Arsenal v BHA 8 Observations

BHA 0-0 Arsenal

Not a game for many words, but here are my eight observations:

  1. BHA had the better chances but we only gave away half chances. The defence stood strong on the ground and, most pleasingly, in the air too. Another clean sheet after conceding nine in the first three games, now that is a great turnaround (one goal conceded in the last four);
  2. We missed Granit. Lokonga looks like a Partey type of player, not the conductor type that Xhaka is for us. It’s early days of course but we did not own the midfield last night and it made us second best;
  3. The Ode was not found quickly enough and he was well marshalled by the Seagulls. As a result attack was disconnected from the rest of the team.
  4. Auba’s linkup play was below par. The conditions did not help but he needs to be more ball tight. I was glad to see Laca come on and I hope Mikel will play him more going forward as he is good at keeping the ball and bringing into play others.
  5. Tomiyasu had a tough first half against the best player on the pitch, but he recovered well in the second half. A big test for him and he came through it.
  6. Bukayo and Emile did their best to sow a purse from a pig’s ear and they were a joy to watch at times, but the pirates just could not steel it for us, unfortunately.
  7. Arteta made some important substitutions at the right time and with a bit more focus and luck we could even have won it at the end. That would not have been deserved of course, but Arteta almost achieved it.
  8. But the big plus is that despite the horrible weather and the considerable pressure the team did not lose the game. If you cannot win make sure you do not lose either, and in the past we failed doing that so often. There is resilience in this team. Something to build on.

By TotalArsenal

41 thoughts on “Arsenal v BHA 8 Observations

  • I’m not sure that I agree with all your observations TA but, certainly agree with #8. The weather was atrocious and it was never going to be a great game. I was pleased to see the players pumped up before they came onto the pitch. Their body language indicated that they were more fired up for the game than the Seagulls’ players but it proved to be very different on the pitch with the exception of our defenders, ESR and Saka.

    I don’t agree that Arteta made the substitutions at the right time. This wasn’t the night for Auba, even if his touch had been better and Laca should have been brought on much earlier (given the conditions I would have started him). Laca’s presence would have helped us retain possession more and, in particular, helped both Sambi and Ode. Sambi because Laca would have done more defensively and Ode because he would have provided a better route to and from him in those conditions.

    Capacity crowds and the weather like last night makes it more difficult for managers to instigate changes but, I would have liked to have seen Arteta trying to instigate some changes in that first half, especially to have given Tomi more assistance.

    I agree that Sambi looked more like a Partey than a Xhaka last night. Someone elsewhere suggested that Laca might be worth trying in that role on the basis that he holds onto the ball well, has a good short-passing game and is probably a better tackler. It’s an interesting thought, I wonder what everyone else thinks?

  • Thanks Total. I felt we got battered in that first half and the positive is the clean sheet.
    Yes, Bernardo reminded me of Santi with that stunning bit of skill, matched by Salah with his goal. Those two teams are going to take some catching. But the outstanding bit of skill from the weekend was in the Arsenal under 23’s game, Folarin Balogun’s trick out on the left which led to a penalty and Arsenals third goal. You can see it on The whole game is a worthwhile watch to see the talent bubbling under the surface at our beloved club.

  • I was very comfortable with our starting XI before the game last Saturday, so it would be rather disingenuous of me to start suggesting now that Arteta got it wrong – so I won’t.

    Despite his underwhelming performance I still think that Aubameyang is our best bet starting in attack and will be until Arteta can bring in the centre forward he wants and if there was any truth to the rumours of Arteta wanting Tammy Abraham, then I guess that that kinda gives us a clue as to the type of centre forward he wants?

  • Yes, Brighton really gave us a tough examination and in general we fell below the standards we’d set in the NLD, although you could argue that Brighton are a better team than Tottenham for sure and the equal of Arsenal whilst Potter is certainly a better Coach than Nuno.

    Despite some hairy moments I still think that our defence stood up well to the aerial bombardment Brighton inflicted whilst Fatty Moss as usual missed some fouls and questionable challenges, not least on Tierney and Saka.

  • Of course a passing perusal of many of the headlines on NewsNow, none clicked on I hasten to add, gave me a flavour of Odegaard getting targeted for some uninformed, negative and downright ignorant commenting by the wannabe journos who masquerade on most of those click bait sites.

