Why would Granit want to Leave Arsenal? 10 possible reasons

I cannot say that I’m familiar with the regular thoughts and dilemmas of professional football players. So all I can do is speculate. But if a player decides to leave (unless of course it is all fake news) that is generally not a good sign.


What has happened that he doesn’t want to stay any longer? Possible answers and examples (excluding those where the club initiates the transfer like Szczesny’s or Iwobi’s case):
A) a major club wants to buy you, and you couldn’t say no (Ox, Vermaelen)
B) you finally have a chance for silverware (van Persie, Sanchez)
C) you don’t have enough game time and look for less competition and more guarantees (Martinez, Gnabry, Malen)
D) you have won (almost) everything, and you need new challenges, a different football culture (Henry, Fabregas, Gabriel)
E) you primary want 30% higher salaries (Nasri, Hleb)
F) there is a major conflict between you and somebody from the team or staff (Adebayor, Torreira, Guendouzi)
G) finally you can play for your boyhood dream club, or your coach idol (Fabregas)
H) you feel that others get unfairly high salary compared to yours, so the only way to ‘restore justice’ is to run down your contract and move on a free transfer with astronomical wages (Ramsey, Sanchez)
I) you no longer want to compete on the highest level, and/or would move back to your home country (Monreal, Koscielny, Cazorla)
J) you feel seriously underappreciated, and treated unfairly by the fans

Out of these 10 scenarios Xhaka’s rumored Roma move would disqualify 8 of them. F) and J) are possible, but we don’t have data on the former, and there is little evidence that any player has ever left due to fan treatment only, as long they were appreciated professionally (playing minutes) and financially (weekly salary and bonus).

So over to you fellow Gooners: why would Xhaka want to leave our fab club?

By PBarany

36 thoughts on “Why would Granit want to Leave Arsenal? 10 possible reasons

  • Great Post, PB. The British fans never understood what he brought to the team. He was badly treated on and off the pitch by the fans. Why put up with such stupidity much longer? They lift you up where you belong.

  • July 2nd Switzerland v Spain * 2-1
    July 2nd Belgium v Italy * 0-2
    July 3rd Czech Republic v Denmark * 2-1
    July 3rd Ukraine v England * 0-3

  • PB, Nice post.

    The only reason’s I can think of ares a) the weather in Italy and b) the slower pace may suit Xhaka and will prolong his career. But I’m really hoping that it’s all hogs wash and that he will be restored as our Captain and remain at Arsenal’

  • It’s so obvious. Arsenal has the worst “fans”. He saw the exit from the nightmare and now he is not coming back.

  • Thanks GN5

    July 2nd Switzerland v Spain * 1-3
    July 2nd Belgium v Italy * 3-2
    July 3rd Czech Republic v Denmark * 2-1
    July 3rd Ukraine v England * 0-2

    Nothing about the sensational Saka, boys? He wigglebummed his way into the starting 11 and has hardly put a foot wrong. His maturity speaks of great parenting and a solid culture at our beloved club. So many departed players speak of the “Arsenal way” and how it is difficult to find elsewhere. I don’t doubt that Granit is loved and treated with respect within the club and will be thinking deeply about what he would surrender in moving. Turin and Rome are great cities, but London N7 7AJ is the centre of the world.

  • I wish I could challenge your assessment, Johannes. But indeed many Arsenal supporters are ignorant, narcissistic, insensitive cretins (this fanblog community notably excluded), who believe that opening a Twitter account instantly made them influencers. I just hope that this is not Arsenal-specific, and every other clubs have their own idiots. The same apply to pundits (a.k.a. club legends), who often do more harm than provide insightful opinions. However I’m less sure that many teams have Kevin Campbell-level clowns around.

  • July 2nd Switzerland v Spain…. 2-3 *
    July 2nd Belgium v Italy”……….. 1-2 *
    July 3rd Czech R v Denmark… 2-1 *
    July 3rd Ukraine v England…… 0-2 *

  • Fine post, PB. Granit Xhaka is grossly under appreciated by a fair few Arsenal fans and no one should (be made to) put up with such level of distrust by fans of a club they play for. I won’t hold it against Xhaka if the rumours are true and he moved. Clearly, he is loved in the dressing room, so it’s got to be the need to oblige the fans (he receives abuse online) who want him off. He looks a proud man who is concerned about his family’s well being.

    No surprises Juventus hold an interest. He must remind them of Pirlo, in a way. They would want to have that quality again. That entry would also cause Roma to consider a more respectful bid.

