Magic Martin, Bukayo is Back, Ramsdale Rocks, Auba’s Look: 8 Arsenal Observations

WBA 0 – 6 Arsenal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang completes his hat-trick.

I will say this only once in this post: I know we played a second string team, and even though it was an away game, we should not read too much into our performance. Having said that, here are my eight quick and dirty positive observations:

  1. RAMSDALE: looked like he has been playing for us for years. Confident in those green short sleeves and bright orange, fire-resistant gloves. He has ‘overview’, good sense for the best redistribution and is calm and accurate with his feet. I also loved his spontaneous energy when in danger.
  2. Auba: I saw a look on his face at the end of the game I had not seen for over a year. Mature and Present(!) with real focus in his eyes. He needed that hattrick, those goals so badly. If he stays he may get back to his best again.
  3. Bukayo is back. He has got his drive and focus back, so strong and nimble when running with the ball, so accurate with his passing, so attack focussed in all he does. The racists lost, Saka is back.
  4. Odegaard, our nr8 played like a nr10 and after a rusty start was producing all his Martin-magic again. Arteta has given him trust, belief and a home and we know what this did to Bergkamp – they lift you up where you belong.
  5. Kola! Flipping heck, Kolasinac as LCB! I didn’t see that one coming. He and Rob Roy formed a fine pair on the night and they never made me feel uncomfortable.
  6. Tavares: looked lively and he dealt well with the Baggies’ physicality. I didn’t miss Tierney on the left today and Tavares seems a great understudy.
  7. Pepe in space is a joy to watch. Loved his energy and positioning today. If only we could give him such space in the PL. Loved his assist for Laca’s goal. Auba was free but Laca needed a goal: voila Laca, boom in the net.
  8. The midfield pair of Xhaka and Elneny worked very well and was pivotal to our win. They ran the show in midfield and provided the impetus for our attack. Xhaka was everywhere and the ball once again kept coming his way – or was it the other way round?

By TotalArsenal 🚀⚽

28 thoughts on “Magic Martin, Bukayo is Back, Ramsdale Rocks, Auba’s Look: 8 Arsenal Observations

  • Regardless of any opposition. I’ll just say two words. “fitness and quality”.

  • Good one TA, for me Ode is very imp as he occupies central space and creativity through the middle comes naturally. This provides more balance to the team in final third. Lopsided attacking third from flanks makes it easier for opposition tk defend.
    Ramsdale distribution and ball handling seems fine. He releases ball.early and looks for central passes as well rather than to two split CBs in either of his side.
    We still retain ball a bit longer than needed and doesn’t seem to have confidence tk pick runs of Auba , Saka and Pepe.
    Agree with you on Pepe. I still think that less time with ball is better. He should come in centrally and play like a striker giving him less time on the ball and decision to make. He should just be encouraged to take shots from within the box.
    All in all a good workout. I really think they should go to Manc without any inhibitions and give it all.

  • Cheers Madhu,

    In the modern game/top football attackers need to be comfortable with the ball in tight spaces and Pepe just seems a Theo like player that needs space and to be launched into space to shine. Hopefully he will improve further this season.

  • T, Happy Post…
    point by point:

    1. I am so cheering for the Ram.
    2. My money is on Auba for a big season, If Mikel uses him right.
    3. Saka needs to do that more against real competition, especially from the left, its so rare. I don’t care if the racists lose, as long as the Spurs do.
    4. kola there… seemed like an Arsene solution. Days of Nacho.
    5. Tavares looks amazing physically, let’s make sure he’s taught well.
    6. Space for Pepe in the prem games is like Manhattan real estate. Good luck with that.
    7. Critics, pundits made far too much of the level of competition, but I think for point 7, I’m sorry to say it really matters. Let’s see how our midfield handles Man City. I’m watching Granit closely this season. I hope Odegaard somehow brings out a bit more from him, but right now I don’t exactly see how.

  • Thanks Total. A clinical performance, especially after the Baggies ran out of steam.
    Ramsdale did well, but I like Leno, despite all the criticism he receives. That save from Lukaku’s header reminded me of Jim Montgomery’s wonder against Leeds in the ’73 cup final. I know there is more to a keepers game but Leno’s reflexes are lightening quick, something he has proved time and again for us.
    J’s comment about Manhattan real estate is amusing and astute. Getting behind them will be a huge challenge. But we did it in the FA Cup semi. KDB is out injured so I guess we only have to deal with Stirling, Mahrez, Grealish, Foden, Torres…
    I fancy us. I always fancy us.

