36 thoughts on “To all you Xhaka despising Gooners

  • Xhaka has been with us for five largely underwhelming years . Slow, questionable temperament, poor tackler, mistake ridden . One good game ( not for Arsenal ) and he’s a world beater . Did you see him overrun against Italy ?
    Bye Granit

  • Bit salty… He will do well in Italy. Similar pace in Serie A to Int’l football. He still doesn’t fit well in the EPL.

  • i have said for a long while now ,that he is a great player.no one listens to me though , not even my everloving!

  • You are all facking deluded! Xhaka has never played like that for Arsenal in his facking life. Name me one game?!

  • He is mentally and physically lazy and his slackness has cost us a good many more games than he has won. Should have shipped him out when he lost the plot in front of his fans – good riddance!

  • TA, I heard in a podcast that when people are asking why are we selling a player then it may be the right time to sell. Iam sure Xhaka would be a huge success in Roma under Mou. Mou will use him like a warrior and make him carry out his dark acts on the field. Xhaka will be like Pepe in RM under Mou.

  • I’ve always rated him. He isn’t flawless and his mistakes have been obvious to all, but his positive contributions have been all too easily overlooked. He is a great passer, can take a good free-kick, is calm in possession and is a warrior (sometimes a little too much). When he does not play for Arsenal, our play often seems to lack shape. If he goes, I fear he will leave a large gap that will not be easily filled.

  • Agreed with your assessment, TA, but let’s not treat his departure as a fact just yet.
    For every manager from Arsene to Mikel Granit was (most likely) the first player on the team sheet. He is appreciated by the coaches and the teammates alike, it’s hard to imagine that he would leave solely because of some ignorant fans – even if we are talking about tens of thousands. And I doubt that Mourinho would double his salary…

    Anyway I hope this is some bullshit click-bait journalism (as well as the rumor on Ramsdale), because if Xhaka leaves for Rome that would not only weaken the squad (without the transfer fee to buy reinforcements at least on par with Xhaka’s qualities), but would also be a terrible blow to the psyche to face that one of our longest serving player (and vice captain, taking the actual armband aside) would join a mid-table Italian team without CL and EL qualification next season, managed by a total jerk (and life-long Arsenal nemesis). What would it say on the changing room’s acceptance on Arteta’s vision?

  • I understand all of the above but as with Bellerin and maybe even my personal favourite the much maligned (in some circles) Rob Holding, there comes a time when a club needs to sell and that’s a skill that we as a club have not been very good at for a long long time.

    It means you sell a player when he’s still good at his job and it means you also have to say on occasions goodbye to a favourite but it’s business and choosing the optimum time doesn’t come easy to Arsenal.

    We’ve made a mess of it in recent times going back to late Arsene and it’s cost us millions in lost revenue and led us to giving exorbitant contracts to players on the beginnings of a downward spiral in value and performance and losing others on disastrous free transfers, this has to stop.

    My biggest issue is maximising the value of the players we sell in a depressed market.

  • I would agree with you, Kev, if Arsenal were a small team that is destined to lose its best players to the top clubs in Europe.
    That was indeed the case with Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Vermalen, van Persie, who were all given opportunities by bigger clubs with more resources. And the same used to apply to Tottenham and Liverpool, when they had to sell their star players like Bale, Modric, Suarez, Coutinho, Sterling, etc. We should be following Liverpool’s footsteps by selling only if inevitable and for top dollars, and (slowly) becoming the club that buys the best players, not sells them.

    However this seems not the case that we have to sell Xhaka because he is so popular and sought after that eventually we have to sell him to a top club. We are not Leicester City, that has to sell a key player every year (Kante, Mahrez, Maguire, Chliwell). We are about to sell good players below their value – correctly said “in a depressed market” – because we are idiots. In fact, we are considering to pay double the value of a 24y old (whose price seldom goes up unlike teenagers) in the same depressed market, while we are equipped with good – in my opinion better but I could be wrong – defenders, that we prefer to sell for peanuts.

    Nevertheless there is absolutely no selling pressure on Xhaka. It is entirely up to us to keep and appreciate him, maybe even tying him down for 3-4 more years. I’ll be happy to sign Lokonga, Bissouma, Berge or Camavinga (at least we need midfield reinforcements), but to be honest I don’t see them a clear improvement over Xhaka. Maybe the Frenchman can become one, but apparently MU will snap him up ahead of us. So at the end of the day, there is a good chance that we will give more money to a non-top5 league starlet and/or a talented player who was relegated and not qualified for the Euro21 than the fee we are about to sell the captain of a quarter finalist who was awarded MotM against the reigning World Champion. And what it makes even worse, the majority of the fans will be cheering for it. But that is not the path I would like Arsenal to follow.

  • Thanks for the comments, guys. If indeed he is going, and I think he will, it will leave a huge strategic hole in the team. Granit is our conductor, guardian of our melody. Without him we will be much, much weaker.

    Any money we will get for him will need to be doubled to replace him.

    Who to blame? The so called average fan. So sad.

  • I thought of you T, while watching, also wondering if other gooners were appreciating our iron man. The huge totals of hard minutes he puts in year after year… something Partey clearly struggled with (don’t worry I’m not giving up on Thomas). Granit never gets credit and generally works very hard.

    It’s been well pointed out here, why sell at low market rates when we will need to spend a lot more to replace him? We need to improve our midfield more than any other part of the team, so we need to bolster, certainly not weaken it to bring in cash. I think PB framed it perfectly.