  • Xhaka is suspended for the next game, isn’t he? My predictions follow:

    July 2nd Switzerland v Spain 2-4
    July 2nd Belgium v Italy 2-1
    July 3rd Czech Republic v Denmark 2-1
    July 3rd Ukraine v England 1-3

  • If we get a fullback, Bellerin should probably go. I was very, very happy with Cedric, who I think didn’t get enough credit, even when he played on the left. Then we never saw him towards the end of the season when Arteta overdid it with Xhaka as a full time LB. I prefer when he drops into that position at times, to let the fullback go marauding. I think that use of Xhaka was Mikel going to the well too often.. Chambers was looking very interesting too, btw. I trust the guardian on sports ( nothing else ), so I hope we found a couple of gems, but much more quality needed in midfield, especially if Granit goes…..
    If I were him, I’d go to Italy. He’s young enough still to make a career and a mark there.

  • As do I, GN5. Emerging from the old caged tunnel at Arsenal tube, up onto Gillespie Rd, past the bobbies on horseback, through wafting aromas of fried onions, the cries of program sellers and subtle whispers of the touts, swept along by the red and white throngs, queuing for the North Bank, through the turnstiles, up onto the concrete steps, the heart swelling with anticipation, the first glimpse of the green and hallowed turf, the chants, the tannoy blaring out “Good old Arsenal” and the reading of the lineups, the roar following each name, the collective hush, the communal ecstasy, the swaying, being lifted off your feet and travelling yards in either direction by the congested mass of celebrating bodies. When Rocky scored that goal against Middlesboro, behind the goal at the North bank was like a mosh pit at a punk concert.
    A little bit of heaven before our time…

  • I still hope that the entire rumor is false, so all the articles and details are unreliable, but the mere relation, that “Roma have reportedly agreed to meet Arsenal’s €20m (£17m) asking price for Granit Xhaka”
    and the parallel rumors that we are about to sign Albert Sambi Lokonga, a young, talented, yet unproven midfielder from a non-top5 league for about 21M – 20% more than we are willing to sell Switzerland’s current and Arsenal’s former captain says a lot about our transfer competencies – especially about the selling skills. (The board’s buying skills are similarly close to worthless if there is any truth in even considering the 50-55M move for Ben White.)

    Don’t take me wrong. The Lokonga signing could be a good piece of business. For 17-21M it worth trying, even if he will be Partey’s understudy hence not seize the PL by storm. We are not like Manchester United – and I am stupid enough to be proud of it – that we don’t (always) consider the Maguire/Sancho/Rice type of 60M+ reinforcements, and are looking to buy the affordable alternative who can become class in 2-3 years (Tierney, Gabriel, Martinelli), which often work out until Arteta screws things up (Torreira, Guendouzi, Saliba, Mavropanos), but that’s a different story.
    The Roma bid – especially the first one with 12M – would be an insult, even if they would add Diawara (whom they intended to swap Xhaka) as a gift. Especially after we kind of presented them Mkhitaryan free of charge. I just can’t understand why we always end up with these low-balling people…

    Meanwhile there is a recent rumor that ‘Arsenal have made an official bid for Manuel Locatelli’ – confirmed by the Sassuolo CEO, but it is more likely that we are doing them a favor to force Juventus into a bidding war than actually having a chance to sign a midfielder of Locatelli’s caliber…

  • Wonderfully put Stuart, I often tell my family how the wonderful waft of fried onions reminds me of “over ome” but of course you can only fully understand if you experienced it yourself.

    My family were scattered all over N5 & N7 – 3 uncles and my grandparents lived on Stavordale Road, 2 more Uncles on Highbury Hill and 2 on Avenell Road ( where I was born). My grandfather used to deliver coal around Highbury in a horse and cart. I have many stories about my early life and over the years that I’ve written about many on various blogs.

  • Thank you all for your prompt predictions for the quarter finals, now all we wait for is the games to begin.
    I will be going over to my sons home to watch the game in his home theater, he has his own business designing and installing home theaters across Southern Ontario, so you can imagine that his is state of the art.

    His theater is insulated to keep the sound in, it has in ceiling and in wall speakers to create surround sound and a 120″ roll down screen, Oh and plus a bar and beer fridge.

  • Sounds like your son knows how to bless his Dad, GN5. My eldest son lives in a yurt!
    Have you read Tom Watt’s book: The End, 80 Years of Life on Arsenal’s North Bank? It is the finest book on The Arsenal I have ever read. Your memories would be reflected in some of the stories it contains. Perhaps before Father time catches up with you, you might gather your own recollections into a book and enrich us all?
    Enjoy the matches, mate. May Bukayu shine on.

