’ve been blogging since before it was known as blogging – back in the early nineties.

    It’s a site that deserves far more participation than it gets currently but the group that do blog here are a fine bunch – both knowledgeable and respectful.

    Have a great day – now I’ll take a few minutes to read your latest post.

  • @Kev, yeah it was always my dream of fatherhood to be playing or watching sport with my offspring. Thankfully my son is a football fan and I hooked him into Arsenal :). So we do watch games when the time is reasonable for my son to watch. I would love to hear the crowd with no commentary for sure.
    On the situation in India what you see on BbC is exactly what’s happening. BBC depends on local vernacular reporters for their feeds and they usually give you news that the official govt controlled media doesn’t. We are in a bad situation and this wave is closer home. Even in my apt block which is slightly upper middle class gated community with strict lockdown protocols have seen many cases. But the nightmare situation is God forbid you need hospitalisation, then you need to be extremely lucky to survive and come back home.

  • Here are the results of last weekends completion, Man U v Liverpool was postponed so we only dad 5 games.

    For the weekend:-

    1st Kev and Eris with 4/5 plus 2 bonus points
    3rd, Total, PB & GN5 with 2/5

    Season to date:-

    1st Kev with 124.33
    2nd Eris with 120.66
    3rd PB with 97.66
    4th GN5 with 97.33
    5th Total with 86.99

  • Here are the choices for next weekend:-
    Leeds v Tottenham
    Sheffield Untied v Crystal Palace
    Manchester City v Chelsea
    West Ham v Everton
    Arsenal v West Brom
    Barcelona v Atletico Madrid

  • TA, my pick for the match on Thursday is based on what I saw on last Thursday, the state of the tie and the need to get a result. I would go with a pretty solid 4-2-3-1 with Leno ok goal. I love Matty Ryan everytime I see. He is being smart to actual show how difference he is from Leno. He is accentuating these when he plays like commanding his box, collecting the ball, distribution with Hand, foot and finally providing cover to his backline. I have said thos Arteta missed a trick by not playing Ryan often to give Leno compeyetion. Leno felt safe and that dropped his standards.
    My team would be Chambers, holding, Gabi and Cedric. Midfield of Partey and Xhaka to get control over midfield.
    Saka, ESR/ode and Pepe with Auba as striker.
    Go for early goals and keep it tight at the back and maintain a 2 goal difference always. I am not confident of winning 1-0 , so we need to go for jugular and score goals.

  • That sounds horrid Madhu and it must be very difficult for you and your family to keep safe with the Covid all around you.
    I hope you can adhere to all of the appropriate protocols ie: social distancing, hand sanitizer, masks etc.

    Have you been able to get a vaccination?
    Do you have to leave your apartment for work or necessities?

    Staying safe in your case seems like a matter of life or death and that’s an awful way to have to live.

  • @GunnerN5, it is horrible but I can say iam one of the previlaged guy as I have been working from home from Mar 2020. I work as IT Architect and my company has told everyone of us to work from home. I also live in a gated community with all amenities and hardly need to get out. So we are safe. My son had the entire 7th grade as online classes and looks like start of 8tg grade will be online as well.
    But this privilaged life of mine is probably for the 10% of my country’s population. The rest 90% have to get out or I arn a living and they have been badly hit. Businesses have collapsed, many people have been pushed to poverty levels, health infrastructure is pushed to the limit and aged population is struggling to stay alive. Vaccination has been slow due to unpreparedness and that’s causing more anxiety. We sont have enough stock and I have had my first jab but not sure when willl have my second one. I due for the second in couple of weeks time but availability of vaccines is a huge issue.

  • That’s good news about you and your family Madhu. Like yourself I’ve had my first jab and the second is schedule for July. We live in London, Ontario, Canada and are going through a third phase of stay at home isolation until May 20, but we are very careful to stay safe.

    Good luck in covid avoidance and lets hope that Arsenal raise our spirits on Thursday afternoon.

  • GunnerN5, wow I lived in Edmonton from 2016 to May 2019. Good to know that you are from Canada.

    Really hoping for an Arsenal win.

  • Madhu, I was born on Avenell Road which runs alongside the old Arsenal stadium in Highbury – so I’ve been an avid Arsenal fan for my whole life.

  • Wow that nice living close to Highbury. That must have been a magical place to grow up.

