One Window Closes, Another One Opens: The Arteta-Era Starts Now

Now I have no doubt that in the deep dark seas of the Internet there will still be much moaning about Arsenal’s TW business, but this boy is very, very happy with our new toys.

The club has spent a hell of a lot of money and is obviously backing Arteta with their heads and wallet. If anything should be taken from this transfer window it is the change of direction. All players bought are promising talents in their early twenties. Big boys about to become men; perfect materials for development. This is now a long term project which sets us apart from most other top clubs, and I love it.

The defence will look very different once everybody is fit and settled in. Holding will have a big job on his hand to work the back line into a solid, well-clicking unit. The return of big Gab will also be very welcome. White, once settled in, will give us another dimension.

We desperately needed a quality RFB and let’s hope Tomiyasu is that man. We made place for him by letting our disputed Nr1, Hector, go out on loan. Now Chambers can be back up CB again, Soares back up RFB and all is well.

Midfield has been strengthened significantly with the additions of Anderlecht’s young captain, Lokonga, and Magic Martin. AMN provides further strength in depth which is important for covering the ACN departures of Partey and Elneny. I’d imagine Ainsley will make a move in late January, unless he manages to claim a position. The immininent return of Partey will be like a big new signing in itself. And this will be another great developmental season for wonder kid, Emile.

Upfront, just as in midfield, we have a fine balance of experience and youth and healthy competition. I am glad we held on to Auba and Laca, and Balogun, Eddie and Martinelli, Saka and Pepe will give us great options.

I guess Eddie was not in the plans but the move to CP fell through as these things sometimes go.

Willian’s early departure was a well worked move by all; Reiss will gain experience in a temple of football and in a competition that is on the up again, Azeez will develop further at Portsmouth, and other than possibly Kola and maybe Eddie, Arteta is now working with his chosen team. The club did well to reduce the squad through sales and season long loans.

New, carefully selected faces and plenty of space to breath in; maybe the Arteta-era only starts now.

I think we all know now that success will not come immediately, unless we have a good cup run which is in the club’s DNA of course.

I am not going to focus so much on a goal as in a top four or top six finish, even though I think we will do well. No, I will look mostly at how Arteta develops this team now, the lines he sets out and the quality and potential of our football. That will be the structural focus of for the foreseeable focus. So you know where I will be coming from. ๐Ÿ™‚

Or as the inimitable Robert Pirsig put it:

“To live only for some future goal is shallow. It’s the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.”

CoyrrGs ๐ŸŒ‹ ๐ŸŒ‹ ๐ŸŒ‹ ๐ŸŒ‹

By TotalArsenal

30 thoughts on “One Window Closes, Another One Opens: The Arteta-Era Starts Now

  • No moaning from me, TA. Mikel has been shown massive support and trust by the Board. If we had still been in Europe we may have brought in some different personnel but, we are not so some of the players that we “must” buy being touted around were always going to be pipedreams.

    Mikel and Edu have reshaped the squad with talented young players and have finally dispensed with bringing in expensive proven winners in the latter years of their careers. It will take time for the new players so, this is not a quick fix but there is plenty of promise and good reasons to be optimistic.

    A few observations about the comings and goings from me. The transfer fees get all the headlines but, the packages offered to the players are just, if not more important and I hope that we have learnt not to be overly generous. Reportedly, Willian and Hector accepted big drops in their packages in order to move away and get regular game time. We couldn’t shift Kola because he wanted too much and it seems that the same may be the case for Eddie. If Eddie’s demands put Palace off then I think he made a huge mistake. At his age, he needs to getting minutes on the pitch and proving himself. In that respect,

    I am really pleased for Reiss who opted to stay at the Emirates last season and was left kicking his heels. Now he has a massive opportunity to prove himself and I hope it goes well for him. My only slight niggle is that there should obviously have been better communication with Ainsley before his ill-advised Instagram post but, hopefully, the situation has now have been dealt with well.

    The signing that excites me the most, based purely on YouTube clips is Tomiyasu. We assume that he will become our #1 RB but he offers options elsewhere too. In fact, a number of our younger players can play in defence or midfield: AMN; Chambers; White and Tomiyasu all spring to mind. I’m hopeful that combination of defensive nous and creative spark will help us to improve how we turn defence into attack.

  • Our season begins in earnest in little over 10 days time, despite the WuFlu, injuries, questionable refereeing and team selections one over ridding thing has affected us since pre season and thatโ€™s the appalling luck weโ€™ve suffered, yes I know that you make your own luck etc etc but thereโ€™s been a succession of situations where Arteta has continually drawn the short straw. After a while it starts to grind you down.

