Arsenal v Wimbledon preview/ Lineup: Some Wider Squad to Pick from!

Tomorrow we play Wimbledon in the league at the home of football, and this is of course a great opportunity to give the ‘nr2s’ a chance to play a game.

Hard to predict the exact lineup but I think it will be something like this:

It is important to win the game as the cup games are very useful at this stage, so a strong bench is key.

Who would you select and why?

By TotalArsenal

34 thoughts on “Arsenal v Wimbledon preview/ Lineup: Some Wider Squad to Pick from!

  • Almost all pundits expect – even demand – young Charlie Patino to have his full debut tomorrow. Some say he deserves it, others say that the club needs to tie him down as he indeed attracts interest from major clubs like Barcelona. But I will be surprised if he gets a start. He might sit on the bench, but I don’t see him play against Wimbledon.

    I can imagine a 4-4-2 with both Cedric and Chambers on the pitch, maybe even the return of the Bosnian Hulk. Elneny didn’t even play with the U23 to get back to full fitness, so I expect the Lokonga-Ainsley partnership at midfield, but if Arteta prefers to rest both Odegaard and ESR, then we boys might play 4-4-2, and Lacazette could share the striker position with Eddie or Balogun – probably the latter as he scored 4 goals in 2 games for the U23 side recently.

  • Good thoughts, PB. 4-4-2 is a possibility but I think Arteta will play a similar structure to the first team tomorrow. Would not mind your team though.

  • I like the look of that starting XI Total, we really can’t afford to diss the League Cup or FA Cup this season, Man City certainly don’t.

  • Regarding Wenger from the last thread, it does say a lot about ‘Culture’ of the club to completely block one person who has contributed so much to the club. Not just in winning cups but also in providing a new direction and building stadium while keeping Arsenal in CL for two decades. Regardless of the circumstances of his departure he should have been given a seat in directors box and should be seen in emirates for all big games. It’s the least decent expectations from a club which talks a lot about culture. Pathetic small mindedness from so called billionaires and so called professionals at the club.

  • We don’t know all the ins and outs, Madhu. But the club clearly wanted to make a clean break with Wenger and that may be the best thing in the long term. Time will tell. I cannot say that when Wenger left we were in a great position for a through-start and many of the players under his wings were below the quality required to make it into the top four again. This is not just the BoD’s responsibility.

    Are MU better off with red nose hovering over the manager constantly? I don’t think so.

  • Yes Total it is a strong team and certainly strong enough to deal with a spirited opponent who we mustn’t forget are League One, so yes respect them but then go out and do a job on them, so I’m looking for a win by three clear goals, minimum.

  • That line up is good. Having Laca play as if in the hole suits his style but does Balogun have a good understanding with him enough to risk such a combination? Given how he looked rusty in the game vs Burnley, it isn’t impossible for ESR to start this game as the No.10 (I want to believe his withdrawal against Burnley was precautionary).
    Hopefully, we get to see Nketiah, Patino and some other youngster after the starters have made it safe.
    No reason we shouldn’t score a bagful of goals.

  • Don’t think there is much risk in trying Balogun and Laca together, Eris.

    Good point about ESR having been subbed early on Saturday; he may play indeed.

  • Same here, GN5 (as I am in your neck of the woods, you see). It’s so frustrating that even the box has mostly French, Spanish and Italian League games on the channels. I see Chelsea v Villa in the Carabao cup, though.

    Partey is a surprise, for sure but bodes well for what it says about his fitness levels. .Chambers, Kola, Balogun and Elneny on the bench.

  • No Charlie Patino too, despite the best efforts of the media to sway Arteta in that regard.

  • Sounds like Martinelli has a problem. Hope it isn’t a serious one. From the sounds of it, we are playing well and more freely but that’s to be expected against League 1 opposition. Laca got the goal via a penalty on 11 minutes.

    Martinelli is back up.

  • Actually, sounds like we’ve been on the front foot for long periods but been less than clinical or unlucky. The visitors look to be growing in confidence and fancy their chances of getting back in the game.

    Have to be some place else now and won’t be following the game anymore.

    Villa equalize against Chelsea. 1-1. Same as for Wolves and Spurs.