  • What number Avenell Rd, GN5? You must be rinsed in the smell of frying burgers, onions, the whispers of ticket touts and the shouts of program sellers. I remember a mate of mine weeing over the wall of a front garden on Avenell Rd after an evening game at Highbury against Liverpool. He was singing “Good ol’ Arsenal” at the top of his voice.
    Chambers Holding Mari Tierney/Cedric
    Partey Xhaka
    Saka Odegaard ESR
    Pepe and Gabe off the bench. Auba captain. Auba’s finish v Newcastle reminded me of that Cruyff volley in the ’74 World Cup. Let’s trust it will be a confidence booster to set him off on a run like in last seasons FA Cup.
    Interesting reading Thierry’s comments on Ek being prepared for the long game.

  • Many Happy Returns for yesterday Total.

    That sounds tough Madhu for the majority, some of the pictures of the people turning up at hospitals with sick relatives is really quite harrowing, so glad that you and your family are safe.

    I had my 2nd vaccine last week thankfully, we’ve done really well in that regard in the UK but I’m aware of how lucky I am. I’m very careful when I’m working and everyone who I’ve picked up in my cab since I went back to work is very sensible and switched on about the risks.

  • The abandonment of the Man Utd vs Liverpool game has left the Premier League in a right old pickle as most of the slots for fixtures are already filled.

    The Premier League want, as they usually do, to conclude on Sunday 23rd as a complete days’ fixture programme so that kind of leaves only two dates I can see where I think they could possibly squeeze in this fixture and that’s Friday 14th or Friday 21st.

    With the Europa final on Wednesday 26th that doesn’t leave a lot of time for them to fit it all in and that should severely and happily stretch OGS ‘s resources to the limit, much to the benefit of their opponent in the EL final….

    Just saying. 😉

  • Eris, just let me know if it keeps happening. WordPress does this sometimes…

    Madhu, there is a lot of concern about the C19 situation in India. We are all thinking of it here. Stay strong buddy.

    Madhu, Stuart thanks for commenting on the post.

    Stuart, really like the Cruijff comparison.

    GN5, thanks for the update on our competition and well done to the Eris Brothers (minus the Hungarian one! 🙂 ).

  • The only downside from Sunday’s win was David Luiz’s injury.

    Our centre back limped off the St James’ Park pitch clutching his hamstring after 52 minutes, as we bounced back from consecutive defeats to beat Newcastle United 2-0.

    And Mikel Arteta issued an update on David Luiz in his post-match press conference – as well as the latest on Kieran Tierney and Alex Lacazette ahead of Thursday’s crucial Europa League semi-final second leg against Villarreal.

    on David Luiz’s injury…
    We don’t know. He felt something in his hamstring so it’s not good news. He’s put in such a shift to be back with the team for the last few weeks after the knee surgery. It’s a real shame.

    on Kieran Tierney and Alex Lacazette’s availability on Thursday…
    They haven’t trained with the team yet so I think they’re unlikely to be.

    on whether the win was perfect preparation for Thursday…
    Yes because we had a strong and a very convincing performance. We scored two goals, we kept a clean sheet, won the points, and had some really strong individual performances too. The only downside is the one with David because we know how important he is to us. I think we lost him today.

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source.

  • I would be tempted to go with Ryan on Thursday but it’s certain to be Leno.

    Luiz was probably being earmarked for Thursday now I reckon it could be Holding and Mari although Gabriel is a possibility.

    Saka left back, Chambers right back, Xhaka back in midfield.

    Up front Pepe, Auba and Smudge with Odegaard at 10

  • Cheers Kev, I am almost in agreement but would start Martinelli ahead of Pepe. The latter then to come on in the second half.

  • I would find it hard ti leave out Gabriel and Martinelli and the choice between Ryan and Leno is a tricky one but I feel Artreta will go with the proven Leno despite the warts he has grown. Pepe is an enigma and I have no idea which way to go with him but I prefer him as a sub – the same goes for Willian.

  • Total, let me know if you received my email.

    Kev, I just got my first shot(jab). Can’t wait for the next one.

    Am I the only person wondering why we don’t use Cedric anymore? For me, he was one of the bright spots for the season.

  • GN5, I’m always amazed when I see Cedric standing next to other players, he’s tiny. But if that’s the thinking on size, why have him on the team? I get it against a Burnley type team. Not every team. I just feel that he should’ve seen more playing time when Tierney went down. I’d be frustrated if I were him.