    I find the majority of them simply nauseating…

  • Very passable game in terms of watching and entertainment. Rarely I see an Arsenal match and not watch it intently. This was one of them. You can say when you look ta the fixture list Brentford and BHA looked like winnable games. But looking at how Brentford and BHa have been picking up points you can say we probably lost a point between these games.
    Have to say that the more we see Ramsdale the more you are convinced that he is steal for 30 M. Considering that Keeps, Allison were bought for excess to 75M Ramsdale is a steal. His intervention at the shoe string of Mupay for that cross was outstanding. It shows that he reads the game excellently and is not averse to use his hands for crosses within the six yard boxes. I would wager that Leno wouldn’t have come for that ball expecting the defenders to deal with it. They are both different kind of keepers and based on a sample size we are better off with Ramsdale. If there was any doubt about Ramsdales shot stopping ability it’s now clear that he is more than competent. He is only 23 and with experience it’s anybodys guess what he would for us.
    The only bright spot against BHA.

  • Thanks for the comments, chaps.

    I think we all hoped to build further on the emphatic Spuds win so we can be a bit disappointed, but the bigger picture is 10/12 points from our last four and progress is seldom linear.

  • Morning all,

    I was away for the weekend with the Canadian (and American – via Zoom) branches of our family to celebrate my wife’s 80th birthday and the great results of my recent prostate cancer checkup – all clear – thanks to two incredible Oncologists.

  • Here are the results of last weekends competition:-

    1st Eris & OX10 both with 3/6 plus one correct score plus a 5 way share of most correct predictions = 5.8 points
    3rd GN5, Total & PB with 3/6 plus a 5 way share of most correct predictions = 3.8 points
    6th Madhu & Kev with 2/6 = 2 points.
    Season to date:-
    1st PB with 45.13
    2nd Eris with 41.13
    3rd OX10 with 36.13
    4th GN5 with 34.8
    5th Madhu with 29.66
    6th Total with 25.13
    7th Kev with 22.00

  • We have a mixed bag this week – European % African world cup qualifiers and Ladies league.

    Switzerland v Northern Ireland
    Scotland v Israel
    Andorra v England *
    Estonia v Wales *
    Senegal v Namibia
    Man U Ladies v Man C Ladies *

  • Switzerland v N. Ireland.. Home
    Scotland v Israel……………. Home
    Andorra v England………. Away (0-5)
    Estonia v Wales……………. Away (0-2)
    Senegal v Namibia……… Home
    Man U L v Man C L……… Away (2-5)

  • Thanks for the update, GN5. I am making good progress in catching up with the lion of Bangalore whilst leaving the cap man further behind! 😁

  • Switzerland v Northern Ireland Home
    Scotland v Israel Draw
    Andorra v England * 0-6
    Estonia v Wales * 1-1
    Senegal v Namibia Home
    Man U Ladies v Man C Ladies * 3-1

  • Switzerland v Northern Ireland H
    Scotland v Israel D
    Andorra v England * A 0-5
    Estonia v Wales * D 1-1
    Senegal v Namibia D
    Man U Ladies v Man C Ladies * H 2-0

  • Coming on late here, but better late than not, I guess.
    Indeed, the one positive from that game away to BHA was that we did not lose the game; that and the fact the defending was sturdy. Hopefully, on the last day of the season, that 1 point may be the one which places us within the top 6 for European football places.

    Auba just couldn’t make the ball stick on the day but he did put himself about and at a point, you felt he needed a partner to feed off. Which is why, having seen as Ode wasn’t at the races, it would have helped the cause for Laca to have come on for Ode, leaving Auba on. After all, he had played that role a number of times in the past, dropping deep to link up the play.

    Did anyone else feel a few of the players who have crucial qualifiers with the national sides played within themselves? The likes of Ode, Auba, Tierney and Partey looked distracted. But then, that’s just an observation which may not hold water when you consider Liverpool and City have some internationals in their ranks. I guess it may have to do with motivation.

  • Nice one there, GN5. Always a good thing to celebrate. Even better that technology helps make up for distance issues with protocols these days.

  • Hard to predict these internationals but, here goes:

    Switzerland v Northern Ireland H
    Scotland v Israel H
    Andorra v England * A 0-4
    Estonia v Wales * A 1-2
    Senegal v Namibia H
    Man U Ladies v Man C Ladies * H 3-1

  • I didn’t see motivation issues, Eris. Everyone seems to ignore it, but we missed someone conducting the play. Our midfield lacked that player.