  • Credit to AFC Wimbledon they’re a decent team who tries to play decent football. Very impressed with their approach but they need a decent striker.

    Pluses for me, Lokonga he’s a really impressive young man who brings huge energy, physicality and dynamism to our midfield, I think by the end of this season he’ll be a regular first pick.

    Nuno Tavares, he’s energetic, very strong, very quick and loves to attack, yeah he’s got a few rough edges but the fans love him because he gives absolutely everything and he’s actually quite a good footballer with plenty of room for development.

    Our defence looked very solid, a couple of half chances but the Dons were kept well at bay.

    Partey was great, 60 minutes to keep him ticking over for the NLD. If Arsenal are going to achieve anything this season then this guy will be the driving force behind it.

    Our front three worked really hard but until Saka came on and upped the level we looked a 1-0 team.
    Bakayo immediately stepped it up a couple of levels, his first touch, sure control and weight of pass created our 2nd and 3rd goals. He makes it look so easy and to him it probably is.

    Delighted to see Smith and Eddie score, disappointed by not seeing more of Balogun.

    A good professional job and now we need to step it up as Leeds in the next round will be bloody hard to beat with anything other than our strongest starting XI.

  • TA, I’d be willing to leave every time, if it guarantees a win. 😄

    Nice to know we got two more and that Saka was instrumental. He is one man we need back in form, Pronto. So, the hammers got their revenge in the cup against Man United. One less to worry about. Really thought Wolves could go on to win it against the Spuds.

    Leeds will be a stiffer challenge but one we should overcome.

  • Couldn’t watch the game was up till 1 am in the night to keep searching for links but couldn’t get it. All the OTT platform subscriptions also didn’t lead any results. Last match against West Brom watched on a OTT platform here in India but today drew a blank everywhere. Disappointed at missing the game , nice win anyway. Earlier used to get a decent free streaming link for all Arsenal games now with all paid subscriptions I still struggle to get Arsenal games.
    TA regarding Arsene and Arsenal we will have a debate some other day. But just a seat at emirates without his shadow on the first team is not hard to facilitate for his contribution. It’s like saying all ills of England is down to Churchill or like all ills of India is due to Gandhi. Unless we acknowledge contributions of all for building institutions we cannot further improve it or sustain it.

  • Promising conclusions, Kev and Eris. It was of course only Wimbledon – I am saying this now so PB does not feel the need to state the bleeding obvious 😂😁😅- but it is good you pick up on the individual player performances, and the promise they are showing.

    I have a feeling Saka will score v the Spuds this Sunday!

  • I’ve heard that the appalling Craig Pawson is our referee this Sunday, that idiot really owes us a decent and fair performance after some shocking displays last season.

  • Thanks, TA, I owe you one. 🙂
    I’d owe you 2 if Saka scores on Sunday, but I’m not that optimistic.
    As I weren’t about Patino either – those who expected Charlie to play, don’t really know Arteta.

    Individually I’m satisfied with almost everybody from yesterday. While Leno and the defense didn’t have many chances to shine, I acknowledge Cedric and Tavares for their offensive contribution.
    Lokonga, Partey and the front 3 were also good (well, Martinelli and Laca faded away as the game went on, but had good moments), which leaves only AMN found wanting. But it could have been beyond him, as we probably didn’t need a 3rd central midfielder there, so he couldn’t much to neither the defense nor the attack. At least he played yesterday – which I don’t see happening much in October-November, apart from a few minutes in cup-games, but as Xhaka and Elneny comes back for selection it will decrease his chances.

  • GN5, my predicted results for the weekend picks are as follows:

    Arsenal v Tottenham H
    Chelsea v Manchester City * D 1-1
    Southampton v Wolves. H
    Leeds v West Ham * A 1-2
    Brentford v Liverpool A
    Real Madrid v Villarreal * A 1-2

  • Hahahahaha! TA, but I am not even the last to submit, if I can recall all I have seen, thus far 🤣.
    To be fair, I am preparing for a long trip back to Nigeria and you know the number of steps/actions travellers have to take to be eligible for travel is a frustrating exercise, at times. One can not afford to leave out any one of the protocol requirements.

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