    I’m happy with Chambers, and fine with the Xhaka experiment, but there’s no doubt that Cedric played really well on both sides. I felt like I would’ve been more comfortable with him than Xhaka in a huge Europa match. I guarantee Emery was reviewing our recent matches and looking for multiple ways to exploit Xhaka at lb. Any good manager would do that.

  • First jab J, God Bless America!

    How did you feel afterwards, any after effects?

    Apparently we could be getting a third jab in the Fall, and so it continues.

    Total, I wouldn’t have a problem with Martinelli starting and Pepe on the bench.

  • London is really gloomy atm, the early buzz after lockdown was lifted has well and truly buzzed off…

    Ok, off to join the congestion caused by Sadiq Khan.

  • I like your proposed line-up, Madhu.
    But – to be honest – any of them could work. Cedric at LB could turn out just fine, and Saka could also be reinstated there without being a liability against Chukwueze. In fact, Xhaka could do the job again, it is more of the “who plays central midfield?” challenge that should stop Granit from keeping his makeshift LB role. And I was satisfied with Bellerin recently, so if he plays at RB, I won’t mind it either. The same applies to the Leno vs. Ryan conundrum and the Auba vs Laca dilemma up front. Not to mention of the whole Saka-Pepe-Martinelli headache.
    So however Arteta sets the team up, I won’t complain. Not only because TA asks us for being (more) supportive, but because I have faith in Arsenal, and I think the team is strong enough to beat Villarreal in more than 1 formation. And Mikel has 4 other tasks to excel, well beyond the starting line-up.

    1. Motivation. He has to inject the drive and urgency to the team, as they will be playing for the Champions League as well as Mikel’s job. I’m a bit worried that if the boys go out with a “just not make a mistake” attitude, that could negatively impact our chances creation ability, while the risk of conceding could never be eliminated completely.
    2. Tactics. As we saw in plenty of our recent games, ball possession is not everything. We need to find out how to disable the Spanish defense. I hope Arsenal will not revert to the – outdated and seemingly ineffective – “down to the byline and cross” tactics, but if it will work, I won’t be complaining.
    3. Energy. While many of the first leg starters had a week off their replacement played really well. So Mikel has to decide whether to play with the regulars, the in-form back-ups, or a mix. I want to see the energy though, not to play for (a lucky) 1:0. If we cannot beat Villarreal at home in a single game, then we really don’t belong to Europe’s elite.
    4. Game management. Apart from several other shortcomings, Arteta irritates the Arsenal fans recently with the reluctance to change. As if substitutions were more of threats or risks than actual opportunities. I hope tonight we’ll see wingers and forwards pressing Villarreal with an energy not sustainable for 90+5 minutes and hence will be replaced by fresh pair of legs around the hour mark. We have the manpower on the bench (while they don’t seem to have the same quality there), so we should utilize this advantage .

  • Leeds v Tottenham – Away
    Sheffield Untied v Crystal Palace – Away
    Manchester City v Chelsea – Draw
    West Ham v Everton – Draw
    Arsenal v West Brom – Home
    Barcelona v Atletico Madrid – Home

  • Leeds Utd vs Tottenham… Home
    Sheff Utd vs C. Palace….. Away
    Man City vs Chelsea…….. Home
    West Ham vs Everton….. Home
    Arsenal vs West Brom…. Home
    Barcelona vs Atletico….. Home

  • All good points, P. We need to see focus and energy and organisation, and of course taking our chances when they arrive.

  • Leeds v Tottenham: HOME
    Sheffield Untied v Crystal Palace: HOME
    Manchester City v Chelsea: Draw
    West Ham v Everton: HOME
    Arsenal v West Brom: HOME
    Barcelona v Atletico Madrid: HOME

  • Leeds v Tottenham – H
    Sheffield Untied v Crystal Palace – A
    Manchester City v Chelsea – D
    West Ham v Everton – A
    Arsenal v West Brom – H
    Barcelona v Atletico Madrid – D

  • Leno or Ryan
    Chambers, Holding, Mari or Big Gab, Tierney (if fit) or Cedric
    Partey, Xhaka
    Saka, Auba, Martinelli

    As PB said we need plenty of energy from the first minute. We need inventiveness and guile to break Villareal down but, we need to be alert and solid at the back as they can hurt us on the break. Martinelli upfront helps to bring the former and Xhaka in midfield helps to provide a better backbone. I’m hoping that Arteta will be prepared to bring subs on earlier. Hopefully, it will be to replace players who are flagging because they have put in plenty of graft and energy from the start and we are in command of the tie, not to rescue our season! Having the likes of ESR and Pepe available to come on could be crucial.