  • Stuart,

    It has been suggested to me many times that I should commit my memories to paper but I’ve just never got around to it.
    I tend to be more of a story teller than a book writer – you know short bursts and not long blasts.
    But I’ve written several hundred posts which I guess could be a step in the right direction but I’d better make up my mind before my time expires…………

    No I have not read Tom Watts book I will attempt to source a copy.

    By the way it’s great to have your contributions here on BK – have you blogged elsewhere?

  • Just for Saka’s sake, I shall be rooting for England, who I now place as firm favourites to reach the final. Seeing that performance against Germany, albeit in Wembley, has changed my view about their hunger.

    Watching these games in a home theatre with surround system is another level of match day experience. I may, one day, seek the services of your son to hook me up. I’d first have to get a sense of what it would cost to try getting one in my basement, after it is done . I should be back in Ontario in the fall.

  • PB, awesome comment again… especially the parts about selling at ridiculously low prices. That number is an insult, if true. In better financial times, we paid in the 30s, I know the current climate, but he is a better, proven player now, putting in great performances in front of Europe and the world.

    Our people don’t know how to negotiate. We should tell teams to go to hell until they come back with a serious offer. Say it privately and publicly as European clubs comment about offers. Tell Xhaka to keep his mouth shut with his comments like Arsenal know what I want. Make him stay till his last day to prove the point, because this giving away players cheap is out of control.

    The comment by the Sassuolo executive on Locatelli, as soon as I heard it, I knew we have no chance. His comment about it being important or meaningful bid, whatever the wording, was like pity on us, and I cringed. As PB said, was an invitation to clubs with European football and realistic consideration to start bidding.

    And yes, I always point out the good about Arteta, but how he handled the examples PB mentioned were clear failures in people management. Mavropanos, I didn’t realize was a personality thing, but Guendo, Torreira , 2 players I really rated in talent, and Saliba, who is supposedly a monster prospect. All screwed up, not to mention his botched conversation with Emi Martinez, which also cost us Buendia. We now need to pay a substantial fee for either a backup, or a number 1 because Leno is unhappy.

    We need to be honest about these failures, because they’re hurting us. It’s not a lack of support, its just accountability.

  • Eris you can check out my son’s (Justin) work at htav.ca.

    He would be more than happy to give you a free consultation, along with all the guidance you would need to find a solution that fits your budget.

  • Switzerland equalised and then minutes later go down to 10 men.

    It’s gonna be difficult from here for them to overcome the boring Spaniards.

  • Tournament to date positions after day one of Quarter Finals.

    1st GN5 37
    2nd Eris 36
    3rd Kev 34
    4th Stu 30
    5th TA 27
    6th PB 24

    Big move by Kev picking up 4 points in the first two games, he’s now a real threat to take over the lead..

  • Hey GN5, what on Earth is happening with all these statues being pulled down in Canada?

    Then there’s the 5 churches that have been burned down…

  • Thanks, GN5. Looked up the site and it’s quite impressive. I shall reach out to Justin when I return to Canada.

  • Nice going, Kev. That’s quite the performance, closing the gap on the “early leaders”. At your current pace, you are a contender.

  • 5 Kev? What’s really frightening is the number burned in France. The number is in the hundreds.

    I’m Italian American, and should be all for Italy, but I’m so drawn to England even though I despise Sterling and Kane, Saka is a great reason. They can’t blow the next 2 games or else they’ll deserve the ridicule they’d get.

    I feel bad for Xhaka and Vermaelen. Tommy was one of my favorite gunners. I’m glad he got a trophy in Barcelona.

  • Jnyc & Kev, are you familiar with the term, “House of war”? It will help you understand the 100’s of arson attacks on churches in France. Those in Canada are a different story.
    Thanks GN5. No, I don’t otherwise blog. I was drawn to Bergkampesque by the name and orbit it due to the enjoyment I receive from it.
    Tom Watts book can be obtained on Amazon. It is a treasure trove. Can you point me in the direction of any memories of yours which I may find on line?

  • Typically clinical performance by Italy who look the strongest team in these Euros. Feel sorry for the adventurous Belgians but there you go.

    All quiet re comings and goings at Arsenal, but no news may be good news.

    Great comment yesterday, Stuart. Your command of the English language is second to none here.

  • Tge English are making the Dutch mistake of seeing themselves already in the final.

    Ukraine will be tough to crack tonight and although England deserved to go through it cannot be denied they had the bounce of the ball as Germany missed a few very good chances. They will be favourites tonight and this may make it harder as well.

  • I guess Total the whole sorry truth will come out in the days ahead, but I suspect that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

  • Ciao J, I didn’t know that about the church’s in France, I shall dig around, thanks Stuart I’ll have a look at that.

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