  • GN5, you shouldn’t have changed your prediction when realized the change in opponent for the ladies at the weekend. It was perfectly accurate. 🙂

    My predictions for the upcoming week:

    Switzerland v Northern Ireland – home
    Scotland v Israel – away
    Andorra v England * away 0-7
    Estonia v Wales * draw 0-0
    Senegal v Namibia – home (big win)
    Man U Ladies v Man C Ladies * away 0-2

  • Thank you for the positive comment on my health. I have these major check ups every 6 months which include a full body bone scan plus thorax and head scans and full blood work. I really happy to have them as the oncologists will catch any issues at a very early stage – but as the appointment time to discover results draws closer – the more nervous I get.

  • I think I said this after the Brighton game, but if Partey had shown up even a little, we could have pulled out a win. I understand they neutralized Ødegaard Odin, and the filthy conditions also worked against him. They earned the point. We were fortunate to share one. Emile gave it a good try but was by himself generally.

    Kev I used to worry about brainless gooners and mischief makers like grovers. But I know our manager appreciates Øde and we know what we have. A young, better Ozil. Maybe a tiny bit less fluid than Mesut, but brings so many more aspects. Amazing our most creative player is also leading our press wherever the coach wants the press. Tracking back hard too. What a bargain. He must not give up any free kicks like with Partey though. He needs to be given control on those and not share.

  • Lol. Chin up, GN5. It is perfectly normal to be anxious before doctors’ appointments but, they normally end with no cause for concern. The checks are important too as early detection of ailments is the first step to a resolution and great health. You will be good.

  • The UEFA Women’s champions league group games began yesterday. Our ladies lost 4-1 to the Barcelona side; it is game day 1, and I feel nerves played a part in the loss.

    It is on to the next game then.

  • That’s quite harsh on Partey, J. I think he was keen enough, maybe too keen to compensate for Granit. But we all see the game differently at times.

  • Seems that the 1st team, or the remainder of the 1st team, are playing QPR today in a friendly, I dare say to keep things ticking over and to give squad members some football.
    Pity it’s not on TV or

  • True, that, TA. Good thing they still have a games to play to make up for the losing start to the group phase.

    Yes, Kev. Details of the game still sketchy, only that Martinelli, Laca, Gabriel and some kids had a good run-out, winning 3-2.
    All about keeping momentum; and keeping everyone fresh.

  • Thanks for that Eris, I didn’t know mate.

    Great to see Jack Wilshere back training at Arsenal and doing his coaching badges.
    Doesn’t mean that he’s going to re-sign for us but what a great talent to have around the place.
    Hard to believe that he’s still only 29, makes you wonder how different things could have been with him but for the injuries.

  • Portsmouth head coach Danny Cowley has been spotted on a scouting mission in the Under-21s Premier League Cup, with the Blues having a rare 10-day gap between matches

    11:11, 7 OCT 2021Updated11:12, 7 OCT 2021Sport
    Portsmouth head coach Danny Cowley currently finds himself with the rare dilemma of not facing an imminent match in League One this weekend.

    Pompey had been due to face Cheltenham Town at Fratton Park on Saturday, however, they postponed the match last week following international call-ups for three members of their playing squad.

    Despite a recent groin injury, Arsenal loanee Miguel Azeez was called up for England’s under-20s squad and will be part of Andy Edwards’ side that face Italy in a friendly on Thursday evening in Chesterfield before facing Czech Republic on Monday, October 11 in Teplice.

    Azeez has struggled for minutes since joining the Blues, with his only start and appearance coming in last month’s 2-1 home defeat to Cambridge United, where the 19-year-old was taken off before the hour mark.

    The England youth international is hoping to emulate the success of Arsenal’s Emile Smith Rowe, who made significant progression under Blues boss Cowley, who signed the midfielder on loan during the second half of the 2019/20 season while with Huddersfield Town, where the duo helped the Terriers avoid relegation.

    After Azeez and Smith Rowe, is Cowley looking for another young hopeful from Arsenal’s famous Hale End academy training base?

    With no match to prepare for until the Papa John’s Trophy group stage clash against Sutton United in five days’ time, Cowley was spotted at the Vitality Stadium on Wednesday evening to watch Bournemouth host Arsenal in an under-21s Premier League Cup clash.

    Arsenal’s young hopefuls, managed by Kevin Betsy, included Kido Taylor-Hart and Omari Hutchinson in their starting 11. Centre-back Omar Rekik may also have caught the attention of the Blues’ boss, especially with centre-backs being short on supply in recent weeks.

    Zak Swanson had given Arsenal a first-half lead, with Christian Saydee to score late on to earn Bournemouth a point.

    Group A of the competition sees the Gunners and the Cherries come up against West Bromwich Albion and Southampton in their other two group matches.

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