  • Leeds v Tottenham – D
    Sheffield United v Crystal Palace – A
    Manchester City v Chelsea – H
    West Ham v Everton – D
    Arsenal v West Brom – H
    Barcelona v Atletico Madrid – A

  • Its blazing hot here on the equator.. missing the weather in London.

    Can we get back to normal so that we can all travel?

  • The “we are in transition” excuse has been trotted out for so long it needs a Zimmer frame.

    Arsenal fans’ collective short term memory lasts only until the most recent win, forgetting the rubbish we saw for the 5 games before that.

    I think it is ironic that our current most important game of the season is against a team managed by Emery whose total failure to do anything positive with our team seems to have been a great example for Arteta, who, please forgive me for bucking the trend on this site, has been making an even bigger mess of things.

    Please do not let me stop you from using your rose-tinted glasses.

    I hope you will allow me to visit this site occasionally to see how you are all getting on, but I am sorry, I cannot match your optimism about Arteta.

    Just imagine the cacophony of wailing should we go out on Thursday, at least until the next win against another team more useless than we are.

    Have a good evening and I hope that you are all right about tomorrow.

  • Interesting to read Auba’s interview in full. I especially liked his answer to the question “What kind of game are you expecting tomorrow? What is the key to get to the final?” Auba replied, ” I think the key is going to be the intensity that we put into the game and how much we want it. (If we stick to our plans and play how we can play it’s going to be the key for tomorrow)”. Let’s hope that all who are picked tomorrow want to put their maximum intensity into the game!

  • I would hope so as well, but I fear I won’t.

    What I think is interesting is that 2 years ago when we faced Chel$ki in the Europa Cup final, the Champions League final was contested by 2 English teams.

    Now that Chel$ki and Man$ity are in the final of the Champions League it seems nicely symmetrical if we get to the final against manure.

  • Yeah OX10, intensity is the word. The PL is so high on it and the other clubs cannot deal with it, as the Southern and Northern Oilers showcased this week.

  • All things considered and taking into account the FACup, today is arguably the biggest day in Mikel Arteta’s short managerial career, given how so many ‘fans’ have turned against him already.

    I’ve had my doubts as well I admit, but taking into account the difficulties he’s had to deal with, his inexperience in the job, the massive rebuild that we are barely halfway through, the tactical mess we were in when he took over and the contracts I think he’s done a good job up till now.

  • jjgsol, I enjoyed your Zimmer frame metaphor. 🙂
    Even if you don’t share the opinion with the site owner, this is a place where yo (or everybody else) can share their opposing opinion. As long as it is expressed in a polite, open manner, but it was never an issue here for the 2 years I’ve been visiting this blog. Now TA’s accepting and appreciative approach to Arteta is starting to become the minority even here, but he takes it very mature. So don’t let it refrain to come and comment here as a specific opinion has never been an entry criterion to express yourself.

    Kev, while your arguments on Mikel’s difficulties are valid, I think they are missing the point. He didn’t accept “the mission” on the the note that due to his inexperience we should be aiming for a 9th-10th position, but with the implicit promise that he would do better than his predecessor, or maybe even better than Wenger (in his late years). And while the FA Cup victory was a great achievement and uplifted the mood, the subsequent months kind of showed that comparison to Emery or Wenger wouldn’t do Arteta any favors.
    Even his weekly 105k salary doesn’t show the humbleness of a rookie manager, because while it is still half of what Ancelotti makes (and one-third of Mourinho’s cameo), it is higher than Rodgers’ Leicester wages, almost double what Moyes is earning keeping West Ham at 5th place, and about 3.5 times Dean Smith gets from Aston Villa who will likely finish the season above Arsenal. Success criteria should be always set up front, so you should ask yourself: if you knew in advance the performance and results of the 2020/2021 campaign, would you have supported Arteta all the way…

  • The problem is that most fans are so desperate to arrive ASAP… Are we nearly there yet; are we nearly there yet?!

    Arteta has set out a transformation programme and he is making good progress with the squad he has in terms of their technical ability. I can see clearly that a) he has a plan and B) he is making progress.

    Next season we need to see another step change and I cannot wait to see EL Capitan do it.

  • Morning all,

    Total I’m not in a position to send you a post this week.

    Eris, You still need to make your predictions

  • HARRY Clarke will return to Arsenal a better player for his time at Oldham Athletic, according to head coach Keith Curle.