    Kev, I partly agree… it’s definitely time to cash in on Bellerin. No upside for us and will be an automatic upgrade, even from within. He is rapidly depreciating.

    Holding, I don’t agree with the club changing much, because our defense was not the problem. We are not going to get what he is worth.. the club that gets him will get the defensive value of the year, which he is for us, currently. Unless Saliba is definitely coming to start in that spot. I think spending on another defender as rumoured is asinine. Gabriel, Mari, Saliba, Holding, Chambers. Yet our midfield is starved of dynamic talent. That’s one reason I pushed for Guendouzi and even Ceballos, because we desperately need someone who can at least make things happen in midfield… That’s not Xhakas job anyway. We can improve easily on Guen and Dani, but need to commit new funds.

    Like I’ve said a couple times. Our squad is like a barbell, heavy in strength and depth in forwards and defenders, thin and light in the middle. In the case of a possible number 10 to go with Smith Rowe, I’d love someone who can play the 8 role to allow some rest for Partey, or let him play dm at times.

    One more thing on Villa second bid for Smith Rowe… there must be some sign from his agent that he’s open to a move, so we’d better make sure he’s locked down tight or we’re going to soon lose a valuable asset again. I like buyout clauses that insure we at least get properly compensated. That’s insurance against drama and worth the extra cost.

  • The 2 players i hate the most score, but exciting they’re still in it. Happy for Saka.

  • Guys, besides learning a lot from your opinion on Arsenal players and tactics, my vocabulary is rapidly improving by following this blog.
    A few days ago both my brothers used the word ‘humdinger’ – which I though was only the name (without meaning) of the main antagonist in Paw Patrol, my son’s second favorite animated series, which I have to see with him on a daily basis, albeit I don’t really enjoy – and now J’s ‘asinine’ sounds like a fine word, and an elegant half-insult that could be applied even in the corporate environment.
    If I use it and get into trouble, I will let you know. 🙂

  • Exhilarating pair of games today. Nice going with your predictions TA. I had to go back to check my predictions and saw you got both scores correct.

    Basil looks a naughty Pup every time you see him. 😉

  • Here are the competition results for the Euro 2020 last 16:-

    1st TA with 4/8 plus 1 for shared most correct predictions and 4 for two correct scores =9
    2nd GN5, Kev, PB & Stuart with 4/8 plus 1 for shared most correct predictions =5
    6th with 2/6 plus 2 for a correct score = 4

    For Euro 2020 to date :-

    1st GN5 with 37
    2nd Eris with 35
    3rd Kev with 30
    4th Stuart with 29
    5th TA with 26
    6th PB with 23

  • Here are the teams for the Quarter Finals:-

    1 point for a correct prediction – home or away
    2 points for a correct score
    4 points for most correct predictions
    In the case of penalties add one goal to the team you predict to win

    July 2nd Switzerland v Spain *
    July 2nd Belgium v Italy *
    July 3rd Czech Republic v Denmark *
    July 3rd Ukraine v England *

  • Yes guys, Basil is cheeky but mild mannered too. On that picture he was also full of sheep 🐑 🐑 💩 poo. Tried to keep him away from it but he was like a kid in a sweet shop…

  • If even Basil agrees that Xhaka is an underappreciated yet critical player of Arsenal, then the discussion is basically over, with the despising side’s loss. 🙂

  • Hi Pete, interesting points you make but I think it’s more a case that it’s Xhaka himself that wants to leave rather than Arsenal selling him, maybe he feels he’s done what he can at Arsenal and now he wants to move on to a new challenge and by the sound of it Juventus seem to be joining the party so Roma had better up their bid otherwise Granit will be off to the Old Lady? Of course, knowing those opportunists at the Dele Alpi they’ll probably suggest a straight swap for Aaron Ramsey, but let’s see what happens?

    Johnno, I really like Rob Holding but if somebody came in with a big bid you’d have to consider it, we aren’t Man City or Man Utd or Chelsea we have to balance our books, we always have both pre and post Kroneke and that means selling as well as buying mate, it’s what it is. Let’s see where we are when the window closes and how our squad looks, but it’s comforting to see the club securing our ‘Untouchables’ like Saka, Tierney and Smith Rowe, whose come to a verbal agreement according to the blurb and Balogun who could well become an Untouchable over the next 12 months.

  • July 2nd Switzerland v Spain – 2:3
    July 2nd Belgium v Italy – 4:2
    July 3rd Czech Republic v Denmark – 0:1
    July 3rd Ukraine v England – 0:1

  • Just a reminder guy’s – you only have today and tomorrow to make your predictions for the Quarter Finals – they begin on Friday July 2nd.

  • July 2nd Switzerland v Spain* (2-1)
    July 2nd Belgium v Italy* (3-1)
    July 3rd Czech Republic v Denmark* (1-3)
    July 3rd Ukraine v England* (0-2)

  • Kev and PB …

    Kev, I’d understand selling Holding for a decent price, because he could solidify many teams defenses…. but only if we have plans for Saliba to come back and get real playing time. I don’t want to end up spending more than we get for Rob on another expensive defender, because we need to put every penny into midfield in my opinion.

    PB, amazing comment on reasons for players moving. Should have been a post !

    I think Xhaka would be wonderful in Italy or Germany again. Better now after having improved up to premier league level. He was a bit off the pace at the start. Really think he could be the best holding MF in either league.

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