    All I want on the 11th is all our keys players fit and a referee who interprets incidents in an honest and even handed way. Forget VAR, under Riley itโ€™s totally failed…

  • Great comment, OX10.

    Good point about the versatility of our young defenders. Cruijff and Van Gaal always wanted players to be able to play in at least two positions, and this certainly goes for the modern successful manager.

    Wages are very complicated and it’s hard to determine what the right strategy is in terms of attracting, retaining and being able to move on players, especially when they come ‘on a free transfer’.

  • A few nice stats re our new right back in the Guardian

    “rsenal signed Takehiro Tomiyasu from Bologna for ยฃ15.5m on deadline day, as they sent Hรฉctor Bellerin on loan to Real Betis for the rest of the season. The 22-year-old Japan international joins the club with a burgeoning reputation having excelled in Serie A last season. His tackle success rate of 78.3% was the seventh best in the division and he also won 91 aerial duels, the ninth best in the league. Able to play right-back or centre-back, Tomiyasuโ€™s versatility is another weapon in his, ahem, Arsenal and he is an improvement on Mikel Artetaโ€™s current options.”

  • ๐Ÿ˜€ A suitably grave yet expectant expression on the face – as the subject matter merits! ๐Ÿ‘ (lovely photo choice; What is this wonderful model’s name TA?)

  • Super post Total I share your optimism and hope for the future, I prefer the youth approach but we have to wait and see just how well they develop – or better still – are developed.

    We will have to be patient and use deaf ears to those who are impatient for immediate results.

  • Agreed GN5. Hope you’re well my friend.

    Tonight it is Netherlands v Norway, so a good chance to watch Odegaard in a different setup. Its on Sky Sports at 7.45

  • All is well Total, quarterly check ups this month so I will know more by early October.

    Unfortunately there is no coverage of WC qualifiers in Canada and I’m wary of utilizing streaming services.

  • TA, one question for you and may be for everyone. What is an acceptable outcome at the end of the season for Our club and Arteta beyond the qualitative word ‘quality and potential of our football’? Would you be able to define in measurable terms what will you consider as progress this season.

    I have said anything less than 65-70 points considering we were at 60 last year is unacceptable for me. I would be happy if we get 65-70 points this season. If we get to that points tally the league standing will take care of itself.

  • Hi Madhu

    PB tried to get me to say the same. By 2023 I would hope we’ll finish in the top four with playing beautiful, winning footie.

    This season is all about the journey.

  • TA, someone intelligent once said ‘In the long run we are all dead’ ๐Ÿ˜‚. Cheers

  • GunnerN5 says:
    September 1, 2021 at 16:34

    Eris, Kev, NJK I missing your predictions for this weekend.

    Rocky07 โ€“ itโ€™s not to late for you to join in the prediction game.

    Scotland V Moldova
    Belarus v Wales *
    Switzerland v Italy
    Belgium v Czech Republic *
    England V Andorra
    Arsenal Women v Chelsea Women *

  • Eris, Kev, NJK I’m missing your predictions for this weekend.

    Rocky07 โ€“ itโ€™s not to late for you to join in the prediction game.

    Scotland V Moldova
    Belarus v Wales *
    Switzerland v Italy
    Belgium v Czech Republic *
    England V Andorra
    Arsenal Women v Chelsea Women *

  • Lego hair! What a hoot. And what a great quote to top off such a sunny blue skied day of a post. I climbed Kilimanjaro as a young man, managing only 10 minutes at the top because of the freezing temperature, but the two and a half day journey up through a whole variety of landscapes was life changing. You know what I saw from the top? Another valley stretching out to another peak. We gooners have enjoyed some glorious peaks, let’s stay the course in the valleys and on the mountain sides with joy, expectation and “golden” patience. Thanks Total. Every blessing for every day of your journey, GN5. Tho’ I have never met you, nor set eyes upon you, you are precious to us all.

    And, Brother Mahdu, death ain’t the end, someone wise once said, โ€œHeaven is a place where all the dogs you’ve ever loved come to greet you.โ€

  • Stuart, thanks for your warm and wise words. Love the analogy of the big peak leading to new valleys and peaks to aim for.

    Keep them coming, Stuart. We are lucky to have you on the blog.

  • Magic Martin had a fine game v The Netherlands this evening. Should have had an assist from a finely weighted pass to Haaland, but the Norseman hit the inside of the post. Finished 1-1. Good watch.

  • Scotland V Moldova……. H
    Belarus v Wales…………. A (0-2)
    Switzerland v Italy………. A
    Belgium v Czech Rep…. H (4-1)
    England V Andorra…….. H
    Arsenal W v Chelsea W. H (3-2)

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