    The Latics boss has been in regular contact with Gunners officials about the 20-year-old’s progress at Boundary Park, ahead of the final game of his deal at home to Forest Green on Saturday.

    Clarke was initially signed by Harry Kewell last October on a season-long loan and went straight into the team for the visit of Carlisle United a few days later.

    The defender went on to score his first, and so far only, goal to secure a 2-1 win against Cheltenham Town, who have since won promotion to League Two and could secure the title on Saturday.

    And under the guidance of former defender Curle since March, Clarke has gone on to develop his game even more – progressing from a central defender to, more recently, a right wing back role with Curle looking to capitalise on the youngster’s pace and willingness to get forward. And the Latics chief has praised Clarke for not only seizing the opportunity to tackle his first spell away from The Emirates but also the way in which he has developed and shown his versatility and willingness to learn.

    “I think Harry Clarke has come in, first loan away from a Premier League club, he’s enjoyed himself and he’s got a good understanding of what’s required, both as an individual and also the level he’s playing at,” said Curle.

    “Part of his development upward curve is he needs game time. The pleasing thing is he wanted to go out on loan, he wanted to go and test himself, which is always a pleasing thing to do.

    “You do get some players who stay in their fold, stay in their comfort zone, and don’t test themselves and unfortunately then sometimes their careers can pass them by.

    “Coming out to, some might say, a lower level their development can be accelerated by having game time.

    “He’s got versatility and he’s got a very good personality. He doesn’t get fazed by things, he’s not over critical of himself, but he understands when he’s made mistakes. And good players make less mistakes.”

    Clarke has made more than 30 league and cup appearances for Latics, and Curle added: “The important thing for Harry is to finish the season on a high note.

    “I like Harry. I’ve been in contact with Arsenal, with Ben Knapper (loan manager) from Arsenal – someone who I’ve been in contact with before when I was at Northampton.

    “We took James Olayinka from them and got a play-off appearance out of him so trying to forge links with Premier League clubs is always good.”

  • Yeah, I get that Pete, but I don’t think that the club offered him the job because they expected improved results yesterday, they offered him the job on a long term’ish basis to sort out the mess left by Gazides, Raul, Mislintat, Wenger, Emery, et al.

    We’ve been called in recent times a finishing school, a rest home, a retirement home, an easy touch, where players can come and basically put their feet up and take it easy, changing that takes time because to change it you have to change the mentality of the players or change the playing staff themselves and you can’t do that mate in a couple of transfer windows, transfer windows, don’t forget, where everyone has no money.

    Yeah he’s made some pretty average decisions at times, I can’t disagree with that and it’s pissed me off big time, but so has many of the managers you mentioned, I don’t think any of them have actually won a trophy in England to date.

    It’s a massive game this evening Pete, but if we don’t make then so be it, if we and lose the final c’est la vie, we go again next season just as we did when George Graham lost a cup final to Luton Town, imagine that today, all those sensitive Doomers would be going even more mental than they currently are on Twatter, giving the click baiters all the ammunition they need to crap on us from above…

  • Kev, I totally agree with you. We needed to do so much more than changing the manager. Amongst other things, the club’s structures and the mindset of key members of our squad needed to be changed radically too.

    That said, there are things that concern me. PB touched on the first. We seem to a soft touch when it comes to fees and wages. This doesn’t apply just to our squad. I would expect all employees to be paid a bit more because London is so expensive but, someone should be tasked with getting those costs under the control and the answer is not to fire the club’s mascot!

    Secondly, I am very concerned about our approach to scouting new talent. It can’t be just about data analysis and an over-reliance on Hale End. And, it certainly shouldn’t be about overly cosy relationships with certain agents.

    Lastly, in team sport, there is always an element of luck and so sometimes the team performs really well but results go against them. This can sometimes mean that your league position is lower than you would expect. That is not the case with Arsenal and too often we have seen the team giving a low energy, lacklustre performance, especially in the first half of games. That was the case in the late Wenger years and it has continued under Emery and Arteta. Arteta needs to fix that and do it quickly. I’m still prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt but, I’m a shift change in performance next season.

  • Sorry, GN5. Still sorting stuff out on arrival. My predictions go:

    Leeds vs Tottenham…… Draw
    Sheff Utd vs C. Palace….. Away
    Man City vs Chelsea…….. Draw
    West Ham vs Everton….. Home
    Arsenal vs West Brom…. Home
    Barcelona vs Atletico….. Home

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