  • Ok McTotal, let’s take this one at a time:

    1. Delighted to hear from many different sources that our away fans – the true barometer – cheered Ramsdale throughout the game and seem to have connected with him. So many of our social media fans haven’t got a clue about proper support but they make all the noise and the click baiters pick up on that. Fortunately our away fans are a damned sight more insightful and all round better supporters.
    I always loved the away games.

    2. I saw a hunger in Aubameyang, in his eyes, a look I’ve not seen in over a year. I think he’s gonna be alright now and so will we.

    3. Bakayo is our cherry on the cake, the people that count love him, the others can Foxtrot Oscar.

    4. I didn’t buy into Ødegaard completely last season as he wasn’t ours, but I was so so pleased he’s come home, he is our Norwegianesque, he has found a place where the fans will show their affection to him and take him to our hearts. He is everything Mesut Ozil was not, he’s a team player, he doesn’t hide, he won’t go sick when we play a midweek game up north, he won’t sulk if we’re losing, he will lead, he will drive the team forward, he will become the axis from which the team rotates, I’m so pleased we’ve got him and I hope he stays until he hangs his boots up like the man with the statue.

    5.Kolasinac, that was a bit off the wall but it worked and he played well, but not at Eastlands please!

    6. Tavares is a bit wild, he’s a bit rough around the edges, but he drives forwards always and I like that, I also like his energy, his physicality, his determination and his enthusiasm, he’s not yet in the Tierney pedigree but with some fine tuning and some coaching he’ll smooth off those rough edges.
    Yes, I really like him.

    7.Pepe had a great game but Nicholas, you just have to been more ruthless in front of goal, we should have been celebrating a hat trick for you.

    8. Xhaka and Elneny kept it good and simple but with Ødegaard in front of them their job was a lot easier, I’d still be happier if we signed Bissouma but I think that train has left the station.

    9. Arteta did a top job, he did what he needed to do and silenced the doomers for a least a few days.

    In conclusion my comments regarding social media fans and doomers etc refer to the remarks I read on the many other blogs I visit, mainly Arseblog News and Just Arsenal News, they do not refer to anyone on this fine blog where the comments I read are generally well thought out and fair, so I hope nobody thinks that anything I write is a dig at them, because it is not. UTG

  • Mendy of ManC has been suspended as he has been charged on 3 counts of rape and one count of Sexual Assault. Seems like starts are aligned for us to get a result. Let’s see what happens. Thankfully neither Kane not Ronaldo happens before our game. Hope we can take advantage.

  • Cheers Stuart, Leno’s Lukaku safe was indeed world class. My concern is with high balls, but if Leno is up for it he can improve on this too.

    Yeah J’s Manhattan real estate comment was a gem 💎

  • Kev,

    Great responses. Re OdeGun it’s funny that we feel that he could become a great, loyal, long serving Gunner like the blog’s namesake. There is just something about him that says ‘I am at home’.

  • You know what Total, all through the summer we’ve been after Martin, he probably was the clubs No.1 target it was just a case of persuading Real to sell, but I had this feeling that we’d get him even if I kept it to myself as I didn’t want to put the sign on it.

    Right from the off I’ve felt we’ve been on the same page about him, I just get this impression that his attitude, drive and professionalism will rub off in the dressing room as the era of the big salary low performance types are shifted out. He reminds me so much of Dennis, underachieved in a big league at a big club mainly because he didn’t feel at home or valued. Comes to London and becomes the main man alongside a group of young eager acolytes, you can see him becoming a Gooner and being the catalyst for this new team for the next 10 years.

    Who knows if his energy and enthusiasm hasn’t already rubbed off on some of our older players already?

  • The popular opinion is that we do not pay a fee for the competition – so it’s official.

    Unless I’ve missed them I still need predictions from PB and NJK for this weekend.

    Here are my predictions.

    Manchester City v Arsenal H
    Brighton v Everton A
    Newcastle v Southampton H
    Liverpool v Chelsea * H (2-1)
    Burnley v Leeds A
    Rangers v Celtic * H (2-1)

  • Wow so many are predicting an Arsenal loss. Well done to you who can ignore the heart for the brain. All or nothing for me every time (and I will never win this competition 😂😂)

  • I understood Total – sadly I was just confirming it was my head talking – and i hope it’s talking nonsense.

    I would be a very happy man If my prediction turned out to be incorrect – the game airs at 7:30am here.

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